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Name of the Machine - 28 SAURER S400

Y.O.C - ( 1987 /1982)

Technical Specifications -
- 320 RPM motor
- Width of Machine: 185 cm
- Mechanical Dobby with 12 leveres
Each loom is equipped with
- 1/5 beam with flange of 800 mm
- 1/5 take up roller
- 6/7 heald frames
- 3 weft accumulators
- Dobby are 2232 capacity 20 leveres
- Installed 4 leveres for the weft colours and 12 for the heald frames
They work with tooth belt (important for the better working of the machine
First, this machine available
for sale 36looms
II \ that looms are two types
Dobby and Jacquard
III that looms about 27 loom its Width 185 cm and only one 225CM
and 8 saurere S400 Jacquard Total quantity 36 looms
\each loom one (1) stand \with All looms spare parts and all original spare part
s and accessories for the machines located In Alexandria The Price C&F 700
0 USD , do not include any commission
All machines in good condition and excellent as new works in excellent condition
, clean and machinery distinct price
all machines running
We welcome you to inspect the machines at any time and we are pleased to deal wi
th you and thank you
Administrative Assistant
Second Hand Textile Machinery
-Nasr St Kafr Sakr Shrkia Gov-Egypt
-Nahia abou Rwash Road Giza Egypt

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