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Vol. 34 No.

3 March 1, 2010

Editors: Elaine Lyman, Jessica Bernotas

The Middlefield
Federated Church
Deacons’ Corner 2 Why Cannot I Quiet My Heart?
Our Church Family 3-4

Missions 5
Why cannot I quiet my heart?
A few moments is all I ask,
My Faith Center 6

To be at peace, a pillow of joy.

Youth News 7

Events & Sign-Ups 8-9

News & Announcements 10 Yet, the commotion surrounds and impedes,

Within as much as without.
Noise. Voices. Clamor. Needs. Wants.
Why cannot I quiet my heart?
Come, Jesus.
Make your presence known.
Quiet my heart with your steadfast love.
Mar 1
Book Group Discussion
I cannot be quiet because I love.
Mar 7
Great Hour of Sharing
I cannot be still because I care.

Mar 7
I cannot know peace because
You are here.
Friendship Soup Sale

Why cannot I quiet my heart?

Mar 9
Ladies Luncheon

Mar 10 You call me to act and I shrink in fear.

Dine & Dash Fundraiser

Mar 28

-Pastor Dale
Palm Sunday Fair

Holy Week

Knock, knock.....Who's there?

Do we wonder who God is, and what God is? Where have we come from, and
where are our ancestors, and our children and grandchildren? God knows, and God
reveals himself in a personal way, if we but listen. God speaks to us sometimes di-
rectly, as he did in the Old Testament, and also boldly and repeatedly through Christ.
And Christ frequently declares that he is (I AM) the Messiah...God's Son. Here are a
few examples worth pondering.

Genesis 28:12. Jacob in a dream sees a stairway resting on earth with its top
reaching to heaven and angels of God ascending and descending on it. There above
stood the Lord and he said: "I AM the Lord God of your father Abraham and the God of Isaac".

Exodus 3:11,13,14. God calls Moses, who reluctantly responds, "who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the
Israelites out of Egypt? Suppose I go to the Israelites and tell them that the God of your fathers has sent me...and they
ask what is his name...what shall I tell them? God said to Moses, “I AM who I AM. You will say to the Israelites I AM
has sent me to you"

Mark 14:61b-62. Again the high priest asked him, “Are you the Christ, the son of the Blessed One?” “I AM”, said
Jesus, “and you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One, and coming on the clouds of

Matthew 16:15-16. “What about you - who do you say I AM?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Christ, the Son
of the Living God.”

John 6:33-35. “For the bread of life is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” “Sir”, they said,
“From now on give us this bread.” Then Jesus declared, “I AM the bread of life.”

John 8:58 “I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born I AM.”

John 11:24-25 Martha answered, “ I know he (Lazarus) will rise again in the resurrection at
the last day.” Jesus said to her, “I AM the resurrection and the life.”

Rev. 22:13 “I AM the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the

Who's there? God, please help us hear.

Mike Waller,
Board of Deacons

Deacon Visitation & Home Communion

The Board of Deacons has the responsibility of assisting the Pastor in spiritual matters of the Church. One way the Dea-
cons carry out this responsibility is by visiting some members of our congregation. If you are aware of any members of
our congregation who you believe would benefit from deacon visitation and would welcome it, please contact Roger
Brewer(860-344-0125)or any other members of the Board of Deacons. In addition, please contact Roger or any other
member of the Board of Deacons if you are aware of someone who would like to receive home communion on any first
Sunday of the month.


1 Molly Dudko 16 Debby Carle

2 Elmont Newell 17 Patricia Smith 3 Elmont & Connie Newell
2 James Gillooly, Sr. 19 Kristen Burtt
4 Millie Simonzi 9 John & Elaine Lyman
20 Jennifer Fowler
4 Adam Copeland 27 Ronald & Dottie Billings, Sr.
22 Kitty Dubey
5 Jenny Hummel 31 Bob & Claudia Guynn
23 Al Smith
7 Tammy Burt
24 Marilyn Gerzabek
9 Elsy Wrang
25 Marc D’Amato Lectionary Readings
12 Patty Cade
25 Stephanie Archer
13 Marian Thayer Isa 55:1-9
27 Ashley Toth Ps 63:1-8 (UMH 788)
13 Debbie Carras Mar 7
27 Caitlyn Lowry 1 Cor 10: 1-13
13 Janet Rinaldi Lk 13:1-9
15 Sue VanDerzee 30 Becca Fowler
15 Richard Kennedy Josh 5:9-12
31 Bob Elder
Mar Ps 32 (UMH 766)
15 Beth Johnson 31 Vanessa Schmaltz 14 2 Cor 5:16-21
Lk 15:1-3, 11b-32

Isaiah 43:16-21
WORSHIP LEADERS Mar Psalm 126 (UMH 847)
21 Philippians 3:4b-14
Thank you to the following leaders who have signed up. John 12:1-8
The following open dates are available for sign-up:
Lk 19:28-40
FELLOW- Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29
(UMH 764)
HOSTS Phlippians 2:5-11
Luke 22:14-23:56
March 7th & 8th 7th & 8th Isaiah 42:1-9
Kathy Lowry
7 Grade Class Grade Class Psalm 36:5-11 (UMH
March Youth Elizabeth Hebrews 9:11-15
Bielefield Family Betsy Bascom
14 Pancakes Azevedo John 12:1-11
Isaiah 49:1-7
March Psalm 71:1-14 (UMH
The Dowlings Janice Keeman Mar
1 Cor 1:18-31
March Laura Hastings John 12:20-36
28 Rachel Plant
Isaiah 50:4-9a
Mar Psalm 70 (UMH 793)
31 Hebrews 12:1-3
John 13:21-32
APRIL RED DOOR MARCH In the event of a storm, please check the
ARTICLES (Childcare available.)
following for cancellations of worship service
or any other planned event:
Wed. MAR 17 10 A.M.
MON-THURS Channel 8
The Wednesday Before 9A-1P (after 9am)
Channel 30



6:30 AM
GOOD FRIDAY - APRIL 2 At the top of Powder Hill Road in Lyman Orchards (in
the area between South Rd & Long Hill Rd).


Walk the journey of the cross with Jesus. We begin 8:30 AM
at the Notre Dame church and walk to where we will
end our journey at the Church of the Epiphany. All
10:00 AM
are invited.

The Rev. Dale H. Azevedo,

Thank You Floor Team!
Please accept my thanks for your room. A group of women, Debbie, Bar-
church’s gifts for Our Church’s Now that the floor in Fellowship Hall is bara Carlin, and Alma Elder, selected the
Wider Mission (OCWM) in 2009. covered with tiles, the room looks much colors and showed the design to church
The fact that you were able to con- more like an inviting space that groups members. Jim Priest came down on nu-
tinue you r giving in spite of the diffi- may wish to rent for various social pur- merous occasions to keep the furnace run-
cult financial times through which we poses. This project actually resulted from ning so the concrete floor would stay
are living is a testament to your faith the efforts of a large team of dedicated warm enough to lay the tile. Joyce
in the hope and promise of the Gos- Church people. The cost of $6,600 was Dowling accommodated the half-finished
pel. covered by both project and still made
the Book of Re- her stone soup. Judi
As Paul wrote of the churches of membrance Fund Rand kept in touch
Macedonia, during another time of and by the Capital with people to assure
great affliction, you have given of Campaign Fund. that things ran
your abundance. Your gifts trans- smoothly. Tyler Barry
form countless lives here in Con- Marilyn Gerzabek helped Bob move the
necticut, across the country and was a responsive furniture out of and
around the globe. administrator for then back into the so-
the Book of Re- cial hall and kitchen.
On behalf of all who benefit from membrance Com-
your generosity, thank you! mittee. Kit Craig The finished product is
wrote a check dur- the work of T&S
Sincerely in Christ, ing her work lunch hour. Mike Satagaj Flooring & Renovations from East Had-
and other members of the Property Com- dam, who worked to complete everything
The Rev. Davida Foy Crabtree mittee spent a couple of afternoons labori- by Saturday morning.
Conference Minister ously removing tape from the floor. Deb-
bie Carras used her square lined paper and Thanks to everyone who contributed, ei-
colored pencils to design a floor pattern ther in material labor or in good wishes.
that would complement the foyer and di-
minish the oversize proportions of the Bob Elder, Trustee Committee


We will be collecting donations for One Great Hour of Sharing Just received a phone call from my cousin
on Sunday, March 7 (and a couple of Sundays after that date Judy. The Platt High School design class
for those who forget their checkbooks!) needs your old jeans again. So, if you haven't
sent all your cast offs to Goodwill, put them in
As a receiver of God’s fullness, you have much to give. As a the plastic tub in the hub! The stu-
giver of God’s fullness, you have much to receive. There was a dents learn design techniques and
time when you really needed help. When you needed hope. turn the jeans into lovely lap quilts
When you needed a reminder of the fullness of God. If that that are then donated to assisted
could happen to you, think of the people in Bosnia and Kosovo. living facilities. Any questions, call
Honduras and Nicaragua. Angola and Mozambique. And, yes, Joyce Dowling.
Haiti. To people who feel depleted and forgotten, your On
Great Hour of Sharing offering is a reminder of our God’s
bountiful love. Ongoing… 
Your One Great Hour of Sharing offering helps people in need:
• feed and support themselves and their families
• learn new skills and trades
• obtain better health care
• find a safe refuge in order to start their lives again 
• see hope in the face of disaster Don’t forget we are collecting cans of
baked beans for the Amazing Grace
• survive and work toward a better life.
Food Pantry. Missions is setting a goal
of 100 cans per month.
All money collected will be split between the UMC and UCC
relief missions.
Middlefield Federated Good
Samaritans Group
This group’s goal is to help and
assist other members of our
Church Family and our Friends
of the church that are
in need of this
group’s special skills at
getting specific jobs done in and around
Have you ever tried Friendship Soup? their home
(i.e. the jobs could be as small as cleaning
Now is your chance. The children in the Bible Bake Shoppe My the gutters in the fall to painting a room, to
Faith Center workshop being led by Kelly Kalber and Jen sealing a driveway, adding an additional
Fowler are making bags of Friendship Soup (a hearty len- electric outlet, the list of jobs goes on-an-on,
til). On March 7th we will be 'selling' these bags for....2 cans of etc). I think you get the message.
hearty soup! (or $5).
This group is really a collaboration of indi-
The soup cans (and viduals from the previous Mission Trips.
money) we collect will be do- The outpouring of helping hands to the Hur-
nated to the Amazing Grace ricane ravaged areas of the Gulf Coast has
food pantry. So on March awaken a real need in many people to want
7th please remember to to help our neighbors locally right here at home.
bring in your 2 cans of hearty Approximately twelve members from the congre-
soup to exchange for a bag gation have requested the formulation of this group.
of hearty lentil mix (serves
8). We expect them to sell So if you would like to join this group of volunteers,
out fast, so make sure you please contact Barry Craig at 203-235-3018. This
don't miss out on Friendship group will take direction from Pastor Dale and the
Soup. Chairperson of the Care of Membership Committee.


My Faith Center
Word of God:
Holy Week
The Easter story is the most important story of the Christian faith. It is through the mystery of this story that
we glimpse the true power and majesty of God.
Memory Verse – “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who
believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” John 3:16”

Moved by the
Bible Bake Creation
Spirit/Bible Faith Today
Shoppe Station
Deb Huscher ??????? Deb Carras
Bethlehem Jerusalem
Mar 14 2/3/4 5 6 K/1
Mar 21 K/1 2/3/4 5 6
The 7-8+ Class and the Pre-K class will
Mar 28 6 K/1 2/3/4 5 continue to meet as usual in their respec-
tive classrooms.
Apr 4 Easter Sunday – Family Worship
Apr 11 5 6 K/1 2/3/4 Classes run until approx. 11:15. If possible
please wait for the Workshop leaders to dis-
Apr 18 Spotlight Sunday miss the class.

The four Gospel accounts of the passion of Christ give us a window to Jesus’ last days. We are invited to enter into the
story, to place ourselves with the disciples as the events of Holy Week unfold. Each Gospel account is from a slightly
different perspective and written for a different audience. As we read and experience these different events, we can
begin to internalize the power of this eternal mystery of faith. Our unit on Holy Week will include the following work-

Faith Today: Using static electricity experiments, learn about the events of Holy Week.
Bible Bake Shoppe: Explore the story of the Last Supper and the words of institution. Make unleavened
bread and ponder how broken things can be useful.
Creation Station: Explore the stories of the angels at the resurrection and make angels using either mock
stained glass panels or flowerpots.
Moved By the Spirit: Express the emotions throughout Holy Week while journeying through the Stations of
the Cross.
Bible Improv: Enact the different events from Jesus’ trial through the resurrection in a melodramatic style.

April 18th will be Spotlight Sunday – we will be offering a special workshop related to Holy Week. Our next work-
shops will explore the Acts of the Apostles.
Please consider leading a workshop. A four week curriculum is provided by Christian Ed – the JOY is provided by the
children. Workshops are posted in the hub and on the MFC web site - or just see Ed Holden or Marilyn Keurajian with
any questions.
Please help make a difference in the lives of our children.


Youth News
We’ve got some really fun stuff in the works! Get these dates onto your calendar
so you don’t miss out!

March 7 Heifer Deposits Due

March 14 Pancakes for Heifer
March 21 Off Site Fun
April 11 Help to Rebuild the Church’s Sign Garden
April 25 Important Planning Meeting VBS-Heifer-YW
April 30 Parent’s Night Out
May 2 Movie – TBA
May 16 Happy Birthday Everyone Party
May 29 Car Wash and Blessing
June 4-6 Heifer Mission Trip
June 6 Vacation Bible School Workshop
Also – final balance due for YouthWorks
June 13 Pancakes for YouthWorks
July 12-16 VBS – Bible Star Galactica
July 18-23 YouthWorks to Philadelphia
July 25 Share the Mission Adventure at Beseck Worship
Aug 22 Newcomers Welcome Party Planning

My Faith Center
March Memory Verse
Memory Verse Time! The Memory Verse For the most recent and
for our Holy Week lessons will be up–to-the-minute
" For God so loved the world that he Youth News,
gave his only Son, so that everyone go to our website
who believes in him may not perish at
but may have eternal life.” John 3:16
Of course its not too late for the Beatitudes mfc/
verse “Blessed are the merciful, for they youth_news.htm,
will receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in
heart, for they will see God. Blessed are or
the peacemakers, for they will be called Children
of God.” Matthew 5:7-9 Please see Mr. Holden, “Google” “Middlefield Fed-
Mrs. Keurajian, or Mrs. Koch when you're ready! erated” and then click on
“Youth News”.

‘Tis time for the wearing of the green! MFC Book Group Discussion
Same Kind of Different as Me
Bgorra, ladies, be sure to By Ron Hall and Denver Moore
mark Tuesday, March 9,
with a bright green shamrock
We met recently to discuss Same Kind of Different as Me, by Ron Hall
and come celebrate St. Pat- and Denver Moore. This book was about a homeless man, who finds
rick’s Day at the Ladies Lunch- compassion and friendship at the Mission soup kitchen.
eon. This is not just a bit o’ blarney; it will
be an Irish feasting with covered dishes of Along with gaining insights to the plight
your choice and perhaps a wee bit of corn of the homeless, this book was a study of
relationships, especially the relationships
beef and cabbage to tweak your Gaelic appe- between the servers at the soup kitchen
tite. Remember, a smiling unicorn plans to and the homeless men who ate their
meet all you lassies in the Fellowship Hall at meals at the soup kitchen. In particular, it
12:00 noon. Come with your voices all in focuses on Denver Moore and Ron Hall.
tune and perhaps we will sing “Danny Boy” These two men of very different back-
grounds meet at the soup kitchen and find
and “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling”. In the a bond through a common belief in God.
meantime may we all go with this Irish
blessing: The story of their lives are told chapter by chapter first in the voice of
Ron Hall and then of Denver Moore. A sometimes sad, often funny
May the leprechauns be near you story of two men who become “family”.
To spread luck along your way, Our next book is Jesus by Deepak Chopra. We will meet at the Middle-
And may all the Irish angels field Federated church to discuss this book on March 1st at 7:00 PM. We
Smile upon you come St. Patrick’s Day. hope you will join us.

The Evening Bible Study will

meet at 7 pm on Monday, March
8th to discuss Unit 6 in our ongo- Domestic Violence Support Groups
ing study of Jeremiah. Hope to in Middlesex County
see you all there.
HEART Group - Middletown:
ATTENTION (Help End Abusive Relationship Tendencies)

An 8-week closed session educational support group for people

Your baking and crafting expertise is needed. The who have experienced domestic violence. Attendees will learn
WCF Palm Sunday Fair is March 28th in Fellowship how to build self-esteem and avoid abusive relationships in the
Hall after worship service. future. The HEART Group meets Tuesday nights from 6:30–8pm.
The next session will begin on April 20, 2010. Please call Dianna
Please contribute baked or at (860) 344-9599 to register or for more information.
homemade items for this
event. Small quantities of Children At Heart—Middletown:
baked items are needed as An ongoing support group for kids ages 6–12 who have been
affected by family violence. Facilitated
well as the regular
by our Child Advocate in
sized. You may bring Middletown, Children At Heart is a
them priced to sell safe, comfortable place for kids
that Sunday Morning or pre-arrange for to build self-esteem and express their
pickup. feelings. This group meets at
the same time and place as the
Any questions or for pick-up HEART group. For more information,
before March 28th, please call Judi or to register your children, please call
in the office, Monday through us at (860) 344-9599.
Thursday, 9A until 1P.


The 4th Annual Silver Lake Golf Tournament to benefit the UCC Silver Lake Conference
Center will be held on Tuesday, June 8, at the Lyman Orchard Golf Club in Middlefield.

We invite you to awaken your inner golfer, grab some of your friends, get outside, or attend
the lunch and awards (2 PM) to cheer on your church’s foursome. This is Silver Lake’s one
fundraiser a year, open to the public and a great way to fellowship with fellow church mem-
bers enjoy other church members from across the state, and enjoy friendly competition and ap-
plaud the winners (just about everyone wins something!).

Breakfast, lunch, green fees, cart, and driving range is included in the
$150 fee, along with, contests are for closest to the pin, closest to the
line, longest drive, and first hole-in-one. For non-golfers who would
like to show their support, a “Luncheon Only” option is available for
$36. Checks for entries or lunch-only must be received no later than
June 2.

Sponsorship opportunities to advertise your company are available and

include: items for the golfer’s gift bags, yard or tee marker, contest
sponsor, and host for the tournament, luncheon, golf cart, or breakfast.

Pickup a brochure with all the information - they are located in

Hub, or call the office at 860-349-9881 to have one mailed to you.

Join the staff of

Water’s Edge Center for Health & Rehabilitation
for a Dine & Dash Fundraiser

Proceeds will benefit:

Middlesex United Way’s 75th Anniversary


Wednesday, March 10th
4:30–6:30 p.m.
Water’s Edge Center for Health & Rehabilitation
111 Church Street, Middletown

Only $5.00 per person for pasta and meatballs with salad!
Call (860) 347-7286 by March 5th to reserve your dinner-to-go.

APPLICATIONS Middlesex Hospital Vocal Chords
AVAILABLE for the Scholarship Available
Middlefield Federated
Church Scholarship! The Executive Board of the Middlesex Hospi-
Applications for the tal Vocal Chords is requesting applications for
2010 Middlefield Feder- its annual grants to be awarded to deserving
ated Church Scholarship students pursuing a career in nursing or music.
are available from the They must have been accepted at an accred-
church office. The ited college or university with one of these
scholarship was estab- majors. The grants will be a minimum of
college or vocational $1,000 each.
lished in memory of the school. However, a stu-
Chiarappa's sons, Alan dent already attending a Applications are available at the guidance
and Craig. It has been college or vocational office or online at your high school. Deadline is April 2nd. If you
sustained through gener- school may reapply and have questions, please call 860-277-3913
ous donations from be awarded the scholar-
church members, family ship if, in the year that JUST A REMINDER
and friends. such aid is sought, no
The recipient of the high school senior has The Capital Campaign is a separate bank account
scholarship must be a from the general operating bank account of the
applied or been desig- church. PLEASE WRITE SEPARATE CHECKS for
member in good stand- nated to receive the the donations. When the amounts are combined,
ing of the church who scholarship. The dead- the accounting becomes much more difficult and
has been, and continues line for the application time consuming. Thank you in advance for your
to be, active in the understanding and cooperation.
is Friday, May 7th.
church. The recipient is Award of the scholar-
usually a high school ship will be based on
graduating senior who financial need, ability, THE NEXT BEST THING TO BEING IN THE SANCUARY FOR
will continue his or her and character. WORSHIP ON SUNDAYS!
education by attending a
Did you know that Care of Membership Committee records Sunday
USHERING - If you are interesting in Ushering, please Did you know that these recordings are available to you on CD?
signup on the sheet in the hub and someone from Wor- Did you know that these recordings are playable on a CD player or
ship will contact you regarding a convenient time. computer?

Going on vacation?
Too ill to make it to church?
Isn't it strange? Watching little ones in the Nursery or


Isn't it strange how a 20 dollar bill WHAT THE ANSWER IS?
seems like such a large amount when Contact Elisabeth Kennedy 349-9833 or
you donate it to church, but such a leave message at church office 349-9881.
small amount when you go shopping?