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Impressive Impressions

Hydrophilic: Precise:
exactly where you need it outstanding readability

Virtual 380 ®

The hydrophilic precision impression material

Impressive Impressions

• Faster & easier
• No special
activation required
• More homogeneous
• Economical

Virtual 380 ®

The hydrophilic precision impression material

For an Impression
as REAL as it Gets!
X-tremely practical: Delivery forms:

Virtual 380 Refills

2 Cartridges (380 ml each)
15 Mixing tips
2 Bayonet rings

Insert XXL cartridge into the Dispense material without the Attach the mixing tip Place the bayonet ring Monophase – Fast Set
mixing unit mixing tip in place to verify an and lock it into position
even flow of both components by turning clockwise. 594839
Heavy Body – Fast Set

Virtual is a hydrophilic Medium Body, Light Body and In addition, the Virtual line 594840
precision VPS impression Extra-Light Body). of products includes a Heavy Body - Regular Set
material offering fast-setting Bite Registration
exceptional detail The Heavy Body and material with a high final
reproduction and an Monophase viscosities are hardness. The system is
efficient balance of now available in a 380 ml complemented by a full line
physical properties. economical, bulk delivery of accessories, including a Virtual 380 Multi-Packs
cartridge for use in the tray adhesive.
(Contains 3 refills)
Available in both fast and Pentamix™, Plug & Press and
6 Cartridges (380 ml each)
regular setting times, the MixStar® dynamic mixing Outstanding properties
system is comprised of three machines. Both of these 45 Mixing tips
are the foundation of the 6 Bayonet rings
tray materials (e.g. Putty, viscosities are also available in product’s proven performance
Heavy Body and Monophase) traditional 50 ml cartridges for record and multiple awards.
and three wash materials (e.g. use with handheld dispensers. 594835
• Enhanced hydrophilic Monophase – Fast Set
• Easy to read color Heavy Body – Fast Set
• High level of stability for Heavy Body – Regular Set
multiple pours
• High tear strength
• Mint scent
Virtual 380 Accessories
600158 Mixing Tip Refill
50 Mixing tips

600159 Bayonet Ring Refill

2 Bayonet rings

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© Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. Virtual is a registered Amherst, NY 14228 Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4Y3
trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent. Pentamix, Plug & (800) 533-6825 (905) 238-5700
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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. (716) 691-0010 (800) 263-8182
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GUARANTEED! (800) 263-8182 in Canada.
If you use dynamic mixing units in your
practice, you too can benefit from the
excellent quality of Virtual VPS impression
materials with the new Virtual 380 XXL

Virtual 380 Heavy Body

Because of its non-slump consistency and high

final hardness, the high-viscosity Virtual 380
Heavy Body material is ideal as a tray material
in combination with Virtual Wash materials
when the double-mix technique is used. Virtual
380 Heavy Body is offered in two different
working and setting times:

Working time Time in mouth

Fast Set: 1:15 min. 2:30 min.
Regular Set: 2:05 min. 4:30 min.

Virtual 380 Monophase

The exceptional elasticity and high final

hardness of the medium-viscosity Virtual 380
Monophase makes it perfectly suitable for all
final impressions. As a result of its outstanding
thixotropic behavior, the material builds up
sufficient pressure and at the same time
perfectly adapts to primary parts and
impression posts.

Virtual 380 Monophase is available in the

following working and setting times:

Working time Time in mouth

Fast Set: 1:15 min. 3:30 min.

X-ceptional benefits
of Virtual 380’s XXL cartridge delivery
• Faster & easier dispensing
• No special activation required
• More homogeneous mix
• Economical

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