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Pan-Hellenic Forensics Tournament 2010 -- Organized by ACS Athens

400 Students from 17 schools develop confidence
in communicating ideas and points of view
Halandri, 22.02.2010/ ACS Athens is proud to host the 2010 Pan-Hellenic Forensics Tournament,
March 4-7, 2010 at the campus in which over 400 students from 17 participating schools in Greece
will be competing during the tournament.

Forensics, in the formal sense of the word, refers to public debates or formal argumentation suitable
for a court of law. For the school’s purposes, forensics provides an opportunity for students to be
involved in various forms of public speaking. Debate, oral interpretation, original oratory, discussion,
and extemporaneous speaking are included in the competition. During the tournament, students have
the chance to display a number of skills acquired over a long period of training and preparation, be
judged by an independent team of judges, gain experience from performing in front of peers, visitors
and guests, learn a lot through conducted research in libraries and the Internet, practice English -since
the working language of the tournament is English- and most of all be exposed, discuss and debate
current issues. In addition to the enhancement of public speaking skills, students sharpen their research
skills, writing skills, and their ability to work in cooperation with others through discussion and debate.
The ultimate intent of forensic events is to provide students with an opportunity to develop confidence
in their ability to communicate ideas and points of view. ACS Athens, being a student-centered
international school, supports and embraces the philosophy of forensics as a way to challenge all
students to realize their potentials and become responsible citizens.

The 2010 Pan-Hellenic Forensics Tournament will be held as follows:

Duet Acting involves two students who work together to choose and perform a short comic or
dramatic scene with no props, costumes or make-up. Just two chairs and their acting talent are used to
bring their scene to life.

In Oral Interpretation of Literature a student animates a short piece of literature of his/her choice,
either comic or dramatic from a short story, novel or poetry using different voices, accents, facial
expressions and hand gestures, while seated on a stool.

For Original Oratory a student chooses a topic he/she feels strongly about and writes a six to eight
minute speech trying to persuade the audience that his/her point of view is the correct one. Topics
range from environmental issues to the virtues of chocolate!

ACS Athens Mission Statement:
ACS Athens is a student-centered international school, embracing American educational philosophy, principles and values.
Through excellence in teaching and diverse educational experiences, ACS Athens challenges all students to realize their unique
potential: academically, intellectually, socially and ethically -- to thrive as responsible global citizens.

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Impromptu Speaking is a challenging event in which participants are given a choice of three topics: a
single word, the beginning of a sentence, or a quotation. Once the topic is chosen, the speaker has one
minute to prepare to speak on that topic for two to three minutes. The ability to express oneself well
through expression of ideas, coherence and connection to the topic, as well as originality are the basis
for being successful at this event.

Group Discussion gives a group of 6-8 participants a problem to solve. Using polite conversational
skills, the participants express their ideas on the problem at hand, make suggestions and attempt to
help the group resolve the problems. Becoming a leader of the group without being too forceful or
argumentative is the key to success in this event.

Debate is an event of verbal conflict, and is one of the most intense Forensics events. The debaters
speak ‘for’ or ‘against’ a controversial issue, regardless of their true personal beliefs on the issue.
Debaters are called upon both to support their thesis convincingly with arguments and to refute their
opponents’ argumentation.

This year’s 400+ participants will come from the following 17 schools: American Community Schools
of Athens (ACS), Anatolia College, Byron College, Campion School, Ekpaideftiki Anagenisi,
Geitonas School, Hellenic American Educational Foundation (HAEF), Costeas Geitonas School,
Mandoulides Schools, Moraitis School, Paidagogiki Protoporia, Pierce College, Pinewood- The
American International School of Thessaloniki, St. Catherines British Embassy School, St. Lawrence
College, S. Avgoulea-Linardatou, Ziridis School.

For more information on the tournament’s schedule, please visit ACS Athens website at or
contact Ms. Anna Makris, Tournament Coordinator, at or at 210 6393200 ext. 271.