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English Game Guide and walkthrough for

The Shadow of Chernobyl Mod.

Another great mod brought to you by the

authors of the classic Secret Trails 2.

Written by Grunter Hunter .

The Story.
(The Intro slide show)
At the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the energy crisis reached its climax. The
world powers and the major oil and gas corporations had begun a secret, very active and
relentless struggle for their survival in this period of acute shortages of natural resources.
On one hand, huge amounts of money had begun to be invested into the development of
technologies for the production of excess artificial energy. On the other hand, the search for
alternative sources of energy and natural fuel had rapidly sped up. According to the sketchy
and sometimes unconfirmed reports from the Exclusion Zone, something that generates
enormous and hitherto unknown amounts of energy, formed many years ago around the
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. It is said to be somewhere in the heart of the zone in the
Chernobyl Sarcophagus. Some people have attributed this source of energy to be of
extraterrestrial origin, others are sure that it was a result of the nuclear accident two
decades earlier.
But whatever it was, the secret services of many countries in the world, backed by their
governments, major research institutions, terrorist organizations and simply the powerful
oligarchs secretly began to send small reconnaissance teams or single agents into the
Exclusion Zone in order to be the first to gain access to the free and inexhaustible source of
inherent energy. So began the hidden race for supremacy in the global energy market. And
it was obvious that the first persons to reach their goal, would subsequently infinitely rule
the world.
One of these agents hired was our protagonist - a seasoned war correspondent and scout
nicknamed Photographer, who passed through fire and high water in many hot spots
around the world. He was hired by the leaders of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces, who are
performing the function of monitoring the perimeter of the Exclusion Zone. The agent's task
was to secretly penetrate deep into the Zone and to gather accurate information, not only
about the special groups and lone agents, but also to find out as much as possible about
what this mythical and welcome source of all energy actually is.
The Peacekeepers, sponsored by many non-governmental organizations and their
supporters were convinced that this latent confrontation between the superpowers, the
largest corporations and terrorists in pursuit of power in the global energy market would
lead to a rise in boundless political, economic and military influence, and would eventually
lead to tragic consequences that could cause the complete and utter collapse of all
mankind. Guided by these principles, they sought to prevent such an outcome ...

Tips for a successful passage through the game.

Carefully read all the dialogues as they contain clues on where to search for items or how to
progress through the game. In addition to the actual quest information, the characters
communicate a lot of interesting and useful things. Take notes or screenshots of dialogs.
Quest items can spawn anywhere in the search area, so look carefully.
Look into "all the holes." Desired objects, even if you do not need them yet, might be
anywhere. Even if you have searched there before, dont be lazy to search again, things
could change after the next job.
Carefully inspect all corpses; those who have killed themselves, and those who have died
from the hands of a stranger, and especially those that youve just killed on the road.
Corpses can often contain quest items or the location of their secret cache.
When fighting with the mutants, always try to climb higher, where it will be harder for
monsters to get to you and you can shoot more accurately in a relaxed atmosphere.
Try all found and earned weapons. The characteristics of the weapons can be quite
different. For example, some weapons can cause much more damage than others and
receive less wear and tear while shooting.
Even if you dont like the weapon or it doesnt suit your needs, dont be in a hurry to get rid
of it, it may come in handy to perform some later quests.
Caches are not reliable storage places. NPCs may loot them, especially if they contain items
such as guns and suits. Expeditionary backpacks (especially - with the GPS positioner bought
from dealers) provide better security, although grandfather Zapadlo will eventually find and
loot them.
Try to keep your stash contents below fifty items to avoid being robbed by grandfather
Complete all the quests that the characters give. That way you can earn a good swag. All this
will greatly facilitate life in the Zone.
The costs of goods in the Zone are not always the same; dont rush out to buy something for
the future, you may find the same item is cheaper from a trader at a different location.
Remember or write down the range of traders, and especially what they sell and exchange,
as this information is not available on your PDA.

Items needed for the passage through F.O.T.O.G.R.A.F

Mandatory items:
1 tin of condensed milk, 1 jar of pickles, and 1 can of Chernobyl mushrooms and two bottles
of Vodka for Quartermaster at the Ukrainian base. Exchange for 10 antirads.
10 antirads for Boris Serov at the store. Needed to obtain a pass to gain access into the
gangster's bar at the beginning of the game.
3 Army med kits for Edik at the Proving Ground.
A dead crow and a dead bat for Shubin. Part of the pentagram quest.
Pentagram quest:
Red pentagram
Red Mascot
Cat's tail
Fracture's hand

X-18 lab

X-16 lab

X-10 lab

Turquoise Mascot
Blind dog's tail
Chimera's claw

Yellow pentagram

Blue pentagram

Yellow Mascot
Pseudodog's tail
Boar's hoof

Blue Mascot
Flesh's eye
Swamp polywog part

6 tins of condensed milk for Pasha in Pripyat to reveal the transition to the Cave. Five are
available in Pripyat.

Non mandatory items:

A complete set of crystals for Petrograph.
20 bottles of Vodka for Major Shpak at the Swamps.
3 bottles of Stary Melnik beer for Major Shpak at the Swamps.
A complete set of above ground mutant parts for Dunya at the Swamps.
2 tins of Montpensier candy, so you can obtain the bio-radar from Dunya at the Swamps.

Chapter 1: The Peacekeeping Corps.

fter a helicopter transporting you to the Predzone flies into an anomaly and crashes,
you regain consciousness from shell-shock a few days later in the Peacekeeper's Town.
Your first task is to talk to General Smith, the local Peacekeeping Force commander. He tells
you what has happened to you and where you can find what's left of your belongings.
When you have retrieved your gear, go
back and speak to him about the loss of
your camera and electronic note-book that
you need to fulfil your assignment. As time
is of the essence, he suggests that you visit
and search the crash site to try and find
your missing equipment. He sends you to
Baldy, a local character who helps them out
occasionally, and who will guide you to the
site. You'll find him with Mario Benelli, their
part-time mechanic and cook, in the annexe to the garage. As you leave and go down the
stairs, you will find a note; pick it up and read it. It's just a transcript welcoming you to the
mod and outlines the 'modders rights'; it has no bearing on the game.
Speak to Baldy then follow him to the crash
site. Stay well behind him, as he will be
attacked by wild cats, blind dogs and wild
boars on the way; don't be a hero. Let him
do most of the work and only help out
when needed. When you reach the crash
site, search the body of the marauder to
retrieve your electronic notebook; you
should also find your leather bag there
containing some medical supplies. Now it's
time to speak with Baldy again. He tells you
how you may be able to get your camera back by talking to the local trader and then he
leads you to the loner's camp at the nearby village.
After Baldy has a brief discussion with the bunker guard, you may enter and speak with
Sidorovich. You introduce yourself and tell him what has happened to your camera.
Sidorovich tells you how the Marauders have become a problem that has prompted the
local loners, led by an experienced Digger named Brigadier, to unite to protect the village.

He tells you that they have tracked them

down and know where they're camped and
are preparing to attack them, so Sidorovich
suggests you go talk to Brigadier. He's
located in a house nearby. You tell him your
story and he offers to help you and asks for
your assistance in leading the raiding party.
He also wants you to bring him the
Marauders leader's PDA. You agree and he
gives you a shortened AKS-74 and some
ammo. Just outside the house are the four members of the raiding party, go out there and
wait for Brigadier to notify them that you're going to lead them.
Follow the raiding party to the Marauder's camp and eliminate the bandits; try to get there
first and loot the bodies before the others arrive, this is a good chance to get some quest
items you will need for a later task. Once you have the PDA, the stash with your camera is
marked on the map. You have two options: Go into the cave, kill the rest of the bandits and
find your camera and then return the PDA to Brigadier, or deliver the PDA first and then
return, kill the other bandits and retrieve your camera. It doesn't matter how you play this.
Inside the stash with your camera, are other items as well as some money and a silencer. Do
not sell the silencer or the money; they will be needed later. When you return the PDA to
Brigadier, he rewards you with some food and drink. Now that you have found your camera
and electronic notebook, it's time to return to General Smith.
You can either return straight away, or take a side mission from Drone; he's a character
located in the other bunker adjacent to Sidorovich's. He wants you find him a new leather
coat and is prepared to pay 3000 roubles for it. If you decide to take the mission, he tells
you that you can find one hidden somewhere in one of the houses in the other village. It can
spawn anywhere so search carefully in all the rooms of the houses, in the basements and
ceilings. When you find it, return for Drone for your reward. When you return to Drone, he
informs you that someone has been looking for you. When you return to Drone, he informs
you that someone has been looking for you.
He's at the old factory. You can either go and meet him now or wait until later. I would leave
it for now as you will be going there soon enough on another mission, so you can return to
General Smith with the news that you have recovered your camera.
General Smith gives you a brief description of your assignment and then sends you to
Colonel Brown for a more detailed briefing. You can find him in the building near the base
entrance. Colonel Brown briefs you on your mission and tells you about some secret agents;
he then sends you to Sidorovich for more information. He gives you a note for Sidorovich
and then tells you to stop in and see Mario to pick up some supplies. When you returned to
the base, you would have noticed a Land Rover parked outside the gates. Mario offers you

the keys for it if you find him a tool kit. Now

is the time to go and meet the person at the
old factory who Drone told you about
because that's where you will search for the
tools. You can do this before you head off
to see Sidorovich.
When you arrive at the abandoned factory,
you will find Jiao Xiang, a Chinese reporter
in the garages. He offers to buy photos from
you for his newspaper; he also tells you
about an old man he has seen in the main part of the factory. This is your introduction to
grandfather Zapadlo, a thief who robs the caches of stalkers and yours as well. More about
him later!
Jiao Xiang asks you to have a look around
the factory and you agree. This is when you
notice that there two spots on your minimap, Jiao Xiang and someone else. Before
you rush off to investigate who this is and
face certain death, recall what Jiao Xiang
told you about seeing someone near the
pipes. Carefully search around the pipes,
especially in the room directly below the
smoke stack, until the extra person that was
shown on your mini-map disappears. You
can now enter the factory to search for the tool kit. On the highest level, go through the
hole in the roof and on top of the roof itself. Scan the area near the chimney with your
binoculars and you should spy a backpack. Searching the backpack reveals a note from
grandfather Zapadlo. After you have found the toolkit, go back to Mario Benelli and he
gives you the keys to the Land Rover.
Now it's time to go to Sidorovich and deliver the note from Colonel Brown. You speak to
Sidorovich about the mercenary's agent who is coming soon to meet with a guide. He
suggests you speak with the guide who probably frequents the gangster's bar. Now let's
head to the bar! When you first approach the two guards at the door to the bar (second
entrance), you get abused by them for not having a pass. Wait until both of them finish
speaking, then go back outside the first entrance and wait. There is one character
immediately to your right who you have to speak to. Wait until the roving sentry is out of
earshot and then approach the character standing there and he will tell you where you can
obtain a pass; if the roving guard is within earshot when you approach then they will all turn
hostile and the task will fail.

Once he has finished speaking, go to the store and speak to Boris Serov about obtaining a
pass for the bar. He tells you he wants 10 antirads and you can get them from the Ukrainian
military base. When you approach the entrance of the base, you are challenged by the
guards who will not alloy you entry. So, it's time to speak with Colonel Brown and ask for his
help. Brown suggests you take Captain Krasavsky, the base commander, a bottle of cognac
as a repayment of a previous debt, as a way of gaining entry.
When you first start talking to Captain Krasavsky, he leads you to a firing squad to witness
what happens to deserters. After they are shot, you can loot their bodies, if you're lucky,
you may find a quest item on them. After the execution, follow the Captain back and finish
the discussion with him.
After asking him for some antirads for Boris
Serov, he directs you to their trader,
Quartermaster, and suggests that you may
be able negotiate with him for the antirads.
Quartermaster is willing to exchange the
antirads for some items of food and drink,
namely: a tin of condensed milk, a can of
marinated mushrooms, a jar of pickles and
two bottles of Vodka. If you haven't got any
of these items already, you will have to find
them, or they can be bought from the
traders or traded with the NPCs for them. The condensed milk can be obtained from the
new NPC who has arrived at Boris Serov's store; he will exchange a tin of condensed milk
and some money for a silencer. You should still have the silencer that you found with your
camera in the bandit's stash. Once you have collected all the items for Quartermaster,
return to him and exchange the items for the antirads for Boris Serov. Now return to the
trader and pick up your pass for the bar. You can now enter the bar by showing the pass;
you need to find Conductor in there and engage him in conversation, but after a few words
he demands a bottle of Vodka before he tells you anymore. If you don't have the Vodka, you
can either buy some, or, trade some photos with another NPC in the bar for some money or
When you have the Vodka, he tells you
about another guide named Zhorik who has
obtained a recent customer. He tells you
where to find him but you will need to take
him a bottle of beer before Zhorik will
speak to you. You can find him nursing a
hangover in a barn to the south of the store
in the Village.

Zhorik tells you he has a customer who

wants to be led to a secret path into the
Zone. You ask if you can accompany him
but declines the offer so you suggest you
follow him instead. Stay well behind him, at
least 30 metres, and stay in cover at all
times; try not to expose yourself. It's best if
you hug the fence line while you are
following him. Pay attention to the "mission
updates"; after you get the first one, to find
the secret path the mercenary's are looking
for, stay under cover until Zhorik starts to move. Wait until he has disappeared from the
mini-map before you move out. Keep following them, using the trees, rocks and bushes as
cover, until they stop, then wait for another "mission update" to eliminate the agent. By
this time, Zhorik has been killed so kill the agent and his two bodyguards and loot their
bodies. You can't save him. Take the PDA you have found back to Colonel Brown.
After you have given the PDA to Colonel Brown, he tells you to have a rest and wait for him
to call you. This is an opportunity to get some side missions from Sidorovich or to simply
explore the map for any goodies. Sidorovich offers three tasks which you can do without
leaving the map. Find the tablet, find the modified gun and kill the Digger trader; the others
are best left until later. When you get the message from Colonel Brown, return to him and
get your updated mission briefings. He will give you a flash card for your camera and sends
you to Mario Benelli for more gear; now you can start taking photos for the Chinese
reporter. The transition to the Proving Ground is now open! Before you leave for the
Proving Ground, drop in and see Baldy at the Loners village; if you talk to him and agree to
show him your photos, for every one of his friends that he recognises, he will reward you
with a repair kit. There three in total, one of each type.
If you still have some outstanding tasks for
Sidorovich, now is a good time to finish
them. I won't go into detail about the side
quests. To find the desired items, read the
dialogues very carefully and look for clues
where to find the items; this doesn't apply
to the "hit" missions where the target is
high-lighted on the map.
Also take the time to get acquainted with
one of the local characters named Ratter;
he is a local Pied Piper of sorts. Speak to him and you can get a task from him to collect
thirteen flying mice (bats). This is not a mandatory task, but an interesting one.

If you agree, it opens a minor side mission you can do for Forester later in the game that
earns you some hard currency. You can find Ratter in the underground bunker opposite the
gangsters bar. Now it's time to head to the Proving Ground through the new transition.

Chapter 2: The Proving Ground and the Swamps.

When you arrive at the Proving Ground,
you will get a message that you must speak
with General Voronin. His location is
marked on your minimap. On the way, stop
at the designated locations, marked in red,
and take the photographs requested by
Colonel Brown. If you try to enter the
Ukrainian army base, you will be challenged
by the guard in front of the tunnel leading
to the X-18 lab. If you don't leave straight
away, you will be shot. Be careful taking
the pictures as you will be attacked by cockroaches, a new mutant species. After you have
taken the photos, go and talk to General Voronin. He tells you how you might get into the
Ukrainian military base by speaking to the commandant's brother back at the Peacekeeping
Corps. Next, talk to Sakharov, who is in another room; he explains how to convert crystals
into mineral absolutes by giving you a demonstration. He also asks you to find a missing
employee, Prof. Lavrov, somewhere in the Swamps. Agreeing to go opens the transition to
the Swamps and back. No need to go to the Swamps yet, you can head back to the
Peacekeepers Corps first, and locate and speak to the brother of the commandant of the
Proving Ground military base.
Go to the Ukrainian military base at the
Peacekeepers Corps; there you will find
Chef, the commandant's brother but he
won't spawn until you have spoken to
either Quartermaster or Captain Krasavsky
first, telling them about the transition to
the Proving Ground. Chef can be found
behind the buildings to the right of the
main entrance to the base, near a campfire.
Talk to him and offer to deliver a parcel to
his brother, Lieutenant Polishchuk, the
base commander at the Proving Ground. Chef will also give you a pass to gain entry to the
base. Now it's time to return to the Proving Ground.

After you enter the Proving Ground and get close to the village, you will get a message
asking for your help to defend it from wild boars. Respond to the call, and if all goes well,
you get a message to see Edik, the leader of the Diggers in the village, who gives a small
reward for helping out. Don't forget to photograph him, as he is one of Baldy's friends.
Next, go to the Ukrainian military base and
present your pass to the guard in front of
the tunnel. He tells you where to find
Lieutenant Polishchuk; he is on the
second floor of the admin building. Talk to
him and read the dialogue carefully. He
tells you a story about some deserters and
wants you to keep an eye out for one of
them. He also gives you permission to
wander around the base and warns you
not to take photographs. The deserter is
an important character; so finding and rescuing him will allow you to progress further into
the game. You will find him hiding out in the abandoned garages.
When you find the deserter, he wants you to help him get to the Digger's village. You agree
as long as he draws you a map of the base in return. Before you escort him to the Digger's
village, you need to negotiate with Edik first so he will accept the deserter. Edik asks for
three military med kits to allow the deserter into the village. If you don't have any, you can
buy them from Colonel Petrenko at the research facility where the scientists are located.
Once you have given the med kits to Edik, go back to the deserter and escort him to the
village. When you both safely arrive, the deserter gives you the map. Now you can go to the
Swamps in search of Prof. Lavrov. Be careful entering the tunnel leading to the transition; it
is full of mutant cockroaches and there is a controller in there as well.
When you arrive speak with Vasiliev
about Lavrov and he suggests you visit Dr.
Marsh, the Swamp Doctor who may have
more information. You will find Dr. Marsh
in the cottage near the broken bridge the
return transition is located. He gives you
the location of Prof. Lavrov. He was last
heard from somewhere in the vicinity of
the abandoned farm in the southern part
Swamps. Dr. Marsh asks you to return to
him after you have found Prof. Lavrov's
PDA. When you return and talk with Dr. Marsh again, he gives you a letter to take to

Before you leave the Swamps, talk to Kruglov. He asks you to help him identify seven types
of anomalies for his research into an anomaly detector. This is not mandatory; but if you
help him out, you will receive a prototype anomaly detector for your troubles. All seven
anomalies can be found in the Swamps; if have trouble finding all seven, you can go to the
Proving Ground and find the remainder there. After you have finished the "Investigate the
anomalies" task, you can return to the Proving Ground.
Give Sakharov, Lavrov's PDA and Dr. Marsh's letter. Sakharov then informs you that an
emission is looming; when the emission is over, he sends you a message to see him. Go and
talk to him. Sakharov then offers you the task of crystal conversions using Lavrov's data.
When you accept, it triggers the spawning of crystals.

Where to find Crystals at the Peacekeeping Corps

Not all crystals can be found at the Peacekeeping Corps but they can all be found in the
Industrial Area. Every crystal has a matching mate in the same shape but in a different
colour. To create a mineral absolute, you have to drop a match pair into a specific psi-zone.
If you have the right pair when you wander into the correct psi-zone, the zone will sing to
you and the screen colour will change. There are 24 crystals in total, creating 12 mineral
absolutes which in turn create 6 mascots which can then be converted into 6 charms.
Confused yet? Don't worry; it will all come together as you progress. There are four psizones where you can convert crystal pairs into mineral Absolutes. Three sets per zone. All
four psi-zones can be found in the Peacekeeping Corps, but they can also be found

Location of the four psi-zones for the conversion of Crystals into mineral Absolutes at the
Peacekeeping Corps
You can return to the Peacekeeping Corps now. Report to Colonel Brown and give him the
photos and the base map. He tells you to have a rest and wait to hear from General Smith.
You get a message from General Smith and return; he says the photos you took are sub
standard and you camera needs to be upgraded and suggests you contact a scientist named
Drozdov back at the Proving Ground who may be able to help. He then sends you to Colonel
Brown. Colonel Brown briefs you on an upcoming operation called "Mousetrap", to
eliminate two groups of mercenaries in the Industrial Area and the Anomalous Forest. As
there are no open transitions to those maps yet, Colonel Brown wants you to talk with
General Voronin to find out where they are.
When you arrive at the Proving Ground,
find Drozdov, he is in the same building as
General Voronin. You ask him about
upgrading your camera but he cannot do it.
He tells you to find a stalker called Lefty, at
the Bar and ask him. Because the transition
to the Bar is from the Industrial Area, you
have to find a way there. Talk to General
Voronin about it. He doesn't know the way,
but he tells you about a hermit named
Charon who might know. You can find
Charon near the Digger's village, on the other side of the fence.

General Voronin also wants you to scout the trail back from the Anomalous Forest to the
Proving Ground. Speak to Charon about the transition to the Industrial Area and he tells you
he will show you the way only if you agree to deliver a package to a deserter named Lukash.
He also tells you that Lukash can reveal the location of transition from the Industrial Area to
the Anomalous Forest. Agree to his conditions and then head back to Colonel Brown.

Chapter 3. The Industrial Area and the Anomalous Forest.