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Hands Off Our Sacred Swastika

by Hemant G Padhya, March 15, 2005

Hands off our sacred Swastika must be the loudest roar of the followers of
Vedic or Hindu Dharma and all its sects all over the world to save the divinity, purity,
auspiciousness, serenity, prestige and position Swastika holds in human race, after the
German members of European Parliament called for the total ban on the use of
Swastika all over Europe in protest of Prince Harrys provocation of international
outrage by wearing Nazi outfits with a swastika arm band in a private fancy dress
party. It is shocking and astonishing news for the lovers of Swastika, irrespective of
their faiths, all over the world that the European parliament is in opinion of
considering such a ban on this innocent symbol. What has Swastika done wrong?
What is the crime of Swastika? Once the most popular, respected, beloved, revered
and worshipped symbol of human being all over the world by all races and all faiths
is facing socially, religiously and ethical discrimination in Christian dominated
European Parliament. This senseless, idiotic and illogical motion of Swastika phobia
must be opposed strongly and stopped immediately with the demand of lifting the ban
and reinstating the use and status of Swastika in Germany. The people of the world
must be educated and re-educated in the subject of Swastika to justify such
worldwide agitation not only to save the Swastika but also to reinstate this holy and
humble symbol with all its status, glory and respects.
Swastika or Svastika, the universal and most revered symbol of auspiciousness,
good luck and well being has been portrayed as the symbol of horror, hatred and
racism by the western world after World War II. The world politics have brain washed
the new generation and created unnecessary hatred towards the Swastika by
portraying it as the symbol of evil, demise, destruction and ruination, and kept the
public aloof from the true meaning, significance and history of Swastika. Due to its
misrepresentation many look at it and consider it today as a symbol of hate, terror and
a reminder of the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party. Swastika
was not invented or designed by Hitler. He merely stole it from the most ancient
human civilisations of Vedic period and used it as the emblem of his party called
NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) also known as Nazi (National
Socialist Community) and annihilated the significance of this most ancient symbol
respected as the sign of good luck, fortune and auspiciousness. Swastika was widely
adopted in German society well before Hitler Era and many organisations such as
Thule Society, a secret Neo-Monastic Lodge and Paramilitary Freikorps used as their
Swastika is an ancient symbol of Vedic Aryans Of Aryavarta (India) that has
brought luck and joy for centuries to all mankind all over the world and continues to
do so in the present days. It is a symbol which stands for truth, compassion, tolerance
and happiness. It was worshipped as a symbol of good fortune universally long before
Hitlers use of it to symbolize his evil dictatorship. The only fault of Swastika lies in
its adoption by Hitler and his Nazi Party and it being used as the prominent emblem

of the party and Hitler used to wear swastika on his arm band. Hitler also used to
wear a cross, an old and original symbol of Christianity, still being used by orthodox
Christians, on his left chest near to his heart. This way the cross can be put into the
same category as swastika in relation to Hitler. Why does not that make cross a sign
of genocide and anti-Semitic? If some misunderstood and misguided people want to
ban Swastika, why dont they pass motion to ban the Cross along with Swastika? Is it
because the Cross is sacred to Christians and European Union which is almost made
up of Christian Nations? Why do the Christian Nations of Europe hold such a
discriminatory attitude only towards the Swastika? Such questions require solid
answers from not only the common people and politicians of Europe, but also from
all over the world.
Thousands of years of heritage and its good faith cannot be wiped out or
destroyed by this single shocking event in history. It was not the fault of Swastika that
Hitler misused it. Hitler was born and brought up as a Christian and he was not a
follower of Vedic Dharma or its branches or philosophy, and he was not tall, blonde
and white as described in Aryan Race Theory invented by British Royal Historians
for their political gain well before Hitler. Why should the most sacred and gentle
symbol of human race be punished for whatever heinous act Hitler, his ideology and
his followers committed? Swastika must not be punished for what Hitler did as
Swastika has always represented harmony, humbleness and humanity and oneness in
all diversities. Should the Holy Cross of Christianity be punished for the homicide
atrocities inflicted on millions of innocent black Negroes who were burnt alive by
tying them on the cross and setting alight by Ku Klux Klan, the Christian organisation
in U.S.A? The symbols with their high status, glory, respects and reverence in human
society must not be held responsible for their misuse by a mad individual, fanatic,
barbaric and discriminating religious group and politically motivated racist
organisations or expansionist nations.
Swastika is the oldest religious symbol known to the human race and is widely
recognised in various cultures all across the world. Swastika derives from the oldest
way of life called Vedic Dharma or original form of Hindu Dharma. Vedic Dharma- is
the form of a religion based on the philosophy of life taught by God through the four
scriptures called Vedas. Swastika represents all four Vedas. Geometrically, the symbol
consists of four parts and points towards four directions. If the Swastika is turned
around from the centre clock-wise or anti-clockwise, it does not make any
geometrical or physical changes. This represents the unchanging, all directional and
endless nature of God. Swastika is the symbol of divinity therefore it is a fundamental
part of all religious ceremonies of Hindus and others. Swastikas can be seen adorned
in ceremonies of birth, marriage and festivals. The Swastika does not come from antiSemitic origins; it derives from the ancient language of Vedic Dharma, Sanskrit. In
Sanskrit, Swastika means auspiciousness. The Shlok swasti na indro
vruddhastravaha svastinah pusha vishvavedaha! Swasti nastakshya arishtanemihi
svastino bruhaspatirdadhatu!! of yajurved defines the swastika saying, May all
mighty god of infinite glory be auspicious to us, May the all knowing Lords of the
universe be of auspiciousness to us. May the powerful protection of the universe

bring auspiciousness to us May the Lord of Lords. The supreme being brings fortune
to us.
Vedic Dharma or its sects which include Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism, have
never done anything wrong to other religions, they have never waged any atrocities
on other faiths. Vedic (Hindu) Dharma teaches the principles of help, charity,
tolerance and non-violence with exceptional limitation of self-defence. The living
example of its greatness is in the thousands of years old settlements of Jews and
Parsis (Persian Zoroastrians) in India, who have practised their faith freely and
without any persecution and their community flourished in India with respects and
dignity and freedom. The deplorable deed perpetrated by Hitler for his own gain,
fame and supremacy had nothing to do with Vedic/Hindu Dharma or its sects.
The presence of Swastika is evident in various civilisations such as the
Egyptians, Mayans, Aztec, Inca, Native Americans, Romans, Greeks, Chinese,
Japanese, ancient Troy and Celts to name but a few and that derived from the Vedic
Dharma of Aryans of Bharat or India.
Romans were very much familiar with the symbol of swastika, for them it is was an
Etruscan symbol from which the Roman culture derived. Romans considered it as the
emblem of their Supreme God Jupiter. Romans freely used the both handed Swastikas
in decorating the mosaic floors and walls of Pompeii. They widely used the pattern of
Swastika on the temples, altars, household potteries & goods, brooches in their
conquered territories in Europe and British isle and North Africa. Roman Altar found
near the Great Roman Wall in Northumberland, England, has two Swastikas carved
on either side of a crescent moon.
Greeks believed Swastika as sacred symbol and associated it with the Apollo,
their Sun God. The statue of Apollo in his chariot at historical museum in Vienna has
a large Swastika depicted on his chest. Greeks called Swastika a Gammadion and
used it very extensively on terracotta figures, tiles, shields, coins.
Aztec, Mayan and Inca civilisation in central and South America also used
Swastika freely along with whirly form of Swastika in their art work and in their
temples. Swastika has migrated across many cultures, races and religions and has
become the universal symbol. It is amazing fact how this non-violent and kind
symbol found its way even into Islamic Mosques! The Friday Mosque in Sfahan,
Iran, has lots of beautiful mosaic symbols in various places and many of them have
beautiful and colourful images of Swastika designed.
People may think Swastikas would be oddly out of place in a Christian church,
but the Swastika has a long history as a symbol for Christ. During the first three
centuries A.D, it is said, the Swastika was the only form of cross used by Christians in
catacombs and churches. It was a disguised form of the cross and a unifying symbol
among those who survived a common persecution. In Rome, it is called Crux
Dissimulata because the early Christians concealed themselves, the Church did not
adopt the crucifix until the sixth century when Christianity had become the official

religion of Rome. Swastikas can be seen decorating the Christian Catacombs of

In Japan Swastika is called Manji, named after an ancient God. It is found on
major temples and street-corner shrines in Japan and far eastern countries. The
Chinese called it Wan. The ancient Chinese Falun Dafa or Gong practitioners have
five Swastikas in their organisations logo and they hold very high respects for
Swastika and they have been propagating worldwide for re-establishing the use of
Swastika again in its original purpose. Swastika was widely used in ancient Persia,
now known as Iran, before the Islamic invasion.
Swastika is originated in Aryavarta, present Bharat or India as westerner calls
it. It is the first meaningful symbol of human race. In the present day it is evident that
Swastika is prominent religious symbol in East. It is worshipped in Hinduism,
Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and Taoism many millenniums and centuries before
Jesus Christ and respected by many in the Asian continent. Swastika is part and parcel
of daily life and worship for the people of Asian and Eastern countries. Swastika is
present everywhere in India! The lesser-publicised aspect of the Swastika symbol is
the positive presence of Swastika in the western world prior to World War II. , The
Swastika was widely used on good luck greeting cards, as part of company logos and
promotions. Even the world famous drinks company Coca-Cola, in 1925, made a
lucky watch fob in the shape of a Swastika. There is much evidence that Swastika
was used as a lucky talisman in Britain, America and much of Europe just prior to the
Second World War.
In 1908, the American Sears catalogue had many ladies Swastika hatpins and
pendants for sale. In Scandinavia, the Swastika is called the Hammer of Thor, which
derived from the Vikings. Commercially it found its way to become the registered
trademark of world famous Carlsberg lager as early as 1881 and continued to be used
up until 1938. The Entrance of the Famous Carlsberg Brewery in Denmark guarded
by four 5 meter huge granite Elephants with a swastika carved in the sides are living
proof which all that`s left from the Carlsbergs wide use of the Swastika symbol as
part of its company logo. The Finnish Air Force marked Swastika in blue paint as a
national emblem and good luck symbol which they call Haka Risti (locked cross), on
all their planes from 1918 until 1945 when it was changed because they were
mistaken for Nazi planes. The Iceland Steam Company still flies blue and white flag
with Swastika on it and they have refused to give up and continued to fly their flags
as part of their heritage. In 1916 the British printed War Savings Stamps with white
Swastika, which was years before Nazis adopted it as their symbol. The scouts
organisation used to give an award of Thanks Badge depicted with Swastika for the
fellowship of the organisation until 1940. Swastika was commonly used as trademark,
company logo and names of companies and organisations in Mexico. New Mexico is
the land of Swastika. Swastika was once a state symbol and appeared on all highway
signs and state flags, now replaced by sunrays after World War II. Before II WORLD
WAR, Americans and Canadians used the symbol and name in trade very extensively.
There were cars named Krit manufactured in Detroit from 1909 to 1916 which bore
Swastika trademark on them, The Gaede family of Gaede Ranch and Gaede Cattle

Company in America still uses Swastika as their company logo and mark their cattle
with swastika symbol as their Hamish and Mennonite ancestors used them on their
barns for good luck sign. The Laguna Bridge on the Colorado River between Arizona
and California near Yuma, built in 1905, has forty seven Swastika carved on the edges
of the bridge. The city of Glendale in Greater Los Angeles has 930 iron lamp-posts of
1920s time with Swastika on the bottom base in circle. To everyones surprise the
town named Swastika exist in Ontario, Canada (Not In India!) since 1911! After II
World War, tremendous pressure was put on the residents of the town by Canadian
Government to change its name from Swastika to Winston to honour Winston
Churchill, then Prime minister of England, but the people fought back and retained
their beloved name of their town with many business companies associated their
names with Swastika . In Dublin, Ireland, there is a company called Swastika
Laundry Ltd with its Swastika logo is still in operation since 1912, expanding and
prospering with the blessings and Good Luck of Swastika. The Russian Tsars
luxurious coach was decorated with Swastika symbol in the front same as German
Mercedes Benz displays it logo of Star on the bonnet. These are but a few examples
of Swastikas presence in the world. Do these examples not show how popular the
Swastika has been all over the world?
To, many peoples astonishment, there are many evidence of the existence of
Swastika in Judaism and its free use in synagogue with The Star of David, The Holy
Symbol Of Judaism. A secret monastic brotherhood of Jews called the Essenes lived
in Palestine from the second century B.C. to the end of the first century A.D. To them,
the Swastika was a sacred sign representing the Wheel of Eternal Life. The Free
Masons claims that the use of Swastika derived to them from the masons who built
King Solomons Temple. The Universal Jewish Encyclopaedia (1939-1943) says,
The Swastika appears on various articles excavated in Palestine, on ancient
synagogues in Galilee and Syria, and on the Jewish catacombs at the Villa Torlonia in
Rome. Websters New American Dictionary (1959 edition) gives information as an
ancient Jewish religious symbol.
In Hinduism, the Swastika is often drawn inside Yantra, what is known in
Judaism as The Star of David. In the synagogue at Tel Hum, Capernaum, Swastika is
found on the breeze side by side with the Star of David, The Holiest Symbol Of
Judaism. This proves that Swastika was also an ancient Hebrew religious sign.
Another example of the use of Swastika by the people of Jewish origin can be found
in the USA; in 1916 the Portland Oregonian Newspaper ran an advertisement for
Pacific Coast Biscuits, a Jewish firm that made Matzos. A large Swastika dominates
the advertisement, which claims, The Trademark Stands for Supreme Quality. It is
clear that Jews, as well as other peoples across the globe have used the Swastika as a
decoration, a symbol of pride, spirituality, good fortune, prosperity and love.
There are lovers and worshippers of Swastika all over the world. If European
and any world politicians consider to take such irresponsible, unworthy and
unthinkable decision to ban the humble symbol of Swastika, they must first consider
to ban the Green Flag with Crescent Moon and Star of Islam, as there is no other
barbaric, cruel and such a large scale holocaust ever happened in the history of

mankind than the Islamic Crusade And Jehad from the day of its inception to today
under the same symbol and flag. The Vedic or Hindu holocaust, meaning the
genocide of Zorostrians, Hidus, Sikhs, Jains and Budhists of Aryavarta (Persia and
Bharat) by the regime of Islam has no match. Those atrocities and butcheries inflicted
on those people by Islamic fanatics can not be describe and compare to any other
holocaust in the history of humanity. Secondly, the European politicians must
consider the ban of Holy Cross also, as the same symbol is responsible for the
barbaric acts of Ku Klux Klan, The Followers Of Christianity, after burning millions
of innocent black Negroes alive, after tying them on the symbol of Holy Cross. This
presents itself as an open and real challenge to the German and other European
politicians as well as other world politicians who support the ban of Swastika! The
treatment and attitude toward Swastika must be different to that of the Holy Cross and
Islamic flag as the perpetrators were of their own religion while Swastika did not
have any relation with Hitler on religious ground and it has represented goodness and
universal humanity all over the world. Even if the world holds these symbols of
Christianity and Islam on the ground of their use, still Swastika can not be held
responsible in the same way as them.
These events in the history have never portrayed the Holy Cross or Islamic flag
as the symbols of terror or death and these symbols have ever been condemned and
banned, unlike the fate of Swastika. Therefore condemning a symbol that has no real
connection to a megalomaniacs misguided interpretation is unjustifiable and
unlawful in comparison to case history.
The controversial issue of Swastika symbol is a concern mostly to the innocent
Jewish people whose community suffered tremendously under Hitler regime. The
sufferings of others in World War II must be classified as act of war on both sides.
The anger of Jewish community for the Hitler, his regime and the atrocities inflicted
on them is understandable but any move to ban or stop Swastika in public life is not
acceptable as Swastika has the same status to Hindus, Jains, Budhists, Sikhs and
Taoist what the Star of David is to Jewish people. The followers of Vedic Dharma and
their branches are all followers of all philosophies evolved in Aryavarta, Bharat or
India sympathise and share their anguish and emotions for what happened to them
and what is happening to them at present. Hindus have welcomed Jews in India
thousands of years ago when they were driven out of their home land. Hindus gave
them asylum and help them to prosper and progress with the freedom of their culture
and religious belief centuries before they have given sanctuary to Zorostrians or
Parsis who had to flee from their motherland PERSIA (Iran) to save their religion
from the onslaught of Islam. The Jewish community of Cochin is the living example
of that history. The Jewish people and their nation must not forget the generosity,
help, love and respect Hindus gave their people in past. The Jewish people and the
Jewish Nation Israel must have better understanding that their race has never ever
been persecuted by Hindus, their Vedic or Sanatan Dharma (religion) and its sects
while the followers of Christianity and Islam persecuted their race as brutally as Nazi
regime, if not more.

The positive discrimination of Jews by Christian and the barbaric onslaught

and hate of Jewish people by Muslims is still in existence today. Many staunch
Jewish organisations such as the Jewish Defence League and The B-Nai Brith Society
forget that the Swastika had a special religious and social status in Judaism and they
have been trying to eradicate Swastika from public use and opposing its use by
Hindus, Chinese, Japanese, Shrilankans, Nepalese, Thai, Burmese, Vietnamese,
Cambodians, and others. Such organisations must have better understanding of
Swastika, its meaning and universal adoration and use. It would be a grave mistake
on Jewish part to believe that those people worship Swastika and use it publicly for
their religious, cultural and part of their Daily Life and heritage are not sensitive and
sympathetic enough towards the Jewish sentiments and the plight as well as the
sufferings of Jewish Holocaust or humiliating them and supporting Nazism by public
display. Hindus have and always have supported the Jewish Cause and will continue
to do so in future and our Jewish brothers and sisters must recognise that. The Hindus
must re-educate many Jewish people and all other peoples in the world on the subject
of Swastika and on other hand the Jewish organisations and religious and
governmental institutions must convey the right and positive message with negative
approach of Hitler & his regime on the subject of Swastika rather than just spreading
hate and disgust against it in the minds of new generation. If the politicians, leaders
and diplomats, industrialists and businessmen of Israel and all allied countries now a
days feel no shame to shake hands, talk, sit and dine and wine together and associate
with many Germans, who are or the progeny of the same Nazi supporters of Hitler, at
United Nation and other international events. What is the big deal about the Symbol
of Swastika! Swastika has not hurt or killed any body or related to any culprits. Does
the ban on Swastika in Germany and proposed ban in Europe seem logical?
The Swastika is the most ancient religious symbol of human race. It has such a
rich history that it transcends cultures, races, religion and continents. It is an injustice
that thousands years of history and faith are being wiped out due to the negative
portrayal and ignorance of this beloved symbol in the west. The faith and dedication
put into this symbol over the centuries by its many followers is coming to an age
where the goodness of this sacred symbol may cease to exist, in the minds of the
generations to come. On going efforts, movement and agitation of Friends of
Swastika of Canada for the proclamation of innocence of Swastika and present efforts
of Hindu forum of United Kingdom to stop the consideration of banning the use of
Swastika in Europe by The European Commissioner for Justice, Freedom and
Security, Mr Franco Frattini, must be supported and strengthened by Hindus all over
the world.
The time has now come for the believers and worshipers of Swastika from all
over the world and especially from eastern and far eastern countries as well as all the
friends of Swastika irrespective of their faith and religion must demand to revive,
reclaim and reinstate the Sacred Symbol of Swastika with its original honour,
respects, dignity, glory and status as Swastika had nothing to do with SSS of Hitler
regime. The lovers, worshipers and friends of Swastika must come forward with the
winning slogan of Dr Edis from Swastika Drug Company of Swastika, Ontario,

Canada, with minor change from Hitler be damned, this is our sign since 1922 to
Hitler be damned, this is our sign since 6000 years Before Christ!
Arise! Awake! And stop not until you reach the goal of reviving, reclaiming
and reinstating the honour, respects, dignity, glory and status to swastika in its
original form!