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With an important name like Winston, I thought you be proud of your dog.
But no, on a damp and weary night you leave me out in the fog.
I brought my ball so you would throw it so I could fetch.
But you were busy reading your paper, shoved your foot in my neck.

I look forward to our walks, but you jerk me with the leash.
Hope some day you’ll scratch my ears that makes me feel at peace.
I would love it if you would let me sit in your lap.
But you say I got hair all over you and you give me a slap.

You would be surprised I could show you lots of love.

But closes I get to affection is another shove.
Why do you have me if I am such a bother?
I just want to be your friend and love one another.

But I know that won’t happen and it never will.

So I guess I haven’t much of a choice, I have had my master to the fill.
So tomorrow morning when you get the paper and open the door.
I will run out for my life and seek someone else who will love me more.

Author: Timothy B. Thayer