“WINSTON” With an important name like Winston, I thought you be proud of your dog.

But no, on a damp and eary night you lea!e me out in the fog. I brought my ball so you ould thro it so I "ould fet"h. But you ere busy reading your paper, sho!ed your foot in my ne"k. I look for ard to our alks, but you #erk me ith the leash. $ope some day you%ll s"rat"h my ears that makes me feel at pea"e. I ould lo!e it if you ould let me sit in your lap. But you say I got hair all o!er you and you gi!e me a slap. &ou ould be surprised I "ould sho you lots of lo!e. But "loses I get to affe"tion is another sho!e. Why do you ha!e me if I am su"h a bother' I #ust ant to be your friend and lo!e one another. But I kno that on%t happen and it ne!er ill. So I guess I ha!en%t mu"h of a "hoi"e, I ha!e had my master to the fill. So tomorro morning hen you get the paper and open the door. I ill run out for my life and seek someone else ho ill lo!e me more. (uthor) Timothy B. Thayer *+,-.,+--.

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