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Stephanie Broadbelt
Laura DeChard
Liz deCoen
Kate LaCorte
November 2009
Table of Contents

1.0 Executive Summary 3

2.0 Situation Analysis 3

2.1 Historical Analysis 3

2.2 Industry Analysis 4

2.3 Competition Analysis 4

2.4 Market Analysis 5

3.0 Objectives 5

3.1 Quantitative Benchmarks 6

3.2 Measurement Methods 6

3.3 Time Frame 6

4.0 Budget 7

4.1 Methods 7

4.2 Amount 7

4.3 Justification 8

5.0 Strategy 9

6.0 Execution 9

6.1 Copy Strategy 9

6.1.1 Objectives 9

6.1.2 Tactics 9

6.2 Media Plan 10

6.2.1 Placement 10

6.2.2 Strategy 11

6.3 Integrated Brand Promotion 11

7.0 Evaluation 12

8.0 Print Advertisements 13 – 14

9.0 Commercial Story Boards 15 – 16


Through research and analysis, our group has developed an advertising plan
for Batter Blaster. This plan is designed to improve certain aspects of the
company's spending and expand on current practices to further Batter
Blaster's success. Our plan will include a situational analysis, objectives, a
budget guide, and our proposed strategies in copy, media, integrated brand
promotion, as well as methods for evaluation.
Our general goals for this advertising plan include:
 Increased brand recognition
 Increased sales and profit
 Expand consumer basis
 Better utilized advertising budget


There are many characteristics that support the current market. We will
provide a detailed assessment of the following categories of the Pancake
Mixes and Frozen Pancakes; historical analysis, industry analysis,
competition analysis, and a market analysis.


Batter Blaster was started in late 2004 after the inventor and now CEO, Sean
O’Connor, had spent some time tooling around the kitchen of his bar with an
idea to use a whipped-cream charger to make beignets. The beignet creator
idea failed, but what came of it is now a nine million dollar business.

In 2005, Mr. O’Connor teamed up with Nate Steck, who is a food

manufacturing connoisseur, and together they raised 1.5 million dollars to
launch the line and buy the equipment to manufacture what is now known as
the Batter Blaster. With only sixteen employees, Steck and O’Connor have
managed to place their Blaster in over 10,000 stores across the country.

Since the creation of the Batter Blaster in Austin, Texas, the aerosol pancake
mix has prompted an almost cult like following with constant blogs.
Facebook groups such as “The Church of Batter Blaster” and a plethora of
YouTube videos are examples of these cult-like groups. Recent history has
also been broken with the Batter Blaster, when they and a local charity in
Atlanta teamed up in May to break the Guinness World Record. They succeed
by cooking 76,382 pancakes in eight hours.


In the 52 week period ending August 8, 2009, “Pancake Mix:” had a total sale
of $244,965,030. There has been an 18.1% increase in Pancake Mix sales
within the last year. In addition to this, there have been 104,297,042 units of
Pancake Mix sold to consumers in the continental United States.

Those who are leaders in the Pancake Mix category are:

 Aunt Jemima
 Bisquick
 Hungry Jack
 Krusteaz.


Organic Batter Blaster is the only one of its kind; refrigerated ready-to-make
pancake/waffle batter. However in the wider scope of things, Batter Blaster’s
competitors are companies that make pancakes/waffles dry mixes and
frozen pancakes and waffles.
With over 100 competitors, not including private labels, and 250 million
dollars in sales, Batter Blaster finished ninth in their category in their first
year. Batter Blaster’s competitors can
be broken up into two categories;
companies that produce dry
pancake/waffle mixes and those who
produce frozen pancakes and waffles.

In the dry mix category Batter Blaster’s

biggest competitors are Aunt Jemima,
Bisquick, Hungry Jack and Krusteaz.
Each of these brands has products that
require the consumer to add water and other ingredients, while Batter
Blaster is already prepared, saving customers the time and mess. Aunt
Jemima Original Pancake/Waffle Mix, Bisquick Shake and Pour, Hungry Jack
Original Pancake Mix and Krusteaz Pancake/Waffle mix range from $2.20 -
$2.69 according to Shop Rite’s prices. Batter Blaster cost $4.99 for an 18 oz

In the frozen pancakes and waffle mix category Batter Blaster’s biggest
competitors are Kellogg’s, Aunt Jemima, Kashi, and Mamma Mary’s. Each of
these companies provides consumers with an already prepared breakfast.
Kellogg’s EGGOS, Mamma Mary’s frozen pancakes, Kashi’s Heart to Heart
Waffles, and Aunt Jemima’s frozen pancakes range from $2.29 – 2.70. Batter
Blaster may cost more, but it provides consumers with a healthier alternative
to prepared breakfast.


Batter Blaster’s primary target families, specifically moms, with children in

an active household. Our secondary target is the millennial audience, or
green families. They try to market their product to their target audience by
emphasizing the importance of the products convenience and healthy

Batter Blaster currently is a national brand and is marketed around the

country to their current target audience. Their target audience consists on
males and females ages 25-44 whose average income per household is
$73,446 as stated by the US Census of 2000. In 2000, the census also
reported that there were 35 million females between the ages of 25-44 and
43.3 million males between the ages of 25-44.

To reach their current target audience, Batter Blaster advertises through

print media, internet, IBP, OOH, and television.


 Increase consumer bases

 Increase sales and profits

 Increases consumer awareness

 Change consumers behavior about Batter Blaster

 Influence purchase intent of consumers

 Create brand awareness

Batter Blaster believes in controlling their own production and is an
independent company. Their market is segmented into a single SKU in the
food industry that can be found in the dry shelf isle or the frozen food section
of the grocery store. Batter Blaster could increase their consumer bases by
outsourcing their product.

In addition to this, Batter Blaster should become more aware of their target
audiences. Batter Blaster’s target audiences are green moms and short on
time college students. We chose to separate their target audience into two
different groups: ages 18-25, and ages 26-44.

The first age group 18-25 is college students who are looking for a quick and
easy way to make breakfast. College student have a limited budget and
amount of time for shopping and preparing meals. Batter Blaster combines
multiple ingredients into one product which is convenient for this lifestyle.
The second segment is moms between the ages of 26-44. This target
audience has an expendable income which they are eager to use in order to
contribute to their lifestyle. They are trying to find a balance between having
a healthy family and helping the environment while managing their time


One of Batter Blaster’s main goals is to increase the general public’s

awareness of their product. Currently Batter Blaster is currently sold in over
9000 stores across forty four states. Within the next three years, we hope to
double the mount the stores they are in, while reaching all fifty states as well
as reaching to Canada.

As of 2008, Batter Blaster’s annual gross is 9 million dollars. In the next three
years, it is our goal to increase 9 million dollars to 15 million dollars. It is
imperative to increase their standards of advertisements in order to achieve
this goal.


The quantitative benchmarks previously stated can be measured by

collecting current data and comparing it to previous figures. The cooperation
currently holds these records.
Our advertising campaign will continue over the next three years. Within
these few years, we hope to increase their annual gross by 67% and increase
their market from forty four states to nationwide and Canada.


Batter Blaster has provided us with the information about their current sales
and their overall budget. With this information, we have decided on a
method of spending their budget that will benefit them in the upcoming

The budget will be figured from a percent of sales approach. We will use 11%
of current sales for the advertising budget, which is a common percent to
spend. We will factor in the research costs, production costs, ancillary costs,
integrating other promotional cost, media expenditures, and reach and
frequency costs.


Batter Blaster is a smaller company with a healthy annual gross of 9 million

dollars, as of 2008. The budget they have allocated to spend on advertising
in 2009 was 1 million dollars.

The basic breakdown the budget will be:

Media Budg
Form et
Agency $100,0
Bill 00

Print $160,0

TV $280,0

Internet $30,00

OOH: $310,0

IBP $120,0

We believe that TV and Out of House Media, or OOH, are going to be the best
places to put advertisements. Because we are using multiple mediums to
advertise the product, IBP is about 10% of our total advertising budget. We
have also included enough money in internet to advertise on social
networking groups because of the cult-like following that has become an
increasing trend. It is also important to look at buying commercial spots
during online episodes of television shows when advertising on the internet
because this becoming popular in today’s society.


The strategy for the Batter Blaster will be to gain a national awareness and
attract customer loyalty. Because Batter Blaster is practically brand new, this
gives the opportunity to not only promote the product but to create a
positive image. By actively promoting Batter Blaster to Green Moms and
short on time college students, this can build the knowledge base and
customer loyalty that can go from preschool to graduate school. Ultimately,
to build up customer loyalty would be the best strategy, since Batter Blaster
is a product that can be purchased over and over again. Therefore it is
especially essential to promote to schools and colleges.

By promoting this product at school functions and having a heavy tie in with
the education system, doors of opportunity will open which will help to grow
Batter Blaster in exponential amounts. In addition to using promotional
events, advertising in media forms geared toward college students and
green moms will also be an essential part of the strategy for the Batter
Blaster. The final portion of the Batter Blaster strategy would to be to
incorporate as much social media and internet presence as possible. To use
the already cult-like following that Batter Blaster has created would be
completely beneficial to this market strategy.


Batter Blaster’s two target audiences are different from each other, so it is
important for them to have different copy strategies, advertisements and
promotions that attract both their target audiences. Our media plan will
provide Batter Blaster with the tools that will allow them to reach their
various audiences so that they increase their sales and gain new customers.

It is important to have advertisements that relate directly to the target
audience; therefore we have created two advertisements for each target
audience with one mission statement. The mission statement for our overall
campaign is, “Make everyday a pancake day!”

For our first target audience which consists of green moms ages 26-44, we
have created an advertisement around the slogan, “Making Mondays
Manageable.” We have used green, calming and spacial effects to connect
with this audience. Additionally we depicted a typical hectic morning while
emphasizing the importance of breakfast.

For our second target audience which consists of short on time college
students ages 18-25, we have created an advertisement around the slogan,
“We have your cure.” We decided to use a bright, busy, and graphically
stimulating advertisement to connect with this audience because it will
attract their attention. We wanted to convey the image that Batter Blaster is
convenient while tailoring it to the needs of college students.

Copy Strategy

• Advertisements that appeal to green moms ages 25-44

• Advertisements that appeal to college age males and females 18-25

• Promote creative and unique advertisements that make Batter Blaster

stand out from other breakfasts

• Promote Breakfast as the most important meal of the day therefore

making Batter Blaster more valuable to consumers

Copy Strategy
These objectives will be met by adding a slogan for Batter Blaster and by
making the brand more recognizable. We will also use print, televisions, and
internet advertisements to get our message out. We will focus of
advertisements in bigger cities where we know greener families live. We will
also air more advertisements after school hours to catch the moms and
college students shopping for convenient breakfast foods. We have designed
specific advertisements to fit each of the objectives previously stated.


The strategy of our media plan is to create as many exposures in the

appropriate places as possible. The advertisements placed in the media
need to catch the attention of the target audiences in order to induce trial.
We will segment the target audiences and include some examples of proper
placements for each medium.

Our media buy will be greater in the late summer months, gearing up for
“back-to-school” shopping. This will be a crucial time for exposures in both
the green mom and the college student audiences. The campaigns dealing
with busy mornings will be most relevant during the transition from summer
into stressful fall days with the introduction of the school year. With the
exposures during this time, we aim to create initial brand recognition and
induce trial. After that, we perceive Batter Blaster as a product that the
consumer will use - and purchase - over and over again. Because of this, we
plan to continue a lighter media buy throughout the year as a way to
reinforce and create brand loyalty.

After extensive research we have decided that the most beneficial
placements of media would be in the following forms. We have broken up the
media placements into two categories, one that would cover green moms
and the other that would cover short on time college students. Because
these groups are very different, two different media placements would be
needed for them, however some of the media placements do overlap.

Green Moms


 U.S. Today  People Magazine

 New York Times  U.S. News & World Report

 Washington Post

 Los Angeles Times  Shape Magazine

 Miami Herald  Woman’s Day

 San Francisco Chronicle  Ladies’ Home Journal

 Better Home and Gardens  O, The Oprah Magazine


 Martha Stewart Living  First Magazine
 Parents Magazine
 Every Day with Rachel Ray


 Lifetime  FOX

 Oxygen  Food Network

 WE television  TLC (The Learning Channel)

 ABC  Discovery




 Rachel Ray Website 

 

 

 


 Billboards  Mall

 Sponsor School Functions  Grocery Store

College students


 School Planners  School Newspapers


 

 

 

 



 VHI  FX


 TLC (the learning channel)  ABC


 Comedy Central  MSNBC



 Billboards

 Sponsor School Functions

 Mall

 Grocery Store

Our strategy for media placement is to place advertisements in the mediums
that our target audience uses most frequently so that we can maximize the
amounts of exposures. Each of the mediums we have chosen has been
picked because the data that we have acquired through research states that
these are the mediums that our target audience is subjected to most.

Integrated Brand Promotion
Because our strategy is to introduce this product to new consumers and gain
more sales in the long run, a presence in community events will be important
for Batter Blaster. While in stores, demonstrations and free trial-size
samples will contribute to point-of-purchase advertising. The USP of being
convenient will come across in the hands-on demonstrations, showing how
easy it is to make a quality breakfast. The biggest target for these will be
getting into actual grocery stores to make the sale that day, right where the
purchase takes place.

Batter Blaster’s website and Facebook presence already helps to increase

brand loyalty and the dedication that the consumers show is impressive. As a
way of thanking the “fans” of such sites and also helping to increase sales
and recognition by word-of-mouth, the company could host more contests
and other promotions. T-shirts, free cans of Batter Blaster coupons, and
other branded products could help increase the sales and the number of
people using Batter Blaster.

A new idea that we feel would greatly benefit Batter Blaster is promotional
events in coordination with schools. One would be a college campus tour,
promoting the importance of breakfast, and emphasizing how simple Batter
Blaster is to use. College campuses have promotions such as these in dining
halls often. A specific idea would be a finals week sponsored breakfast of
free Batter Blaster pancakes and waffles. This could happen late at night,
while students are up late studying, or in the morning before the exams.
Since busy college students are a targeted demographic group, going right
to them to offer samples and exposing them to the product would make
them go out and buy the product at a later date.

To reach the other audience of green moms, a similar idea will be used.
Instead of going to colleges and universities, Batter Blaster would reach out
to education communities. Special parents’ breakfasts at elementary
schools are a great thing to sponsor, such as a Christmas Breakfast with
Santa and other themed special days at school. A fundraiser could also be
set up for organizations to raise money by selling cans of Batter Blaster. This
could be used to benefit elementary schools as well as sports teams and
clubs in higher grades, all the way to high school. These plans get the
children involved as well as the moms, which will create a greater
investment into the product and therefore a greater brand loyalty.


To measure advertisements placed in the media, the standard circulation

evaluations will be used. We will use Nielson for both TV and Internet. Print
circulation can be obtained from Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC)

In addition to the evaluation of media buy, we plan to utilize Batter Blaster’s

already-established online presence to conduct more exit-research. While
signing up for coupons, more information, and the interactive aspects of
Batter Blaster’s website, there will be a survey asking how the consumers
were directed to the website, and further how they heard of Batter Blaster in
the first place.


Green Mom Print Advertisement

College Student Print Advertisement

Commercial Story

Green Mom’s Story Board

College Students Story Board