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such as logging
Extinction of Endangered species caused by b) illegal or excessive
Human hunting
animals -means animals or
-means that the plants that are facing activities
ways to prevent
animals no longer the threat of extinction
exist in this world Examples (animals):
Protection Conservation
Examples: orang
-means taking care of -means effort to
dinosaur,dodo,qua utan,tapir,rhinoceros,
living things so that breed animals and
gga, mammoth, giant panda, blue whale
they are not disturbed replanting plants
Tasmanian wolf Examples (plants):
or destroyed Examples:
Rafflesia, pitcher plant
Examples: Establish centres for
enforcing endangered animals,
laws,organising establish forest
which are
ANIMAL reserves and national
S park
live in

reason why reason why

-for safety (can protect their
Solitary Groups young and themselves from
-to avoid enemies)
competition -for food (look for food together)
for food and Interaction Examples:
space -is a relationship among lion, elephant, zebra, buffalo,
except in living things
the mating that cause

Examples: Cooperation Competition

giant -is an interaction -is an interaction that occurs when two or more
panda, that give benefit living things compete for the same needs and
eagle, to: the resources are limited
snake, bear, a) same species –
tiger, bees Competition among animals Competition among plants
b)different species -occurs within the same -compete for:
species or between different a) sunlight b) water
species c) nutrients d) space
-compete with each other -reason why?
for: to live and grow healthy and will not
a) food b) water retarded
c) a mate d) shelter
Khairiza binti Khalidin