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December 2009

Dear 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Students & Parents,

As we approach the new year, I will be opening the Bethke Chorus to any interested new members. Current members do not
need to reapply. My hope is to add more singers to our group and to give students a chance to join for the second half of this
school year. This letter will give you the information you need to make a decision about joining our group.

Chorus rehearsals will begin on THURSDAY, JANUARY 7TH. We will meet every Thursday morning from 8:00-
8:45 a.m. Chorus students will need to be dropped off at the front of the school a few minutes before 8:00 each Thursday
morning so that they can make it to the music room by 8:00. Chorus students will also come to the music room during their
lunch recess each FRIDAY for an additional rehearsal time each week. It is possible that, as we near a performance, additional
rehearsals will be scheduled. Before this is done, parents will be contacted for input.

We will spend the second half of this school year preparing for our big spring production, which will take place on Thursday,
May 6th at 2:30 and 6:30 p.m. This year, we will be doing a rock ‘n’ roll show. There will be many opportunities for soloists
and speakers. It should be a lot of fun to perform.

I am requesting a $10.00 chorus donation from each chorus student that joins mid-year. This donation will cover music,
chorus supplies, chorus awards and an end-of-the-year pizza party

Attached to this letter are two important forms. The first is a Chorus Member Information Form. Please fill this out so that I
have all necessary contact information for each student. The second is a Bethke Chorus Contract. Please read this with your
child and be sure that both parent and child sign the form. This contract outlines what is expected in the way of attendance and
behavior. Any child that has three (3) unexcused absences to rehearsals or one (1) unexcused absence to a concert will lose
his/her place in the chorus. Excused absences include illness, death in the family or other family emergency. Athletic
practices, games, and any other scheduled activity such as lessons or scouts are not excused.

We will be ordering Bethke Elementary chorus shirts to use as part of our performance uniform. Students will be assessed an
additional charge for these shirts. I will send information home before orders are placed.

If your child is interested in joining the Bethke Elementary Chorus, please fill out this permission slip and the attached forms
and return them to me on or before Wednesday, December 16th. You may send in your $10 donation at this time as well. If
you have any questions, please contact me at 488-4313. You can also e-mail me at I’m looking
forward to a great year.

Musically yours,

Allison Adams
Choral Director

My child ____________________________________________________ has my permission to join the Bethke

Elementary Chorus. He/she will be able to meet at 8:00 each Thursday morning for rehearsal. He/she will also be able
to meet each Friday during his/her lunch recess for an additional rehearsal.

My Child’s Homeroom Teacher: __________________________________________________

____________________________________________________ _______________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature Date

NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________

TEACHER’S NAME: ___________________________________________________________________

PARENT’S NAME: ____________________________________________________________________

HOME PHONE #: _____________________________________________________________________

CELL PHONE #: ______________________________________________________________________

WORK PHONE #: _____________________________________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS--to contact parent(s): _______________________________________________

____Yes, I check my e-mail daily. _____No, I do not check my e-mail regularly.

ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT AND PHONE: __________________________________________________

ANY ALLERGY OR HEALTH CONCERNS: _________________________________________________

Please do not write below this line.



I understand that I am an important part of the Bethke Elementary Chorus and that
my fellow chorus members are counting on me to participate and behave in the
appropriate manner. I realize that being a member of this group is a privilege.

I will do my best to attend all rehearsals and performances. If I cannot attend a rehearsal
or performance, I will give Mrs. Adams prior notification. If prior notification is unrealistic, I
will provide Mrs. Adams with a signed excuse upon my return to school. I realize that if I have
3 unexcused absences to rehearsals or 1 unexcused absence to a performance, I will
permanently lose my place in the chorus.

I promise to treat my fellow chorus members with respect and to behave maturely and
appropriately at all rehearsals and performances. Disruptive behavior issues will be dealt with
on an individual basis according to the school-wide behavior policies. Consistent behavior
problems may result in a student losing his/her place in the chorus.

I promise to bring enthusiasm and a smile with me to all choral activities. I will do
my best to make this chorus a successful, fun and rewarding experience for everyone

Student’s Signature_________________________Date_____________

I have read through this contract with my child. I understand all chorus guidelines and will
help my child to be successful in the chorus this year.

Parent’s Signature___________________________Date_____________