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The Stellar Nation of the Dragon.

Liltianes Draco
We must say this again in advance that all the stellar nations were born out of the Light,
each as a perfect manifestation of the Divine dream of Creation, and that is where they
return to, after having traveled through the colorful pathways of experiencing. Therefore
we must think of each nation with the highest possible respect and openness, without any
The heavenly name of the Stellar Nation of the Dragons,which is to be presented here
is Liltianes Draco, which in our language means,"The Heart of the Warrior".
The Celestial cradle of this nation,the place where its journey began on the galactic
scene was revealed to us at the beginning of our attunement already.This stellar place is
one of the ancient stars of the Orion constellation, and although it can no longer be seen
in its original size, its original position is still indicated by a star fragment, in the form of
Omega Orionis.
The great and spectacular constellation on the celestial equator represents the Celestial
Hunter,the son of Poseidon according to Greek mythology.One of the legends says that
Orion fell in love with a group of nymphs who were hiding in the cluster of the Pleiades
in the neighboring constellation. Interestingly,due to the Earth's rotation, Orion seems to
be hunting these stellar women constantly over the sky.
From the previous chapters we could learn that Betelgeuse and Bellatrix,the stars on
Orion's shoulders are the stations of the Stellar Nation of the Angels,while the three stars
embellishing his belt - Mintaka, Alnitak and Alnilam - are the initiating gates of the
Nation of the Winged Lion. And now it was revealed that the star Omega Orionis marks
the point of the Hunter's heart - it shines a dile dimly now but originally it was a much
greater star. Its present position is 24.36' Gemini. This star itself is called the Heart of the
Warrior, and the whole nation has been named after it.
Then a very interesting vision was unfolded when through the usual, entered the energy
field of this star and its galactic spiritual teleportations we entered the energy field of this
star and its galactic genesis and ancient history was revealed.When we dissolved into the
stellar space of Omega Orionis,a golden ring of light and a golden aura appeared first,
and then as we traveled across this layer permeated by this beautiful light,a light-blue
field emerged. Going further,we saw that the the space was permeated by deep and dark
red and black colors.We could feel that colors were very specifically related to this stellar
Then the figure of a giant white light-egg took shape, from the center of which a very
peculiar deep-toned glow emanated.It was truly wonderful to get close to that moment,
when the life-seed in the egg, which had been placed into the heart of this star by the
Divine Creator's dream. cracked open right before our eyes, and out of it, the form of the
first giant dragon-being emerged in its entire magnificence. radiating some truly noble
power. His aura was red and black, and a great, white and shining ring of light appeared
over his head.There was truly an extreme power,certainty and stability emanating from
him,as he was standing there,towering over us in a suite of armor, as a guarding and
protecting dragon-being. Interestingly,he was not frightful at all,we could rather feel that
he was such a dignified guardian and protective being who was not a messenger of the

self-purposed war and devastation, but he was much rather the keeper of the Divine
Order and Divine Power, one who makes sure that the Heavenly laws are obeyed.
Then we could see that in the moments after his birth, when he came to his
consciousness and when he made a motion or he spoke, he could most great winds about.
He introduced himself as San- Tayphon - the Lord of the Heavenly Winds, and of the
sacred Air element.
If we consider,our association to the word typhoon is no coincidence. Getting into
contact with the consciousness of the firstborn dragon being,we understood that his job
was to make the winds,the protective and battleful elements of the air move about,for the
protection of the Divine Order, if it was threatened by any forces of the chaos or
unpeacefulness.And to demonstrate the Divine quality assigned to him, San-Tayphon
chased great typhoons around us and he swept the surrounding stellar landscape clean
with tremendously powerful whirlwinds in only a few moments.
At this point we realized that actually there was not one.but there were four dragon
beings born on this star in that moment. Suddenly the picture expanded an, these four
birth-mysteries were revealed all at once, as the sacral rnotions of one and the same
cosmic moment.
We could say that they were placed on this special scene of the sky as the keepers of
the four directions and the four sacred elements,in the heart of the Celestial warrior.
We saw the Dragon of the Earth come to life: his powerful, muscular and forceful body
consisted of many different shades of the red and it was embellished by abstract drawings
of translucent green lights, and under his tremendously heavy footsteps the stellar ground
was nearly crushed.
Then we witnessed the awakening of the Dragon of Fire, whose light-body was colored
with glowing orange and golden yellow lights and we could see that he raised great fires
and flames around himself hy each of his motions, words and thoughts - and of course he
could also move or make them disappear by his intentions.
Then finally the Dragon of Water emerged; wonderful, almost indescribable fluorescent
blue, indigo and turquoise color lights ran across his light-bodyi and the waters of this
stellar world moved together with his steps. Following his thoughts and commands, the
lands were covered by floods and powerful storms; showers and rains came heavily upon
the worlds.Or on the contrary, he could punish the community that turned against the
Divine Order by the total lack and withdrawal of water - by the burden of drought.
So these four great and wonderfully colorful and tremendously powerful dragon beings
stood before us, they started out towards one another. pounding along;and then spreading
their wings, they rose high above, and crossing the starry sky, they arrived to the center of
this star.
Then it turned out that there was a fifth egg. namely the most precious and the rnost
gigantic one at once. The four dragon beings, commissioned with the guarding of the four
elements arrived into the heart of the star just in time to witness this great moment of
birth. This giant crystal-white egg man, front of us, and it was at least three times as big
as the other ones, so the dragons, which had previously seemed enormously big, looked
quite little now, compared to the central light-egg that was still waiting for the signal that
calls to life.Then we could witness again that inside of this egg,life came to motion,it
longed to come to the surface, and it gradually cracked up and then broke off it the shell,
and by absorbing the contours of light which had formed the egg,the greatest and most

glorious being on the pathway of this nation was born-the lord of the dragons, the ruler
and the supreme commander of the Dragon Nation.As he stepped out of the shell and
came to his consciousness, this incomprehensibly powerful dragon-being spoke up with
his roaring,thundering voice, while he blew giant fires around himself,out of which huge
el flames burst up and there were signs and different secret symbols formed in space,by
thousands of light-sparks.Then in a magical way,out of these flames.eight golden
columns of light were born, about which the Divine impulse tl revealed that they were the
symbols of the eight steps of the initiation, the Eight Sacred Pathway,the eight Virtues of
the Warrior.
Then the Lord of the Dragons spoke up in his thunderous voice and introduced
himself: "I Am the great Khan, the keeper of the Divine Order":and in the meantime,
further giant flames of light burst into the sky. It is not by chance that the word than
keeps on returning in many different Earthly cultures,including al the Chinese tradition,
where the Khan is the ruler of the warriors, appearing asthe figure of the emperor and
general officer united into one. This also indicates that the ancient history and the
spiritual qualities of this nation are very strongly attached to the Chinese culture for
example and the martial art schools that are so typical there.Then the ruler continued:
"wherever I thrust my sword into,the power and the intention are measured there"And it
was revealed to us indeed that wherever Khan stabbed his sword into, all the processes
were exposed, the al hidden things were revealed and it could be seen what intentions had
beta moving the events, which were just unfolding, especially in the power sphere.
Then in the following step of this inner journey, the pictures of a pew'. at celebration
were revealed, in which the previously net four dragon guards introduced themselves to
Khan and demonstrated their tomes. As we could,
learn already, San-Thayphon moved and stirred the heavenly winds as the lord of the air
element, sweeping through the landscape as a purifying tornado.Then Silmalion
presented himself as the keeper of the element of water, he displayed the cleansing power
of the floods to his lord.He was followed by Yota,the dragon of the fire,who commanded
countless fire elementals around him with just one blow.Then at last,the dragon of the
earth came, whose name is Anchor and the stellar land cracked open for just one
thumping of his foot.
Then it was an astounding sight to watch the elements mingle about and their
presentation, this strange ritual of forces reached its height,when the fiery water stirred
hurricanes with a tornado,while the stellar land opened up and swallowed all of that.
Then the power-vortex created by the dance of the elements emerged again and
rearranging into a new, higher vibrational balance of purer light,they completely
rearranged the landscape.The elements kept running in different creative and
destructive whirls,following their ruling dragons' flows of thoughts,while the landscape
of the "natural environment" took up new shapes again and again.The whole process of
the earthly evolution could almost be visualized,where the landscapes of the Earth were

shaped by the similar creative, maintaining,degrading and dissolving circles of the

Until finally,Khan's command could be heard, thundering into the space the word
"Sante", which in the Celestial language means "Sacred" on the one hand and on the
other hand it also means "Silence". So we understood that Khan is actually the lord of the
fifth element at once, which is the word of the order commanding the elements, while the
other face of it is the silence and the stillness of the elements. He is the one to stir up the
elements and then he is also the one to calm them down, creating peace, stillness and a
new balance.
Then a wonderful depth opened up to us and we started to see in detail the
aforementioned Eight Virtue,of the Warrior,which were conceived from Khan's spiritual
fire and they were pierced into the heart of the star Omega Orionis, in the form of eight
great columns of ethereal fire.
We also learned that there is a star related to the initiation of each element and virtue.
We could already see that the heart of Orion, which is the heart of the"great Celestial
Warrior is the the cradle of Liltianes Draco Stellar Nation.According to
the Heavenly messages,the next constellation of great importance to this is the Draco.
which is the long-stretching figure of the Dragon constellation,' the Northern
Hemisphere.In Greek mythology, the constellation depicted the dragon,which had
guarded the golden apples of Atlas's daughters,the Hesperides,until it was killed by
One of the four stars of the 6th dimensional stellar space that form the head of the
Dragon is Rastaban,currently standing at u04Sagittarius. (Appendix, figure 26,page 589)
The fire of the warrior is related here. In fact,the inner fire of the warrior-soul can be
reflected in it.His or her enthusiasm and determination.This star reflects a kind of energy
when somebody deep down his or her soul feels that there is a secret mission that
motivates his or her life,s/he has to fight for something sacred with complete devotion.
maybe even by self-sacrifice. and s/he dedicates all of his or her heart and life to this
purpose.Rastaban can indicate a person who may find it difficult to fight for himself or
herself, nevertheless,it s/he feels that s/he needs to stand up for others,needs to protect
someone else's truth,then this person will spare no effort to do so.There is incredibly deep
determination,consciousness,courage and the motivation of an inner fire burning in such
a person's soul.The good use of this stellar fire was taught by Yota dragon-master,to
therefore the firet Virtue of the Warrior is the Balance of Fire.Rastaban can remind us of a
quite recent movie experience,when for example in The Lord of the Rings",in a hopeless
battle,an apparent defeat against great superiority,at the majestic finishing accord;the
determined group of a rescue army suddenly appears from behind the hill and it nearly
floods into the valley around the castle.At such scenes, the ancient dragon-blood's heroic
dedication,noble generosity and its willingness for self-sacrifice heats up in the
viewer.Many different movie or book episodes may come up in our mind similarly, in
which the determinedness,the faith and the enthusiasm of a handful of warriors can win
over either the physical,astral or the magical dominance.

So the star of Rastaban indicates this exact heroic determination.At the same time,this
is where the dragon warrior learns the noble gesture of self sacrifice as well,If we
consider,the warrior needs to overcome one of the strongest attributes of the ego-the life
instinct. S/he most be willing and able
the sacrifice even his or her life for the holy purpose, It is on Rastaban that the :icor,learns this kind of self-sacrifice, this hod of dedication A., rythi, else, the sacred fire of
the holy war.
The exact projection of this stellar ray into the birth chart it,connection with certain
planetary ray, and especially the house cusp it is casp onto,tell a lot about the area of
hfe where the person is able to fight for the truth,or for others rights,with this
determination,so we can understand what s/he considers as holy purposess,sacred and
important matters",and life themes.
We must mention a thought about the shadow or dark side of this stellar ray too
however,meaning its operation on a lower octave.As the kamikaze action and the suicide
assassins who attach the bomb to themselves for the sake of the holy Jihad also belong to
Rastaban.Unfortunately the terrorist leaders and terrorist warriors can also have "their
Rastaban",where in the fire of some rabid passion they could nearly scorch,burn and
demolish everything for the purpose, which they consider to be a holy cause.But the pure
noble stellar energy of Rastaban can also be the initiating ray of the wonderful warriors,
the determined general officers and great leaders.
The next star on the head ot the Celestial Dragon is Etamin/Eltanin,which is presently
standing at 28o 4'Sagittarius. (Appendix, figure 26., page 989) This is the mirror of the
water element belonging to the warrior,the lord and master of which is Silmalion.
It is important to understand that the first four Virtues of the Warrior are about
balancing the individual elements,meaning the realizations of the Balance of Fire,the
Balance of Water,the Balance of Earth and the Balance of Air.This second gate is about
the Balance of Water.
We can consider here that the Warriors of the East,the students of the martial arts,who
are actually the members of the Dragon Nation,learn emotionlessness as a serious part of
their training.So the balance of the water element means the balance of the emotion,.
Learning the perfect control,the 'strict discipline of the emotions.In many heroic
ages,like here in Europe,or at the Greeks,the warriors needed a muse,so the emotional
attachment could be
important,but the warriors of the East do not really like this,in fact.they try to deconstruct
this attachements by all means, because they exactly know the way deconstruct this
attachment by an intense emotion can make them and vulnerable.The
revenge,hate or anger can be such emotions,too.Neither of these are good emotions and

they are certainly not the right attitude in the warriors motivation,as they use up a great
part of their power the warriors' mind and force it to work irrationally,in fact,many
warriors can be chased into final destruction by the self-destructive fire of the rage that
runs uncontrollably loose.So the initiation to this Virtue of the Warrior on the star
Etamin/Eltanin is about the warrior learning to control his or her emotions perfectly.S/he
needs to recognize and identify his or her own feelings and then sublimate the lower
contents of those,and s/he needs to be in complete control over all the impulses,
attachments and dependences,emotional or sexual attractions,as well as the rages and
vengefulness.And then s/he must become capable of recognizing the emotions working in
his or her opponent as well,to be able to react on those properly.
If this stellar ray is included in your chart you must smply know that according to
your souls, intention - whether you have been born to be a warrior or not - you have to
learn to control your emotions, because probably in your previous lives - and in this
present incarnation too - your emotion,have been dragging you into lots of
unnecessary and exhausting struggles,in which your inner emotional impulses deluge
you like avalanches,that are hard to handle and restrain.
part three
The following star is Grumium,located at 24.52' Sagittarius presently.(Appendix, figure
26., page 589)The Virtue of the Warrior related to this is the Balance of the Earth
element,the grand master of which is the dragon warrior Anchor.In our earthly concepts,
this is in fact the power of the body,the physical force,the physical endurance,which
needs to be taken very seriously by all the warriors.Interestingly,the Dragon star.seeds
that are dropped into the earthly human body form a distinctively strong,stringy,
muscular,stout and athletic body.For one thing,we can think of the physical power of the
gladiators,and then the more refined,stringier but extremely strong and harmonic body
structure of the students of the martial arts.The warrior has to learn the wisdom of the
earth,meaning .s/he needs to learn the perfect and unhindered moving of the forces inside
his or her body.S/he needs to know how to keep the channels of the ethereal prana,the
channels of water,fire and,vind pure and open,and how to move the chi (qi) around his or
her body in a way that s/he is in control of each and every inch of his or her body. So this
is not the least about mere body building,as it is truly very important to know the etheric
energies that maintain the health and fitness of the body,and to be able to perfectly move
and control those through the etheric meridians.This is the basis of Tai Chi and Chi Kung
(Qigong), too.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The fourth star on the head of the Dragon is Alrakis, which is standing at 2450'
Scorpio now.(Appendix, figure 26.,page 589) This stellar space is under the control of
San-Tayphon grand dragon master,to the Virtue of the Warrior related to this star means
the realization of the Balance of the Air element.
This air element in the warriors' language men. "keeping the thoughts clean,so the
purity and the emptying of the mind and the complete control of the though. are
extremely important for the warrior.This means that a warrior is a good fighter only if she
can keep his or her head and thoughts clear and at the same time s/he can see into the

thoughts of the opponent.If the warrior is able to feel and to see the intention of the
opponent, before the enemy even thought of it.To the warrior, this is the art of the clear
mind, which cannot be disturbed by any emotion, fit of passion or fear, not even any
projected idea:as by the power and wisdom of San-Tayphon s/he is able to empty all the
contents of his or her mind and create complete silence, to attend only to what moves in
the mind of his or her opponent,in order to be able to react instantly and properly upon
Then this is followed by the fifth golden column. as the fifth Virtue of the Warrior.We
have to return to the constellation Orion here,namely to the star Rigel,which is also a 6th
dimensional world,embellishing the left foot of the Celestial Hunter.Appendix,figure 14..
page 583) Its present position is 16.56.Gemini.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By the time the warrior gets here,s/he has been able to realize the balance of the earth,
air and fire elelements his or her initiations already,and s/he now comes to the the Rigel
to learn the Balance of theMotion.The important galactic initiating mystery school
that is operated here unites the previous grades and creates a new quality out of them.
This is where the warriors learns to move perfectly all the force,that originate front the
with the given situation.S/he learn.,to involve them in the actual movements of the
fight.Rigel is the heavenly Star of the
martial arts.The wide spectrum of the eastern initiating arts is all rooted in this stellar
space,and this is where they get their initiating
ray from. This is here the warrior acquires that extremely sophisticated wisdom of
fighting where,he knows which element needs to be dominated over the others at a given
moment,against the given opponent,to say for example if the water element needs to be in
dominance in the warrior's movements,and then the element of fire must prevail,or
maybe the physical power of the earth element needs to be emphasized,or maybe the
warrior can break through the defense of his or her opponent by some mental force or
mental projection,etc.
This is where one of the purest warrior-archetypesis related to.This could be interpreted
like the soul that in sanctified for this dentiny by the Divine powers according to his
or her mission needs to fight to protect the balance of the force,.S/he need,to fight in
order to protect the balance of the universal force,, against the opposing power,which
create chaos and disorder.The light versus shadow battles. the polarity wars,which are
meant to be balanced by the dragon warriors,are very strongly connected to this stellar
place. They have to learn how to equilibrate the forces of the different worlds by the
sacred rite of their that the Order may be restored and the Divine will may
peaceful and very subtile maybe prevailed.With the peaceful and very subtle almost
dancing movements of Tai Chi it seems as if they created light-balls of small universes,
into which all the elements Were embedded, following the principle of the highest level
inner and outer balance,and as if by their movements they could simply smooth away the
imbalance of the universe.And when someone directs all this consciously focused on the
act of fighting,we arrive to the means of the eastern martial arts.
The following,sixth initiating station is the stellar space of the already introduced
Vega/Wega, presently located on 15.25'Capricorn.(Appendix, figure 23,, page 588)
This is where the Nation of the Winged Lion and the Nation of the Dragons meet, as the
Sixth Virtue of the Warrior is the Warriors Power and Lordship.

When someone is able to unite the aforementioned forces within him or herself,s/he
might realize the enormous power s/he can gain by that.Therefore s/be needs to learn how
to manage this power well. The initiating ray to this,,as the highest station of the initiation
into power is the star Vega,where even a dragon warrior has to understand and learn how
to handle the acquired and now akillfully controlled powers well, by serving the Divine
Will with them, all through the way, A really well trained and highly initiated warrior can
truly experience his or her power - the power over life and death, which can only be
managed and properly represented by great wisdom and humility.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The following initiating step-the seventh one-offers great assistance in this.It is related to
the star Thuban.This star is part of the Draco,the Dragon constellation that is.and it is
actually the heart of the dragon warrior.(Appendix, figure 26., page 58g)
Its present position is 733' Virgo.
In fact, this world represents an energy that emanates the heart-light of the warrior all
across the galactic sky.The seventh Virtue of the Warrior, which is related here,is the
Warriors Mercy This is the motion when the warrior take,the sword away from his or her
defeated prey - and.s/he offer,mercy.When the warrior finds that the defeated opponent,
or the dethroned being comes round and s/he truly converts in that particular moment of
being at death's door, admitting his or her sins and false intentions,then the warrior may
have mercy upon him or her.
It takes great wisdom for the warrior to feel exactly when s/he can have mercy,
meaning when s/he recognizes which way s/he offers a better opportunity for the defeated
one to develop and to create the universal good-by the opponent's life,or by his or her
death. Again,if we think of some pictures in certain movies. we can recall a scene when
the hero has mercy on his or her evil and cruel opponent, and from then on, we are in
dread,as we know that it certain that the defeated soul,which was given a new chance by
inner,actually continue to fight with similar nobility. In fact,such a defeated one ,often not
even be able to receive and handle mercy,and as for compensatin,the shame of his ocher
defeat, s/he may even be after his or her enemy with even more cruel and fanatic
vengeance from then on.
The holy warrior has to stand up for much higher ideals and principles however, which
not only affect the fate - life or death - of a single human or being, but serve the Divine
Order and Will, truly.
Anyway,the stellar ray of Thuban represents the Warrior's Mercy, which means that if
the being, which the warrior had to attack for the sake of protecting the order,admits his
or her mistakes and is able to correct those by his or her life, then s/he may receive mercy
by the warrior's heart. So this is a beautiful,truly noble and pure spiritual quality indeed.
We finally arrived to the Eighth Virtue of the Warrior,and at once the eighth initiating
stellar scene,which is interestingly a previously introduced star - Algol.So it has been
revealed that this is one of the stations of the Stellar Nation of the Dragons,too.It is the
Beta star of the Perseus constellation, presently standing at 2616' Taurus.(Appendix.
figure 05., page 584) The corresponding Virtue of the Warrior is the Mercileaaness... and
rekntle2anem of the dragon warrior. It can be very staggering - still very much

comprehensible - that it is indeed a very important virtue for the warrior to be able to
decide over life or death. As if one must be killed in the name of the protection of the
Divine truth and order, then it is the warrior who must strike the lethal blow on the
perpetrator, and sThe must complete the motion to fulfill the order of fate. This sounds
very harsh and it is truly a really frightening thing, but only that soul may become a
warrior, who can bear the responsibility of this decision and deed and who, besides
mercy, possesses the virtue of ruthlessness as well, so that ,he may be the hand of the
Divine executor.
It is very meaningful though that by this, we understood that Algol -rn the eighth
initiating place of the Dragon Nation - represents the cruelty of the dragon warriors. That
is why it later becomes such a dark, gloomy and scary

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