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The Producers

Character Descriptions
Max Bialystock
One of two leads and one of the producers in the title. He claims to have once been the "King of
Broadway," but he is washed-up, having produced a string of flops that do not make it past the first
performance. He is the driving force of the scheme to raise millions from his backers for the next play
which he calculates will be a flop and then he will split the leftover money with his fellow producer Leo
He leads Leo in finding the play, director, and producing the show, only to be betrayed by Leo when the
scheme is exposed.
What we are looking for:
Late 30s to mid 50s
Baritone with a vocal range of C to F1
Requires a good strong versatile voice that can go from patter singing to full belt easily.
Bronx accent
Maxs once debonair good looks have faded over the years and he is now somewhat more portly than he
once was. He has a persuasive charm and a devilish mind. Max requires a comic actor with impeccable
timing. We are also looking for someone with high energy and agility as although Max is not required to
do a great deal of dancing his frantic disposition will call for a great deal of movement. Since Nathan Lane
played the part on Broadway and in the movie adaption there is a tendency to consider Max to be rather
camp, however while some flamboyance and extravagance is required for Max we are not looking for a
Nathan Lane replica. Must have the confidence to interact with the audience and improvise on the spot
according to their reactions.

Leo Bloom
One of two leads and one of the producers in the title. He is a mild mannered accountant who is
intimidated by Max Bialystock's vivacity and aggression, but becomes intrigued with the thought of
realising his desire to be a Broadway producer. He leaves his life as a producer and decides to join
Bialystock in his scheme. His love of show business deepens when he meets Ulla, the gorgeous blonde
bombshell who comes to work for them. Bloom is smitten with Ulla. When the plot to defraud the
investors is discovered Bloom proves to have become the man that Bialystock urged him to be by running
away to Rio de Janeiro with Ulla and the money. Bloom returns to stand up for his friend Max and accept
punishment for his crime.

What we are looking for:

Mid 20s to mid 30s
A pleasant voice with a nice clean tone
Baritone with a vocal range of C to F1.
Slight Southern accent
Leo will also require an actor with great comic timing and an ability to demonstrate a journey in growth of
confidence throughout the course of the show. Leo is meek to the point of neurotic anxiety. Given this
anxiety we are looking for someone who is small of stature and slim of build. Leo is the kind of guy you
would have beaten up and stolen lunch money from in the playground at school. Whilst rigidity is
essential at certain times Leo will be required to break into some glamorous movement when the moment
calls for it. An ability to do some basic tap is desirable.

Franz Liebkind
A Nazi living in Greenwich Village, has written a play about his hero, Adolf Hitler. Bialystock and Bloom
determine, after reading dozens of plays, that Liebkind's must be the worst play ever; it is certain to fail.
Liebkind is so enthusiastic about having his version of Hitler's life reach the stage that he makes them put
on swastika armbands and swear their devotion to Hitler. After an extensive audition process, Bialystock
realizes that Liebkind is the perfect choice to play the starring role in Springtime for Hitler, ensuring that
the play will be a flop. On opening night, Liebkind breaks his leg and has to be replaced in the show.
What we are looking for:
Mid 20s to mid 40s
Baritone with a vocal range of C to G1.
A slight roughness of tone.
Zee German accent is a must.
This role demands an actor with absolute presence. Whenever Franz is on stage the audience must be
slightly unsure of what he might end up doing, either breaking into song and dance or throwing someone
through a wall. Whilst Will Ferrell played this role brilliantly in the movie, I would like to have someone that
looks a bit more like he believes everything he is saying. Aggression and unpredictability are essential. I
dont want a full on romper stomper but I do want to believe that Franz needs to be handled with care else
he might break your nose.

Roger DeBris
A gay director who is asked to direct Springtime for Hitler. He is hesitant to direct Springtime for Hitler
because he finds the subject matter too serious, but consults his assistants all gay caricatures for
advice. The producers count on DeBris' natural bad taste to ensure that their musical will be a failure.
When Franz Liebkind breaks his leg and cannot perform in the show, DeBris steps in to play Hitler. The
result is a truly gay Hitler, who seems enraptured with the public's attention.

What we are looking for:

30s to mid 40s
Baritone with a vocal range of C to G1.
Roger needs to have one of the best and strongest voices in the show. He is required to sing
beautifully over the chorus at times
Comic mock English accent

Whilst Roger is obviously camp I want him to be masculine in build. Think Tim Curry in rocky horror or
Eddie Izzard in fishnets. He must look good in a dress even if somewhat hairy. Roger is definitely the
butch one in his relationship with his assistant Carmen. This role calls for flamboyance and over the top
comic acting.

Carmen Ghia
Is Roger DeBris' "common-law assistant" and is as openly camp as DeBris is. Carmen Ghia explains and
interprets DeBris' more antic notions often to an extreme. It is Ghia who knows DeBris well enough to
suggest that he would know all of the words to the starring role in Springtime for Hitler and would have a
secret desire to step into the part when Liebkind is incapacitated
What we are looking for:
20s to mid 30s
Tenor with a vocal range of E to A1.
Falsetto required.
Carmen is an aging twink who screams gay pride with every subtle movement and uttered consonant. We
are looking for an effeminate young man who has a strong chemistry with our Roger. Must be able to
move with grace and elegance with swinging hips and clenched buttocks.
An ability to dance is strongly desired.

Ulla Inga Hansen Benson Yonsen Tallen-Hallen

Is a voluptuous, leggy blonde who shows up at Bialystock and Bloom's office to audition for a part in their new play.
A sexpot, Ulla understands the spell she casts over men and is drawn to the mousy Leo with whom she runs away to
Rio. She is cast in Springtime for Hitler as a showgirl and Eva Braun, but until the show is produced she works as
Max and Leos secretary.

What we are looking for:

20s to mid 30s
Mezzo-Soprano with a vocal range of G to E2.
Gorgeous lyric voice that can break into a strong belt when required.
Convincing Svedish accent

Must be leggy, busty and gorgeous, that is the easy part!

Ulla must be a phenomenal actress, she needs to portray herself as the vacuous blonde bombshell to everyone on the
stage whilst subtly convincing the audience that she has had a plan from the beginning and through her wily feminine
charms has got exactly what she wanted out of her relationship with Max and Leo.

6 Featured Men
We will cast six guys who will share among them some fabulously juicy cameo parts in the show and also
take a strong lead in some of the bigger chorus numbers. Some of the many roles that these men will fill
include: the accountants, cops, first nighters, judge, Rogers production team, first Nazi, Churchill etc
Will need good voices and be agile enough to move around the stage. A couple of the minor cameos will
require some dancing as well.

6 Featured Women
We will cast six women who will share among them some fabulously juicy cameo parts in the show and
also take a strong lead in some of the bigger chorus numbers. Some of the many roles that these women
will fill include: Usherettes, hold me touch me, lick me bite me, usherettes, chorus girls etc
Need good voices and strong dancing.

If you would like to register your interest for Chorus please do so. You will not be required to audition
if you just want a chorus role, however if you feel you have the voice and/or legs we encourage you to
audition for the 12 featured parts above.

Storm Trooper
Ensemble Women, Soprano
Ensemble Women, Alto
Ensemble Men, Tenor
Ensemble Men, Bass




And a falsetto to g2





g1 a1

b1 c2


e2 f2 g2