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Learn How to Easily Invite More Prospects

So that You Can Sponsor at Least 1 Person a Week
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Prospects Are Everywhere

71 Ways to Sponsor More Distributors

Contact List

Physical Locations

Social Media


Meetings and Events

Print Media and Advertising


Guerilla Marketing




Prospects are Everywhere

There are UNLIMITED WAYS you can find people to join your
MLM Business.
You Just have to Choose HOW you would like to FIND THEM!
Remember, youre only 1 Superstar Prospect Away from
Making Millions in MLM!
There is never a shortage of prospects. They are everywhere!
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71 Ways to Sponsor More Distributors

The key to success in MLM is to expose your business to as
many people as possible.
The more people know about your business, the better.
Not every one of these 71 ways may fit your style but remember,
you are only ONE person away from making a million dollars in
So use as many methods as possible because you never know
where your MLM Superstar is!

1) Warm Market - Make sure you contact EVERYONE you
know. Dont prejudge nor make any of the 5 Deadly Mistakes
in MLM Prospecting
2) Casual Acquaintances - Your best prospects are normally
people you dont know well such as friends of friends and
3) Referrals - Ive got a business idea that can help real estate
agents. Do you know anyone that would be interested?

4) Person Standing In Line - Easiest way to start a conversation is
to smile and say Hi, how you doing?
5) Restaurant (Servers) - Ask them how long theyve been
working there and then say they must love their job. They will
disagree and then thats your opening.
6) Restaurant (Owners) - If you sign them up, you promise that
you will host all lunch/dinner meetings there. Its a win win.
7) Gyms / Fitness Clubs - These
people want to achieve more in life
already. If you sell nutritional
products, then its a bigger no brainer
8) Small Local Businesses - Walk
into any local business such as a
dentist, hair salon, bike store, etc..
Often the owners are struggling or just
sick of owning a job and are open to opportunity.
9) Sports Leagues - Its easy to build relationships and create trust
when you plan on the same team together and compete
10) Food Court - Very efficient way to approach many people in
short amount of time since everyone is concentrated in small area
11) Colleges - Students are always looking for earn more money
either to party or to get a head start to pay off their student loans
12) Parking Lots - These people make very little money and can
be open to opportunity. Every time you enter or leave, you can
drop your business card off.

13) Facebook Friends - They may not be a true friend but they
are a prospect!
14) Facebook Search - Learn to use the Friends search to find
potential prospects in your area. Check out their profiles and
compliment them and build a relationship with them.
15) Facebook Groups - Find targeted groups that have things in
common. Just remember to dont sell immediately. Build trust
first by contributing to the group
16) Facebook Page - Create a page and then invite your friends
to like your page. If you have good content, people will become
interested in you. Consistency is the key
17) Twitter - Great way to people new people
18) Pinterest - Post things that are interesting
19) Instagram - Create great images. Excellent way to market
the MLM lifestyle
20) LinkedIn - Great source of S types of prospects who are
more serious and successful than the Facebook crowd
21) LinkedIn Groups - Same as
Facebook groups but another source
22) Youtube - Create informational
video that are helpful

23) Email Signature - Let everyone know what youre up to in
every email you send
24) Ezine - Write a weekly email that can be a combination of a
diary and useful info and send to your list. This is how my blog
was born
25) Personal Website with Blog - Good blog content always
attracts people
26) Email List - Build an email list and provide good consistent
content. That builds trust and relationships
27) Google Search - Search for people you want to contact. If
you know a certain industry is declining and people are losing
jobs, you can search for them online. For example, if real estate
agents are having a tough time selling houses in San Bernardino,
you can search San Bernardino real estate agents
28) Google Business Listings - Another way is to look up local
businesses in your area and target specific industries.
29) - Great
place to find meetings in
your local area


30) Business Network International (BNI) - Network with

other business owners. Place to give and get referrals.
31) Chamber of Commerce - Similar to BNI
32) Seminars and Conferences - Not only will you meet
people who want to achieve more in life, youll be investing in
your self education
33) Culture Festivals - Excellent way to target people from
different ethnic backgrounds
34) Parents Teachers Association - The more you give, the
more you get back. It allows you to expand your local network
35) Kids Sporting Events - Excellent way to meet parents who
always want to spend more time with their kids


36) Birthday Parties - Why do parents throw these for their
kids? One reason is for the kids but another reason is for the
parents to hang out and network! As a father to 2 young boys,
I know. :)
37) Mommy Groups - Stay at home moms are great
prospects since many are bored at home or they want to get
involved with something that has flexible hours.
38) Children Play Groups - Similar to birthday parties and
sporting events.
39) Charity Events - Great way to build trust in your
40) Church Events - Friendly and warm atmosphere to build
41) Trade Booths - You can rent a booth and expose your
business or products to attendees
42) Visit Trade Booths - If you dont want to setup a booth,
you can still just go and visit the owners of the booths!
Remember to always first focus on how to help these owners.



43) Junk Mail - Sick and tired of all that junk mail? Theyre not
really junk since behind every piece of mail is someone that
can be a prospect. Call them!
44) Telemarketers - Next time a telemarketer calls back, let
them know you were impressed with their people skills and let
them know your company is looking to hire someone like them.
45) Door to Door Salespeople - Same as telemarketers. This
is a win-win. Either they join your business or they will never
visit you again!
46) Service Providers - Who is your gas man? Your cable
guy? Dont waste the opportunity to prospect them!



47) Yellow Pages - Whether it is the online or offline version,
they are excellent way to target business owners who often
may be looking for alternative streams of income
48) White Pages - Great way to get over phone fear and the
fear of rejection. Simply call and dial!
49) Free Classifieds - Available both online and offline. Free
advertising for your business
50) Newspapers - You can advertise in business or career
section or be creative and advertise in Travel section!
51) Lifestyle Magazines - Good place to advertise. People
with big dreams read car, travel, or magazines about fancy
52) Hobby Magazines - Another place to advertise because
the readers all want more time to spend on their hobby
53) Ethnic Newspapers - Excellent source to target different
ethnic groups especially if you plan to expand into another
54) Realtor Signs - Call a real estate agent. You never
55) Realtor Books - These can be found in supermarkets
56) Purchased Leads - Not my favorite but Ive signed up
people. Make sure the lead company is credible.


Be everywhere! Best part is these are all free
57) Drop Cards in
Books - Put your
business card in
middle of business
books in bookstores.
58) Drop Your
Business Card in
Fishbowl - You never
know the employee
that has to sort out
the cards may be

59) Door Hangers - You can hire a high school kid to go door
to door and drop these off
60) Flyers - Post these in high traffic areas, colleges, windows
of cards or door to door
61) Clothing - Wear your clothing with your company logo
62) Car Advertising - Put signs on your car with phone
number to text/call
63) Put Your Business Cards on Windshield Wipers - Most
will throw them out but 1 or 2 may not. You just never know...



64) Put Business Card on Bulletin Boards - Let others know
about your business
65) Call Business Cards on Bulletin Boards - You never
66) Bandit Signs - Place signs in random parts of your
neighborhood. Best places are high traffic areas such as
freeway exits or corner of business intersection
67) Call Business Cards from Fishbowl - Before you drop
your card, get the phone numbers of a few of the cards already
in the bowl
68) Toll Booth - Include your business card when you pay
your toll
69) Any Check You Send Out - Include your business card
every time you have to mail a check. A person has to open
that envelope and will see your card
70) Direct Mail - You can buy a mailing list and then mail a
letter, flyer or postcard
71) Postcards - Next time youre on a vacation, mail postcards
to your prospects


Here is a simple script you can use:
1) How long have you been
working at your job?
2) Does your current job provide
you the financial security that you
and your family need?
3) Have you been looking at something that will secure your
If they say, yes, ask them what they have found. Hear what
they say and then ask them
4) Would you be interested in looking at something that will
help you financially without interfering with your current job?
If they say, no, then leave them your business card and say
5) When youre ready to start looking, then you can give me a


Learn How to Easily Invite More Prospects

So that You Can Sponsor at Least 1 Person a Week
LIMITED SPACING. To register, please go to