CREATIVE DRAMA RUBRIC Teacher: Student: Class: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________


Exceeds Expectations. (8-10)

Meets Expectations. (5—7) ( Sustains focus and concentration throughout most of the activity.

Does Not Meet Expectations. (1-4)



1.Demonstrates concentration and believality in drama activities. 2.Uses details from sensory recall to create believable pantomime.

Sustains focus and commitment thrghout the entire activity

Breaks concentration and lacks focus..

3.Uses language to communicate thought,feeling and carácter. 4.Expresses original and imaginative ideas in discussion and/or drama activities. 5.Contributes to the planning and playing of scenes developed by small groups.

Draws upon multiple senses when imagining and gives detailed descriptions,creates spcific and believable pantomime work. Uses language appropiate to carácter and communicates a high level of information,thought,and feeling. Work reflects high degree of originality and imagination.

Draws upon one of the five senses to create recognizable pantomime work.

Sense recall and ability to describe are limited;pantomime does not communicate. Language is inappropiate to carácter and communicates minimal information.

Language is somewhat appropiate to carácter and comunicates a satisfactory level of information about thought and feeling. Work reflects satisfactory degree of originality and imagination.. Sustains interest in scene planning process, accepts the suggestions of others, and may offer suggestions sometimes.

Work lacks originality and imagination.

Assumes positive leadership role in the group while readily accepting the suggestions of others in helping to move the scene forward.

Interest is low; contribution is negligible.

Comments (8-10) 6.Interacts with and supports peers as cocreators. 7.Develops and maintains carácter through carácter ,movement,dialogue, vocal projection and scene work. 8.Uses beginning ,middle ,end and conflict in scene work. 9.Listens and reflects as an attentive audience member. Really accepts assigned partners,listens to other group members respectfully,supports group decisions. Uses whole body to establish carácter,sustains dialogue and voice appropiate to carácter;speech is clear and volume is audible. Presents organized scene with a clearly defined conflict. Listens and watches attentively and makes comments demonstrating perceptiveness,specificity and/or aesthetic judgments. .Draws upon specific details from the cultural or historical background of the drama activity during playing and discussion. (5-7) Accepts assigned partners,listens respectfully to oter group members,goes alone with group decisions. Uses body to establish character sometimes;uses voice and dialogue appropiate to carácter sometimes;speech is clear and volumen audible usually. Presents organized scene with a conflict. Listens and watches attentively and comments appropiately. (1-4) Resists working with partners,does not listen to discussion,fails to go along with group decisions. Does not use body to establish character,fails to employ character dialogue or voice;speech is unclear and voice inaudible. Scene is porly organized,too Long or too short,and conflicto is poorly defined. .Poor audience member and/or unable to comment on scene.


10.Responds to cultural similarities and differences as a result of participating in drama activities.

Draws upon specific details from the cultural or historical background of the drama activity during playing or discussion.

Unable to draw upon specific details from the cultural or historical background of the drama activity during playing and/or discussion.