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5838 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

21 / Thursday, January 31, 2008 / Notices

may be viewed and downloaded from technical basis for Agency positions and Process and Deadline for Submitting
the following URL address: http:// regulations. The SAB is a Federal Nominations: Any interested person or advisory Committee chartered under the organization may nominate qualified
WebSABSO/ethics?OpenDocument. Federal Advisory Committee Act individuals to add expertise to the SAB
The approved policy under which the (FACA), as amended, 5 U.S.C., App. The PM Research Centers Program Review
EPA SAB Office selects subcommittees SAB will comply with the provisions of Panel in the areas of expertise listed
and review panels is described in the FACA and all appropriate SAB Staff above. Nominations should be
following document: Overview of the Office procedural policies. submitted in electronic format through
Panel Formation Process at the In EPA’s 1998 appropriations bill, the SAB Web site: http://
Environmental Protection Agency Congress directed EPA to establish as
Science Advisory Board (EPA–SAB–EC– many as five university-based Web/participatepanelformation?
02–010), which is posted on the SAB particulate matter (PM) research centers OpenDocument. Please follow the
Web site at: as part of the expanded Office of instructions for submitting nominations
sab/sabproduct.nsf/WebSABSO/ Research and Development (ORD) PM carefully. To be considered,
OverviewPanelForm?OpenDocument. research program. The first research nominations should include all of the
Dated: January 24, 2008.
centers were funded from 1999 to 2005. information required on the associated
The total budget for each center over forms. Anyone unable to submit
Anthony F. Maciorowski,
five years was $8 million, for a program nominations using the electronic form
Deputy Director, EPA Science Advisory Board total of $40 million. In the original
Staff Office. and who has any questions concerning
Request for Applications (RFA), the nomination process may contact Mr.
[FR Doc. E8–1772 Filed 1–30–08; 8:45 am] prospective Centers were asked to Fred Butterfield, DFO, as indicated
BILLING CODE 6560–50–P propose an integrated research program above in this notice. Nominations
on the health effects of PM, including should be submitted in time to arrive no
exposure, dosimetry, toxicology and later than February 21, 2008.
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION epidemiology. In 2004, a second
AGENCY To be considered, all nominations
competition was held. This RFA asked should include: A current curriculum
[FRL–8522–9] respondents to address the central vitae (C.V.) which provides the
theme of ‘‘linking health effects to PM nominee’s background, qualifications,
Science Advisory Board Staff Office, sources and components,’’ and to focus research expertise and relevant
SAB Particulate Matter (PM) Research on the research priorities of publications for service on the Panel;
Centers Program Review Panel; susceptibility, biological mechanisms, and a brief biographical sketch
Request for Nominations exposure-response relationships, and (‘‘biosketch’’). The biosketch should be
source linkages. From the second no longer than one page and should
AGENCY: Environmental Protection
competition, five current centers are contain the following information for
Agency (EPA).
funded for 2005–2010 (the budget the nominee:
ACTION: Notice. remains $40 million total). (a) Current professional affiliations
SUMMARY: The U.S. Environmental
ORD’s PM Research Centers program
and positions held;
Protection Agency (EPA or Agency) was initially shaped by
(b) Area(s) of expertise, and research
Science Advisory Board (SAB) Staff recommendations from the National
activities and interests relevant to the
Office is announcing the formation of an Research Council. The SAB conducted
SAB panel to advise the Agency an interim review of the Centers
(c) Leadership positions in national
concerning the future direction of its program in 2002 (see: http:// associations or professional publications
Particulate Matter (PM) Research or other significant distinctions;
Centers Program. The SAB Staff Office 6374FD2B32EFE73
0852570CA007415FE/$File/ (d) Educational background,
is soliciting public nominations for this especially advanced degrees, including
ec02008.pdf), which was instrumental
Panel. when and from which institutions these
in providing additional guidance for the
DATES: New nominations should be
second phase of the program (2005– were granted; and
submitted by February 21, 2008. 2010). The Agency now seeks the advice (e) Service on other advisory
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Any of an SAB expert panel on the structure committees or professional societies,
member of the public wishing further and strategic direction for the program especially those associated with issues
information regarding this Request for as ORD contemplates funding a third under discussion in this review.
Nominations may contact Mr. Fred round of air pollution research centers Incomplete biosketches will not be
Butterfield, Designated Federal Officer into the future. This Federal Register considered. The EPA SAB Staff Office
(DFO), EPA Science Advisory Board notice solicitation is seeking will acknowledge receipt of
(1400F), U.S. Environmental Protection nominations for the SAB PM Research nominations.
Agency, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, Centers Program Review Panel. The EPA SAB Staff Office will post
NW., Washington, DC 20460; via Request for Nominations: The SAB the biosketches of qualified nominees
telephone/voice mail: (202) 343–9994; Staff Office is requesting nominations for public comment on the SAB Web
fax: (202) 233–0643; or e-mail at: for nationally- and internationally- site. Information will be made available General recognized, non-EPA scientists with via the link to this panel found at:
information concerning the EPA Science extensive research program management
Advisory Board can be found on the expertise and experience related to sabproduct.nsf/WebBoard/
EPA Web Site: airborne pollution and the application SABAdHocCommitteesandPanels?
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: of research results in reducing air OpenDocument, and will include, for
Background: The SAB was pollution in protection human health each candidate, the nominee’s name and
established by 42 U.S.C. 4365 to provide and the environment. The experts their biosketch. Public comments on
independent scientific and technical should also have had direct research this ‘‘Short List’’ of candidates will be
advice to the Administrator on the experience related to PM. accepted for 21 calendar days. The

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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 21 / Thursday, January 31, 2008 / Notices 5839

public will be requested to provide Dated: January 25, 2008. B. How Can I Get Copies of this
relevant information or other Anthony Maciorowski, Document and Other Related
documentation on nominees that the Deputy Director, EPA Science Advisory Board Information?
SAB Staff Office should consider in Staff Office. 1. Docket. EPA has established a
evaluating candidates. [FR Doc. E8–1774 Filed 1–30–08; 8:45 am] docket for this action under docket
For the EPA SAB Staff Office, a BILLING CODE 6560–50–P identification (ID) number EPA–HQ–
balanced subcommittee or review panel OPP–2008–0002. Publicly available
includes candidates who possess the docket materials are available either in
necessary domains of knowledge, the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION the electronic docket at http://
relevant scientific perspectives (which, AGENCY, or, if only
among other factors, can be influenced available in hard copy, at the Office of
by work history and affiliation), and the [EPA–HQ–OPP–2008–0002; FRL–8349–3] Pesticide Programs (OPP) Regulatory
collective breadth of experience to Public Docket in Rm. S–4400, One
adequately address the charge. In System Research and Application Potomac Yard (South Bldg.), 2777 S.
establishing the final SAB PM Research Corporation; Transfer of Data Crystal Dr., Arlington, VA. The hours of
Centers Program Review Panel, the SAB operation of this Docket Facility are
Staff Office will consider public AGENCY: Environmental Protection from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday
comments on the ‘‘Short List’’ of Agency (EPA). through Friday, excluding legal
candidates, information provided by the holidays. The Docket Facility telephone
ACTION: Notice.
candidates themselves, and background number is (703) 305–5805.
information independently gathered by 2. Electronic access. You may access
SUMMARY: This notice announces that
the SAB Staff Office. Specific criteria to this Federal Register document
be used for Panel membership include: pesticide related information submitted
to EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs electronically through the EPA Internet
(a) Scientific and/or technical expertise, under the ‘‘Federal Register’’ listings at
knowledge, and experience (primary (OPP) pursuant to the Federal
Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide
factors); (b) availability and willingness
to serve; (c) absence of financial Act (FIFRA) and the Federal Food, Drug, II. Contractor Requirements
conflicts of interest; (d) absence of an and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA), including
information that may have been claimed Under IAG No. EP-W-050-24, which
appearance of a lack of impartiality; and supports the OPP’s regulatory efforts,
(e) skills working in committees, as Confidential Business Information
(CBI) by the submitter, will be tranferred the System Research and Application
subcommittees and advisory panels; Corporation, will perform configuration
and, for the Panel as a whole, (f) to the System Research and Application
Corporation, in accordance with 40 CFR management and monitor tasks for the
diversity of, and balance among, Office of Information Technology
scientific expertise, viewpoints, etc. 2.309(c) and 2.308(h)(2). The System
Research and Application Corporation, Resources Management Division.
The SAB Staff Office’s evaluation of The OPP has determined that the IAG
will perform work for OPP under an
an absence of financial conflicts of described involves work that is being
Interagency Agreement (IAG). Access to
interest will include a review of the conducted in connection with FIFRA, in
this information will enable System
‘‘Confidential Financial Disclosure that pesticide chemicals will be the
Research and Application Corporation,
Form for Special Government subject of certain evaluations to be made
to fulfill the obligations of the IAG.
Employees Serving on Federal Advisory under this IAG. These evaluations may
Committees at the U.S. Environmental DATES: The System Research and be used in subsequent regulatory
Protection Agency’’ (EPA Form 3110– Application Corporation, will be given decisions under FIFRA.
48). This confidential form allows access to this information on or before Some of this information may be
Government officials to determine February 11, 2008. entitled to confidential treatment. The
whether there is a statutory conflict information has been submitted to EPA
between that person’s public under sections 3, 4, 6, and 7 of FIFRA
responsibilities (which includes Felicia Croom, Information Technology
and under sections 408 and 409 of
membership on an EPA Federal and Resources Management Division
advisory committee) and private (7502P), Office of Pesticide Programs,
In accordance with the requirements
interests and activities, or the Environmental Protection Agency, 1200
of 40 CFR 2.309(c), 2.307(h), and
appearance of a lack of impartiality, as Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington,
2.308(h)(2), this IAG with the System
defined by Federal regulation. The form DC 20460–0001; telephone number:
Research and Application Corporation,
may be viewed and downloaded from (703) 305–0786; e-mail address:
prohibits use of the information for any
the following SAB Web site: http://
purpose not specified in the IAG; SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: prohibits disclosure of the information
Web/Ethics?OpenDocument. to a third party without prior written
The approved policy under which the I. General Information approval from the Agency; and requires
EPA SAB Office selects subcommittees A. Does this Action Apply to Me? that each official and employee of the
and review panels is described in the subcontractor sign an agreement to
following document: Overview of the This action applies to the public in protect the information from
Panel Formation Process at the general. As such, the Agency has not unauthorized release and to handle it in
Environmental Protection Agency attempted to describe all the specific accordance with the FIFRA Information
Science Advisory Board (EPA–SAB–EC– entities that may be affected by this Security Manual. In addition, the
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

02–010, September 2002), which is action. If you have any questions System Research and Application
posted on the SAB Web site: http:// regarding the applicability of this action Corporation, are required to submit for to a particular entity, consult the person EPA approval a security plan under
WebSABSO/ listed under FOR FURTHER INFORMATION which any CBI will be secured and
OverviewPanelForm?OpenDocument. CONTACT. protected against unauthorized release

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