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5868 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

21 / Thursday, January 31, 2008 / Notices

public programs would continue to be The Service is furnishing this Notice species pursuant to section 10(a)(1)(A)
administered and maintained by the to advise other agencies and the public of the Endangered Species Act (16
State. Current habitat and wildlife of the availability of the final Plan and U.S.C. 1531 et seq.). The U.S. Fish and
management practices would be carried EA, to provide information on the Wildlife Service (‘‘we’’) solicits review
out by State Game, Fish, and Parks desired conditions for the Refuge, and to and comment from local, State, and
personnel and levels of public use detail how the Service will implement Federal agencies, and the public on the
would remain the same. The facilities management strategies. Based on the following permit requests. Before
and activities (hiking, picnicking, review and evaluation of the including your address, phone number,
designated camping, fishing and a horse information contained in the EA, the e-mail address, or other personal
camp) would remain the same. Regional Director has determined that identifying information in your
Alternative B, the Proposed Action implementation of the Final Plan does comment, you should be aware that
(Relinquish Easement to Current not constitute a major Federal action your entire comment—including your
Landowners), would take the Refuge out that would significantly affect the personal identifying information—may
of the National Wildlife Refuge System quality of the human environment be made publicly available at any time.
and transfer the easements to current within the meaning of Section 102(2)(c) While you can ask us in your comment
landowners. Under this Alternative, the of the National Environmental Policy to withhold your personal identifying
habitat, public use, cultural resources Act. Therefore, an Environmental information from public review, we
and operations would be managed by Impact Statement will not be prepared. cannot guarantee that we will be able to
the landowners (primarily the State). Dated: January 24, 2008. do so.
The Service’s easement requirements Gary G. Mowad, Permit No. TE–085026
would no longer exist. The Service Acting Regional Director.
would divest its interest in the Refuge. Applicant: Jeff Steinman, San Juan
[FR Doc. E8–1729 Filed 1–30–08; 8:45 am] Capistrano, California
This would be carried out within the 15-
year life of the Plan. Once the Plan was The applicant requests an amendment
approved, the managing station would to take (locate and monitor nests) the
work with the Division of Realty and the least Bell’s vireo (Vireo bellii pusillus)
Division of Planning to prepare a in conjunction with surveys and
proposal to divest this Refuge. The Fish and Wildlife Service population monitoring throughout the
proposal would be submitted to the range of the species in California, for the
Migratory Bird Conservation [FWS–R8–ES–2008–N0008; 80221–1113– purpose of enhancing its survival.
Commission for concurrence and then Permit No. TE–172629
submitted for Congressional approval. Endangered Species Recovery Permit
The Service evaluated whether or not Applicant: Kirsten Sellheim, Davis,
Applications California
to divest the Refuge. After careful
consideration of tribal concerns and AGENCY: Fish and Wildlife Service, The applicant requests an amendment
issues raised by the public, the Preferred Interior. to take (capture, collect, and kill) the
Alternative was changed from ACTION: Notice of receipt of permit Conservancy fairy shrimp (Branchinecta
Alternative B: Proposed Action applications; request for comment. conservatio), the longhorn fairy shrimp
(Relinquish Easement to Current (Branchinecta longiantenna), and the
SUMMARY: We invite the public to
Landowners) to Alternative A: No vernal pool tadpole shrimp (Lepidurus
comment on the following applications
Action (Current Management). A large packardi) in conjunction with research
to conduct certain activities with
number of comments were received and genetic analysis in Lassen, Plumas,
endangered species.
from tribal governments expressing Mendocino, Lake Colusa, Sacramento,
concern regarding divesting this DATES: Comments on these permit Napa, Alameda, Merced, Stanislaus,
Limited-interest Refuge. While there applications must be received on or Fresno, Solano, San Luis Obispo, and
was recognition that the Service before March 3, 2008. Santa Barbara Counties, California, and
interests are extremely limited, there ADDRESSES: Written data or comments in Jackson County, Oregon, for the
was overwhelming support for the should be submitted to the U.S. Fish purpose of enhancing their survival.
Service to continue its presence, and Wildlife Service, Endangered
Species Program Manager, Region 8, Permit No. TE–035879
particularly in light of the National
significance of Bear Butte itself (not part 2800 Cottage Way, Room W–2606, Applicant: Wildlands Incorporated,
of the Refuge). Therefore, the Refuge Sacramento, CA 95825 (telephone: 916– Rocklin, California
will continue to be managed according 414–6464; fax: 916–414–6486). Please The permittee requests an amendment
to its 1967 Cooperative Agreement with refer to the respective permit number for to take (harass by survey, capture,
the State. According to Refuge Planning each application when submitting handle, and release) the California tiger
Policy (May 25, 2000), the Plan and EA comments. All comments received, salamander (Ambystoma californiense)
should be revised when significant new including names and addresses, will in conjunction with surveys throughout
information becomes available. This become part of the official the range of the species in California, for
should occur every 15 years or sooner, administrative record and may be made the purpose of enhancing its survival.
if necessary. It is important to note, that available to the public.
Permit No. TE–809232
if conditions change, the Service could
reconsider actions approved in the Plan. Daniel Marquez, Fish and Wildlife Applicant: Bio-West, Incorporated,
If revisions were considered, full Biologist, see ADDRESSES, (telephone: Logan, Utah
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

disclosure through extensive public 760–431–9440; fax: 760–431–9624). The applicant requests an amendment
involvement utilizing the requirements SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The to remove/reduce to possession
of the National Environmental Policy following applicants have applied for Nitrophila mohavensis (Amargosa
Act and other compliance procedures scientific research permits to conduct nitorphila) from Federal lands in
would be closely followed. certain activities with endangered conjunction with research in Nye

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Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 21 / Thursday, January 31, 2008 / Notices 5869

County, Nevada, for the purpose of INTERNATIONAL TRADE Authority: This review is being terminated
enhancing its survival. COMMISSION and the resumed antidumping investigation
is being conducted under authority of title
We solicit public review and VII of the Tariff Act of 1930; this notice is
comment on each of these recovery [Investigation No. 731–TA–747 (Second published pursuant to sections 207.40 and
permit applications. Comments and Review)] 207.21 of the Commission’s rules (19 CFR
materials we receive will be available 207.40 and 207.21).
for public inspection, by appointment, Fresh Tomatoes From Mexico Issued: January 28, 2008.
during normal business hours at the AGENCY: United States International By order of the Commission.
address listed in the ADDRESSES section Trade Commission. Marilyn R. Abbott,
of this notice. Secretary to the Commission.
ACTION: Termination of five-year review
Dated: January 24, 2008. and resumption of antidumping [FR Doc. E8–1732 Filed 1–30–08; 8:45 am]
Michael Fris, investigation. BILLING CODE 7020–02–P

Acting Regional Director, Region 8,

Sacramento, California. SUMMARY: The subject five-year review
was instituted on November 1, 2007, to INTERNATIONAL TRADE
≤[FR Doc. E8–1684 Filed 1–30–08; 8:45 am]
determine whether termination of the COMMISSION
suspended investigation on fresh [Investigation Nos. 701–TA–413 and 731–
tomatoes from Mexico would be likely TA–913–916 and 918 (Review)]
to lead to continuation or recurrence of
material injury (72 FR 61903, November Stainless Steel Bar From France,
U.S. Geological Survey 1, 2007). On November 26, 2007, Germany, Italy, Korea, and The United
Mexican tomato growers/exporters Kingdom
Scientific Earthquake Studies Advisory accounting for a significant percentage
of all fresh tomatoes imported into the Determinations
United States from Mexico provided On the basis of the record 1 developed
AGENCY: U.S. Geological Survey. written notice to the Department of in the subject five-year reviews, the
Commerce of their withdrawal from the United States International Trade
ACTION: Notice of meeting. agreement suspending the antidumping Commission (Commission) determines,
investigation on fresh tomatoes from pursuant to section 751(c) of the Tariff
SUMMARY: Pursuant to Public Law 106– Mexico. Effective January 18, 2008, the Act of 1930 (19 U.S.C. 1675(c)), that
503, the Scientific Earthquake Studies Department of Commerce terminated revocation of the countervailing duty
Advisory Committee (SESAC) will hold the suspension agreement, terminated and antidumping duty orders on
its 17th meeting. The meeting location the five-year review of the suspended stainless steel bar from France,
is the U.S. Geological Survey, John investigation, and resumed the Germany, Italy, Korea, and the United
Wesley Powell National Center, Room antidumping investigation on fresh Kingdom would not be likely to lead to
1B215, 12201 Sunrise Valley Drive, tomatoes from Mexico because the continuation or recurrence of material
Reston, Virginia 20192. The Committee suspension agreement no longer covered injury to an industry in the United
is comprised of members from substantially all imports of fresh States within a reasonably foreseeable
academia, industry, and State tomatoes from Mexico (73 FR 2887, time.2
government. The Committee shall January 16, 2008). Accordingly, the U.S. Background
advise the Director of the U.S. International Trade Commission gives
Geological Survey (USGS) on matters notice of the termination of its review The Commission instituted these
relating to the USGS’s participation in and the resumption of its antidumping reviews effective February 1, 2007 (72
the National Earthquake hazards investigation involving imports of fresh FR 4293) and determined on May 7,
Reduction Program. tomatoes from Mexico. A schedule for 2007 that it would conduct full reviews
the final phase of the investigation will (72 FR 28071, May 18, 2007). Notice of
The Committee will receive updates the scheduling of the Commission’s
and provide guidance on Earthquake be established and announced at a later
reviews and of a public hearing to be
Hazards Program activities and the date.
held in connection therewith was given
status of teams supported by the DATES: Effective Date: January 18, 2008. by posting copies of the notice in the
Program. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Office of the Secretary, U.S.
Meetings of the Scientific Earthquake Mary Messer (202–205–3193), Office of International Trade Commission,
Studies Advisory Committee are open to Investigations, U.S. International Trade Washington, DC, and by publishing the
the public. Commission, 500 E Street, SW., notice in the Federal Register on June
Washington, DC 20436. Hearing- 26, 2007 (72 FR 35066). The hearing was
DATES: February 19, 2008, commencing impaired individuals are advised that held in Washington, DC, on November
at 8:30 a.m. and adjourning at 5 p.m. information on this matter can be 6, 2007, and all persons who requested
Contact: Dr. David Applegate, U.S. obtained by contacting the the opportunity were permitted to
Geological Survey, MS 905, 12201 Commission’s TDD terminal on 202– appear in person or by counsel.
Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, Virginia 205–1810. Persons with mobility The Commission transmitted its
20192, (703) 648–6714, impairments who will need special determinations in these reviews to the assistance in gaining access to the Secretary of Commerce on January 25,
Commission should contact the Office
rwilkins on PROD1PC63 with NOTICES

Dated: January 24, 2008.

of the Secretary at 202–205–2000. 1 The record is defined in sec. 207.2(f) of the
Peter Lyttle, Commission’s Rules of Practice and Procedure (19
General information concerning the
Acting Associate Director for Geology. CFR 207.2(f)).
Commission may also be obtained by 2 Commissioner Charlotte R. Lane dissenting.
[FR Doc. 08–425 Filed 1–30–08; 8:45 am] accessing its Internet server (http:// Commissioner Dean A. Pinkert dissenting as to
BILLING CODE 4311–AM–M Germany, Italy, and Korea.

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