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First Christian Church of Minneapolis (Disciples of Christ)

February 27, 2010 “From Dust You Came, to Dust You Shall Return”
Inside the Courier: by Brandon Gilvin, Associate Director, Week of Compassion

• A Look at the Brite Every year, when Lent rolls around, try that allows us to respond immediately,
Side, page 2 something about these words, spoken efficiently, effectively, and for the long
• Mission Notes,
during the imposition of Ashes on haul. Because of the generosity of Dis-
page 3 Ash Wednesday, gets to me. ciple churches across the country in 2009,
we were able
• March Calendar This year, to wire
page 4
thoughts of $10,000 for
• February Board dust bring up earthquake re-
notes, page 5 images of lief to Haiti
rubble and from the Com-
On the Web: dust in Haiti. passion Re-
The massive sponse Fund devastation there has raised our within 24 hours of the first report.
awareness of what it means to be
Photos from Fat Sun-
mortal, vulnerable, and in need. The Because of your generosity, we can re-
generosity of Disciple congregations, spond before the dust has even cleared.
Deb Murphy on “The individual church members, and
Sacred on the people who, looking for a way to And because of your faithfulness, we'll be
Street” exhibit
help, found Week of Compassion, there long after the last news crew packs
has been staggering. The reports of up to go.
the response our partners have engi-
neered on the ground have been We're not only your disaster relief mission
breathtaking. fund, but we are your sustainable devel-
opment mission fund as well. Chronic po-
Mortality. Dust. Generosity. Life. verty, disease, refugees leaving war-torn
villages -- these are more than just abstract
These are the things that are swirling issues. They affect people as profoundly
around my head as we head into as devastating earthquakes, and we ad-
Lent. dress them because of what you give on
any Sunday throughout the year. From
This Sunday is not only the second water projects in Kenya and Zimbabwe to
Sunday of Lent, but it is the second agricultural development in Nicaragua and
Sunday set aside for our Week of Armenia and North Korea, your gifts
Compassion special offering. This through Week of Compassion make a re-
offering funds our general Compas- markable difference in the lives of people
sion Response Fund -- an important working for a better life. Whether it's
part of Week of Compassion's minis
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February 27, 2010
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A Look at the Brite Side Three new projects that need your prayers

But so far, outside of a tendency While this is part of my personal

to forget at the end of the day that life, it’s also part of my profes-
I haven’t blogged and thereby sion, sharing the Good News in a
needing to make up for it on the way that helps to build souls. By
next, I’ve found that God has the way, they’re already talking
provided some reflective words about coming to worship at FCC
for me to share. So log on to sometime!, hit the blog
Pastor Bob Brite link, and see if such reflections 3) Prayer shawls – it’s a ministry
are worthwhile for you. started by Dorothy Stegner. Do-
rothy uses her praying time as
I have a list of three endeavors
for which I would ask your con- 2) I work out 4 – 5 times a week knitting time, then gives away the
for the sake of spiritual and phys- shawls to people recovering from
tinued prayers:
ical balance. Usually I do so surgery, new members, or other
with a workout bud- souls who she thinks would like
1) After being gently encouraged
dy/relationship I developed at my one. We’re distributing the
(or was it nagged?) by Dennis
health club, and not too long ago shawls as they’re being made,
Sanders over the past several
she asked if I would lead a Bible and encourage others to take up
months, I have, as part of my
study for her and some of her the devotional as a way both to
Lenten devotional, started a daily
friends. We started last Saturday, pray and to do ministry. If
devotional blog on our church
and it was a good experience. you’re interested in building your
web-site. I’m not sure why I re-
Apparently the group will start prayer life and knitting skills in
sisted the encouragement, possi-
with two of us guys and seven this way, please let me know, and
bly because I’m not sure if I have
females, all of us single. (It’s a talk to Dorothy.
anything on a daily basis to share.
tough job, but somebody’s gotta
do it!) I’d like to see YOU on Sunday,

We lift up prayers for members of our community who have lost loved
In our prayers ones recently, including Skip Wolverton (mother), pianist James Bar-
nett (grandfather), John Billman (brother-in-law), and Martha Harris
Gracious God, we (nephew); for those experiencing illness and physical problems, includ-
lift up these persons ing Phyllis Takekawa (pinched nerve), Dorothy Wilkins (a fall), Ri-
in our prayers, ask- chard Schwersinske (blood clots), and someone with a gambling addic-
ing the blessing of tion; for the state government as it negotiates a budget, with hope that
your Grace and out- the needy people in our state will be remembered; in joy over the birth-
pouring of your Love days this month of Doris Helvig and Russ Griffin, and for the safe re-
upon them. turn Steve and Amy Dunlop from work of in Tanzania and Thailand; in
concern for our homebound members, including Emma Armstrong and
Elaine Glore, Amen.
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Christian Courier

Getting Dirty for Jesus: Mission Project Notes

“Dust to Dust”
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What Do You Want To Do Today? through ongoing recovery and re-
building work on the Gulf Coast
or supporting our Refugee and
"What Do You Want to Do To- Immigration Ministries help our
day?" That was the slogan Micro- congregations set up a home for a
soft used about a decade ago as just-arrived family from Bhutan,
they launched Windows XP. The we can be present thanks to your
ad campaign was trying to sell the gifts. Week of Compassion is
new features of the latest version around the world, around the year.
of the operating system and how it
would allow you to do what you While our lives spin madly on-
want to do. gifts you would like to use for the ward, in the van heading to soccer
greater glory of God and to help practice, the plane headed to the
In the year that I've been back at our fellow sisters and brothers? Is next meeting, the combine pulling
First Christian, I've tried to create there something going on in the in the last bit of the harvest, and at
mission experiences that allow us wider community that First Chris- the helm of the grocery cart in the
to be church beyond the walls of tian should be involved in? How checkout line, we can pause-
this building. We've gone to Feed do you want to make a difference turning our fleeting time into sa-
My Starving Children several in the world? cred time, and our gifts into life
times, started a new relationship abundant. We can pray. We can
with Community Emergency Ser- If you have any idea or desire to give. We can make a difference.
vice, sent donated items to the lead a mission project, please drop
Aliveness Project and much more. me a line either by email We invite you to help us continue to make a difference-not only in
I've enjoyed my time in trying to or call me here at church. the lives of those suffering in Hai-
foster those experiences. Howev- ti, but also in the lives of those all
er, truth be told, I am only doing What do you want to do today? over the world who are also still in
part of my job. A pastor is not How can the rest of First Christian need. Give generously to our
there to "do" ministry, but also to join in? How can we be church to Week of Compassion special of-
empower the gathered community others? fering so that when the next disas-
to minister to the world we live ter strikes, we will once again be
in. Go and be church. ready to respond, thanks to you
and your courageous compassion.
So, I want to ask all of you: what Dennis Sanders
ideas do you have for mission and Associate Pastor for Diversity and Source:
outreach? Do you have certain Mission
Posted Feb. 19, 2010

Forum on Aliveness Project on Feb. 28 after Worship

Tim Marburger, Volunteer Coordinator for the Aliveness Project,
will be leading a forum after worship on Sunday, Feb. 28
The Aliveness Project is a local charity that helps persons living
with HIV/AIDS.
Tim will talk about what the Aliveness Project does and how we
as a community can be more involved in being Christ to those living
with HIV/AIDS.
Page 4 February 27, 2010
Regular Worship Hours
9:15 Church School Classes
March, 2010
10:30 Worship
First Christian Church
11:45 Fellowship Time in Lounge

1 2 3 4 5 6
8 pm- AA 7 pm- Worship 9:00 Nikkei 9 am Handcrafters 9 am- Men’s
Committee 6:00 Lectionary Group
Bible Study 9:30 Downtown
6:30 Bell Choir Grief Group
7:00 Prayer
7:45 Chancel

7 8 9 10 11 12 13
7 pm Carter 12 n Disciples 5:30 Finance 9 am Handcrafters 9 am- Men’s
Circle @ Ministers mtg Committee Group
Sandy Mor- 7 pm Property 6:00 Lectionary 9:30 Downtown
gan’s Committee Bible Study Grief Group
8 pm- AA 6:30 Bell Choir 10 am Wom-
7:00 Prayer en’s Ministry
7:45 Chancel Lenten
Choir Brunch

14 15 16 17 18 19 20
8 pm- AA 9 am Mpls Re- 9:00 Nikkei 9 am Handcrafters 9 am- Men’s
tired Teachers 6:00 Lectionary Group
7 pm FCC Board Bible Study 9:30 Downtown
Meeting 6:30 Bell Choir Grief Group
7 pm Prayer 10am Laura
7:45 Chancel Lynn/ Naomi
Choir Circle
6 pm Dinner for
St. Stephens

21 22 23 24 25 26 27
Food Pantry 7 pm Book Club 6:00 Lectionary 9 am Handcrafters 9 am- Men’s
Sunday @ West- Bible Study Group
11:45 am Elders phal’s 6:30 Bell Choir 9:30 Downtown
Meeting 8 pm- AA 7 pm Prayer Grief Group
7:45 Chancel Choir 11:30 FMSC
(Coon Rap-
28 29 30 31 1 2 3
Palm Sunday 8 pm- AA 6:00 Lectionary Maundy Good Friday
Bible Study Thursday
6:30 Bell Choir FCC Worship 6:30
7:00 Prayer pm
7:45 Chancel Choir

Elders Worship Leader Bus Driver Diaconate Greeters

Mar. 7 Martha Harris Pat Carter Mike Hesano Odd Team Ardie Armstrong,
Karen Kandik 651-645-6758 Shirley Draine

Mar. 14 Karen Kandik Wes Creighton Gary Hesser Odd Team Karen Kandik
Martha Harris 612-721-4905
Mar. 21 Ann Wolverton Pat Dunlop Mike Morgan Odd Team Martha Harris
Skip Wolverton 612-926- 9384
Mar. 28 Skip Wolverton Ardie Armstrong Gary Hesser Odd Team Valerie Dunham
Ann Wolverton
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Christian Courier

Board Notes Welcome to New Member

The General Board of First

Christian Church met Tuesday,  The Elders will invite dea-
Feb. 16 to hear reports and dis- cons have a joint meeting
cuss old and new business. each quarter. Elders will be
Thirteen board members and having an all day retreat on
the two pastors attended the Sat., April 17.
meeting. Board Chair Tom  Tiempo Nuevo’s last ser-
Curry shared an article called vice at FCC will be March
“This Holy Crap Must Go” to 14.
begin the meeting, which board  Parking, especially under
members discussed in small the winter parking restric-
groups. tions, continues to be a
Highlights from the meeting  Pastor Brite’s request for a Margaret Clausen joined our
include the following: housing allowance of congregation on Sunday, Jan.
$17,000 was approved. He 17. Margaret has lived in the
 Treasurer Phil Kinney re- will be attending a Dis- Twin Cities area for about 10
ported that we had a deficit ciples Pastor’s Retreat in years, and currently resides in
of $14,000 from last year San Diego, and the JB Edu- the Ebenzer apartments.
and we’re $27.000 ahead cation fund will cover
this year as of the end of costs.
January. Women’s Ministry Lenten
Brunch set for Mar. 13
The annual Lenten Brunch
of the Women’s Ministries will
be Saturday, March 13.
The Laura Lynn/Naomi Cir-
cle will present a program, and
Carter Circle will provide food.

Dear First Christian,

We so appreciated our time
with your congregation. Both
the service & forum time were
Thank you for your hospitali-
ty. We will be excited to share
The Mouldy Figs provided Dixieland music for our 2nd annual Fat more news from Rochester.
Sunday worship service on Feb. 14. The jazz group played “Just a
Closer Walk with Thee” and other Dixieland/Gospel favorite tunes, and Many blessings to all!
of course ended with “When the Saints Go Marching In.” FCC’s anni- Sincerely, the Haney Family
versary dinner followed the Fat Sunday worship service.
Bi-Weekly Calendar Reflections on the Word
from the Gospel for March 7th
Sunday Worship at 10:30 am
“Jesus asked them, “Do you think
Before Worship (9:15 am):
that because these Galileans suffered
Art of the Covenant Class Hearthstone Class in this way they were worse sinners
Bible Study Class Prayer Circle than all other Galileans? No, I tell
After worship: Fellowship Hour 11:45 am you; but unless you repent, you will
all perish as they did.” --Luke 13: 2-3
This Week at FCC Next Week at FCC
“Repent or perish” frankly scares me.
Monday, March 8 Monday, March 8 Lent is about reflection and change,
AA 8 pm Carter Circle @ Sandy Morgan’s 7 pm
AA 8 pm but my unease persists around these
Tuesday, March 2 words, because as soon as I repent, I
Worship Committee 7 pm Tuesday, March 9 sin again. Jesus says here “their sins
Disciples Ministers Mtg 12 n were no worse than yours, but you all
Wednesday, March 3 Property Committee 7 pm
Nikkei 9 am
must change.” We are often aware
Wednesday, March 10 of the need to change, but the means
Lectionary Study group 6 pm
Finance Committee 5:30 pm can still elude us. “Lord, have mer-
Bell Choir 6:30 pm
Lectionary Bible Study 6 pm
Prayer 7 pm
Bell Choir 6:30 pm
cy” remains our refrain each day.
Chancel Choir 7:45 pm
Prayer 7 pm
Thursday, March 4 Chancel Choir 7:45 pm Lord, you love your entire creation,
Handcrafters 9 am and hate not that which you have
Thursday, March 11
Saturday, March 6 Handcrafters 9 am made. When we stray, gently correct
Men’s Group 9 am us, that we may live into the promis-
Saturday, March 13
Downtown Grief Group 9:30 am es you have made, which remain
Men’s Group 9 am
Downtown Grief Group 9:30 am faithful even when we are not. Amen.
Women’s Lenten Brunch 10 am
--Chris Wogaman


A Thoughtful Church in the (DISCIPLES OF CHRIST)
Heart of the City 2201 1st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Ministry Team
All Members of the Congregation Address Service Requested
Robert Brite, Interim Minister
Dennis Sanders, Minister of Diversi-
ty and Mission
Chris Wogaman, Office Manager
Bill Stump, Director of Music
Rick Bowman, Building Manager
James Barnett, Pianist
Serena Carlson, Nursery Attendant
Martha Harris, Courier Editor
Telephone: 612.870.1868
Prayer Phone: 612.870.0984
Fax: 612.870.1860

Christian Courier is published bi-

monthly. Send items and ideas to
church office or to Martha Harris by Fri .
March 5 for next issue.