Edward and Bella 14 BPOV I can’t wait to see the look on her face.

The plan was brilliant. The only missing piece was Megan. I woke up only to find Edward gone. That was strange. I ran downstairs nearly falling. No one was in the kitchen either. I looked around for a note. There wasn’t one. That’s when I started to panic! I looked around frantically. “Edward! Where are you?” I screamed. I knew he would hear me in Forks and maybe even in Seattle. I didn’t get a respond. That’s when the tears started to form in my eyes. Had he left me…again? This couldn’t be happening. I was about to sink down to my knees and sob when I felt a breeze and Edward was right in front of me. Thank Gosh. Edward looked at me intently. He wiped the tears that had fallen. EPOV We were hunting when I heard Bella scream. What? What was wrong? Was she hurt? “Edward where are you?” She screamed. I took off running. I found her inside the living room about to cry. I looked at her intently. She

had tears on her face. I wiped them off with my hand. She thought I left her again. It sounded like more of a question then a statement in my head. Great. We were going to get married in another 6 days and she already had her doubts about me. She looked away and wound her fragile arms around me. She hugged me for a long time. We didn’t say anything. I broke our embrace and looked around for the note I gave to Emmett to leave. I looked on the dinning table and the note was no where to be found. Dumb Emmett. He has such a low attention span. Who knew what he did with the note. I looked at Bella and she blushed. The venom started to build up in my throat. Our hunting trip had been cut short…well for me at least. I had just killed 4 deer, 2 elks and luckily for me I managed to find and kill a mountain lion. I wanted to drain all of them at the fastest speed I could so I could get to Bella. Before I could reach her I heard Bella scream. I held my throat and swallowed hard. Bella looked at me as I did this. She mumbled she was sorry and looked very guilty. I smiled at her.

“It’s not your fault. You can’t manage the way you smell.” I said and she smiled back at me. “I’m very truly sorry. I told Emmett to leave the note I wrote for you on the dinning room table, but I guess he forgot.” I explained and she laughed. “Please don’t have your doubts about me. That was the biggest mistake in my life.” I apologized. She looked at me embarrassed. “Please?” I asked. I tried to dazzle her like she says I do and then I usually get my way. I smiled at her and she suddenly looked far away. I asked again and she nodded. The moment was ruined by Emmett. BPOV Emmett just came in Edward’s room, not caring what he had interrupted. He sat on Edward’s black sofa and propped his feet up on the edge of his coffee table. “What up little bro? You missed some big game. I caught 3 grizzlies and sucked them up in less then a minute. Rose timed me. It’s my personal best.” He said triumphantly. I looked at him in amazement. He could sound so manly or scary or like a little boy, all when he wanted to.

Sometimes when I had heard him plead with Alice it sounded like a little boy pleading for another cookie before dinner. Edward rolled his eyes. “Well, I was interrupted when I heard Bella screaming, which wouldn’t have happened in the first place if you had left her the note I gave you.” Edward said. He looked guilty. “Sorry. Rose said she would race me and she hardly does that. I couldn’t resist that offer. Oh and with the note I just shoved it in the toilet. Bella would find it some way or another.” He said. Alice and Rosalie came in before Edward and I could really yell at him. APOV It’s time! I couldn’t wait to see Megan. Her social life was going to be over! Over I tell you! Mwahhahaha! RPOV I wonder what Alice was thinking. She was bouncing up and down on Edward and Bella’s bed and Edward was looking at her like she was high. I looked at Bella and she looked like she was thinking the same thing.

APOV “Are you ready?” I asked Bella. She nodded and went to take a shower. I carefully laid out her clothes and ushered everyone to get out so she could get changed. Edward went to hunt when she was getting ready. He was done before she even got downstairs. EPOV I glared at Alice. Was she torturing me? She dressed Bella in one of the shortest skirts I’ve seen so far and a very, very tight top. Bella looked very embarrassed. “No fair Alice! Why’d you have to hide all of my clothes?” Bella asked. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Jasper looking at me and standing in a protective crouch. In his head he told me that if I was going to attack her, he’d be ready. “You’re lucky I let you wear flats. Now c’mon everyone! Let’s get this show on the road!” Alice yelled. She was excited and so was everyone else. We were all ready to humiliate her. BPOV

We all loaded the car and made our way to the church. Angela’s father was going to be our minister for the wedding. I realized, I was standing in the place where I would say yes to Edward. Say yes to be his forever. My throat was suddenly dry and the air hitched in my throat. Minister Weber asked if anyone had any objections. Right then and there Megan barged in with Chantal and Chelsea at her side. It was time. *plz COMMENT! I tried to make it loger! COMMENT PEOPLE!  peyton

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