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Baydur & Bayflex

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Multi-faceted brands

Grades with a unique profile

Design freedom and high functionality

Sports & leisure

House & home


Transportation & commercial vehicles


Medicine & technology


Electronics & entertainment


Powerful combinations


Polyurethane manufacturing
Always the right mix


Polyurethanes from Bayer MaterialScience:

innovative and sustainable



Multi-faceted brands

Following their invention by Dr. Otto

Bayer in 1937, polyurethanes became
a success story that continues to this
day. Thanks to their incredible versatility and adaptability, they have found
their way into virtually all areas of our
daily lives.
Two of this materials product groups
reflect this success story perfectly:
Baydur and Bayflex. These polyurethane (PU) systems from Bayer
MaterialScience are the ideal choice
in countless applications. They provide alternatives to traditional materials,
such as wood and metal, as well as
thermoplastics and thermoset plastic
materials. Sometimes they are quite
simply the only choice.

These are only a few of the

strengths of Baydur and Bayflex:
Low-cost production of large
molded parts
Variable wall thicknesses
Exceptionally accurate reproduction
of surface detail
Easily coated
Strength and dimensional stability
Chemical resistance
Easily combinable with other
Individually adjustable properties
Relatively low investment in molds
and equipment
Key application areas for Baydur and
Bayflex include the electrical and
machine housing industry, medical
equipment, farm machinery, athletic
equipment, inward and outward ventilation systems, sanitary facilities, the
furniture industry, waste water technology, transportation, windows, building
components, decorative trim, specialpurpose vehicles and automobiles.
Baydur and Bayflex are long-established brands that constantly inspire
new applications.


Grades with a unique profile

BAYDUR 20 extra light and

dimensionally stable
Baydur 20 is characterized by a low
density of 150-250 kg/m3 and a solid,
hard-wearing outer layer. Wall thicknesses of over 40 mm are possible.
Baydur 20 is not only light but also
extremely impact resistant and suitable for cutting, nailing and bonding.
Main application areas: Decorative
trim and elements, such as simulated stucco
BAYDUR 40 for complex shapes
Baydur 40 has excellent flowability,
enabling the simple production of
large, complexly shaped parts. This
rigid integral skin foam with a density range of 250 500 kg/m3 has
a robust, scratch-resistant surface.
Main application area: Wood substitute for use in furniture
BAYDUR 60 the versatile engineering material
The design possibilities are virtually
unlimited. This product class is particularly advantageous for large parts
with widely varying wall thicknesses.
Baydur 60 is light and strong thanks
to its integral skin structure and is
flame retardant to UL94 V-0. Main
application areas: Industrial housings, skis

Baydur 110 the specialist material for thin-walled and large molded
This microcellular, almost solid RIM
material can be processed cost-effectively thanks to short demolding times
of approx. 90 seconds. Thin-walled
molded parts can be produced with
high inherent stiffness and strength,
and excellent surface quality. Main
application areas: Industrial housing
components, optical instruments,
medical housings, refrigerators,
paneling/trim for commercial vehicles
BAYDUR CSP compact with
simplified processing
A compact material that requires only
minimal investment in machinery and
molds. It can also be processed in
epoxy resin molds and is suitable for
manufacturing large, thin-walled parts
with excellent surface quality. Main
application areas: Industrial housings, chairs
BAYDUR GS solid and durable
This solid casting system enables
pressureless processing. Baydur GS
is wear- and rot-proof and is frequently used as a long-lasting substitute for
cast iron. Its excellent chemical resistance is often crucial. Main application areas: Sewage pumps, manhole

BAYFLEX integral tear resistant and elastic

Bayflex integral is a flexible to semirigid integral skin foam with a density
range of 200 700 kg/m3. The surface
hardness can be varied as required
(Shore A 30 85). This tear-resistant
and flexible foam has a closed outer
layer. The open-cell core exhibits excellent shock absorption when subjected
to impact stress. Bayflex integral grips
well and is non-slip when napped or
other surface structures are incorporated. Main application areas: Office
furniture, work mats, protective
BAYFLEX RIM tough and elastic
even at sub-zero temperatures
Bayflex RIM is a solid material that
stands out from the crowd, particularly because of its excellent impact
resistance even in extremely cold
conditions. Short glass fibers and
other mineral reinforcing materials
are added to achieve the required
stiffness. Main application areas:
Side strips, side member moldings,
bumpers and fenders for cars and
trucks, paneling/trim for snowmobiles, agricultural equipment and

Design freedom and high functionality

Sports & leisure

Safety and comfort, as well as design

and functionality, are especially
important in the sports and leisure
industries. Every piece of recreational
equipment poses its own, specific
challenges for a material.

When it comes to skis and snowboards, breaking strength and flexibility are key factors. The ability to form
a durable bond with other materials is
a prerequisite for any state-of-the-art
composite structure. The key factor
with bicycle seats is comfort through
ergonomic pressure distribution, particularly when riding long distances.
Snowmobile hoods used in a freezing
cold environment require a product
is impervious to impacts. The fact
that snowshoes do not break even
when subjected to extreme stress can
mean the difference between life and
death. Bumper car seats and interior
trim panels made from flexible, tearresistant polyurethane are not only
comfortable for carnival visitors, protecting them from bruising, they are
also ideal for the ride operators, who
prize the materials easy cleaning and

Whatever the application needs, polyurethane has just the right answer.
Typical applications:
Skis, snowboards
Wakeboards, water skis
Balls for bowling and skittles
Motorcycle cladding
Tanning beds
Upper decks on speedboats
Bicycle seats
Snow mobile hoods
Bumper car seats
Rockers for children
Safety padding for motorcycle
Sparring headgear

Design freedom and high functionality

House & home

The home and its furnishings offer

designers broad scope for creativity.
Furniture, bathroom fittings, lamps
and household appliances are available for all tastes and in all styles. The
variety of deigns is endless.
This calls for materials that allow designers maximum freedom while at the
same time meeting the needs of durability and surface quality.
The integral skin foam structure of
Baydur gave the first cantilever
chair, designed by Verner Panton, the
necessary stability.
The soft, rounded forms of the
Zanussi OZ refrigerator are no real
challenge for Baydur and yet would
be virtually impossible to produce
using metal.
Bayflex, with its flexible foam core,
rounds off the range. Chairs and
stools that can be foamed and coated in a single operation, thanks to
in-mold coating (IMC), provide lasting

Baydur parts can also be finished in

any way desired. In addition to conventional coating and IMC, the highquality surface also enables backfoaming of thermoformed films.
Baydur and Bayflex provide a host
of visual delights.
Typical applications:
Designer chairs
Shower stalls
School chairs
Bathroom stools
Simulated stucco (decorative
copings, roses)
Window frames
Mirror frames
Ornamentation on wooden furniture
Designer chairs
Table edging
Armrests for office chairs
Moldings for stairway handrails
Sheathing for solar modules


Design freedom and high functionality

Transportation & commercial vehicles

Trains and commercial vehicles are

no strangers to fashion either. Shapes
are adapted to the latest trends, with
curved, organic forms, for example,
now in demand in contrast to traditional square, angular sheet metal
designs. For these applications, designers need products that not only give
them the necessary design freedom,
but can also face up to the technical
challenges. Reliability despite the high
stress placed on materials is particularly essential.
Strict regulations and standards,
relating to fire protection in trains for
instance, must be observed. Whether
for high-speed train cockpits or excavator cabs, Baydur and Bayflex offer
a wide range of customized systems
for innovative solutions.

Typical applications:
High-speed train cockpit interiors
Forklift cladding
Tractor hoods
Body parts for agricultural machinery
Roof panels in rail vehicles
Excavator cabs
Castors and wheels
Steering wheels
Protective strips
Body parts for agricultural
Front and rear spoilers


Design freedom and high functionality

Medicine & technology

In virtually no other field are research

and development so driven as in
medicine. The recovery process for
humans and animals depends to
a significant extent on the perfect
functioning and development level of
technical equipment. What was still
cutting-edge for medical equipment
just a few years ago is today often
outdated. Outward appearances also
follow trends and help patients feel at
ease an ideal domain for Baydur
and Bayflex.
Baydur and Bayflex offer a host of
application-related benefits for use in
medicine. The design freedom opened up by these materials enables the
production of aesthetic and rounded
forms. The easy cleaning of the highquality surfaces and their resistance
to chemicals and disinfectants make
Baydur and Bayflex ideal for use in
medical practices and hospitals.

Typical applications:
Computer tomograph housings
Light therapy devices
Multifunctional hospital stretchers
Hospital bed head/foot components
Housings for operating microscopes
Housings for dialysis machines
Imitation bones for training surgeons
Wheels for wheelchairs
Toilet seats
Armrests and seats for wheelchairs


Design freedom and high functionality

Electronics & entertainment

The electronics and entertainment

sectors open up countless areas of
application for Baydur. Its very special properties constantly put it one
step ahead of other materials, offering
designers broad scope for creativity.

Thanks to the outstanding acoustic

features of Baydur, it can be used to
produce particularly compact, highend hi-fi loudspeakers. Even musical
instruments, such as the curved
bodies of digital grand pianos, are
made of Baydur.
A perfect surface is particularly important for high-quality equipment. And
this is where Baydur has already
repeatedly proven itself as a material
for the housings of video projectors,
television sets and control consoles
for lighting effects. The product complies with the stringent fire safety
requirements for electrical equipment
under UL94 V-0.

Typical applications:
TV housings
Hi-fi loudspeakers
Music boxes
Bodies of digital concert pianos
Video projectors
Precision sound sources for acoustic



Powerful combinations

Polyurethanes all have one thing in

common: They adhere well to most
other materials. This can be used to
expand the already wide range of properties of polyurethanes even further.
The possible combinations with
Baydur and Bayflex are virtually
unlimited. Whether with wood, metal
or a whole range of fiber materials
and fillers, each combination of materials adds to the variety of applications for these polyurethanes. The
property profile of the polyurethane
composite used can be manipulated
depending on the function, whether
in combination with fiber glass as a
reinforcement for moisture-resistant
railroad ties, as robust sheathing for
wooden planks for long-term use
in brick production, as insulating
window profiles in combination with
aluminum or as impact-resistant, rustfree body parts for commercial vehicles and public transportation.

Typical applications:
Base plates for making bricks
Railroad ties
Door leaves (with long glass fibers)
Refrigerator doors (surface finished
with laminated foil)
Window frames (composite with
wood or metal)
Polymer concrete (mineral-filled,
solid systems)
Furniture (integration of functions by
insert molding)
Chairs (composite with metal)
Table edging (composite with wood)
Fiber-reinforced bodywork
Headrests (composite with metal)
Steering wheels (composite with


Polyurethane manufacturing

Always the right mix

Reactants are then metered using

slow-running gear pumps to a mechanical agitator, where mixing takes
place. These products also enable
cost-effective epoxy resin molds to
be used for relatively small production

Baydur and Bayflex are formed by

the reaction of special-purpose polyols and isocyanates. Production of
these raw materials is subject to strict
quality controls and is carefully monitored. The DIN ISO 9001 guidelines,
to which the Polyurethanes Business
Unit has been certified since 1995,
apply as a benchmark.

The mold, temperature-controlled

to approx. 60 C, is held shut by a
clamping force that is adequate albeit
low in comparison with thermoplastic
processing. The chemical reaction of
the raw material mixture in the mold
creates a polyurethane molded part
that can be produced in various wall
thicknesses and densities.

When producing moldings, a highpressure pump metering units transports the liquid raw material components to a mixing head. There they are
mixed intensively in the prescribed
proportions and metered into a preferably closed mold.

This production method is known as

the RIM process (reaction injection
molding). The two products Baydur
GS and Baydur CSP play a special
role. They are suitable for a simple,
pressureless casting process, for
which low-pressure machines can also
be used.

Products made from polyurethane

exhibit excellent resilience and therefore make a key contribution to the
long service life of the articles manufactured from them. Polyurethane can
be recycled as necessary. Recycling
can take various forms depending on
the conditions: material recycling, chemical recycling or use as a source of

Agitator motor

Water outlet

Water outlet

Water inlet


Axial piston pump

Water inlet
Plate heat
Feed line
Agitator motor
Return line


Mold cover

Return line

Mixing head

Axial piston pump

Feed line



Polyurethanes from Bayer MaterialScience:

innovative and sustainable

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