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6 Perry Daily Journal Friday, August 21, 2015

Forecast for Perry, Oklahoma

as of 9 a.m. CDT August 20, 2015
Friday- A 30 percent
chance of showers and
sunny, with a high near
85. South southeast wind
8 to 15 mph, with gusts
as high as 21 mph.
Friday Night- A 30
percent chance of showers
Mostly cloudy, with a

low around 70. South

southeast wind 11 to 14
mph, with gusts as high
as 20 mph.

Saturday- Mostly sunny,

with a high near 92. South
wind 11 to 18 mph, with
gusts as high as 25 mph.

Saturday Night- A 50
percent chance of showers
mainly after 1am. Partly
cloudy, with a low
around 70.
Sunday- A 30 percent
chance of showers and
sunny, with a high near

Keystone Food service to provide new meal

Lottery still warning
options at Covington-Douglas Public Schools of nationwide scam
COVINGTON A new menu with fresh, healthy
meal options will be available at Covington-Douglas
Public Schools for the 2015-16 school year, thanks
to the newly announced partnership between the
school district and Keystone Foodservice.
Keystone Foodservice focuses on providing freshly
prepared breakfast and lunch options for the students
it serves. The company, which serves approximately
22,000 students daily, was recently selected as the
cafeteria vendor for Covington-Douglas Public
We at Covington-Douglas Schools are looking
forward to starting a new year and a new partnership
with Keystone Foodservice, Darren Sharp,
superintendent of Covington-Douglas Public Schools,
said. We look forward to providing nutritious and
delicious meals together.
Keystone will begin serving breakfast and lunch
to the students at Covington-Douglas Public Schools
when students return for the start of classes on Aug.
19. Lunch includes a full salad bar, stocked daily
with fresh fruits and vegetables.
Free and reduced prices are available for students
who qualify, and the meals will remain at the same
Our goal is to provide healthy meals that kids will
actually eat, said Josh Sanders, CEO for Keystone
Foodservice. We do that by listening to the kids
and by continually introducing new foods. When it
comes to a healthy diet, kids and adults have this in
common: variety is key.

90 years young:
week. I also worked at Severes
restaurant earning $12 a week.
While working in Perry, I stayed
with my grandparents, Charles and
Ellen Nelson. They lived across the
street from the Perry Fire Station. The
telephone company is located on that
property now.
After I graduated from high school,
and during the War, I taught grade

Keystones menu offerings include homemade

chicken enchiladas, honey-baked ham and grilled
hamburgers made from lean ground beef. Main
courses are accompanied by offerings including
freshly steamed vegetables and hand-cut sweet
potato fries.
Study after study has shown that kids who eat
a balanced diet perform better in school, so we
take the work we do seriously, Sanders said. We
want the kids to leave the cafeteria full and ready to
focus on the day. Our meals dont just taste good
theyre designed to serve as fuel for kids in the
Keystone got its start providing meal service at
fraternity and sorority houses on college campuses
in Norman and Stillwater. The company began
serving its first public school at the request of one
of its vendors. Today, Keystone serves more than
55 schools in Oklahoma, and the company continues
to grow.
There are some great school administrators in
Oklahoma who truly want to do whats best for their
students, and they are willing to think outside the
box when it comes to nutrition, Sanders said. We
are proud to partner with Covington-Douglas Public
Schools, and we are grateful to the school board
and the administration for their willingness to try
something new to benefit the kids they serve. We are
already getting great feedback about the food we are
serving here, and we are looking forward to always
cooking up something great for these kids.

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school for two years at Harmony

Grade School (1943-1945). At that
time, Harmony was closed and the
children attended Lucien Grade School
where Willie Nelson was the teacher.
Harmony School is now a part of the
Lucien Methodist Church.
Some of my students were Melvin
and John Inselman, Gladys (Inselman)
VanHoesen, Erna (Inselman) Schieffer

Oklahoma City
The Oklahoma Lottery
Commission is warning
Oklahomans of a new
scam circulating throughout
the country seeking to mislead
consumers into believing they
have won a large sum of money.
Recipients receive Facebook and/or text messages
from an individual claiming to be with the DC
Powerball Lottery Grant. They tell the recipient
theyve won a large prize that can be claimed within
48 hours at the D.C. Lottery offices after transferring
$950 to the scammers.
The information in these messages is not legitimate
and is not associated with any officially recognized
lottery, said Rollo Redburn, Executive Director.
If any organization asks you to send an upfront payment in order to claim a prize, you should
immediately contact a reliable source to verify the
information, as it is very likely to be a scam.
Redburn also pointed out that when you play a lottery
game, Lottery employees dont know the identity
of winners until they come forward to claim their
The Oklahoma Lottery security department urges
anyone who receives a communication that could be
a potential scam to contact the Attorney Generals
Office (405-521-3921) or the Federal Trade
Commission (877-382-4357).
If anyone receives messages similar to the above,
they can call the lottery to verify the source at 405522-7700.

and Donald and Everett Lighty.

I married Orlin Johnson May 4,
1946. We lived in Lucien, renting a
house from Ida Gaines and paid $10
a month for rent. A few years later,
we purchased the house and our rent
was applied to the purchase price. We
lived right next to the bridge on the
west edge of Lucien.
We had a big tree in our yard, right
outside our bedroom. One night, a large
truck had a wreck at the bridge and hit
the tree, which stopped the truck from
coming through the bedroom wall!
While living in Lucien, I worked
at Doc Gaines grocery store. Mabel
Edgar was manager. I also worked at
the Lucien telephone office as a relief
operator when Jean Judson was on
Our daughter Shirley was born in
Perry Oct. 1, 1951. We moved to Perry

in 1956 and bought our home at 1311

Fir Avenue. Our second daughter,
Darla, was born on March 21, 1960.
I worked at McClellens department
store and then at Montgomery Ward,
which I managed for two years. After
that, I worked at Ditch Witch for 18
years, retiring in 1992.
We sold our house on Fir Avenue
in 1977 and built a house on West Fir
which is located between Braums and
Taco Mayo.
Orlin passed away in May of 1988. In
July of 1999 I married Claude Dowell,
who passed away in October, 2005.
In 2011 I sold my home on West Fir
and moved to The Lodge apartments
on the Perry square.
I am the mother of two daughters:
Shirley VanHoesen and her husband
Bub (Roy) and Darla Johnson and her
husband Ralph.
granddaughters: Jennifer
(VanHoesen) Gregg and
her husband Ross; Mandy
Snyder; Angel (Johnson)
Boone and her husband
Justin; and Bethany
and her husband Joe. My
seven great grandchildre
Pearson and her husband
Jon; Mariah and Taleah
Gregg; Hadlee Snyder;
Annah and Jaxon Boone;
and James Christensen.