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I now dedicate myself and all my faculties to the joyous task of serving God and

humanity. This day, I shall do only that which is good and for the good of othe
rs. I am a channel for love and I shall radiate love to everyone I meet. I now b
id my conscious mind be still. I remove from the surface of my mind all thoughts
of worry, fear, hate and anxiety. I become peaceful and still. My mind is now l
ike the surface of a lake, reflecting clearly the blue skies and golden sun. My
soul is serene and tranquil, and I now probe the secret answers that exist in t
he invisible universe. I am now in the center of a cosmic pool of stillness. I a
m one with infinite life and cosmic intelligence. I am free of the mundane probl
ems of earth. I soar into the illimitable celestial realms of infinite beauty. I
am adorned with the mantle of divinity and experience the ecstasy of divine lov
e. I am attuned to the music of the spheres, and joy, goodness and supernal beau
ty inspire me to divine action. I now breathe in and breathe out as I contemplat
e feelings and emotions. I now calm my body
and all its functions. I achieve a state of equilibrium within and without. My b
ody s organs
function perfectly, and I am being healed of all unwanted conditions. I experien
ce joy and this emotion radiates to every atom and cell of my brain and body. I
now breathe in and breathe out as I contemplate my body and its power. I inhale
the celestial life flame and it ignites the higher centers of my consciousness g
iving me vision and power. The pranic life force now flows down the left side o
f my spinal column and up the right side, gushing like a fountain of celestial f
ire, cleansing the centers of my consciousness, igniting the flame of inspiratio
n and infusing my mind centers with creative ideas. I now approach the sacred sh
rine of mystic power. I supplicate the heavenly Father for His Divine beneficenc
e in every thought word and deed that proceed from me this day. Each breath is n
ow dedicated as a living testament to the majesty, might and mystery of the cosm
ic mind that rules all creation. This day, with each such breath, inhaled and ex
haled, I extol the Divine virtues of love, joy, forgiveness, and charity.
Boundless and infinite as the earth s seas is the divine stream of God s infinite lo
ve and cel
estial flow of abundance and good for all living creatures. I am now a part of t
his golden panorama of creative life and my mind, body and soul are the earthly
recipients of the cosmic flow of spiritual waters that abundantly bless my life.
I am now baptized in the cosmic stream of infinite love and beauty and I becom
e one with the cosmic soul that motivates all creation. I am the center of life,
light and intelligence. I now relax my mind and body, and let the divine flood
of lifegiving energy, power and glory flow in and through my mind, body and soul
. I am life incarnate. I am vibrantly alive. I breathe deeply of the golden elix
ir of life and my brain and body cells are filled with the life force and cosmi
c rhythm of health, youth, vitality and joy.

I now ask my subconscious mind to release all its wisdom and knowledge, so my mi
nd can become brilliant. I absorb wisdom from my daily experiences and I shall
remember and recall everything good that I see, hear, read or experience in my l
ife. Knowledge is power and I now become mentally alert and brilliant.
Ohm mane padme ohm.
I now invoke the power of the higher spiritual forces and ask that my mystical
rainbow of golden dreams be made a living, glowing reality. I live in the golden
aura of peace and tranquility. In the eternal light of His cosmic spirit I am
peaceful and serene. This peace extends to my home, my work, and all the circums
tances of my life. As the bright colored rainbow of peace and hope spans the dar
k abyss after a storm, so too, the storms of my earthly existence are now quelle
d by the bright, golden light of His infinite peace, joy, and radiance. I am on

e with the infinite. I can and will win riches and success. Money is plentiful,
and I see my source of supply being from God, my universal banker. I know that m
y efforts shall be rewarded. I now banish poverty and all negative forces and I
am aware that I am in the most prosperous phase of my life. Money now comes to m
e from many channels and I achieve riches and success with honor and dignity. I
shall find happiness in love and marriage. I have a dream of romance in my heart
and soul. I am
in God s magic circle of love and protection. I am a loving human being
and shall attract only love, gentility, and beauty in my life experience. I am w
orthy of the best that life has to offer. --- The Seven Mystical Money Mantras:
First Money Mantra:
Use on Monday. God is my only source of supply and abundance. I now have faith
that He will fill my every money need.
Second Money Mantra:
Use on Tuesday. There is no poverty in nature, only growth and abundance. I now
channel cosmic power to cause my affairs to grow and prosper.
Third Money Mantra:
Use on Wednesday. Money is crystallized spiritual energy of ideas, service, lab
or, and creativity. My creative ideas now release the frozen assets of my higher
mind, making me rich.
Fourth Money Mantra:
Use on Thursday

I have a million dollars in the cosmic bank. I now draw my daily supply and abu
ndance from this cosmic storehouse of universal riches. God is my banker.
Fifth Money Mantra:
Use on Friday. Desire is the cosmic key to these universal treasures. I now des
ire money, houses, lands, jewels, cars, stocks, and other things of value, beli
eving that they are for me.
Sixth Money Mantra:
Use on Saturday. I now accept my divine heritage of abundance and riches. I rea
lize I am an heir to a
kingdom and it is my Father s pleasure to give me everything I need to make me com
Seventh Money Mantra:
Use on Sunday. Today I give thanks for the riches showered on me by my loving F
ather in the past. I utilize these riches for the good of others and I share my
good with the world