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Girls Hostel Management

System (User Manual)

Made by:
Fahad Bashir
Supervised By:
ICT Department
Sukkur Institute of Business Administration

Sukkur Institute of Business


Girls Hostel Management System

This document describes the Girls Hostel Management System Web based Interface System, which
tracks In and Out activities of girls hostellers throughout hostel life in Sukkur IBA.

This document will be used by hosteller to run the system for playing their role in the system.

Project Details

A Brief Description of the project

This System is made to inform their parents of their children which are registered in girls hostel
Sukkur IBA about their In and Out activities.

This System will be used by Hosteller and Warden/Provost.

The main Feature of the Software

It helps in Keeping track of girls hosteller about their in and out activities.

It maintains the data of every hosteller in the School in terms of his/her Personal Info,
relatives info, Tickets (request) Info.

This System helps the administration to know for reporting purpose.

How it works

Web based software will be presented to hosteller.

Login Id and password will be used as cms login id and password.

Hostellers of Sukkur IBA Hostel will be using the system.

Login Screen
First user should visit url:
Hosteller can login by providing their CMS-ID and password.

Dashboard Screen
After successfully login, dashboard screen will be opened with tickets
and the numbers of different tickets that yet has been submitted.
Hosteller can visit type of tickets by clicking More info.

Menu Left-bar Shared Screen

On the left side of every screen menu screen will be shown, which will
navigate to particular screen after clicking it.
Major types of screen are Dashboard and Tickets.

Tickets Screen
After clicking on Tickets Menu, following screen will be shown to
hosteller, which shows categories of tickets which are followed by
descending order.
Hosteller can search tickets by ID, Title, Hosteller CMS-ID, Status, and
date of ticket creation.

Hosteller can submit ticket by clicking on Open Ticket button, after

clicking on it following screen will be popped-up.
User Form Procedure:

Send request to particular warden by selecting from list box.

Select type of request from list box.
Click on the calendar field, two calendars will be popped-up as
shown in figure, calendar 1 will be used for Expected checkout( when hosteller will go outside) purpose and calendar 2 will be
used for Expected Check-in(when hosteller will return) purpose.
Select type of transport which will pick you on the gate.
Select type of accompany who will be pick you on the gate. If you
select other then you have to provide the Accompany CNIC,
Accompany Type, and accompany relationship.
Finally, provide reason detail for request (Ticket) and submit ticket.
Note: User can send one ticket at a time, system will not permit to
send another ticket, If any of users ticket is on pending or Accepted

state. User can cancel ticket if it is on pending state and user can
ask for warden /provost to cancel accepted ticket.

Slip Screen
After clicking any of ticket title in Tickets screen, following screen will
be shown, which is categorized by following five parts:
1. Hosteller Info: which describes required hosteller info who has
submitted a ticket.

2. Timing: It shows different types of timing to capture movement of

event, such as when request was submitted,
accepted/denied/cancelled, etc.

3. Accompany: It shows required info accompany with hosteller went

outside of Sukkur-IBA and Status shows: Self that she went by herself,
Known shows that she went with accompany which is registered in
system, and Unknown shows that she went with accompany which is
not registered In system.

4. Transport: It shows info of type of vehicle that hosteller used at the

gate of Sukkur IBA .

5. Official Authority: It shows who accepted/denied/cancelled ticket,

who allowed to be checked-out at the gate and allowed checked-in at

the gate, and the remarks given by warden/provost.

Logout Screen
After clicking on corner button of header screen, user can logout by

clicking on logout button.

Email Services Snapshots

Warden/provost Email View
After submitting a ticket by hosteller, email will be sent to the warden

in cc with provost warden/provost can view following view.

Hosteller Email View

After submitting a ticket by hosteller, email will be sent to the warden

in cc with provost warden/provost can view following view.