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3A Aero Model ESC User Manual

1. Functional features:
 Applicable power voltage scope: Input VCC:2.9V~4.2V (1 Li-Battery).
 Working current: ESC persistent current: 2.5A;
Persistent working for 30+ sec on 3A load;
Instant working current: 3.5A.

 Achieve positive rotation and rollback through regulating motor wires.

 Advanced heuristic algorithm applied to meet the requirements of motors with
different magnetic poles number.
 Secure electrification
Once electrified, the motor won’t be started immediately no matter where the
throttle rocker on remote controller is put.
 Lost remote controlled signal protection
When the signal transmitted between emitter and receiver is bad or instable,
power of motor will be cut off gradually by protection program after 2 seconds. If
signal recovered in the 2 seconds, it will resume previous working condition.
 High temperature protection
Cooling-down can be achieved by limiting the power when it’s reaching the
setting value. If the temperature continues going up, the power supply will be cut
off gradually.
 Protection on abnormal voltages
When the input voltage is lower than 2.9V or higher than 4.4v, the ESC runs
protection program.
 Li-Battery protection
Motor power supply will be cut off gradually when the electric quantity on battery is
found lower than the setting value.
 Halted run protection
If propeller is locked, the max power output will be limited at 36%.
 Parameters configurable
Configure internal parameters with Configuration card or the rocker of transmitter.
2. Connection illustration

(Connection chart for normal ESC usage)

(Connection chart for ESC configuration)
(UBEC module used to convert the voltage of battery into 5V )

3. Parameters

Value 0 1 2 3 4 5 6

1 Start Mode skip Fast start Soft start Very soft

2 Break Force Disable Soft Normal Hard
3 Acceleration Mode Faster Fast Normal Slow Slower
4 Timing Advance Low Standard High Higher
advance advance advance
5 Cut-off Voltage Disable 2.9V/Cell 3.0V/Cell 3.1V/Cell 3.2V/Cell 3.3V/Cell
skip 80ºC 90ºC 100ºC 110ºC
6 Cut-off
7 Protect Type Soft cut-off Cut-off

4. Configuration with rocker

1) Apply max throttle, power it up, two beeps, wait 3 seconds, a long
beep indicating the max throttle measured.
2) Apply min throttle, wait 1.5 seconds, a long beep indicating the min
throttle measured.
3) Pull the rocker to neutral (center), wait 1 second, 4 successive
beeps indicating entering configuration. Now if you pull the rocker
down, it means you just set the max and min positions, or you keep
this position and there will be 1 beep per 2 seconds, then it’s telling
parameter 1 is ready to be configured.
4) Pull rocker to max position, wait 1 second, 2 successive beeps,
enter configuration of parameter 1, and now set parameter 1 as 0.
5) Pull the rocker to min position from max, 2 successive beeps for one
time indicating adding 1 value to parameter 1; pull the rocker from
min to max, also 2 successive beeps for one time, also indicating
adding 1 value to parameter 1. If you add value when the parameter
is already at the max value, your operation will NOT change
6) Pull the rocker to the neutral from max or min, 3 successive beeps
indicating parameter 1 is set. Keep this position for 2 seconds, 2
successive beeps every 2 seconds indicating parameter 2 is ready
to be configured.(Before you enter configuration for other
parameters, there will also be the corresponding successive beeps
every 2 seconds)
7) Repeat the steps from 4 to 6 to finish the setting of parameter 2, and
the same process for other parameters.
8) In the setting process, if you pull the rocker from neutral to min,
there will be some beeps (3 successive beeps+ 1 short beep+ 1
long beep) to indicate you terminate configuration. However, when
all the parameters are set, even if the rocker is in the neutral
position, there will also be the same beeps to indicate all parameters
are set.
9) Pull the rocker to min, a long beep indicating entering normal flying
1) Every successful setting will have beep(s).
2) The max and min positions of throttle will be reset every time
some parameter(s) is configured.
3) In the configuration process, when you have finished step 3, if you
pull the rocker to neutral from max or min position and wait for 1
second at any time, it always means you are trying to terminate the
4) To skip setting of current parameter, you have to pull the rocker
from neutral to max position and then back to neutral. Such
operation means current parameter setting is 0.
5) There is such regularity. Parameter value is always even numbers
if you pull rocker from max position to neutral and always odd
numbers from min.
6) In the setting process, when you have finished step 3, it always
means to terminate the setting whenever you pull the rocker from
neutral to min position. Then if you pull the throttle now, it will
enter normal flying mode, when you have heard the termination
beeps, you need to be VERY CARFUL.
5. Parameter setting chart
Command legends

Parameters settings chart

Parameter setting process chart
6. Protection in abnormal condition

Protection program will be triggered and beep alert(s) goes when abnormal condition is
found, details as follow:
 Lost signal protection: beep once a second
 High temperature protection: 3 beeps once a second
 Abnormal voltages, battery protection: 1 beep every 2 seconds
 Rocker NOT on min throttle position when electrified: beep once a second

Caution: When protection program is triggered, motor will be cut

off gradually and then program will check throttle position, if it’s on
Min position, ESC goes in Standby status.