“Learn Wushu in a Sec”


“Wushu” literally means "martial art". It is the correct term for the more commonly known but misused term kung fu, which roughly translates to "skill" and refers specifically to the energy, feeling and effort expended in doing or making something. A craftsman or artisan could be said to have good "kung fu" in the way in which they carry out their craft. In the same way, a wushu practitioner can also be said to have good "kung fu" with their Wushu practice. Displayed here from left to right is the most basic form of “Wushu.” It is taught to all beginners, and is practiced frequently by more advanced-level practitioners due to the form's main ability to “teach” your muscles basic foundation. The name of this particular for is “Wu Bu Tran.” It is an incredibly short form, compared to more advanced levels, and is of the simplest moves. It is often replicated on both sides in order to extend its performance value (time), spanning for about 20~30 seconds depending on the pace the practitioner goes. It is only 10 steps in total, and can be learned in a flash. For more information about wushu as well as videos, please check out:


Learn Wushu in a Sec – Caesar Tin-U

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