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Teacher: Wilson Cardoza

Grade: III Bachillerato

Subject: Writing Academic English
Activity: Argumentative Essay Project

Student: ..
Date: May 4th, 2015.


Read the following instructions carefully and make sure to follow
them accurately. Avoid any future problems.
1- Due dates MUST be respected strictly. Points will be deducted if dates are not
respected as indicated on the established timetable.
2- This is an argumentative extended essay; therefore, it must be an essay
where you will take a stand about the topic chosen, not just an essay where
you merely inform about a certain subject or explain a process. When
choosing the topic for your essay, choose one that you feel attracted and are
familiar with, so you can develop it appropriately. Avoid historical, religious,
sports, or music topics. Topics which are still on theoretical phases in the
scientific community or are considered conspiracy theories should be avoided
as well.
3- Once the topic has been selected, you must start researching. Look for
information about your topic in newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias,
books, or the Internet. You must also interview at least three local
experts on the topic and include these interviews in your essay. This
is a must. Your sources must be updated (not older than 5 years) and
reliable. You should have at least 10 good sources for your final draft. The
more sources you provide on your paper through paraphrasing content and
in-text citations, the more consolidated your paper will be and the easier it
will be to prove your thesis in your final presentation. Your advisor will guide
you on what a dependable source is. An excellent idea in order to find solid
sources is to look for those websites that end in .gov, .org, or .edu as
opposed to the more common websites that end in .com. All your sources
cited within your essay must be part of your reference list.
4- Your drafts (from the first to the final drafts) must be turned in with proper
indentation, using verdana 10, double spaced, and every paragraph must be
appropriately separated.
5- Your essay must be well developed; that is, it has to comply with the
instructions given in class related to the introductory paragraph, body
paragraphs developing the thesis, and a concluding paragraph. Your essay
must have no less than 4000 words.
6- You must write it using your own words and ideas, quoting your sources when
necessary using the APA style. Avoid plagiarism. This will give you a ZERO

in your project. Follow the instructions given in class when it comes to using
quotes, statistics, or other sources.
7- An English teacher will be assigned as your advisor in order to guide you in
the process of writing your extended essay, but remember that all grammar
and content corrections are done by you. Remember that the development
of this essay is your responsibility; your advisor is there to clarify any
doubts you may have during this process. It is your responsibility to look
for your advisor as frequent as you may find it necessary, but do not
expect him to be after you if you show no concern, this will not happen.
8- Together with the final draft, you must submit a visual aid which will be used
on the day of your oral presentation. Failing to send such aid on the
established date will take 2,5 points off from the grade to be
obtained for the presentation.
9- Save every piece of evidence of your research. This will also be turned in to
your advisors at the end of your work on a separate standard folder.
10-You will be given a copy of the grading criteria. It is your obligation to be well
aware of the items being graded in order to avoid future misunderstandings.
11-Remember, this extended essay represents 10% of your graduating
grade; therefore, you must be serious about it and make your best effort in
order to avoid unpleasant situations in the end.
12-The school will not justify your absence on the date of your oral presentation;
therefore, you must attend classes normally in the morning of such
13-It is mandatory that both of your parents accompany you on the day of your
presentation. Failing to comply with this instruction will not let you present
your essay and consequently be penalized.
14-You must wear proper attire: clean dark suit, well shaved, short hair, on the
day of your oral presentation. Formality of your outer image will enhance
your presentation.
15On the day of your final presentation, you will be given no more
than 10 minutes to prove your thesis through argumentation based
solely on your written essay and you are to use your PPT to support
you on this task.
16Avoid videos and needless wording on your PPT slides: timing is
crucial on your final presentation day.