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Arteries of the Upper Extremity

Subclavian Artery
R Subclavian A
Found beneath the clavicle)
Which transports blood to the R upper limb

L Subclavian A
Transports blood to the L upper limb

Subclavian Artery
Arises from the
brachiocephalic A (R
Subclavian A)
or from the arch of the
Aorta (L Subclavian A)
At the outer border of
the first rib, it becomes
the Axillary A

Branches of the Subclavian A:

1. Vertebral A
2. Thyrocervical trunk
a) Inf. Thyroid A
b) Superf. (transverse)
cervical A
c) Suprascapular A
(transverse scapular A)

Axillary Artery
The main artery to the upper limb
O cont of the subclavian A
T lower border of the teres major mm where
it is continued as the brachial A

Branches of the Axillary A:

1st part:
1. Superior thoracic A
2n part:
1. Thoraco-acromial A
2. Lateral thoracic A
3rd part:
1. Subscapular A
a) Circumflex scapular A
b) Thoraco-dorsal A
2. Post. Circumflex humeral A
3. Ant. Circumflex humeral A

Circumscapular Anastomosis:
1. Deep branch of the
Superf. (transverse)
cervical A
2. Suprascapular A
3. Subscapular A
4. Circumflex scapular A
5. Thoraco-dorsal A

Brachial Artery
The main artery to the arm
O- cont of the axillary A
T- cubital fossa, opposite the neck of the
radius, where it divides into terminal

Branches of the Brachial A:

1. Profunda Brachii A
2. Superior Ulnar
Collateral A
3. Nutrient A
4. Supratrochlear or
Inf. Ulnar Collateral A
5. Muscular Branches

Terminal branches of the Brachial A:

1. Radial Artery
2. Ulnar Artery

Radial Artery
Smaller terminal branch of the brachial A.
O= begins at the level of the cubital fossa at the
level of the neck of radius
T= leaves the forearm by winding around the lat
aspect of the wrist.

Ulnar Artery
Is the larger of the two terminal branches of
the brachial A.
O= begins in the cubital fossa at the level of the
neck of radius.
T= ends by forming the superficial palmar arch.

Branches of the Radial A:

1. Radialis indicis A

Given off b/w the 1st interosseous and the transverse

head of the adductor pollicis to the lat. Border of the
index finger , as the LATERAL PALMAR DIGITAL A.

2. Princips Pollicia A
Covered by the oblique head of the adductor pollicis,
it proceeds along the palmar surface of the 1st
metacarpal bone, and ends distally by dividing into
two PALMAR DIGITAL As of the thumb.

Branches of the Ulnar A:


Anterior Ulnar Recurrent A

Posterior Ulnar Recurrent A
Common Interosseous A
Anterior Carpal Branch
Posterior Carpal Branch
Deep Branch
Muscular Branches

Palmar Arches
1. Superficial Palmar Arch
Formed by the union superficial branch of the
radial A with the ulnar A

2. Deep Palmar Arch

Union of the deep branch of the radial A with the
superficial branch of the ulnar A