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20277 Plainview ♦ DETRIOT, MICHIGAN 48219

Home Phone (313) 535-8048
Cell (313)-303-3227

I am a manager / supervisor with excellent people skills committed to encouraging,

leading and taking ownership of the company standard operating procedures in which
strong leadership skills will be used to improve operation, reduce cost and increase

♦ Ability to work well with other people at all levels.
♦ Customer service driven.
♦ Flexible and easily adaptable to new environment, job requirements and learning
♦ Hard working individual with strong supervising skills.
♦ Personally committed to excellence in all aspects of job performance.
♦ Import / Export shipping & receiving with Customs experience in the Foreign
Trade Zone.
♦ Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
♦ Exceptionally strong organization skills.
♦ Excellent analytical, team and problem-solving skills.

♦ Warehouse layout of Floor storage, Racking (finished, raw & purchased product),
QC area (hold & inspection), PPAP location, Inbound receiving, Outbound
shipping, Forklift (storage & training) and Production line/s.
♦ RF scanning for data base receiving & non with bar codes.
♦ Implemented policies and procedure to ensure materials were available when
♦ Developed and implemented inventory procedures.
♦ Maintained a cost effective inventory for Just in Time.
♦ Managed and maintained production schedule.
♦ Located new sources and contacts to save company money.
♦ Manage and audit inventories.

2008 – 10 – 2009 – 12
TECHNICOLOR ♦ Livonia, Michigan ♦ Supervisor

I manage the first shift daily distribution of customer build requirements of CDs, DVDs
and Computer Games requested to be shipped to numerous clients as Best Buy, Wal-Mart
etc. The second shift I managed from 1 to 8 production lines in Custom Packaging.
♦ I manage the receiving of finished and raw material from Inventory Control.
♦ I manage thirty production workers, 4 team leaders, 2 gate keepers, 2 forklifts
Drivers & 8 shipping clerks.
♦ Second shift production lines consisted of 1 team leader, 1 machine operator &
5 to 24 line workers each.

2007 – 06 – 2008 - 10
CEVA Logistics ♦ Dearborn, Michigan ♦ Supervisor 1 Engine & Fuel Tank Plant

I manage the third shift daily operations for the Material Planning & Logistics
department for the Ford Motor Dearborn Engine & Fuel Tank Plant.
♦ I manage the receiving of inbound raw material & storage.
♦ I manage the receiving of purchased product & storage.
♦ I manage 4 shipping & receiving clerks, 2 market managers, 4 productions
Line route delivery drivers & 20 forklift drivers.
♦ I manage FIFO.
1999 – 11 - 2007 – 03
WF Whelan Company ♦ Romulus, Michigan 48174 ♦ Production /Warehouse Mgr

I manage the daily operational activities for the WF Whelan site management and
automotive J.I.T. customer’s requirements. Generate work instruction and operation
reports used in assessing effectiveness of warehouse. Supervise and prioritize work
assignments for two assistant warehouse managers, five team leaders, sixteen forklift
drivers, one hundred general laborers and two truck drivers.
♦ I manage the WF Whalen Finish and Raw Inventory.
♦ I manage the C.Core warehouse management system.
♦ I manage all shipping and receiving functions including accurate and timely
documentation, data entry, and product identification and advanced shipping
♦ I manage the guidelines set forth in MIOSHA, WF Whelan safety handbook and
ongoing training for those guidelines.
♦ I manage timely performance reviews and disciplinary documentation.
♦ Responsible for communication between Assistant Managers and Team Leaders
at the shift change and exchange information related to the days activities
requiring ongoing attention.
♦ Responsible for warehouse management, distribution functions, material
handling, forklift drivers training and license, conduct lost and damage claim
investigation and expedite functions.
♦ Responsible for maintaining a positive work environment and fostering team
♦ FMEA trained.

1987 – 01 – 1999 - 11
Standard Products Company ♦ Dearborn, Michigan ♦ Operations Manager
♦ Operations Manager Westborn Service Center 1996 – 1999
♦ Distribution Manager 1998 – 1999
♦ General Foreman 1994 – 1997
♦ Second Shift Foreman 1987 – 1994

1986 – 01 – 1987 - 01
Kelly Temporary Services ♦ Dearborn, Michigan
♦ Blueprint machines
♦ General labor

1984 – 01 - 1986 - 01
North Central Industries ♦ Muncie, Indiana 47302
♦ Shipping and Receiving fireworks.

References upon request