vamp_chick - bella music man5000 - edward prankmaster - emmett blond_wiv_a_brain - rosalie pixie&proud - alice EMO-kid - jasper THEdoctor

- carlisle mothernature - esme loch_ness_monster - renesmee not_so_lonely_wolf - jacob ilovepie - quil 007 - embry AAP - sam mysteriousone - jared anger_management - paul pusscat - aro idon'tspeak - marcus gankster - ciaus vamp_chick has logged on pixie&proud has logged on blond_wiv_a_brain has logged on mothernature has logged on ALL - were is my man !!!!!!! vamp_chick - your's are all missing to huh ? pixie&proud - yep, have you seen jasper? vamp_chick - nope, hum,,,, i wonder why all of the boys are hiding? blond_wiv_a_brain - well i don't know but i want my emie bear back mothernature - *gasps* did you just call him emmie bear , oh... you are never go nna live this down muahmuahmuah pixie&proud - did you just do an evil laugh esme *gasps* and at your own daughte r? mothernature - no !!! well ok but you got to admit it was funny right........... .right? vamp_chick&pixie&proud - your right *both burst into fits of giggles* blond_wiv_a_brain - god it is just a figure of speech . you guys are so immature mothernature - well lokk whos acting all grown up all of a sudden . vamp_chick - you are a bitch rosalie so this is payback for all those times that you were mean to me while i was human blod_wiv_a_brain - alice......? pixie&proud -i agree with bella blond_wiv_a_brain - mum..? mothernature - sorry dear but i agree with bella she deserves revenge blond_wiv_a_brain - ............................*runs off crying*.......... blond_wiv_a_brain has logged off to find emmie bear "gah!!" i mean my husband loch_ness_monster has logged on loch_ness_monster - hey has anybody seen jake? vamp_chick - ohhh.... not him too now all of the men are missing pixie&proud - i want my husband *starts vampire dry sobbing* mothernature - wre oh were could they be ? pussycat has logged on pussycat - hi everyone i couldn't help over hearing your conversation. i have yo ur husbands hear in volterra and if you don't come and rescue them soon then the y will be forced to eat human food and drink human liquid all - WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, hang on boys we are coming to

save you vamp_chick has logged off to save her husband pixie&proud has logged off to get jazzy back mothernature has logged off to go find rosalie ad tell her the bad news and then go and save her husband loch_ness_monster has logged off to find jakey pussycat - the coast is cleae guys they are on a plane to italy as we speak music man5000 has logged on prankmaster ahs logged on EMO-kid has logged on THEdoctor has logged on not_so_lonely_wolf has logged on all but jacob - hey what are you doing here dog we did not invite you !!!!???? not_so_lonely_wolf has logged off because he is a loner and nobody likes him all - thanks aro they were starting to get on my nerves the are way to clingy LM AO pussycat - s'ok music man5000 has logged to enjoy his wife free day prankmaster has logged off to revel in freedom Emo-kid has logged off to go water skiing THEdoctor has logged off to go cliff diving pussycat has logged off to (once again) try and kill himself( and fail)

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