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For Private Ckeuiation thar, £2. 22 Teeaz 2084 a sen sarge wciniarat fers saeheaeh Ream ara ta sis. re reraie wrerdter ufaeed ard fara wreath re ART canary Freer anf tte. area srka sree otra wae se st srr fea ara see Tat aia aneta. arte wate Te a a rete sree an era aT Srey siren emigre orn wer eT. el) WA ahs a a arcaaratremari emer eea, acfardt sreacoar faite arden The ae ite a sem ron ae a earl deed ie, A sea felt Ve, athena per aren arora, q teat area Ha satin, Pret ‘faa stay aE Assumption waratar fren srrert stad anfaerngfaaniiersaiera art iri sere sce 2p. Prem wate garcva sregarsrt of Blessed arenes sich toa ae “aegn as Soya ere eta a S come ey + Hearse — Virgin Mary * fee neice at srgorerdt ater faery cere Saree o sw on, an ae ngewe omer ini into “fees afer a, ‘anv anmnrey peatacessaat Bheauen att aden eeafacancen a earcseitancen Etiieo spent Bishop conducts BCC Animators’ Training Program Mary Assumed Into Heaven 1e Church sings in the liturgy of the Assumption that Mary was exalted above the choirs of Angels and the Saints. What made Mary worthy of this honour. At the annanciation the Angel said "Hail Mary full of grace" Why was Mary so privileged? Because shewasmost docile, there was no rebellion in her against the spirit. She was immersed in God's love and grace penetrating her wholebeing with Hislight. Mary was born without thestain of original sin. As God preserved her from the corruption of sin, He preserved also fromthe corruption of the grave. The desire of the ‘world never touched her pure soul and she was preserved body and soul. Her treasure was in heaven and nothing on earth had the power to attract or attach her. She is the fairest among, women because of her conformity to God's vill twas iting that the bride of the Holy Spirit should dwell inthe bridal Chambers of heaven. She ‘was the collaborator of God the Father to fulfill His plan of salvation. Her extraordinary grace filled life made her an ieon forall thase who turn to her in faith. She was lifted up to heaven body and soul because of her lowliness, obedience and simplicity. Her yes tothe salvifeplan of God changed thefateofallhuman being. Mary is blessed because she heard the word of God and kept it. Her Assumption is the divine acknowledgement of her perfect conformity with Jesus the Saviour. Like a morning star her life ‘continues to shine in the world as ‘ourmother and intercessor. When she entered heaven, Mary was welcomed by the biessed Trinity before whom she prostrated hherselfin humble adoration while the angels and Saint came to pay homage to her as their Queen What unspeakable joy is hers to find herself beside the throne of herSon.Jesus, Mary stands as a sign of God's {great desire to be with us through prayer. AS our companion in Prayer, she leads us to Jesus; inspiring and motivating as to commune with God in the very depth of ourbeing and to open our hearts to receive the unbounded influxofdivine love, Sr.Smita Malu Mother House, Amravati A GLIMMER OF HOPE CE Whenever you did this for one of the least important of these brothers of mine, you did it for me" (Mt. 25/40). "Being inspired by these divine words of Jesus "Assisi Sisters began to render their service in the field of less privileged in the Society in Maharashtra To give shape tothe disfigured face of Jesus in the modern world of power and Position, we come forward to be a ray of hope to the desperate, wounded, and frustrated parents of the disabled children. Mentally Challenged persons people consider them useless in the Society, parents end relatives look at them as ifthey are the curse for the family and label them 'raad! o pagal. They have insufficiency, inability and deficiency. Inspiteof all these they too are human beings and they are created in the image and likeness of God. Theery of every mentally Challenged child is nothing but we are human beings, treat us ikehuman beings. ‘Their cry echoed in the hearts of Some of the Zealous missionaries ‘of ASMI and they opened Centres for these differently abled children. ‘At present our province has four Centres for the mentally Challenged Children. We strive to fulfil our mission with the motto, service with love and care. We do ‘not make them ready to write public cxems and complete their graduation, but our main aim is to help them to stand in the Society ontheirlegs. Our intellectually Challenged Children might be lacking in some acetone ES of the mental facilities that we, the normal people boast of, but they are permanently endowed with some of the purest emotions which in our case, become the carly casualties in the process of growth. Their disarming smiles, their complete trust their open- armed welcome, and transparency reduce our complex ‘world toa few delightful shades of simpleand brighteolours. Being 2 special teacher 1 ean say that the training we give them with Love and patience, in fact helps them to have progress in their behaviour pattern. We start with activities of daily living (ADL) and continue with the others skills which are vital for a person tolivein theSociety. Apart fromthiswegivethem Voeational Training such as Greeting Cards, Filo making, Key Chains, Flower makingete.. and make them independent. The constant efforts with the able ‘guidance of their teachers enable them to prove that they are not disabled butdifferently abled. Some of us keep a distance from disabled people, Some are frightened of them. Some feel somesort of sympathy with them, So they don't want to come near ‘and talk to them, fam reminded ‘fa sentence. There is something that is much more scarce, something rare than ability. It is the ability torecognize ability. Yes the duty of a special teacher is to find out their ability, potential within them and to give them, proper guidance, We need to bring out the possibility of their being gifted with some additional power falling beyond ourhorizon of our understanding, might remain permanently inthe realm, of speculation one gift they do posses and which is very demonstrably evident is their being a great unifjing force. Though they are Tess privileged they have only one thing to tel you and me. Please don't think only of our disability. We to can win our world- if give the ‘opportunity. ‘Their growth doesn't occur on a day, ora week oramonth. Butwe need to wait years and years for a skill development. "I. strongly believe that every individual has something special and unique to offer tothe world. Every child has something incredibly special in him. Today we look at aptitude fonly in terms of grades and cortainskelsets, We often opine that only when a child has a certain type of talent, ‘will he climb thecitadelof success, Each soul is unique being whose name Godcalled atthe moment of its conception. No matter whether the person is normal or handicapped, rich or poor, great or small. Everyone has God's something special. We learn alot from our special children. Each of their aets has something to teach us. They cry with those who ery. ‘They rejoice with those who rejoice. They make us ashamed of ur ignoranee regarding name, fame and position. They laugh at ‘our selfish motivations. ‘They smile at our tension and worties Theychallengo vs to be fully human. There are times we bowed our heads before their sincerelove. Special Schools are the temples of consolation to the parents and siblings. And it enables them to have change in their attitude towards their mentally challenged children. Our schools for the mentally challenged children stand as the glimmer of expectation, a ray of hope, « lantern amidst the thick darkness to those who are distressed, hopeless, and disappointed. 1 am grateful to God for blessing me with this great call to serve the poor and ‘marginalized, less privileged in the Society. 1 wish and pray that let many more dedicated souls come forward to render their valuable service for the poor and deprived in the Society and become the voice ofthe voiceless, “Father Lord of heaven and earth 1 thank you becanse you have shown tothe unlearned whet you have hidden from the wise and Teamed, Yes, father this was how youwanted tohappen” - Assisi Asha Deep Amravati. we CELEBRATION OF CONSECRATED LIFE Bishop, withthe help ofthepower _andshareg questions 1 Whatis the point,explained themission ofthe ‘special offer ‘of C.R.L. during this Chureh'-proclamation of the year of Consecrated Life? 2 How core than 65 religious women and men gathered at Staavier’s Cathedral, to celebrate GOOD NEWS. Jesus is The Good Consecrated life in a unique way Newstohumanity, the primordial levels? 3How can we make the ‘and to feel blessed, renewed and -_SteTamentofGodtohumanity.He "wake up call! of Pope Francis « explained the encircles of Pope realty in our life and mission? supported by the prayers and presence of one another and a good points came up , one of of which was to pray for other Several practical number parishners. Our Shepherd, Rey, Bishop Elias Gonsalves, coneelebrated the Mass with six priests, During the hhomily, he spoke about the call and the choice we make forGod. communities. Every community picked up a slip and we are faithful to it ‘Then we were shown the clipping" Iam a catholic, 1 am alive" Later we had few action songs and ‘some games and t he Paul the 6th, John Paul 2nd and etic ait eat ace ante atee oes Goue|adea rite a z oe ca the recent letters of Pope Franci —_defciousneal Hee en re Paes He emphasized the need fora new vocations, in families, from This celebration ‘has surely evangelization in and the new childhood. The liturgy was nS: brought us closer tooneanother. It was an appropriate time to thank Jesus forchoosing ustobehisown phenomenon in evangelization- 1 Who preserve sincere faith » Who hhave been baptized but do not prepared by different local communities. Every community ——— meinem ese ad eee know Christ and who reject Christ oS oy . ete After the Holy Mass, cake was ‘New evangelization implies, Se net year every parish in our diocese distributed to all. After Few courage to forge new path, sere oe ee celebrated this day inameaningful minutes break, the first session responding to the new situation, ie aan began with thesong'Wake Upthe new in its ardor, new in its pas a oO Rota World ‘and a prayer for the methods, and new in its “»ieeeslebrations. consecrated persons. Our dear expression. —Sr-Alexine 5.0; President, C. shop, Elias Gonsalves was th , Peon ie one © After the frst talk, went to our Amravati, resource pertan. for the day. soul groupe to reflect together ee Mt. Carmel Celebrate School Feast And Founder’s Day (0° July : The school feast and founder's day of Mt. Carmel, Akola was celebratedon 20th July 20x5inthe school auditorium. The function ‘was presided over by His Lordship Bishop Blias Gonsalves. The chief quest were former principal of Mt. Carmel Rev.Fr. George and Shr. G. Shrikant, the collector of Akola ‘The dignitaries were traditionally welcomed with aarti. His Lordship Bisiop Elias Gonsalves garlanded the portrait of Mother Mary, Fr. Norbert Braganga and Bishop Joseph Rosario. The function was inaugurated by lighting the lamp. ‘The program was conducted by Rajshree Sharma and Amarja Morey ‘The new principal of the school, Rev. Fr. Mathew Karicakal was introduced by Teacher Amarja. The cultural program, which was conducted by Miss. Srishti Raut and Master Govind Agrawal, began with a welcome song which vias followed by aspeech delivered by Miss. Shreya Kukreja who traced the history of Mt. Carmel ‘School, highlighted its glorious achievements. This was followed bby « prayer dance performed by dance class students. Then the little ones from class {If presented afoot-tappingdanee. HSC. and SS.C. students who achieved high grades were felicitated heartily with bouquets by the dignitaries. Hon. Shri G. Shrikant gave am encouraging speech after felicitation ‘Thereafter, Master Moige Mulla of lass X enchanted everyone with his song. It was followed by an inspirational speech delivered by His Lordship Bishop Elias Gonsalves. Master Shrava Patil, who stood second in State in SSC exam, in his speech gave credit to the Principal and teachers for his success, The Program continued ‘with a spectacular dance by Class vill. The new Principal Rev. Fr. Mathew Karickal and former principal were felicitated by staff members. Rev. Fr. Mathew in his speech praised the dedication and cere and tireless efforts of former principal Rev. Fr. George in developing the school. Rev.Fr. George too gave an inspirational speceh. He enlightened the students and inspired thom to do their best. Vote of thanks was given by Miss Srishti Raut. The Program concluded with a melodious song sung by Teacher Nagma Javed and Teacher Bhagyashri Bhaltilak. The Induction Ceremony at Pusad 1 indietion ceremony of new parish priest of St. Mary’s Church, Pusad was held on Sunday 22th of July 2015. The ceremony was presided over by RLRev. Bliss Gonsalves the Bishop of Amravati Diocese in the presence of Fr. Mario D'sowa MSFS, the Episcopal Vicar of the ioeese and all the parishioners who were presentinall strength. At the outset the whole congregationassembled in frontof the Church. The Bishop welcom Fr, Mathew Theruvath the would EY soess00 001) 90 8m be parish priest by offering him a flower. Then he led him and the entire congregation into the Church, In his introductory speech the Bishop instructed the parishioners about the duties and responsibilities of the parish priest and he earnestly extorted them to cooperate with him and assist him wholeheartedly so that the parish canbecomeactiveand vibrant. On behalf of the parishioners Mr. Sachin Parkhe assured the Bishop that they will actively co-operate with the parish priest in all his parish related activities In his reply speech Fr. Mathew sincerely thanked the parishioners for the warm welcome they had given him and earnestly requested them to keep up this temper. He also assured them thathe iseverat their service, and said that all are vwelcometo approach him any time with regard to religious and spiritual matters, and invoked God'sbiessings on everyone. _Sachin Parkhe, Pusad Amravati Diocesan Health and Well Being Meeting mravati Diocesan Board Aw lesin iaboration with CBCI- CARD and Catholic Health Association of India conducted ‘one day seminar on RNTCP and Repositioning of Health Mission ‘on Tuesday, 21th July 2015, Many Government Officials in connection with Revised National ‘Tuberculosis Control Program participated in the seminar. Rt Rev. Elias Gonsalves, Bishop of in his. presidential address, appreciated and approved the dedicated service done by the health professionalsin the diocese. He stated that the ‘emerging need for the Diocesan Health Apostolate is networking and collaborating with the Ama government as well as other like- ‘minded NGOs for the smooth functioning of our institutions. ‘Sr. Muktha SCC through her usual vibrant and vivacious self enthralled the audience with her introduction to the seminar. Sr Dr, Lissy Jose gave a striking and evoeative weleome to all the dignitaries and all those who have gathered for thesominar. Dr. Sushma Thakare the City Tuberculosis Officer, presented the statisties of Tuberculosis ofthe city ofAmravati Dr. Samsuddin khan, the state TB project co-coordinator, gave the National Guidelines for Partnership in the New Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programoflndia. Rey. Fr. J. A Ramsheen, the Director of Social Work of Amravati diocese gave the valedictory speech aptly placing before us the acknowledgement of ‘gratitude and praising the selfless health service provided. Sr, Dr. Rachitha who is the secretary for the Diocesan Board of Health and Wellness conducted 4 session on the topic “join arms for future". She focused on repositioning the future strategic interventions by CHAI &CBCI to continue the healing ministry of Jesus in today's context and discussed the possibilities of the health ministry in ourdiocese. ‘The diocese of Amravati hasbegun the process of networking with CBCI office for Health Care and CHAI for bettering the health eare services. In the end a three member core committee was set ‘upand the probable candidates for appointing a fulltime Diocesan Health Coordinator were recommended by the members attended the seminar. Sr.Leena SCC expressed the words of gratitude expressing profoundly the opport Stone in the right direetion to better the health care in our Giocese. ity as @ steppi gala & are aria ara veett feaa TARE ratte rete Parte & fey aj afer ob reaerer Bare Te en wert @ Se eR a araare A TG FRONT oh ere a7 Ret HIS BS ArT ech Raw 81 gH TARE FH grea ott actorers 8 773 + fare seh afte ar ara amet weet eter @ | ER ATT aihave, 2 ret ah vech fea + carer et Paeattar a a RET yt cree oie aftr

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