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September 2007
The Library Newsette

Cont… Reader of the month from page9 Ana’s favorite subjects include Religion, Economics, Science and Mathematics and claims History as the least she is interested in. She stated that History requires too much memorization, which happens to be her least skill. She loves soft music, Jazz and Bossa Nova in particular. Rock?...it freaks her out. Soft music goes with her study routines. It makes her more receptive, she says. The Library is where she feels at home. Here her thoughts flow like a stream. It’s a place where she recollects the day’s activities and plans for tomorrow. Orderly, she plans for a week’s activities and responsibilities. Our reader for this issue shares a pattern of study habit. She reveals that when she studies, she would read the entire lessons included in the coverage and afterwards, writes everything she could recall and then she would compare her notes with the book and voila! no memorization but rather, reading comprehension. She said in every task she gives her very best or nothing at all. Reading is very important to her. Accordingly, she believes that we learn from our teachers and if we read more, we can compare and evaluate which will therefore help us to understand the lessons permanently. Ana admires life stories or autobiographies and inspirational books. There was a gift that significantly influenced her to read. It’s an inspirational book her brother gave authored by Francis J. Kong. As a habit in reading, Ana would take a statement that strikes her most and writes to expound on it. She feels closer to God when she reads inspiring words. I curiously asked her if there’s a particular professor she looks up to, she replied, “Mr. Poblete”, their Economics teacher. She finds him very dedicated to his profession that even though he was really sick one particular day, he persistently came to class and taught. Such a great gesture of responsibility. Ana maybe very young but wo departments are better than I admire her enthusiasm. Without a one. doubt, I know, with her right attitude The College Readers’ and positive outlook in life, she will leap Society (CRS) sought the life. support great bounds in this race called

CRS seeks Book Club s support
By Jose Gino Robledo
wo departments are better than one. The College Readers’ Society (CRS) sought the support of the Book Club, an organization composed of Grades IV to VI pupils, in preparing this year’s institutionalized issues of the Library Newsette. Being the official publication of the College’s Learning Resource Center, WE’RE HERE ON THE DOUBLE. the Library Newsette shall feature articles related to Book club members listen to the talk of Mrs. the books found in the Elvira Laguilles. libraries in order to encourage pupils and students to be in the “infotainment” section of the interested in reading books. Newsette. CRS president Katrina Joyce As one of the officers of the Sampher and Library Newsette new institutional organization, Miss layout artist Ryan Lualhati gave Sampher said in a chance interview lectures to the said pupils last Aug. that she was pressured when she 3. The former jumpstarted the first heard the news, yet she would discussion by presenting the do her best because she wanted to organization’s background including leave a legacy before she graduates its vision, mission, and goals. The next school year. latter shared his knowledge about the possible contents to be included


Attention! The Archives Committee is collecting items/documents that pertain to any of the following: • Old pictures preferably from 1910-1940 of Pasig City at the back of the picture, write its importance or significance to Pasig Catholic College. Pictures of alumni with outstanding achievements in their field of endeavor. Kindly state their achievements at the back of their pictures and the year they graduated from Pasig Catholic College. Kindly provide also proof of such achievements, if possible. Significant publication about Pasig Catholic College.

You may submit them to Ms. Cynthia Dulagan at the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Library. Created by trial version, http://www.pdf-convert.com