One on One

September 2007
The Library Newsette

One on One with Ms. PerlitA Antonio
By Maria Lissa Echevarria, BSECE 3


ne thing I love about not really into reading writing is that I get to but when I started write about people I browsing the pages, it admire most and to be caught my attention able to share my and that started it meaningful experiences with all”. She continued, them to others. “That’s why I believe The College Readers’ the best gift you Society has recently come up to could ever give to a its newest idea of including person is a book. My “Special Feature” column. And family played a great there was one person influence to my unanimously voted to be included reading abilities. in its initial issue, Miss Perlita Reading is our Antonio our current Curriculum culture. I started to Development and Personnel have pleasures in Ms. Perlita Antonio, Curriculum Development and Training Officer…(whew…a tough reading and it Personnel Training Officer job!). became a regular Despite her busy schedule, thing, which evolved into a habit. daily, the reason why we need to she was more than willing to Environment plays a major role get into the habit of reading or share her thoughts, especially to a child’s development”. else we will be left behind. And when she learned this would be “What pushed me even third, reading must be our echoed to all the college more to reading was when I was culture, you know, somehow, students. given a book by a friend, its somewhere, there’s a significant She personally defined entitled “Power Shift” by Alvin adult that will influence a child to reading as a “tool” to polish Toffler. It says that during the read and this gift will lead that one’s mental faculties, to 1990’s those who were rich had child to the great road of improve well-being and the power. If you had more knowledge”. enhance capabilities to money, the more powerful you “The founder of Wisdom is further advance one’s skills. get. But its different now, a God. To have Wisdom is to be She claimed, “Reading is a power shift is taking place. close to Him. God said, means to an end…everything The one who knows more has “Everything you need to know is we do must have a purpose. the power. We are in the within you”, we only need to be Why do we read? We may have “Knowledge Age”, we have motivated to polish it”. different reasons but all these will gone beyond as an “Industrial I asked Miss Pearl how boil down to one purpose, Society”. Sometimes we laugh at reading helped her to become knowledge. And the great road the teaser statement of Ernie where she is now and gladly she to knowledge is action. Baron that says, “Knowledge is responded, “I did not come from Certainly when you aim a goal, Power”, but it holds kernels of a wealthy family but there is you must be willing to pay the truth in it”. truth in the saying that, prize.” “I want the students to “Education is power, it is the I asked her when she remember three important facts, great equalizer”. With actually started reading. “I first, Knowledge doubles in Education we become at par with received a gift from a relative every two to three years. any person because we can when I was a child”, she said. “It Second, 7,000 scientific speak for ourselves. was a book entitled “Wizard of articles are being published Oz”. As a child, trial version, http://www.pdf-convert.com naturally I was Turn to…Page 9 Created by