August 2007

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One on One
remarked, “Success is a responsibility”. The reason why God is our co-author. You have a job to do; you have to choose your own life to live. Success depends on the person. Current standard of firms now is Multitasking and knowledge is very important. There is no escaping knowledge. And one can only be equipped through reading. As the saying goes “An intelligent person learns from his own experiences but a more intelligent person learns from the experiences of others”. Books are created from the rich experiences of other people”. “There are different means that may get you into a job but to be able to remain in that job will highly depend on what you could offer. Good intentions and competencies will help you realize your success. When you have good intentions, resources will follow, everything will follow. And do not seek self-glorification. If you seriously aim for success, you must pay the prize, read and read some more, for there is no escaping the “Knowledge Age”. Indeed, wisdom and knowledge overflowed through such short an interview. I myself have formed a new structure of learning with that enriching encounter with Miss Pearl. And to all the readers of this column and I quote Miss Pearl, “Only a habit can subdue another habit”. If you find it difficult to get into the habit of reading, then know this, You have the power to


Cont… One on one from page 8 And only when we read a lot can we fully attain adequate knowledge. We must understand that we are responsible for our own learning”. Curiously I asked her if there’s a particular author she admires. She exclaimed, “Robert Fulghum, he is a modern philosopher who has authored several books, among which are “All I Need To Know, I Learned In Kindergarten” and “Uhoh!” I also like the novelist, John Grisham and Boldman and Deal, authors of Management books”. I told her sooner or later she would be writing her own book, I eagerly asked her what it would be about. With excitement she answered me, “That would be a motivational book, a book that tells of my journey. I believe no matter how simple your life is there is a lesson worth sharing. That book will be about selfempowerment and inspirations with a Christian touch. And in that book will include photographs which I will capture myself as Photography is one of my passions”. To conclude the interview, I told her that a lot of students would be able to read this article. There are the freshmen, ideally searching for mentors and there are the graduating students, who will soon be dispersed into the realities of the employment world. Is there a particular message she would like to impart to them? Agreeably, she choose! Remember, that what you are in the present is because of what you did in the past. And whatever it is you do in the present will surely be your future. Till then…Godspeed!

Reader of the Month
By Maria Lissa Echevarria

Ana Maria San Juan Salvador Bachelor of Science in Accountancy I

When I first saw Ana, I knew there was something about her. I would frequently see her in the library, reading. Incidentally, the Readers’ Society is looking for a person who is into reading and this girl qualified. Why don’t we get to know her up close and personal? She is Ana Maria San Juan Salvador, freshman student taking up Accountancy. She resides in Barangay Sagad, Pasig City. And she might just qualify for Loyalty award too for she studied elementary and secondary education in PCC. Turn to page…. 4

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