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NComputing vSpace Server

Product: NComputing vSpace Server for Windows
Supported Operating Systems*
nn Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
nn Microsoft Windows Server 2012
nn Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 U1
nn Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2012

Supported NComputing Access Devices

nn L250 with firmware version 1.6.4
nn L300 with firmware version 1.10
nn M300 with firmware version 2.2
nn vSpace Client for Windows**, version and
*For licensing details, see:
**vSpace Client is supported for desktop session delivery only and does not include the
management options available for other access devices.
Supported Server OS variants include: Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter.
Note that only 64-bit systems are supported.
The following notes contain important information. Please read this entire document to ensure that
your installation and deployment process goes smoothly.

Installation Instructions:
New vSpace Server 8.2 installations should be performed on freshly installed Windows Servers.
vSpace Server relies on Remote Desktop Services which will be enabled during vSpace Server
installation and must remain enabled to ensure proper vSpace Server operation.
When installing vSpace Server on a standalone Windows Server (not belonging to Active
Directory domain) the Remote Desktop Services will be automatically enabled during vSpace
Server installation.
When installing vSpace Server on a Windows Server joined to an Active Directory domain the
Remote Desktop Services must be enabled prior to vSpace Server installation.
Any application software should be installed after successfully completing installation of vSpace
Server 8.2 and rebooting the system.
Refer to vSpace Server 8.2 Quick Installation Guide for detailed installation instructions on a
new system.
Refer to vSpace Server 8.2 Software and Firmware Update Guide for information about updating to
vSpace Server 8.2 from any previous vSpace Server versions.

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L/M-series Firmware:
vSpace Server 8.2 includes L-series firmware version 1.10 and M300 firmware version 2.2. To ensure
correct operation with vSpace Server 8.2 all L250, L300 and M300 access devices must be updated to
the above mentioned firmware versions. Refer to vSpace Server 8.2 Software and Firmware Update
Guide for information about updating the device firmware.

Whats New?
vSpace Server 8.2 provides direct management of NComputing L/M-series access devices without
the necessity to deploy any additional management server.
vSpace Server 8.2 does not support device management through vSpace Management Center.
The following features have recently been added to vSpace Server:
nn Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 U1
nn RDSL-5160 Vorbis codec for upcoming vSpace Client versions has been added.
nn RDSL-5205 L-series firmware version 1.10 has been added.
nn RDSL-5230 M300 firmware version 2.2 has been added.
nn RDSL-5214 NC-Console has been updated to allow system operation and device management
without management server.

Recently Fixed:
The following known issues have been recently resolved:
nn RDSL-5221 Fixed an issue that could result in a BSOD in the hidparse.sys module.
nn RDSL-5219 Fixed an issue where the M300 screen flashes when moving the mouse pointer
over the title bar of certain applications.
nn RDSL-5208 Fixed an issue which could result in a BSOD on Windows Server 2008 R2 with the
Standard VGA driver installed.
nn RDSL-5182 Fixed an issue that could result in a BSOD when multiple access devices
simultaneously attempt to reconnect to active sessions.
nn RDSL-5127 NC-Console now correctly reports the hostname of remote vSpace Servers.
nn RDSL-5096 Session MultiView Board has been improved.
nn RDSL-5063 Session MultiView Board has been fixed to reflect the Send message policy.
nn RDSL-4672 Fixed an issue that resulted in the vSpace Server installer leaving some files on the
servers disk after uninstalling the software and deleting the license.
nn RDSL-3485 Fixed an issue where the M300 mouse pointer could move by itself.
nn Some branding and typographic issues have been resolved.

Additional Notes and Known Issues:

nn RDSL-5295 Webcams may not work when connected to L300 through a USB hub.
nn RDSL-5293 Sound on USB speaker may be choppy when playing a full-screen video on L300
with USB Audio Redirection enabled.
nn RDSL-5271 A memory leak in AMDs Catalyst Control Center may cause system instability.
When using a physical host with an AMD/ATI GPU its advisable to install the video driver only,
without the Catalyst Control Center (CCC.exe) utility.
nn RDSL-5270 System sounds may not be reproduced in a users session when USB Audio
Redirection is enabled on L300.
nn RDSL-5269 Inability to initiate Skype calls in vSpace Server sessions running on M300 devices
when a webcam is connected to the M300s USB port.
nn RDSL-5268 After few minutes of video reproduction the sound may become choppy when
using the Google Chrome browser with multimedia content.

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nn RDSL-5267 Video streaming using the Google Chrome browser works only in full-screen
nn RDSL-5266 Some USB CD-ROM drive models may not work when connected to L300 or M300
nn RDSL-5225 USB webcams connected to L300 devices may stop working when used for
capturing video for more than 20-30 minutes.
nn RDSL-4835 vSpace Server software must be installed from a system administrators account.
Installations performed by users belonging to an Administrators group, but not being
true system administrators, must be initiated from the elevated Command Prompt (Run as
nn RDSL-3904 Sound recording may not work when using a USB webcams integrated
nn RDSL-3772 Audio and video may get slightly out of sync on Windows Server 2012 R2.
nn XAN-386 Picture might get blurred or flicker when scrolling a webpage containing an
embedded video player on M300.

Contacting Technical Support and Additional Resources

Visit the NComputing Knowledge Base at for more information, guides,
and walkthroughs.
To request Technical Support, please visit the NComputing Support page at

Information contained in this document may have been obtained from internal testing or from a
third party. This information is for informational purposes only. Information may be changed or
updated without notice. NComputing reserves the right to make improvements and/or changes in
the products, programs and/or specifications described herein anytime without notice.
All NComputing software is subject to NComputing intellectual property rights and may be used
only in conjunction with Genuine NComputing hardware and in accordance to the NComputing End
User Licensing Agreement and Terms of Use.

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