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Fill in the blanks with the correct answer. Choose your answers from the list below.

 consonance  consonant  time signature

 unison singing  timbre  bass
 tenor  dissonant  two-part singing
 dissonance  soprano  alto
 texture  rhythmic ostinato  percussion

1. _____________________ is the term used to refer to pleasing sounds that give a

feeling of rest.
2. _____________________ refers to musical sounds that create a feeling of tension or
3. Combination of sounds or intervals of a 3rd, a 5th, or 4th are _____________________.
4. Combination of sounds or intervals of a 2nd and 7th are _____________________.
5. _____________________ is a simple pattern that is persistently played in a song.
6. The _____________________ of the song is considered in creating rhythmic ostinato.
7. There is _____________________ if a group of singers sing the same melody
together. It gives thin a thin texture to a song.
8. There is _____________________ when two groups of singers sing two different
melodies at the same time. It gives a thick texture to a song.
9. _____________________ refers to the quality of sound.
10. _____________________ refers to the quality or tone color of the human voice.
11. The highest female voice is the _____________________.
12. The highest male voice is the _____________________.
13. The lowest female voice is the _____________________.
14. The lowest male voice is the _____________________.
15. _____________________ instruments are played by shaking or striking.

Examine the intervals between each combination of pitches. Then, write consonant or
dissonant in the blanks.

1. C – D _____________________
2. E – G _____________________
3. B – C _____________________
4. C – B _____________________
5. C – E _____________________

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Write the name of each percussion instrument in the blanks.

A.____________________ B.____________________

C.____________________ D.____________________

E.____________________ F.____________________

Match the instruments above with its tone color. Write only the letter of your answer.

________ 1. low, heavy

________ 2. quiet metallic, light
________ 3. mellow, nasal
________ 4. brilliant, metallic
________ 5. light, bell-like
________ 6. quite brilliant

Identify the Filipino painter/sculptor being described. Write the name in the blank
beside each number.

________________________ 1. He is a genré painter for this themes focused on the lives

of Filipinos. One of his famous works is “Planting Rice.”
________________________ 2. He is known as a modern painter. His famous work is “The
Men and the Women.”
________________________ 3. He is known as a portrait and landscape painter. His
famous work is the “Seascape.”

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________________________ 4. He started graphic art and printmaking in the Philippines.
He is famous for stained glass painting.
________________________ 5. He has developed the triangular style of painting. One
of his well-known works in the “Stations of the Cross.”
________________________ 6. He is a well-known sculptor. His famous works are the
Oblation at UP and the sculptures of the Bonifacio
Monument at Caloocan City.

Write FA for Folk Art/Craft, FS for Folk Song, and FD for Folk Dance.

________ 1. pottery
________ 2. Bahay Kubo
________ 3. Embroidery
________ 4. Cariñosa
________ 5. Shoe-making
________ 6. Leron, Leron Sinta
________ 7. Barong Tagalog
________ 8. Tinikling

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