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****************************************************************** This text contains the following information SHREE-LIPI BHARATI A BRIEF INTRODUCTION SHREE-LIPI BHARATI INSTALLATION ... RUNNING THE INSTALLATION PROGRAM. A QUICK TOUR OF SHREE-LIPI BHARATI. SHREE-LIPI BHARATI A BRIEF INTRODUCTION ========================================= Shree-Lipi from Modular InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. has been regarded as the best multilingual solution and font package for Indian languages. Modular InfoTech is pleased to present Shree-Lipi Bharati with primary focus on Devnagari language. Shree-Lipi Bharati is the finest Indian language monolingual script processor designed and developed by ModularInfoTech Pvt. Ltd., Pune Pioneer in Indian language scripting. Shree-Lipi Bharati is available for Devnagari. High quality specially hinted Modular fonts are supplied in True Type format. These fonts can be used in various applications like PageMaker, CorelDraw, Ventura, Adobe Illustrator, MSOffice 97/2000/XP etc. SHREE-LIPI BHARATI INSTALLATION : Latest Information ==================================================== 1. RUNNING THE INSTALLATION PROGRAM : ******************* The installation program allows you to Install Shree-Lipi Bharati on the specified directory of your choice. Note : <Bharati> is your target installation directory, under Windows OS. So, to start with, firstly you have to run "Slbharati.exe" downloaded file to unzip all the required files on your machine. Before clicking on the 'Install' button, To begin with, when you click on the "Slbharati.exe" icon, you will soon get an installation window on the desktop displaying the path where the default installtion will be made "C:\Bharati" if you want to change the path you can do so by clicking the "create directory" icon to the right of the default path, and specify the required destination of your choice. Additionally, the necessary space required and the available space you have on your machine will also be displayed. The minimum space required is just 2.52 mb. Now, you can start the installation process of "Shree-Lipi Bharati" by clicking on the "Install" button, or you also have an "Exit" option if you wish to quit the installation process. so, when you click the install button, the process starts for installation.

After the installation process is successfully completed, you can see the applicaiton when you click start->go to Program-> and there you will see "ShreeLipi Bharati" group, which has two options. First option is for Uninstalling Shree-Lipi Bharati and second is for starting your Shree-Lipi Bharati application. Besieds this, you will see a small rectangular icon with "shree" embedded text on it at the taskbar pane on your desktop. If you don't see this icon you can conlude that there were some problems in the installtion process. under such circumstance it is advisible to uninstall the current Shree-Lipi Bharati Application If Uninstall does not remove the SL Bharati program group from the Windows Start menu, you must remove it manually. To remove the program group, right-click the taskbar, select Properties, click the Start Menu Programs tab, click Remove, select Shree-Lipi Bharati, and then click Remove and reinstall the same.for further technical queries one can either mail us at . support@modular-infotech.com or call us at 020-4223510. A Quick Tour of Shree-Lipi Bharati : ==================================== To begin with your work, and to explore "Shree-Lipi Bharati", doubel click on the icon located at the taskbar pane on your desktop or from the start menu Shree-Lipi Bharati group, as soon as you double click, you will be displayed with a window with a title bar "Shree-Lipi Bharati From Modular" this is your main application window. Various menus, such as Script, Application, Setup ,Help have been provided along with icons on the "Toolbar" for your convenience, of setting up of active script and selecting of fonts. The other features provided are as specified below: "Always active" in order to keep the most frequent script active, Customizable "Escapement Key" for those who finds it difficult to use Alter key , Keyboard Tutor for keyboard help, Tool for restoring to default setup, and also self explanatory and detailed help.