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Secular Servite News

JULY 2015

Mary, Mother of Compassion Community

Spooner, WI

Sr Dominica Effertz, OSM, Spiritual Assistant

Jan Masterjohn, OSSM, Prioress

During the Lenten season we were blessed and honored to have Fr. John
Fontana, OSM, come to our parish, St. Francis de Sales, in Spooner, WI,
to preach a Lenten Mission. The theme of the Mission was Redemptive
Suffering. As followers of Jesus, how do we relate to, and accept the crosses
and suffering in our lives? On the final evening of the Mission, Fr. John
celebrated a Mass of Healing in honor
of St. Peregrine. Many hearts were
touched during those blessed days. We
are grateful to Fr. John Fontana for
sharing and giving so generously of his

50th Jubilee................... 3
Called to be a Deacon..... 7
Cultural Traditions......... 8
Child-Jesus School........10

Have you heard about the Seven

Sisters Apostolate? It is a program of
prayerfully supporting the priesthood.
A Holy Hour is offered daily for the holiness of the parish priest. This program
began in the Archdiocese of St. Paul, MN, in 2011 and now has spread to 13
other states. The focus is on the Holy Eucharist and a deepening devotion
to Our Blessed Mother. Esther St. Catherine from our neighboring parish
in Hayward, WI, was our guest speaker on this topic at our Secular Servites
meeting on April 13th. She has started the Seven Sisters Apostolate in her
local parish and told us it has been the source of many blessings and graces.

If you are interested in learning more about this

program you can google Seven Sisters Apostolate
for more complete information.
Our highlight for the month of May was a visit
from Fr. Vidal and Mary Ann Andersen. It was
our first Official Visitation because we are a newly
formed Community since 2012. Fr. Vidal and
Mary Ann arrived Sunday evening, May 3rd, a
long drive from Chicago! It was a full day on
Monday. They attended our morning Council
meeting, potluck luncheon and regular meeting
at 1:00 p.m.
Since May 4th is the feast of St. Peregrine, Fr. Vidal
celebrated a beautiful Healing Mass in honor of
St. Peregrine at our parish that evening. After The
Mass there was a wonderful reception hosted by
our Secular Servite Community: Mary, Mother
of Compassion. We were pleasantly surprised
by the great number of people who came to
celebrate with us. Invitations had been sent to the
surrounding parishes and many attended along
with our own parishioners. Several members from
the St. Peregrine OSSM Community, Rice LakeCumberland, and St. Juliana OSSM Community,
Ladysmith-Hayward honored us with their
presence. During the Mass, Fr. Vidal blessed each
person individually with the relic of St. Peregrine.
Since that Mass, we have heard testimony from
individuals who definitely experienced physical
healing that evening. Powerful witness!
Have a wonderful summer!

Order of Friar Servants of Mary
3121 W Jackson Blvd
Chicago IL 60612-2729

Kindly address all

correspondence to:
Fr. Vidal Martinez, O.S.M.
3121 W Jackson Blvd
Chicago IL 60612-2729

Secular Servite News is

published three times a year
by the Office of the National
Assistant to the Servite
Secular Order

Fr. Michael Doyle,OSM, Celebrates His Golden

St. Mary Source of Our Joy Community, Chicago IL
Nancy DeBiasi,OSSM, Prioress

on June 30, 2009. He continues to

have a full schedule while living in
community at Assumption, where he
serves Holy Mass, meets with young
couples planning weddings, serves as
Spiritual Assistant for The Mother
Cabrini River North Council of the
Knights of Columbus, and works
with the Rite of Christian Initiation
of Adults sessions. He has served
many years on the Board of Trustees
of the Catholic Theological Union in
Chicago and is currently a member of
the Servite Fathers Provincial Finance

Sunday, April 19 marks the 50th year

of priesthood for Father Michael L.
Doyle, OSM. His has been a life full
of commitment, accomplishment,
sacrifice, and change. I have come
to learn that Fr. Mike is punctual,
and believes meetings should have a
message and purpose. He shows us
this every Sunday as he gently guides
us through the Scripture readings,
Gospel, and topics of the day. With
his wisdom and clarity, he sheds light
on the Holy Scriptures to deliver his
message, bringing a special moment of
peace and joy into our lives.

Fr. Mike is the Spiritual Assistant of

the Secular Order of the Servants of
Mary (Servite Secular Order), which
is a vocation of lay persons that seek
God and work to minister Gods
love. Father leads us in prayer at our
meetings, and guides us through all our ceremonies,
charitable efforts, and events. We enjoy those moments
when Father shares some of his many experiences with
us. We were fortunate to hear him speak about his
informal recollections and personal experiences with the
introduction of Vatican II. Last winter, Father treated us
to a photo presentation of his recent visit to the Holy
Land. We are grateful for his insight and inspiration.

Fr. Mike offers an interesting lifetimes

passage of education, military and
civic service, human and faith-filled
experiences; all stepping stones leading
to the next, which eventually led him
to Assumption Church. He was born
in Chicago on May 24, 1938, entered the Order of
Servants of Mary in 1956, and pronounced his first
vows in 1958. He earned a bachelors degree and then
an M.Ed. degree from Loyola University in Chicago.
After being ordained a priest on April 19, 1965, Fr. Mike
taught at Mount Senario College in Ladysmith, WI, and
Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He has served
at Saint Domitilla Church, during which time he joined
the Hillside, IL, volunteer fire department. Fr. Mike
has also been a Pastor at Annunciata Catholic Church
and Prior of the Servite Community at Our Lady of
Sorrows Monastery, both in Chicago, and Pastor at
Seven Holy Founders Parish in Affton, MO. He has
also taught at the Chicago Fire Academy and entered
active duty with the Air Force in February 1987. He
served military parishes at Columbus AFB MS, Kirtland
AFB in Albuquerque, NM, and Soesterberg AB in the
Netherlands, retiring from the Air Force in June 1998
as a colonel.

Fr. Mike was instrumental in suggesting a fellow

Secular Servite member to consider training to become
a Deacon of the Church. Dr. Kevin T. Zajdel, OSSM,
has pursued this path, and is currently attending
weekly formation sessions to be considered for the
role of Deacon at Assumption Church. Last October,
Fr. Mike concelebrated the Rite of Candidacy Mass at
Mundelein Seminary for Kevin and his fellow Deaconsin-Training. God Bless you, Fr. Mike on 50 meaningful
years of service!

On June 30, 2006, Fr. Mike was named the pastor of

Assumption Church and retired from that position

St. Juliana Community

Ladysmith, WI
The Ladysmith community and local area were gifted
with the spiritual event of a Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage
which was initiated and organized by the members of the
St. Juliana Secular Servite Community in Ladysmith,
under the leadership of Linda Effertz, OSSM. On
Tuesday, May 12, 7:00 pm about two hundred people
came to Our Lady of Sorrows Church in Ladysmith.
The Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage is presented by Marlene
Watkins, founder and president of Our Lady of Lourdes
Hospitality North Americans Volunteers based in New
York. Marlene tours the world with Lourdes spring water
and a rock from the grotto. She gives a presentation on
the apparitions at Lourdes where the Blessed Mother
appeared to Bernadette Soubirous in 1858.
During the service, lasting over two hours, participants
were invited to touch the rock brought from the Lourdes
grotto and to touch and bless themselves with the
spring water. The pilgrims participated in Eucharistic
adoration, and Benediction. This was followed by
a candlelight rosary. Those able joined the outdoor
procession led by those carrying a statue of Our Lady
of Lourdes. The service concluded with a Farewell
Blessing, Greeting of Peace, and singing of the hymn
Immaculate Mary.
Music of Marian hymns was provided throughout
the service by members of the Rusk County Catholic
Community cluster parishes.
An apostolic plenary indulgence was granted to
pilgrimage participants by Pope Francis Apostolic
Degree. Many spiritual healing are experienced by
participants and occasional minor physical healings.
The Secular Servites of St. Juliana Community benefited
greatly through their participation in planning,
organizing, and assisting at the service and knowing
they could bring this pilgrimage opportunity to people
of the Ladysmith area.

Sr. Marguerite Samz, OSM

Spiritual Assistant

Our Lady of Marian Lake Community

Plainfield, IL

Tony Cipriano, OSSM


Our Lady of Marian Lake Spirituality Center, in Plainfield, IL has been the monthly home of a healing mass of
Saint Peregrine. The concept of this mass was the brainchild of Sister Gesuina of the Mantellate Sister Servants of
Mary of Marian Lake. This kind and vibrant consecrated religious woman has been a teacher, a leader, and a fiery
spokesperson for many years in Plainfield. Her down to earth approach in teaching and public speaking is widely
accepted as one of the best presentations oriented to inspiring audiences everywhere.
The Healing Mass is celebrated by priests invited from the Chicago area and takes place after them monthly meeting
of the Secular Servites of Marian Lake on the second Saturday of every month, except for the month of July. The
current Spiritual Assistant of the Secular Servites of Marian Lake is Sister Francis, also of the Mantellate Sisters
Servant of Mary of Marian Lake, who is a kind and thoughtful leader.
Attendance at the Saint Peregrine Healing Mass has been on the rise, perhaps due to an increased awareness of the
power of prayer. The Mass is also a good opportunity to promote the Servite Secular Order.

Salve Regina Community,

Fullerton, CA

States. Many parishes have found innovative ways to

express their reverence for the dignity of Mary, the
Mother of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May Crowning
Mary is the Mother of the Son of God, who is the
messianic King. Mary is the Mother of Christ, the Word
incarnate. ... He will be great and will be called the
Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give him
the throne of his father David; and he will reign over
the house of Jacob forever; and of his kingdom there
will be no end. [Luke 1:32-33] ...Elizabeth greeted the
Blessed Virgin, pregnant with Jesus, as the Mother of
my Lord. [Luke 1:41-43]

The Secular Servites, Salve Regina OSSM Community,

honored Mary, Mother and Servant of the Lord, at their
monthly community gathering in the month of May
by place a wreath of flowers on Marys image. Ernie
Hess,OSSM was chosen to do the honors on behalf of
all in the community.

She is the perfect follower of Christ. The maid of

Nazareth consented to Gods plan; she journeyed on
the pilgrimage of faith; she listened to Gods word and
kept it in her heart; she remained steadfastly in close
union with her Son, all the way to the foot of the cross;
she persevered in prayer with the Church. Thus in an
eminent way she won the crown of righteousness, [See
2 Timothy 4:8] the crown of life, [See James 1:12;
Revelation 2:10] the crown of glory [See 1 Peter 5:4]
that is promised to those who follow Christ.
In the United States, a custom developed that grew in
popularity prior to the Vatican II council. In parishes,
at Marian shrines, and at grottos, someone was chosen
to place a wreath of flowers on Marys image. This
ceremony usually took place in May and often in the
context of a Benediction, a special Rosary celebration,
and sometimes at the closing of Mass. The practice
continues in many parishes throughout the United
Coming Servite Feasts
July 1 - Bl. Ferdinand Maria Baccilieri, SOSM
July 4 - Bl. Ubald of Borgo Sansepolcro
July 13 - St. Clelia Barbieri

15 - Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

23 - St. Philip Benizi
28- St. Augustine
31 - Bl. Andrew of Borgo Sansepolcro


Paulette Fogarty, OSSM, Prioress

1 - Bl. Joan of Florence

5 - Bl. Maria Maddalena Starace
6 - Bl. Bonaventure of Forli
15 - Our Lady of Sorrows
17 - Bl. Cecilia Eusepi
22 - Ded. of the Basilica of Mt Senario

Called to Be a Deacon: Kevin Zajdel, OSSM

Elizabeth Kabacinski
Reprinted with permission from
Assumption Church Spotlights

Founded in 1881, Assumption Catholic Church has

never had a Permanent Deacon in ministry. That is
about to change. Our good friend Kevin Zajdel is in his
second of four years at the Institute of Diaconal Studies
at the University Saint Mary of the Lake in Mundelein.
Kevin explained why he feels called to serve as our
deacon: Assumption has been my spiritual home for
well over ten years. Because the Assumption community
is so important in my life, I said yes immediately when
Fr. Doyle asked me to serve God, the Church, and the
parish as a deacon. This is my chance to give back to
the community that has nourished me over the years.
Permanent deacons, like other ordained persons such
as priests and bishops, have discerned a vocation in
ministry. Unlike priests, permanent deacons often
live a complete lay life in addition to their ministry.
Many are married and most hold full-time jobs in the
secular world or on staff at a parish, in addition to their
The formal formation program at the Institute of
Diaconal Studies lasts four years. However, the amount
of time a permanent deacon spends in formation can
last much longer. While a man discerns his vocation
in the diaconate, he spends as much time as he needs
as an Inquirer. During this time, he develops a strong
relationship with a sponsoring parish (in Kevins case,
Assumption) and contemplates the effects that being
ordained will have on his life.
The first year of the program is called Aspirancy, which
references the idea that the man in question is aspiring
to become a candidate in formation. The following three
years are called Candidacy. As a second-year student,
Kevin is a Candidate. Recently, Bishop Manz installed
him to the ministry of lector, which is a major step in
his journey to the diaconate.



Theresa Orozco, OSSM, Prioress

Seven Holy Founders Community
Affton, MO

I have been thinking about

cultural tradition and traditions of
Jesus time.
The character Tevye from Fiddler
on the Roof has this terrific line,
Without tradition, our lives would
be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof.
The musical is all about the
gradual movement of the outside
world into their community. Do
you remember the scene when the
sewing machine arrives?
It is said that modernity is a
great challenger of tradition.
The community disperses; their
daughters grow up, and start living
very different lives from what their
father and mother had dreamed
they would live. Through all of this
change Tevye, the father, insists on
Cultural and religious traditions
have tremendous value, however,
four words illuminate our lives to
steady the shakiness that it brings,
Peace I leave with you; my peace I
give you. I do not give to you as the
world gives. Do not let your hearts
be troubled and do not be afraid.
John 14:27
Watch Fiddler on the Roof,
(maybe again or for the first time)
the sewing machine scene is in the

Lay Diakonia,
Spooner, WI
Sr. Dominica Effertz, OSM
Spiritual Assistant

with Fr. John Fontana and St. Peregrine Mass of Healing

celebrated with Fr. Vidal. Visits with both Servite Friars
were too short!!

Greetings from the Servites in the Northwoods of

Life has been filled with lots of family activities--First Communion, Confirmation, and graduation
celebrations. And there are always various sports
activities as well as the ending of the school year. All
are looking forward to a more relaxed summer schedule.

On the evening of May 14th our families participated

in a Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage at St. Francis de Sales
Church. It consisted of prayerful reflections on the
apparitions of Our Lady to St. Bernadette at Lourdes
in France, Eucharistic adoration and the Rosary prayed
during a candlelight procession. It was a beautiful
experience, and expression of our love for Mary.

Amid all the activities, the Diakonia families have made

it a priority to meet on a regular basis. The last meeting,
on April 26th, was an evening of praying together,
discussion, and, of course, food! We met at the home
of Diakonia of Via Matris: the Silvis Family. After the
adults concluded their discussion time, all enjoyed
a delicious dessert made by Anna, which she and her
brother Ryan served.

Let us enjoy this summer season, and the beauty of

Gods creation!

We are planning to meet again on Sunday, May 17th,

at the University of Wisconsin Barron County Campus.
Diakonia of Life: the Sacco Family will be the hosts
at the campus where Jaci is employed. The children
will love it; there will be lots of opportunities for fun
activities and outdoor sports.
We are so pleased to welcome a new family - The Golats:
Matt and Samantha and their 5 young children. They
will join us as they discern their vocation as Servite
Presently we are studying the suggested preparatory
catechesis for the World Meeting of Families Sept.
22-27, 2015 in Philadelphia. The title of the book is
LOVE IS OUR MISSION -- The family fully alive.
Archbishop Charles Chaput in his preface wrote:
Everyone is encouraged to pray about how the Church
can serve families, and how families can serve the Church.
The family and the Church are mutually dependent on one
Our Diakonia families participated in all the Servite
events which took place in our local parish recently
along with the Secular Servites: the Lenten Mission

Child Jesus School,

Petit-Goave, Haiti
The Secular Servite Order sponsors
Child Jesus School, Petit-Gove,
Haiti. This past school year (20142015), there were 89 children
enrolled in the school. Through
the generosity of some Secular
Order communities and some
Secular Servites, as well as friends
and family members, we are able
to provide these 89 boys and girls
with a basic elementary education
(Year I-VI) and provide them with
a possibility of a future full of hope.
All donations received are
employed exclusively for the needs
of Child Jesus School: its students,
teachers and staff. The faculty and
staff is committed to provide the
children with a safe environment in
which they can learn new ideas and
skills and develop personally and
intellectually as Gods children.
The Secular Servites help to provide
the funds to purchase uniforms,

Fr . Vidal Martinez, OSM

National Assistant

books, and school supplies for the

children as well as to provide a
salary for the faculty and staff. Each
day the children, before returning
home from school, are fed a meal.
For most, this is their main meal
for the day. An important element
of the formation of the children is
to prepare them for the Sacraments
of First Reconciliation and First
Eucharist, although the reception
of the Sacraments takes place in
the local parish: Our Lady of the
Assumption, Petit- Gove.
On the Feast of the Ascension of
Our Lord Jesus Christ, May 14,
2015, 8 boys and 4 girls received
the First Holy Communion. In
preparation for the celebration of
the First Holy Communion, each
family is provided with a donation
of $50.00 to help them purchase
the First Communion outfit for
their son or daughter. We are
grateful to those who have provided
a generous donation to help the

Fr. Marc Claudy Magloire and children

families of these 12 students. First

Holy Communion is a memorable
and joyful event in the life of all
Catholics. After the Mass and
ceremony, all the children and
their families gather in Child Jesus
School for a joyful celebration in
their honor. We are, once again,
grateful to those donors who have
so generously assisted us in provided
this memorable opportunity for the
children on the day of their First
Holy Communion.
Anyone who may interested
in visiting and spending time
in Child Jesus School, please
contact: Fr. Vidal Martnez, OSM: If you wish
to make a donation or contribution
to Child Jesus School, please make
checks out to: Secular Order of
Servants of Mary and mail to:

M. Raymond Tristan, Director, Fr. Marc Claudy Magliore, Mme. Rosela Louis,
Teacher, with the children.


Fr. Vidal Martnez, OSM, 3121

W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, IL


OCTOBER 23-25, 2015
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Fr. Gerald Horan, O.S.M. - This Family Doesnt Look Like the One I Grew Up In!
Claire Frazier-Yzaguirre - Building Unity in our Families Today Christine Watkins - Harbor in the
Tempest: Welcoming God into Family Life

Workshops include:


St. Peregrine: Hope for the Troubled; The Modern

Family: New Understandings and Healing Old
Wounds ; Jesus y su Familia Fueron Refugiados
(Mt. 2:13-14) ; Familia: Identidad, Retos, y
Esperanza ; Issues of Aging and Elderly ; Reaching
Out to Families Encountering Difficulties

Fr. Donald Siple, O.S.M.

Linda Buck, CSJ
Bro. Arnaldo Sanchez, O.S.M.
Sr. Karen Clock, CSJ
Dr. Louise Dunn

Registration Information: or call 773-638-5800 x48: OSSM National Office