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Evangeline & Gulf Coast Baptist Associations
PO Box 81244
Lafayette, LA 70598-1244
337.237.6956 * Fax: 337.237.4319

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Lafayette, LA

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Publication of Evangeline & Gulf Coast Baptist Associations

of Louisiana Baptists


September 2015

Evangeline Baptist Association

2015 RA Survivor Man

Big Game Camp
September 18 & 19
ABC Camp
Fri 4 pm-Sat 2 pm

Volume 44, No. 7

17-24, 2015

For more information contact Hartie Spence at 849-8989

Evangeline Baptist Association

Evangelism Workshop

3000 W Pinhook
PO Box 81244
Lafayette, LA 70598-1244

Date: Tuesday, September 22

Time: 3 - 4:30 pm

Phone: 337-237-6956
Fax: 337-237-4319



Speaker: Dr. Charles Roesel

Location: EBA Office

Bert Langley
Interim Director of Missions

James Craft

Elizabeth Langley

Acadia Baptist
Academy Reunion

Office Administrator

Kim Carlson
Administrative Assistant

Mary Langford



Contact Robert Harvison

at 369-6561 or 256-3658
for more information

DOM Lines -

Bert Langley, Interim Director of Missions

Dr. Nido Qubein, Motivational speaker and chairman of Harvest Bread Co, said, Change brings opportunity.
Change is certainly an entre on the menu of life. Its served daily. It falls under the category of Fast Food. This week
Melaney Dudley will complete her last week with us as a vital part of the staff at the Evangeline Baptist Associations office.
She will be leaving for Tennessee to be near family. Thank you Melaney for a job well done. Were certainly going to miss
you, but wish you Gods best in the days ahead. Remember Melaney and Frank during your prayer time as they transition from Louisiana
to Tennessee.
Kim Carlson will be joining our staff this week. Prior to employment here, Kim was Campus Director at a local vocational college
for 10 years. Kim is from Lafayette, and graduated from USL (ULL), with a major in English/Education and a minor in Library Science as well
as a Masters in Administration. She and her husband, Chriss, have been active members of The Garden Baptist Church for many years,
where she and her husband teach Adult Sunday School. They enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.
The Lord sent Kim to us and during the transition period she has been able to work closely with Melaney to insure that all
processes continue to flow smoothly. You will enjoy getting to know her in her role of support as we work together for the Lord. With her
sweet spirit, enthusiasm, expertise and love for the Lord and His people, we look forward to many years of service together.
As I reflect on the past and look forward to the future, I thank GOD for HIS unlimited blessings in life. God always provides what
we need every day, just when we need it. When I think back about those who have served as ministry assistants in your associational
office, it reminds me of how great God has been to the EBA. We have been blessed with employees who were godly, talented, and
dedicated to kingdom work. Thank you LORD.
Change is enviable and often beyond our control. We do however have control over how we embrace it and how it affects us.
When it comes to change, many have found comfort in the words of the late Reinhold Niebuhr, professor at Union Theological Seminary,
when he wrote, God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to
know the difference.

Counselors Corner -

Mary Langford, Counselor

Several years ago my daughter-in-law set me up on Facebook so she and I could play online Scrabble. That was
really all I intended to do. Little did I dream what a new era of communication I was entering! Friends and wannabes
started pouring out of the places where they had been hiding for years. In most cases, it has been a great pleasure to
re-connect with these folks, although I could do with less information from some. Surely high on the list of Facebooks
benefits to me has been the delight of now knowing as adults so many of the children I knew during our years in Hong
Kong. They have children of their own now, and I enjoy seeing their precious pictures and keeping up with their travels and activities.
Two brothers have reappeared. I attended their christenings, took my children to their birthday parties and kept up with their
antics and accomplishments over meals with their beautiful Chinese mother and articulate English father. They are now handsome
Eurasian men, successful in their careers. The younger is a chiropractor in the western United States. His recent Facebook post
announced that he now has a device which is proving to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinsons and essential tremor. He is offering this
treatment to patients free of charge.
The older brother, who lives somewhere in Asia, has segued from a marketing career, to that of entrepreneur and motivational
speaker, one who encourages his audiences to set aside their fears, put forth maximum effort and never give up in pursuit of their goal.
I am so proud of these two young men. I do not know their spiritual state, but the messages they are conveying certainly fit the
template of scripture. How often in Gods word are we told to cast fear aside? The New Testament especially directs us to be faithful
stewards and to put forth our best efforts in whatever task is assigned to us. And scripture encourages us to be faithful to the end, to
finish the race. We have many opportunities in daily life and in our relationships to carry out these maxims.
Lastly, let us speak of generosity sharing our blessings, our discoveries with those in need, as my young friend is doing with the
technology which has come into his hands. Each of us surely has something to share. May we live our days with open hands, without fear,
giving maximum effort, and faithful to the One whose mercies are new every morning.

Tues, Sept 8 at 10:30 am

@ the EBA office
Join us for fellowship & a fish fry!

Basic Training for Church Planning

Single Adult Sunday
Labor Day Office Closed
EBA Ministers Conference
EBA Missions Development Committee
EBA Office 10:00am
Mom and Me Mini Missions Camp -TTBC
Week of Prayer for State Missions and
Georgia Barnette Offerings
RA Survivor Man Camp ABC Eunice
E4 Conference-First Pineville
Anti-Gambling Sunday
Evangelism Workshop EBA Office, 3:00pm-4:30pm
See You at the Pole
LBC Executive Board Meeting TTBC


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