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Lennon D.

Ponta-oy Med 1-A
Reaction Paper on Tanging Yaman
I grew up with “Tanging Yaman” featured on our TV screens almost every Holy
Week. I remembered how it always made my mother silently shed tears while my
father and sister are immensely drawn into the movie. I perceived it at evolving
levels of understanding since I was a kid – well, it was being shown almost every
year. It was like a sticky note with a reminder on it being constantly replayed and
replayed. I even wondered if the target audiences don’t even got bored with such
movie being played over and over again on our TV screens. True enough, it was
meant to be a sticky note – this time not to be stuck on our notebooks but on our
minds. Written on the sticky note is: “TANGING YAMAN = FAMILY.”
For the nth time, I again encountered this masterpiece. This time it is not even
holy week but during my early road-to-MD journey (Block 1 Film Showing). Indeed,
our main topic on that week was about the family and how it is associated with
health and wellness. I thought that our mentors made a very good decision in
incorporating “Tanging Yaman” as a supplement to the lectures. Though it made a
lot of my lady SGDmates cry, I was quite delighted to watch the movie over again –
the classic pangs, angst and “tagos-sa-puso” moments conveyed still crept through
me and those feelings made me humane and nostalgic.
Seeing how dysfunctional the family of Loleng (Gloria Romero) has become,
relationships were almost on the verge of breaking up. Eventually with faith and
their undying love towards their mother, inked by the accident of Rommel (Jericho
Rosales), Danny (Johnny Delgado), Arturo (Edu Manzano) and Grace (Dina Bonnevie)
became reunited and set aside personal differences to rebuild the strongest of
strongholds that is FAMILY.

a functional family would be one that health interventions would be easily administered since there is harmony and that each member is willing to undertake responsibilities for the welfare of the other. it would be a great achievement if I would be able to let my patient’s family cooperate with me in our venture to manage their family member’s disease. what was portrayed isn’t a mile away from reality. Thus. in line with our topic on family and health. Ponta-oy Med 1-A Reaction Paper on Tanging Yaman Indeed. Nevertheless. . In the future. Each and every family has experienced crises and it is upon the values nurtured and instilled that will do wonders to make it pass through. I told myself that I will always attach the sticky note always on my morals. values and beliefs for it will improve my relationships with my beloved family and that I would become a potent force in changing other families’ lives.Lennon D. and do something if there is discord so that the patient’s medical needs won’t be affected. We must do our best to mobilize and reunite such families for the patient’s sake for it would do wonders for his/her condition. For me. understanding and respecting each family member’s views and outlook improves relationships. Moreover. we will be surely encountering families with issues such as that of Loleng’s and her children’s. dwell into the relationships. we would seek the cooperation of our patient’s families. I won’t go into details of any family’s accounts but I believe we do have such problem at a certain point in our timeline. As future doctors. Despite the changing times. there will always be one thing that you can always rely upon that would love you unconditionally and comfort you – your FAMILY. As I end this reaction paper. The movie “Tanging Yaman” encourages Filipino families to be grounded to the values that bind them as one. we must understand them.

Ponta-oy Med 1-A Reaction Paper on Tanging Yaman .Lennon D.

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