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Public International Law

Draft Syllabus
Second Semester, 2014-2015
I. The Nature of International Law
A. Concepts
1. Obligations erga omnes
2. Jus cogens
3. Concept of ex aequo et bono
Romulo v. Vinuya, GR 162230, April 29, 2010
Article 38(2), ICJ Statute
B. International and National law
Edye v. Robertson
Whitney v. Robertson
II. The Sources of International Law
Art. 38, ICJ Statute
Art. 53, 1969 Vienna Convention on Treaties
Kuroda v. Jalandoni. 83 SCRA 171
Yamashita v. Styer, 75 Phil 563
Kookooritchkin v. Solicitor General, 81 Phil 435
Military & Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua (Nicaragua v. US), ICJ
Reports, 1986
North Sea Continental Shelf Case, ICJ Reports, 1969
South West Africa Case (2nd Phase), ICJ Reports, 1966
Asylum Case, ICJ Reports, 1950
Nuclear Test Cases, ICJ Reports:
New Zealand v. France, 1974
Australia v. France, 1974
Request for an examination of the situation in accordance with par. 63 of the
court’s judgment of the 20
December 1974 in the Nuclear Tests (New Zealand v. France) Case, 1995
Legality of the Use by a State of Nuclear Weapons, ICJ Reports, 1996
Paquete Habana, 175 US 677, 1900
Preah Vihear Temple Case, ICJ Reports, 1962
Case Concerning Right of Passage over Indian Territory (Portugal v. India)
Corfu Channel Case, ICJ Reports, 1949
Chorzow Factory Case, 1928 PCIJ Ser. A, No. 17
Barcelona Traction, Light & Power Company Case, ICJ Reports, 1970
Texaco v. Libya, 17 ILM or 53 ILR 389, 1978
BP v. Libya, 53 ILR 297
Saudi Arabia v. Arabian American Oil Company, 27 ILR 117

June 8. 151445. Ser. No. Iran). GR 158088. 1949 Mavrommatis Case. Kolonwel. G. Art. Kolonwel Trading. ICJ Reports. 2. A. States 1. GRP Panel. February 14. Subjects of International Law A. USA).R. PCIJ. 2000 Pimentel v. 2005 Salonga Petition on the VFA. 1986 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. 2007 Reservations to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua (Nicaragua v. G. Light and Power Company Case. April 11. 2004 IV. 1. Montevideo Convention on Rights & Duties of States. No. Vibal v. 2009 Ang Ladlad v. Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and Optional Protocols US Diplomatic & Consular Staff (US v. 1933 Barcelona Traction. April 8. 2007 DBM v. Bahrain. 2010 III. 49 Stat 3097. 167919. 2008 (Concept of Association of States) 2. March 31. Executive Secretary. October 10. Ebdane. 1970 Reparations for Injuries Suffered in the Service of the UN. Nationality and Statelessness Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 2 . December 3.Generally Accepted Principles of International Law Razon v. 1962 Province of North Cotabato v. ICJ 1994 Air France v. GR 190582. January 22.R. No. Saks. 470 US 392 Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties Definition of “treaty” Abaya v.The Law of Treaties Qatar v. GR 182498. October 14. DEPED v. US). Tagitis. ICJ Reports. Zamora. 1924 Certain Expenses of the UN. Kolonwel. ICJ Reports. Sec. COMELEC. GR 183591. ICJ Reports. Executive Secretary. ICJ Reports. 2007 Definition of “ratification” Lim v. 2002 Bayan v. July 6. 1980 Case Concerning Avena and other Mexican Nationals (Mexico v.

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1969 c. Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries Gulf of Maine Case (Canada v. St. ICJ Reports. 52-53. 1985 Aegean Sea Continental Shelf Case (Greece v. 86-97. 1982 Guinea v. ICJ Reports. ICJ Reports. Turkey). UNCLOS j. ICJ Reports. US). 1993 Canada & France. Pierre g. Right of Land-Locked States to & from the Sea l. The High Seas Arts. International Seabed Area m. Japan). UNCLOS Spain v. 1994 i. 5 Italian Yearbook of International Law Anglo-Norwegian Fisheries Case. Norway). 1951 El Salvador v. The Exclusive Economic Arts. Vincent & Grenadines v. ITLOS Judgment. 1979 Case Concerning Maritime Delimitation in the area between Greenland and Jan Mayen (Denmark v. 7 Feb 2000. with Nicaragua Intervening. ICJ Reports. Judgment. Archipelagos Arts. 1969 Libya v. 49. Louisiana. ILR 77. www. ITLOS Order. 1966 M/V Saiga (St. ICJ Reports. 1999 k. Analysis of the Archipelago Doctrine in the Law of the Sea. Guinea). Order on Request for Provisional Measures. Malta. 1978 Anglo-French. Libya. 105-111. 8 PYIL 30 Corfu Channel Case. California. Straits Corfu Channel Case. 1949 e. 1992 US v. 382 US 11.htm) h. Conservation & Management of Living Resources of the High Seas Southern Blue Fin Tuna Cases (NZ & Australia v. 55-58. The Continental Shelf North Sea Continental Shelf Case. August 27. 1949 d.The Gulf of Sidra Incidents. ICJ Reports. UNCLOS Coquia. ICJ Reports. France). 382 US. ICJ Reports. July 1. 70-73. ICJ Reports. Navigation 4 . Canada (facts only). 1966 US v.un. 1999 Camouco Case (Panama v. 1985 Tunisia v. The Contiguous Zone f. ICJ Reports. Guinea Bissau.

Reyes. Estate of Ferdinand Marcos. Acosta. 104 Phil 593 Liang v. Lol-lo & Saraw. USA. v. 78 Phil 249 Haw Pia v. Immunity from Jurisdiction PCGG v. 226 SCRA 49 ICMC v. Peaceful Use of the Oceans q. 48 SCRA 242 Lyons Inc. Sunlife. People. 2001 Minucher v. Judgment of Feb 1985 & Opinion/Order of November 1995 JUSMAG Philippines v. 3. 2007 (Act of State Doctrine) Hilao v. 43 Phil 19 Tubb v. 2. Rarang. 4. 136 SCRA 487 WHO v. International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea VII. Aquino. 95 Phil 228 People v. Archaeological & Historical Objects r. China Banking. 239 SCRA 224 USA v. Settlement of Disputes p. Greiss. GR 124772. 209 SCRA 357 USA v. NLRC. Rosario. Marine Pollution Civil Liability Convention of 1969 International Fund Convention of 1971 TOVALOP CRISTAL 1984 Protocols to CLC & FC Conventions 1992 CLC & FC TOVALOP Supplement of 1994 Crystal 1992 o. March 26. 214 SCRA 242 Holy See v. 38 ILM 581. 238 SCRA 524 SEAFDEC v. Ruiz. 219 SCRA 192 Wylie v. 5. Calleja Ex Parte Pinochet. March 1999 5 . Jurisdiction of States Territoriality principle Nationality principle and statelessness Protective principle Universality principle Passive personality principle Conflicts of jurisdiction Brownwell v. CA. 80 Phil 604 VIII. August 14. 1. Sandiganbayan.n. 6.

1925 Bolivar Railway Company Claim (Great Britain v. 1886 Machain v.Israel v. ICJ Reports. 1903 Neer Claim (US v. Machain Ebrahim Case UNOCAL Case: Decision by the California Central District Court Congo v. Iran (Interlocutory Award) (US v. Bartle and the Commissioner of Police Republic of Indonesia v. 1949 Rainbow Warrior Arbitration (Report) US Diplomatic & Consular Staff (US v. Mexico. 17 Prosecutor v. 1983 X. GR 175888. Governor General Regina v. February 26. Illinois. ICJ Reports. Social and Cultural Rights International Criminal Court XI. GR 104768. US). No. Mexico). 1924 Youmans Claim (US v. February 11.State Responsibility Corfu Channel Case. 1980 DC Decision on UNOCAL Chorzow Factory Case. 1926 Zafiro Claim (Great Britain v. v. Belgium. Purganan (Mark Jimenez Cases) = 2 cases: SC & MFR Flowers v. Serbia and Montenegro)). ICJ Reports. 2002 US v. Iran). Honduras 6 . 1926) Starrett Housing Corp. Clinton Teotico v. Iran). Sosa Sosa v. US El Salvador v. Vinzons Nicolas v. Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes Aerial Incidence Case Nicaragua v. July 21. 2009 (Immunity of Foreign Armed Forces) IX. Romulo. 2003 International Convention on Civil and Political Rights International Convention on Economic. February 14. 1928 PCIJ Ser. 2007 Union Bridge Company Claim (US v. Eichmann. Great Britain). 1962 Ker v. Sandiganbayan. December 6. Tadic Advisory Opinion on the Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories Bosnia Case (Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Bosnia and Herzegovina v. International Human Rights Law Universal Declaration of Human Rights Republic v. A. Venezuela).

1966 Legality of the Use of Force (Yugoslavia v. Principles of International Humanitarian Law a) Treatment of civilians b) Prisoners of war 4.W. 955 (Rwanda War Crimes Tribunal) e. 1986 Legality of the Use by a State of Nuclear Weapons. International Humanitarian Law 1. 25. 75 Phil 563 Dizon v. Commanding General (Report) B. International Court of Justice 7 .XII. 2(3). US). 1996 Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal Decision on Tadic. 2003 Case Concerning Oil Platforms (Islamic Republic of Iran v. US).1998 Rome Convention on the International Criminal Court f. Styer. 2(4). 24(1).Security Council Resolution No. 23(1). UN Charter Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua (Nicaragua v. 27(3). ICJ pressreal/tad-sumj99) Yamashita v. Philippine Act on Crimes Against International Humanitarian Law. ICJ Reports. United States of America). 827 (Yugoslavia War Crimes Tribunal) d. Genocide.” 97 AJIL 82 at 87. ICJ Reports. Core international obligations of states in International Humanitarian Law 3. The Use of Force Short of War XIII. and Other Crimes Against Humanity Advisory Opinion on the Legality of Nuclear Weapons (WHO Request). Categories of armed conflicts a) International armed conflicts b) Internal or non-international armed conflict c) War of national liberation 2. Security Council Resolution No. “Assessing Claims to Revise the Laws of War.1978 Additional Protocol to the Geneva Convention c. 1996 C. The UN Charter & the Use of Force Arts. Shinya Murase The Caroline Case M. 38 ILM 1199 The Relationship between the UN Charter and General International Law regarding non-use of force: The Case of NATO’s air campaign in the Kosovo Crisis of 1999. Reisman. 1999 (www.1949 Geneva Conventions b. December 12. IHL a.un. RA 9851. July 15. Law on neutrality A.

ICJ Reports. June 7.Arts. 1988 ELSI Case. ICJ Statute a. 21 of the UN Headquarters Agreement of June 26. 1992 Case Concerning East Timor (Portugal v. 1995 Cases on Provisional Measures: Bosnia Case (Application of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Bosnia and Herzegovina v. & the USA)). Applicable Law  Arts. 1988 Cases on Advisory Opinions: Legality of the Use by a State of Nuclear Weapons in Armed Conflict (WHO Request). 96. 1989 South West Africa Cases. ICJ Reports. Namibia (Case Concerning kasikili/Sedudu Island). ICJ Reports. Serbia and Montenegro)). 1996 Monetary Gold Case (Monetary Gold Removed from Rome in 1943 (Italy v. 1954 Certain Expenses of the UN. May 28. ICJ Reports. 5. Russia). Australia. PCIJ Ser. Australia). ICJ Reports. June 15. No. ICJ Reports. February 26. A. 1999 Status of Eastern Carelia (Finland v. 2007 Lockerbie Case (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya v. No. ICJ Reports. UK of Great Britain & Northern Ireland. ICJ Reports. PCIJ Ser. ICJ Reports. ICJ Statute b. ICJ Statute c. France. 38 & 59. 93. PCIJ Ser. 1947). US). Jurisdiction  Art. 1924 UN Headquarters Advisory Opinion (Applicability of the Obligation to Arbitrate under Sec. ICJ Reports. 36(1). 2. 1923 Advisory Opinion on the Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories 8 . 92. ICJ Reports. A/B. No. 1986 Lockerbie Case (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya v. UN Charter Arts. ICJ Reports. 1948 Free Zones Case (Case of the Free Zones of Upper Savoy and the District of Gex). USA). July 23. Advisory Opinions Cases on Jurisdiction: Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua (Nicaragua v. 35(1). April 26. ICJ Reports. 1975 Botswana v. 1966 Nauru v. B. 1. 1988 Cases on Dispute: Admissions Case (Conditions of Admission of a state to membership in the United Nations). ICJ Reports. 1932 Marvrommatis Case. 94. 45. 34(1). (2) & (3). 1962 Western Sahara Case. USA).

The Islamic Republic of Iran. “What Price Expropriation? Compensation for Expropriation: The Case Law. International Environmental Law Principle 21 of the Stockholm Declaration XV. PCIJ Ser. Arabian American Oil Company. 21 Iran-US Claims Report Jimenez de Arechega. 62 ILR 140 Starrett Housing Case. Libya.XIV. Aminoil.“ 79 AJIL 414. 1990 M. Libyan Arab Republic. Lauterpacht. A. Iran). No.” 8 JENRL 241. “State Responsibility for the Nationalization of Foreign Property. 17 ILM or 53 ILR 389. 66 ILR 518 Sapphire Case. 27 ILM 1314 Phillips Petroleum Company Iran. 4 Iran-US Claims Tribunal Report AMOCO Case (US v. 35 ILR 136 Starrett Housing Case. 1928 LIAMCO v. 1978 BP v. 17. 1978 E. International Economic Law Madrid Protocol and the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property Foreign Investments & Natural Resources Texaco v. 27 ILR 117 Chorzow Factory Case. 1985 9 . Meldelson.” 11 NHUJ of International Law & Politics 189. v. “Issues of Compensation and Nationality in the Taking of Alien Property. 4 Iran-US Claims Tribunal Report Kuwait v. and The National Iranian Oil. Libya. 53 ILR 279 Saudi Arabia v.