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"As You Like It" Critique
Christine Dickinson
Theatre 100

their father has died. cousin of Frederick's daughter. Unfortunately. Hawkridge as its director and Janiee Didonato as its stage manager. The play begins with the introduction of brothers Oliver and Orlando (played by Stephen Peterson and Ben Church. The acting of Ben Church as Orlando in As You Like It was particularly skillful. respectively). the girls also come across Silvius (Belamy Brophy-Baermann) who is in love with Phoebe (Christine O'Connell) and Audrey (Christine Dickinson) who falls in love with Touchstone. Orlando also finds himself in the forest. the court jester (Gabe Gager). URI Theatre's production of As You Like It featured Alan F. arguably the greatest playwright of all time. and takes love advice from Rosalind. In true Shakespearean fashion. and designers yielded an amusing and modern version of this 17th century Shakespearian pastoral comedy. managers. However. the play becomes a bemusing array of lovestruck and royally-adapted characters and couples. and sound design was done by Mike Hyde. but not without Celia and Touchstone. Costume design was done by David T. The play was produced by URI Theatre and presented in URI's J-Studio. all of which coalesce in the forest. The collaborative efforts of As You Like It's director. set design was done by Christian Wittwer. and daughter of the banished. noble treatment. Celia (Devin Vietri). lighting design was done by Mark Tiberiis II. While in the forest. so she flees to the forest disguised as a man. and financial assistance his father had requested he be granted after his death. The . older brother Oliver has deprived Orlando of the education. and out of spite.As You Like It is an amusing play written by William Shakespeare. Howard. who is disguised as a man. unexpectedly winning a wrestling match organized by Duke Frederick (Chris Morris) brings Orlando good fortune as he falls in love with Rosalind (Alexandra Walsh). forest-dwelling Duke Senior (Rick Bagley). A change of heart leads Duke Frederick to also banish Rosalind from the court.

and charming. the stage built in J-Studio made for a more personal performance than one seen in Will Theatre. and Church did both very well. in the 1960's. . and yelling. I would gladly go to see this play again. jumping. One of the best parts about this already great play was URI Theatre's visual representation of it. a play from the 17th century. and he did all of which effectively and passionately. such as the calm green lights to complement the forest scenes. The sound design in As You Like It was wonderful. especially during the songs that were performed. Many of his scenes involved fighting. and the round staging was utilized effectively. and were all historically accurate. The costumes were born out of an idyllic 1960's wardrobe. all of the design elements used during the performance came together to create a unique and engaging version of this classic Shakespearean play. The scenes in which Orlando wooed Ganymede (Rosalind) were particularly entertaining and comedic. he was very articulate and projected his voice so that everyone in J-Studio could hear and understand him with ease. and the hanging lightbulbs were a great addition to the overall atmosphere. Additionally. the theatre company introduced an excellent visual contrast to the Shakesperian script. by moving characters to different locations throughout. running. The actors and actresses delivered their lines with skillful passion and it was evident that As You Like It's designers did the same in their work. The hanging lightbulbs were unique and beautiful. Overall. colorful. hearing all the characters was very easy. Additionally. and they changed color to fit the differing locations. The 1960's costumes and set design were a great contrast to the original Shakespearean script.unique staging of the play in J-Studio made the blocking and physical action of the characters very important. By setting As You Like It. The set was unique. because J-Studio is small and the production was in the round. I personally found As You Like It to be the best URI Theatre production I have seen yet.