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Pokemon Learning League

Electricity (Hybrid Systems)
Written By
Timothy Whitfield

(Episode opens with Ash, Pikachu, Brock, Iris, Axew
and Clemont arriving in Nimbasa City via Unova
Route 5 on a clear blue afternoon. The Sun is
beating down and a breeze blows in the air, giving
the area a vibrant & calm atmosphere. Brock looks
over to the audience and casually speaks to them.)
Brock (casually): Hello, guys.
Clemont (casually): Hey.
Ash (casually): Hey.
Pikachu: Pika-chu.
Iris (casually): Hi.
Axew: Axew.
Ash: Man, it feels great out here today.
Pikachu (agreeing): Pika.
Brock: Yeah, it does.
(They continue onward. Moments, Pikachu droops
on Ash’s shoulder.)
Pikachu (exhausted): Pika.
Ash: You getting tired, buddy?
(He nods his head.)
Ash: Okay. We’ll stop & rest at the Pokemon

(They head on down the street and continue on
until they arrive at the Pokemon Center. They
head inside and see the interior has a high-tech
look to it.)
Nurse Joy: Hey, there. How are you all doing
Iris: Great, Nurse Joy.
Axew: Axew.
Nurse Joy: That’s good. Let me guess: you want to
heal your Pokemon?
(They all nod their heads.)
Nurse Joy: Okay, no problem. I’ll get right on it.
(They hand her their PokeBalls and she carts them
away. They go over to the waiting area, but then
they hear some familiar voices.)
Voice #1 (O.S.): Okay, how about we set them over
Voice #2 (O.S.): Yeah, and the panels can be placed
All (curiously): Hmm?
(They go over to one of the booths, where they
find… Elesa and Siara working on some blueprints.
Elesa is wearing an orange t-shirt, long lean shorts
and sneakers.)

Elesa: They can get more sunlight if we place them
at this angle here.
Siara: Yeah, and have the turbines placed on either
side of them.
(They put in more details.)
Ash: Hey, Siara.
(She turns around and sees them.)
Siara: Oh, hey guys. How’s it going?
Iris: Pretty good. How about you?
Siara: I’m doing well.
Clemont: Hello, there. I’m Clemont.
Elesa: Nice to meet you. I’m Elesa.
(Just then, Brock quickly comes over to her, kneels
down before her and takes her hand.)
Brock (love-struck): Hi, the name’s Brock, and
might I say you are truly a natural vision of
Elesa (awkwardly): Uh, thank you?
(Just then, Croagunk jabs Brock on the side and he
falls to the ground.)
Brock (in pain): AGH!!
Croagunk: Croak.
(It drags Brock away.)

Ash: So, what are those blueprints for?
Elesa: It’s for the center’s new electric hybrid
Ash: That’s cool.
(Nurse Joy and Audino come over to them with
their PokeBalls and Pikachu & Axew.)
Nurse Joy: Hey, guys. All your Pokemon are doing a
lot better & are ready to go.
Axew (happily): Axew.
Pikachu (happily): Pika, Pika.
Ash: Thanks a lot, Nurse Joy.
Nurse Joy: Hey, it was not a problem at all. (She
turns over to Siara and Elesa and looks over the
blueprints.) Oh, this looks really good.
Elesa: Thanks, Nurse Joy. It’s nearly finished.
Nurse Joy: That’s great. Well, let me know if you
need anything.
Ash: All right.
(She and Audino walk off.)
Brock: So, Elesa, what made you decide to build
Elesa: I wanted to help out the Center, and thought
it’d be great to work on it together with Siara.

Ash: I see.
Clemont: Hey, Elesa. Would you mind if I could
make a suggestion?
Elesa: Sure, Clemont. What is it?
Clemont: How about adding an automatic guiding
system? That way, the panels can follow the Sun
wherever it is.
Elesa: That’s a good idea.
(She sketches it in.)
Elesa: What else do you have?
Clemont: Perhaps you could change the positions
of the wind turbines.
(Elesa repositions the turbines in the blueprints.
Now, we pan over to the others talking with Siara.)
Iris: How long have you been working on this?
Siara: For about two weeks.
Ash: That’s pretty good.
Siara: Yep, it’s been hard, but we’re nearly done
with it.
Brock: Good to know. Say, how is this system
assembled, anyway?
Siara: Well, allow me to show you.

(She goes into her pocket, pulls out the Pokepilot,
turns it on and it shows a display of the assembling
Siara: First, we connect the batteries in the battery
banks, thus allowing it to be fully optimized.
(As she talks about it, the images and words
highlight in time to the words.)
Brock: All right, now what?
Siara: Next, we use a battery cable to connect the
bank to the power input on a DC source center,
which also incorporates a charge controller that’ll
monitor the batteries and shut off the charging
current to prevent them from overcharging.
Ash: Okay, what’s next?
Siara: Now, we connect the output lines from the
wind turbines to a regulator, thus converting the
fluctuating voltage from them to a fixed output
Iris: Ahh, okay. Now what?
Siara: We hook up the regulator to the correct input
breaker on the DC source center.
Brock: That’s pretty important. What’s next?
Siara: Okay, now we connect the solar panel’s
output to a PV charge controller, and it’ll regulate
the power from the panels and adapt the voltage

to charge the bank. Then, we hook it up to an
input breaker on the DC source center.
Iris: Okay, what’s left?
Siara: Lastly, we wire the inverter to the output
breaker from the source center and hook it up to
the Pokemon Center’s electrical panel.
Brock: That’s a pretty complex system.
Siara: Yes, it is. Oh, I should mention that there will
be some points of the year where there’ll be more
wind power than the solar power and vice-versa.
Iris: Ahh, okay then.
Siara: Well, how about I show you something?
Ash: All right, then.
Pikachu: Pika.
(Now, we pan up to an upper panel to show the
whole electricity conversion process.)
Siara: Okay, you guys ready for this?
Brock: Yes, we are.
Siara: Very well, then. Now, what’s the first thing
that needs to be done?
Iris: You connect the batteries in the battery banks.
Siara: Very good, Iris. Now, what needs to be done

Ash: You use a battery cable to connect them to
the power input.
Siara: All right, Ash. Now, what do you do after
Brock: You hook up the wind turbine’s output lines
to the regulator.
Siara: You got it, Brock. You did good so far, guys.
Ash: Thanks, Siara.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika.
Siara: No problem, Ash.
(She turns the Pokepilot off and puts it back in her
Iris: Hey, Siara.
Siara: Yes?
Iris: How did you and Elesa first meet?
Siara: Well, we met way back when I first came to
the city.
(Flashback to many years ago, where we see
Nimbasa City in an earlier state. The musical hall
doesn’t have as many lights, the Pokemon Center
has an Old World look to it and the city has a more
rustic atmosphere. Now, we see a young Siara
arriving in town. She breathes in the air and sighs
in comfort.)

Young Siara: Ahh. It feels really nice here.
(She heads over to the local park area, where she
sees many people and their Pokemon going about
their business, from playing with each other, some
are having a picnic, and others are doing some
training. As Siara goes on, she sees a girl about
her age working on the joints of a pair of
retractable, mechanical hands with movable
fingers. It’s a young Elesa. She is wearing a grass
green t-shirt, long shorts and open-air sandals.
She goes over to her.)
Young Siara: Hello.
Young Elesa: Hey there.
Young Siara: What’s that you’re working on?
Young Elesa: Right now, the articulation for these
Young Siara (intrigued): Oh.
Young Elesa: I’m Elesa, by the way.
Young Siara: Nice to meet you. I’m Siara.
(They both shake hands.)
Young Siara: So, you need any help with it?
Young Elesa: Sure thing
(They start getting to work. Now, a montage goes
on where they work out the articulation of each

finger & the thumb, as well as the joints of them.
Afterwards, they start building the metallic
structure & controls of the left hand. Then, they
build the outer layer around them. Montage ends
with them finishing up on the first hand.)
Young Elesa: Okay, that should do it.
Young Siara: All right, let’s try it out.
(She pulls on the string control of the left hand and
the index finger wiggles & twitches a little. Then,
she make a fist with it, but it’s a little shaky.)
Young Elesa: Hey, that’s pretty good.
Young Siara: Yeah, though it could use a little more
work. Say, why did you decide to build them?
Young Elesa: Well, I thought it would be fun &
challenging to do it.
Young Siara (understanding): Ahh, I see.
Young Elesa: By the way, what brings you to
Young Siara: I thought this was a nice place &
decided to look around.
Young Elesa (understanding): Oh.
Young Siara: Okay, let me ask you: what are
planning to do in the future?

Young Elesa: Well, I’m hoping that I can do
something great for this city someday.
Young Siara: Oh, that sounds bold.
Young Elesa: Yeah. So, how about I show you the
baseball stadium?
Young Siara: All right, then.
(They both leave the park and head over to the
stadium. Dissolve back to the present day.)
Brock (understanding): Ahh, that’s really nice.
Siara: Yep. Now, if you guys will excuse me, I need
to get back to work on this.
Ash: Okay, Siara.
(She turns back over to Elesa & Clemont and
resumes work on the blueprints.)
Brock: Okay. So, how about we get back to
finishing the process?
Iris: Okay, Brock, but let’s see if the audience is up
for this before we do.
Ash: Okay, Iris. (He turns over to the audience.)
Hey, you guys want to do it? (He casually waits for
an answer from the audience for one second.) Oh,
okay then
(Dissolve back to the process.)

Ash: Okay, let’s do it. What’s the next thing needed
to be done? (He casually waits for an answer from
the audience for one and a half seconds.) Hook up
the regulator to the right input breaker on the DC
source center. You got it.
Brock: All right, what comes after that? (He
casually waits for an answer from the audience for
one and a half seconds.) Connect the solar panel’s
output to a PV charge controller, and then put it in
the input breaker. Very good.
Iris: What is the final thing that needs to be done?
(She casually waits for an answer from the
audience for one and a half seconds.) Wire an
inverter to an output breaker from the source
center and hook it up to an electrical panel. All
(Dissolve back to the gang and Brock casually
speaks to the audience.)
Brock: You guys did well.
(Now, we pan over to the others, who are finishing
up on the blueprints.)
Siara: All right, they should be this far apart from
each other.
Elesa: Yeah, all right.
(She writes the measurements into them.)

Elesa: Okay, I think that should do it.
Clemont: Yep. It’s ready to go.
(They turn over to Ash, Brock and Iris.)
Siara: So, you guys ready to get started on this?
(They all nod their heads in agreement. Now, a
montage goes on, where they start building the
hybrid system. They head out to the back and find
the power output for the center. Clemont looks
over it.)
Clemont: Hmm. Yep, this’ll work out fine.
(They set up the battery bank in the back, as well
as a backup generator. Now, they hook the bank
up to the power input. Afterwards, they assemble
the wind turbines & solar panels on top of the roof
in their proper positions. Elesa & Nurse Joy finish
building the first wind turbine. They both wipe off
the sweat from her forehead.)
Nurse Joy: Phew, that was tough.
Elesa: Yeah, you said it.
(Now, they start work on the second one.
Moments later, they hook up the panels & turbines
to the bank. Montage ends with them looking over
the finished hybrid system. The wind turbines are
on either side of the building and the solar panels
have an automatic rotation & guidance system.)

Siara: We did pretty well on this, didn’t we?
Elesa: Yes, we did.
Iris: It looks amazing.
Axew: Axew.
Ash: You said it.
Nurse Joy: So, guys. How about Audino and I cook
up a special meal for us?
Clemont: All right, Nurse Joy.
(They all head back inside and go over to the
booths. Just as Ash is about to go over with them,
Elesa stops him.)
Elesa: Hey, Ash.
Ash: Yes?
Elesa: I wanted to apologize to you.
Ash: Uh, okay, but for what?
Elesa: The way I treated you during our gym battle
a while back. It really wasn’t right of me to do
have done that to you.
Ash (understanding): Ahh.
Elesa (honestly & embarrassingly): I tend to have a
really big ego that can get in the way & out of
control a lot.
Ash (agreeing): Yeah, you really do.

Pikachu: Pika, Pika.
Elesa: So, to make it up to you, I want you to have
(She goes into her bag and gets out a Light Ball
and a Comet Shard. She hands them to Ash.)
Ash (impressed): Wow! Thanks Elesa.
Elesa: You’re welcome.
(They both head over to the booth with the others
and take their seats.)
Iris: What do you think Nurse Joy is going to make
Brock: Who knows? Whatever it’ll be, I’m sure it’s
going to be good.
(They all turn over to the viewers.)
All (casually): Thanks a lot, guys.
Pikachu: Pika, Pika.
Axew: Axew.
(Now, we dissolve to moments later, where we see
everyone eating their dinner. They’re having
burrito pie, stuffed peppers, enchiladas, a crust
less spinach quiche and a lemon garlic tilapia.)
Ash: Well, that was an interesting episode. Did you
guys enjoy it? (He casually waits for an answer
from the audience for one second.) Oh, all right.
Then, we’ll see you later.

Pikachu: Pika-chu.
(They all casually wave goodbye to the audience
and resume eating. Now, we pull back and fade to
black, ending the episode.)