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Hassan Alzahrani Statement of Purpose

I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Riyadh, after getting an
opportunity to attend King Saud University (KSU), which is considered as a premier
educational institute for science education, particularity for computer science and
information technology in the entire Middle East region. During my Bachelor of Science
degree in Information Systems, I undertook courses related to Computer Science,
Information Systems, Business Programming, Information Management, and Accounting.
This is where my passion for this field grew and I realized I wanted to pursue a career in
relation to Computer Science that I could apply in every day business environment.
After graduation, I became professionally active and worked for a few
organizations at different positions, which were associated with the fields of Information
Systems and Information Technology. My major roles and responsibilities in these
organizations covered various tasks such as the design, implementation, operation, and
support of technical and commercial solutions of Hewlett Packard’s OpenView and Cisco
Networking products. Implementations of company/campus wireless networks, IP
telephony and Virtual Switching Systems, I gained extensive experience of putting
solutions for a variety of clients and their needs. This helped me in getting an insight of
various organizational requirements and practical implications of the knowledge and
skills which we acquire during our academic years. By being part of the development and
mantainance of enterprise networks, enterprise systems, their management and solution
integrations, I observed how techology can drastically impact customer business and its
success by improving productivy and efficiency real time. This deepened my already
serious interest in the field and the desire of getting to know the Computer Science side
of things that could then help me work on business solutions for variety of clients. While
working with Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital, I realized the need of pursing a Master
Degree that would help me respond to substential Information Technology needs of this
hospital. By dealing with extensive data that requires strong security, we needed to find
ways to establish better traffic control at the hospital and this is where my interest in
Network Architecture and Optimazation was born. I knew that pursusing a Masters
degree would increase my knowledge and help guide me in the next step of pursuing a
doctorate degree related to this field.


as they often require handling of large amount of data securely on an everyday basis. Besides this. There are a few noteworthy reasons that inspired my interest in Towson University in particular for pursing my doctorate degree. I realized Towson would be a perfect fit for my interest area since I would be able to pursue the study of Network Architecture Optimization and Virtualization. I plan on pursuing a doctorate degree in Information Technology. During my studies. The first among them is a renowned name of the Department of Computer and Information Sciences. a doctorate degree would help me in acquiring a very specific knowledge and information regarding a specific area of my interest in this discipline. as well as my expertise in Graphical Network Simulator (GNS3) for Telecommunications purposes. organizational and behavioral skills person. Working in these specified areas helped me develop my knowledge of all components withing Forensics Toolkit Product (FTK) made by AccessData. I have completed three semesters of valuable learning thus far and I am looking forward to completing my degree in this coming Fall semester. I had an opportunity to work as a Teaching Assistant for Computer Forensics and Network and Telecommunications classes. Virtualization and Optimization of large data networks. which has just celebrated its 30th Anniversary this April. I am driven by the purpose of enhancing my knowledge and skills that I have accumulated during my Bachelor and Master’s degree and while working with different organizations. Incorporating Virtualization to large data networks and data warehouse 2 . and has received a grant of more than $3 million in FY13. These areas of study have a great importance for me due to their paramount importance in health care organizations. particularly hospitals. which are Network Architecture. which shows its contribution and performance in the same field. As my last semester is approaching. but it also creates an equal opportunity for developing an allencompassing technical. Moreover. The university does not only focus on making a student academically sound.The idea of pursuing graduate education in this area of study brought me to the United States where I joined Hood College as a student of the Computer Science department. After a close study and analysis of faculty profiles in the Computer Science department at Towson University. The department of Computer Science and Information Sciences has created a record of extramural grants. I have been living in Maryland for more than a year now and I have a fair idea regarding the quality of education delivered by this premier institute through the word of mouth of both students and professors that are familiar with Towson.

optimizes and improves traffic control in wireless networks and data Information Technology from your esteemed university. as I am very interested in enhancing my learning and expertise in these fields which is due to my firsthand experience of importance of network optimization and virtualization need in Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital. Being able to pursue a doctorate degree would finaly create a range of opportunities for me as a professional and as a learner as I would be able to both work on reasearch of real-world problems across international orgnizations. which enable me to come to the United Statees on a two-year scholarship program from the government of Saudi Arabia.Sc. I worked as a Technical/Teaching Assistant for Computer Forensics and Telecommunications courses which gave me experience of working with other students and thought me the merits of assisting others in their learning. but also to teach others in my area of expertise. I perceive myself as a capable candidate for a doctorate degree at Towson University and my perception is based on my strengths of my academic career thus far. Also. 3 . Faculty members at Towson have research related to these areas which would be extremely valuable to me. Pursuing my doctorate degree at Towson would help me learn techiniques and perform research to enable me to respond to these networking and data communication challenges for a large organization. I would be pleased with an opportunity to work with your faculty and gain a worthwhile learning and research full experience through the D.