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Anthony Moore
Research paper thesis
Fast Food Popularity

Fast Food is a constantly growing industry and it’s only going to get bigger over time.
The opinions of many say that fast food is very unhealthy and sometimes not even real food. The
fast food companies’ defense to this seems to be that nobody is making anybody eat the food and
that if people think it’s unhealthy, they should just not eat it. Although some fast food restaurants
are trying to contribute healthier food options, there is still much controversy about whether or
not the healthier alternatives are actually healthy or not.
There are many different reasons and opinions on fast food and it is a growing topic in
today’s economy. There are many different excuses from people for eating it, along with many
excuses from the fast food companies for producing it. One thing that can’t be avoided is that
fast food in general is a very strong and clever business. One of the main business "tactics" used
by fast food companies is to gear all of their advertising towards children. One reason is that
people develop all of their eating habits as children so companies can nurture the little ones as
they grow. Another reason is for marketing to children is to make the children nag and beg their
parents to go eat at whatever the fast food restaurant they see with the best and brightest colored
toys. Parents think that children's meals are healthier than the standard sized meal, but they are

Some believe that fast food is evolving. Some believe the reason for this is to put food chains such as Wendy's and McDonalds in the same league as Subway when it comes to healthy food for the carb-conscious people. the chicken . Most fast food is fried. People either don’t know or don’t care how bad or fattening fried food can be. Although it is a popular food item on many restaurants menus'. Subway is the only fast food restaurant currently working to promote a more healthy way of eating (Schlosser). even though there is less food in children's meals than in adult meals.Moore Page 2 not because they are fried. Also new items are being added to fast food menus across the board such as salads and wraps. The burger itself has come a long way since the first McDonalds franchise opened in 1953. people generally love fried food. Over time fast food giants are developing ways to make larger portions without much extra cost to the company. For example French fries contain animal products but none of the fast food companies will say from which animal French fry additional flavor comes form. French fries used to be made with potatoes cut from fresh potatoes in a back rooms of most restaurants but now they are made in large factories the froze and proceed in order to be shipped to various stores. whether or not this is happening is currently unknown (Schlosser). Recently it has been a higher priority for fast food chains to make children's meals healthier. Just about all fast food is processed which depletes a lot of the flavor. Today burgers are made from meat the come from different parts of the cow blended together which is a very scientific process.000 people die each year due to obesity which is the second largest cause of deaths only behind smoking. which then means that just about all fast food has additional flavoring. 300. Another fast food item that people seem to take for granted is the chicken nugget. They are also developing many different ways to become more efficient.

especially Americans. As far as the obesity aspect of fast food. including the pros and cons that come with it. new generations need to go to a "fat farm" or . but at what cost does this come? Fast food does also usually proved fast and sometimes even instant service which is very attractive for the working male or female who is in a hurry. not only with food. American still manages to sell its superior lifestyles to the rest of the world in ingenious ways. Vietnam is now catching up to China with 28% of rural children suffering from malnutrition and its 20% from urban areas suffering from obesity. Some irony comes along with previous generations known as boat people fled to escape starvation under communism during the cold war. Chicken is also another fast food item that is relatively new to the industry. which means good news for fast food giants. On the other hand China is trying to gain its upper hand in the economy still loves anything western.Moore Page 3 nugget was not always offered at fast food restaurants. the biggest producer in coffee second only to Brazil. The obvious being that its filling and inexpensive. There are many reasons why people. Vietnam. but also even in the fashion department (Lam). However many fast food luxuries Americans are used to be still unknown to the Western world. make fast food so popular. Believe it or not. is still no tasted the likes of Starbucks Coffee. the American popularity growth of fast food has begun to spread to the west. the industry that changed the way Americans eat chicken (Schlosser). The number of people who eat out for the meals as well as the number of many times people eat out is rapidly decreasing as people all around the world seem to be running out of time to prepare their meals at home (Schlosser).

has a favorite meal consisting of pizza and coke (Lam). He says that his son. The accessibility of fast food is growing as the variety of the food itself increases. who is partially obese. and chicken. Chinese’s city boys at age six are two and a half inches taller and about six and a half pounds heavier in average than their ancestors three decades ago. chicken to even taco and burritos. China is catching up to the American economy. Ha Jin showed the economic status about eating American fast food in his short story "After Cowboy Chicken Came to Town. The overall obesity rate in China is 5% in rural areas and 20% in big cities which a relatively small ration of obese people when compared to the United States given the sizes of China's population. The story is said to be hilarious but it also shows a sad and true statement. Consuming American fast food is proof of economic status in the world. but that’s not the only thing of America that its catching up to. China's 5% comes out to about 70 million overweight people. It proves to show off social status if somebody can spare the money to afford the "all American meal (Lam). A cousin of the Ha Jin says that he barely had food during the Cold War so he lets his son eat whatever he wants. One reason why American fast food is so populate in Asia at least is because American fast food places are the first choice for those with dispensable income.Moore Page 4 gym to drop excess weight. The three largest fast food groups are hamburger. Currently almost 100 million Chinese now suffer from diabetes (Lam). pizza. What was once just a hamburger and fries has now grown into pizza. The 18-21 age group is ." This story is about books their wedding at a brand new fast food chain called Cowboy Chicken to celebrate their new wealth in Capitalistic China.

Putting up new outlets can decrease the distance a consumer must travel. They are often joined with convince stores and gasoline stations and in some cases are placed inside large retail stores (Jekanowski). but also because of there are many locations and they are easy to get to.3% of the total FAFH and by 1999 it reached 35. . Fast food suppliers emphasize the minimization of time costs that is. United States food consumption has changed a lot within the past several decades. The term for food away from home is FAFH. further reducing the cost of expansion. Fast food is not only handy because it’s fast. "The current industry emphasizes on 'satellite' restaurants reflects this strategy. standing for food away from home. which is a direct function of distance. In 1967 fast food accounted for 14. the maximized convince. providing a consistent and popular product (Jekanowski). In fact we have seen the greatest change in money being spent on meals made outside. Indeed fast food is and somewhat immediate. Another key aspect of fast food is that it takes away preparation time and clean up time for meals that usually come with in home meals. An important component of time cost is time spent commuting to the retail outlet. lower volume units have considerably lower construction and operating costs and tend to be placed on leased property. These smaller limited menus.Moore Page 5 widely regarded as the heavy users of fast food and the sixty five and older age group represents the least amount of fast food users (Jekanowski). In turn lowering price of a product and increasing frequency of purchase. the FAFH in 1960 was at 26% within increase to 45% in 1997.5% (Jekanowski).

Fast food companies are not only doing this to attempt to shred America's waste line. Some tips for achieving healthy food at fast food restaurants are to ask for smaller portion sizes. Economic research service says that thirty two percent of most American total calories prepared away from home. health choices at fast food chains still are not perfect. or ask swap out a salad with fries. Some seemingly healthy choices can still be loaded with fat. carbohydrates. It is healthier to the burger for nutritious conscious consumers. or people with specific health problems such as diabetes or have high blood pressure should limit sodium intake to 1500 milligrams per day.Moore Page 6 Despite all best efforts. The low calorie qualification is under 500 calories for and entree or sandwich and fifty or less calories for a drink. dubbed the premium McWrap. Whenever possible people should try to make time and prepare as many meals as possible at home. but the new healthier options are also helping restaurants bottom lines (Knott). or sodium (Knott). Most people still seem to think that it’s good to know that there is a desire to provide healthy options at fast food chains. due to the fact that it is fast food nonetheless. People who are fifty one years or older. Seventeen of our twenty one restaurant chains did studies and the results showed that the lower calorie food and beverages out preformed the higher calorie options in sales. McDonalds has recently started a chicken and veggie wrap. . Almost one third of American diets are eaten in a restaurant or other eating establishments. calories. Some say that the new addition to the menu is intended to help fast food companies like McDonalds compete with subway.

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