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August 25th 2015



You never know what God is going to do.
This is why this past weekend I said that the
Christian life can be summarized by putting
Hebrews 11:8 “not knowing where” and 2
Timothy 1:12 “but I know whom I have
believed upon” together.
We don’t know where, when, and why, but
we do know whom we have believed upon,
Jesus Christ, and that is enough.
Want to hear something very cool? This past
weekend we baptized Angenette Hart. It was
an amazing moment where we got to
experience the promise that Jesus Christ is still
seeking, and still saving in front of us!


But it doesn’t end there! After service Kevin
Smith approached me with tears in his eyes
and said he wanted to give his life back to
Jesus and get in the water! So this next
weekend we will be having another baptism,
but it doesn’t have to end there. My prayer is
that we would have to keep the baptismal out
because God is moving through the hearts of
His people! Please join me in praying “keep
The baptismal out” for God’s Glory and
If you are interested in baptism please call
Pastor Jason this week.

Sunday night we hosted an AWANA BBQ/Registration
night. Given the change in the program we didn’t
know what to expect in terms of numbers so we were
SO THANKFUL for all the kids and registrations that
happened Sunday night! PRAISE GOD for a
wonderful time to connect with new friends and old,
and to get kids registered for AWANA. Thanks to
Bruce and Deb Henrikson, Mark Thompson, Don
Ramsey, and all the AWANA directors for making it a
great night!


m Ch

As many of you may already know, Jan Piasecki took a
nasty fall last Tuesday night breaking two ribs and
puncturing a lung. As she is healing Deb Henrikson has
graciously agreed to step in as interim secretary, and
help the office to continue to serve you well.
If you need anything over the next few weeks please
give Deb a call!

What’s Happening
This Week at Jesus’ Church?


Community Groups
The Schifo Home 6:00pm

Wednesday 8/12
Youth Group 6:00pm



Worship Practice 7:30pm

River Festival 3:30-7:00pm
Volunteer to promote AWANA or come
and pray for people at the festival!



Act Like Men 7:00am
River Festival 9:00-5:00pm
Volunteer to promote AWANA or come
and pray for people at the festival!



Christian Education 9:30-10:30am
Counter Culture with Jerry Unger
God’s Prophets with Bruce Henrikson
Precepts Upon Precepts Women’s
Jr. and Sr. High School

A new addition to the weekly
newsletter is a copy of the scripture
outline from Sunday’s sermon. It is my
hope that this helps you in reflection
on the work that God did through his
Isaiah: The King and His Glory
“I know whom I have
believed upon.”
Isaiah 33:2, 10, 24
Isaiah 34 The way of unbelief.
35 The way of faith.
Hebrews 11:8
2 Timothy 1:12
Isaiah 36:1-22
Isaiah 7:3
Romans 4:17
Acts 5:39
Psalm 33:15, 20:7
Isaiah 37:1-8
2 Timothy 1:12

Worship Gathering 10:45am
Isaiah 39: Pastor Jason Schifo

Kevin Smith
If you are interested in baptism
see Pastor Jason this week.

Isaiah has been called the Bible in
mini. The first 39 chapters,
“judgement”, mirror the 39 books of
the Old Testament, and the last 27
chapters, “comfort and relief”, mirror
the 27 New Testament books.
On September 9th, at 10:45am, we
are going to be having a special
message on the Gospel as we
transition between the 39th chapter
and into the 40th. Join us!

After tons of hard work by Josh DeYoung (Thank God
for Josh!) We received our building permit for the
nursery construction.
Please pray now for
the doors and
windows that need
to be ordered so
that construction
can begin. Your
prayers have been
a huge part of how
God is working
through this whole process! Praise Him and Pray!
As I was sitting in my office late April I was praying
for the nursery project and I was struck by a
particular vision and scripture. As I closed my eyes I
saw young children being prayed over and the bible
being read to them. I heard the gospel being shared,
and at that moment I heard Acts 11:26, “For a whole
year they met with the church and taught a great
many people. And in Antioch the disciples were first
called Christians.”
My prayer out of that moment is that by seeking the
Lord we would establish a “Little Antioch”, a safe
and inviting place where children can hear the
gospel, and grow as disciples who know and trust
Excited? I certainly am, but as with anything I have to
make sure my excitement doesn’t exceed my
obedience because none of this is possible without
prayer. Prayer delights Him and unites us.
Please consider stopping by the church and pray fill out a prayer card - and put it on the wall where
construction will begin to happen!

Psalm 127:1
God this is your
project and place - fill
it with Your Glory!

There will be a Beth Moore simulcast shown at
Windsor Road Christian Church on Saturday,
September 12th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The cost
is to join the simulcast is $20.00, and lunch is
an additional $10.00. The subject will be Beth
Moore’s new book, "Audacious".
If anyone is interested in going, please let Deb
Henrikson, 586-2918, know by September 1st.
There will be no daytime Ladies Bible Study this
fall, but they will begin meeting in January
looking at the new Beth Moore study,
"Audacious", from the simulcast.
If anyone is interested in doing a Bible study this
fall, we want to encourage you to check out
Bible Study Fellowship  (see Michelle Shafer or
Tasha Schifo for more information) studying the
“Book of Revelation”.
Men’s Bible Study Fellowship will start
September 14th, 6:45pm, at First Baptist Church
of Savoy. The cost is “Free” and there is a
program for kids 1st grade through High School.
Women’s Bible Study Fellowship will start
September 15th, 9:10am, at First Christian
Church in Champaign. The cost is “Free” and
there is a children’s program birth through

Are you
available to
volunteer at
River Festival?


Sign up to volunteer today!
Interested in praying for
people at the festival?
Contact Deb Henrikson in the
office today!
As of today there are over 40 kids
registered for the 2015/2016
AWANA program that starts
September 13th, at 6:00pm!
With the challenges of a fresh
start no one knew what this year
would hold, but faithful
volunteers met, prayed, listened,
learned, and have led us to this point
where we are hoping to meet even
more kids with the Gospel in the
coming months!
Please continue to Pray AND Praise
God for His faithfulness because it is
Please take a moment today and share
AWANA with someone via email. Tell
them about this great opportunity!

What a Great Sunday!
rise up against those who put their faith in the
Over the past year we have watched Judah live in
spite of God rather than in light of His great love.
They trusted in themselves, they trusted in Assyria,
and they trusted in Egypt - all to no avail.
Finally they hit rock bottom. All other hope and
human help have run out. In chapter 33 they are
at the end of themselves and finally after 32-34
years they turn and move in repentance:
Isaiah 33:2
O Lord, be gracious to us; we wait for you. Be our
arm every morning, our salvation in the time of
Isaiah 33:10, 24
Now I will rise up, Now I will lift myself up, Now I
will be exalted And no inhabitant will say, “I am
sick” the people who dwell there will be forgiven
their iniquity.
God’s people call out to Him and He rises up
because He is mighty to save. Now the rubber
meets the road and it is decision time.
Isaiah 34: The way of unbelief driven by our
feelings, felt needs, and desires.
Isaiah 35: The way of faith in God alone - His
grace, goodness, and loving kindness
towards us.
Now in chapter 37-38 God’s people face the
world typified in Assyria. Because when God’s
people put their complete trust in the God the
world will always rise up against them. So don’t
be shocked in what you read and see in the
media. Don’t be shocked by the persecution that
has come and is coming. The world will always

Thus far in the book of Isaiah we have sinfulness,
judgement, God’s persistence in pursuing His
people at all costs, Judah hitting rock bottom repenting, God’s reaction in rising up, a call to
decide, and now in chapters 37-38, living that out
in the real world.
If I had to summarize the Christian life in just one
sentence I would do so using two verses:
Hebrews 11:8
“He (being Abraham)went not knowing where he
was going” (I know not where)
2 Timothy 1:12
“I know whom I have believed upon”
“I know not where, but I know whom I have
believed upon.”
So often this has been my own story. Has it been
yours? Hoping, but not knowing, and in the end
realizing that trusting in the faithfulness of God is
all that we have.
That great faith chapter of Hebrews 11 it is quite
clear that Abraham didn’t know where God was
leading him, and that he didn’t need to know, to
respond by faith. Paul writing to his disciple
Timothy didn’t know where he was going but he
knew whom he had believed upon.
We don’t always know where, but we do know
who, and that my friends is enough. If you always
have to know the what, where, when, and why all
in advance before you obey God then you are not
living by faith in God. Living by faith accepts
ambiguity and the unknown - because God is in
charge. As we saw in Angenette and in Kevin’s
stories He is MIGHTY to save - Trust Him today!

When was the last time you were able
to spend an hour rocking a baby?
When was the last time you were able
to give your undivided attention to a
curious infant?

Now is your

The baby/infant nursery needs your loving
touch. We have many babies coming to Sunday
School and church each week and their parents
could use a break so they can focus on God.
During this time it is our chance to tell these
little ones how much God loves them.

As you may know, the United States
along with the leaders of 5 other
countries, have signed a “deal with Iran”
which includes some language and
promises that are very dangerous to the
well being of our nation, and to the
stability of Israel and the Middle-East.

September 6th at 6:00pm

at Community Evangelical Free Church
of Mahomet - Make a difference!
We have an opportunity to lift our voices in a powerful
way and lend our support to our leaders, thereby being
instrumental in pursuing a better deal.

Say “YES” to serving on a rotating team.


Peggy Shapiro, Midwest Director of “StandWithUs” will be at the
Community Evangelical Free Church of Mahomet, September 6th, at
6:00pm, to discuss this very important and urgent situation. Peggy
will help us understand how we can practically engage in a letterwriting campaign to voice our concerns and encourage our leaders.

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