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Words are spelled to create a sentence of terms. Think of a jail sentence or a prison term. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef. it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are. the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. SPELLING: WE SPELL WORDS TO PRONOUNCE A (PRISON) SENTENCE OR TERM The first thing you learn when you go to school is how to spell. The Wyrd sisters in Greek mythology were Fates or . but the wrod as a wlohe.Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy.

We use catch words. be or become dull. What is a chapter? A chapter is a secret society or religious order. Words have meaning and (are) mean things especially cross words. After all. lackadaisical. the Latin word for book is "liber". You can book a reservation which means you're paying for the ownership of something in advance. And indeed a sentence is created by words that are spelled out by using letters. You can book or place a bet on a game or race with your bookie. A chapter contains many pages. lifeless" and languish which means "to lose strength or animation. like a bloodletter. there is a bet being placed on a race -. A jail sentence is served in a prison ward. . How are we imprisoned by our language? Think about a book. Languid means "weak and lacking spirit or void of animation. listless". The word book as a verb means to arrest or detain -. To page someone is to summons them. like the Knights Templar. . a page does contain many sentences. What is a page? A page is an understudy and in service to the queen and king. the alpha monkey is the primary monkey or the one in control. as in pages and squires.and it is the human race and the game is the game of life. Yes. It is all part of the gospel of the Godspell or God's spell. In our language we use curse words and cursive writing. LANGUID LANGUAGE We languish in our languid language.witches who controlled the fates of man. We use a "con" verse to converse in order to keep us off course in our dis-course as a phrase frays. A letter is someone who allows something to happen or someone who does something for some one else. feeble or spiritless. Pages summon demons to enslave or imprison our souls. In a group of monkeys. which is where we get our word "library" and also the word "liberty". A story is a spiel or a spell. Danno". a knight who is well versed in magic and is more or less a soldier or trained assassin. In fact. They can be used to make a point."book 'em. CURSIVE (W) RITING Books contain chapters. It is the main bet or the alpha bet. We cuss and dis-cuss.

Also consider the mind's ability to combine words and sounds. The sun in English as well as other languages such as Latin. But if you sound out the syllables does your subconscious mind also make the connection to the phrase "Be less. This is spell casting. it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are. Colors and hues originate from the light of the sun. How are we being programmed through our language to go to the sun or hell? Hello?!!!! Helios was the Greek name for the sun. This means your subconscious mind should also relate multiple meanings to words have many anagrams. We are all said to be souls or to have a soul (Sol). Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy.There's a song called Spirits in the Material World from an album named Ghost in the Machine. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef. So the very act of blessing someone can also be subconsciously telling them to be less. The word for sun is sonne in German. Knowledge is considered a very positive word yet it is linked phonetically with the most negative word in our language. When someone sneezes you feel customarily obligated to say "Bless you". WORDS MEAN THINGS Most words have multiple meanings and synonyms not to mention many anagrams which the subconscious mind can recognize. the devil as evil. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Sole is sun in Italian. So when you say "I know this to be true" are you partiallly negating its reality? Consider the above statement in which the letters of the words have been rearranged. The tibetan monks show how sound can be used to form geometric patterns in a plate of sand particles. entitled The Soul Cages -. evol. evil. They subjugate the meek. Hu was one of the twelve gods in the Egyptian stellar cult which could explain why we are human. Think about "know" and "no". The lyrics proclaim. You are called a person (pertaining to the sun). What effect does that have when words with almost opposite meanings are homophones. With words they try to jail ya. The Police. is called Sol.refers to how we are spirits imprisoned in an earthly body. We have a solar plexus and our feet have soles. So it shouldn't be any problem to associate God as good. but the wrod as a wlohe. When a male child is born. So the spoken word can indeed create reality. "they're". Pronouncing the words has a pronounced effect. "Our so-called leaders speak. . The science of cymatics shows how all spoken sounds take on a vibratory geometry or shape like how you can blow smoke rings by forming your mouth into the shape of the 'O'. he is called a son (sun). Now consider the following word relationships: live. Politicians encourage soldiers or sol diers to go to war for God and country. when they die they will go to another dimension (die men sun). the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. you". and "their" and it can get quite confusing to keep track. Of course. Where do the answers lie when we live from day to day? We are spirits in a material world. dog. yet you still should be able to read it without problem.and an entire album by Sting. love. The song -." The song was performed by a group appropriately named. Factor in its homophones such as "there". the lead singer. god.

The individual runes are reddened with either blood.Have you ever wondered why we use the word hello to greet each other? After all. the staves are discard Gundarsson holds that each rune has a certain sound to it. A thesaurus literally means 'lizard god'.because it is good to see the sun because it gives us life. Two of the three syllables are negative sounds and theother is a derogative slang term. why do we call those who die in battle soldiers or sol diers? Is that why we say "good morning" when the sun rises -. the word can be reduced to hell.k. the fiery place of eternal punishment and the suffix -o which means "associated with".dick-shun-nary. the study of 'god' and 'saurus' means 'lizard'.a. Unesco. The act of purpose of affecting the world of form with "the rune might" of that particular stave. from the greek 'theos'. Runic m outside based on the archetypes they represent. Kveldulf Gundarsson.[15] Most of Gundarsson's runic magic entails being in possession of a physical entity that is engraved with any or all of practically work with their energies. NATAS. The word nation is nay-shun. In Greek mythology. was the God of the Sun. which means "sun". 'The'. to be chanted or sung. described runic magic as the active principle as opposed to pass held that runic magic is more active than the allegedly shamanic practice of seid practiced by the Seiðkona. NASCAR. and I'm sure you can come up with others. is the root of the-ology. NASA. HOW TO RUIN A LANGUAGE WITH RUNE MAGIC Do some of the letters or building blocks of our language contain within them a blueprint for the control and posses and it is likely that the english letters have their roots in the Germanic runes which were used for magic and casting 1990. Un-ited nations. Stephan Grundy." Many of the letters of the English alphabet come directly from the Germanic Runes which were used for magic and . Helios. but we are mourning those who sacrificed their souls to make it possible. a. How many names for government entities start with a negative prefix. Norad. The UN. or paints. NATO. NASI party. Synonyms and antonyms are listed in a thesaurus. Is it just a coincidence that you have a soul and that our sun is called Sol? If so. After use. Is it because you pertain to the sun? Words are defined in a dictionary -. the sound has in common the phon of singing or chanting is supposed to have more or less the same effect of using the staves in their physical form. Why do we call our male offspring sons? You are called a person. dyes.

many English letters you can identify from the Elder Futhark rune set. French word for "grammar". The ancient magic b summon demons were known as the Grimoires. "IT" & The Creature from the Subconscious "ID" . A "grimoire" or spellbook is a derivati The pronunciation and sound of words affects the matter around us. The ancient Goetia spellbooks were used for conju sigil and name. GRAMMAR OR GRIMOIRE? GOETIA & CYMATIC The word "grammar" comes from grammars which were old Latin books on syntax and diction. The science of cymatics is the study of sound v with sand on plates that vibration caan cause geometric patterns.

all monster that won't stay on the movie screen. Of course. This was the realm of our fears: scary sort of third person subsistent to the conscious and superconscious mind. 'anything'. We chant the chorus to the song Let It Be over and over again. for IT very well may be an artificial intelligence or computer. We really need to learn to speak with a more conscious language in mind." In an interview. of course. invented a model of the psyche which contained three parts to the self: the (superconscious mind) and what he termed the "id" or the subconscious mind.. it te bringing them to untimely doom . we use the word "it" as a sort o And. knows IT better than Stephen King. We unkno create "it" every day with our thought and speech. something ominous lurking in the basement or around the next corner. Instead.Stephen King captured the hearts of America with the release of his blockbuster smash hit book. and 'nothing' or no thing) and the use of ambiguous words s beat 'em join them"). “It”. ever aware of how we think our thoughts "S"-LANG . Extra! Extra! Click here to "read all about IT".. The video fea book reveals the clown’s head as a skull with stars in the eye sockets. subconsciously we have been programmed to accept the abbreviated "ID" as our identity. Thirty years later it resurfaces remember the terrors of their youth reunite to make a desperate final stand against it. The video jacket reads: "Your every fear . We watch the horor movie "It" by Stephen King and associate all Likewise with the word "thing" ('everything'. the father of psychology. King admits h LET "IT" BE & MAKE "IT" SO Sigmund Freud. but it isn't clowning around.until a group of wily neighborhood kids fight back. For a "IT" please reference my page on this phenomenon. The force takes the shape of a clown. And it's no coincidence that IT the Information Technology field. or computers.

The word hiss even ends in a double-s. slice. smite." or if you want to keep a secret you say "Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! English currency. sword. siren. He. Set.Consider the English letter 'S'. A partial list of s-words: sun. Money is said to be the root of all evil. salacious. strip. sneak. mean. It would not be accurate to say we sound like hissing snakes when we speak. "pssssssst. One should keep this in mind before wishing for good-ness. sly. which is Satan’s specialty. Samael. Satan's Slan dictionary as an abbreviation for the word “language”. slay. The suffix “-ness” also means a state of being. Not only does the 'S' look like a snake (Satan). come here. First of all. spiral. sly. shine. steal. That is why because they can kill and injure like a sword. sin. if not single most. And. which is defined as the pronunciation for the letter ‘s’. like loneliness or business. The swastik has two of them in number. secretive. speak. Satan. slick. He was said to have told mankind a secret -. spins. it looks like a snake or serpent -. spirit. by placing it at the end of a word wit multiplication or creation. The words “possesse sound and are words pertaining to control. serpent. shoot. stealth. strike. phonetically it even sounds like a snake!! It sou makes – sssssssss – when it “shakes” its tail. Although the vowels are used f associated with them. s say. These s-words are a seal or stamp associated with Satan. snake. The Nazis had the “SS” and the ‘ss’ logo which looked like lightening bolts. subtle. and sound that has risen up and is ready to str that is perhaps crawling along. The word ess. It’s to contain a serpent creature named “Nessie” which nests there. Not only does the letter 'S' physically represent the snake or serpent. or she. sp slide. Satan. scaly.. it looks like a sideways wave and in 3-D space it looks lik letter ‘s’ is used in English to denote “possession”. of course. hisses. slit.that man would not die if tell someone a secret you say. smack. There are probably more esses used in our speech than any other soun one or more of these hissing sounds. is achieved by appending an ‘s’ or ‘es’ to a word. The far reaching extent in which the spell our language has cast on us can be seen in the every day usage of cliche. b at some level subconsciously. In two-dimensional space. Satan is at his peak as far as deception is concerned. a long and short sound. to call killer words and phrases because that’s what they do. becomes the word esse when a silent ‘e’ is add we get the word essence and the word essay which is sort of a written speech and comes from the Old French esai w Satan did to Jesus in the wilder-ness. the words snak who the Bible says took the form of a snake. shake. Yes. the snake or serpent also known as Set. coupled with the sheer sound is one of the most. salamander.. slippery. sneaky. frequently uttered sounds in our speech. soul. scare. Satan certainly is a “Busy Ness” when it come he specializes in monkey business. slithers about striving to snatch. secret. but nearly all words that begin with the letter 's' have a negative connotation associated with them. These two facts. is subtle. Sheesh! It is not easy to think of positive s-words and double “ss” words are even worse. scary. spirals or screws into your s Speech is his peach and when we speak. or strip us of our souls or s them. pssssssst. slash. Englishmen use the word bloody all the time… bloody . sssssssshhhh Shit! I.

Star Bucks. and then rises or is born again? Is this why when the East Star. the Sun. I wore my heart on my sleeve the whole time. Of course. why does the changing of the vowel from "goat"? Why does Christmas. coincide with the birthday of the Sun of God at the winter sol lowest point on the Southern Cross. I mean. but at least I to beat a dead horse. because you really have to keep your eyes peeled to find a good one. they are to die for. “Go ahead. that was overkill and painful to read. Not to be a killjoy. Wouldn’t you just kill for a date with her? Sometimes she really ge anyone tries to hurt her.” Even time is not im killing time". I w there. we have been told over and over again that IT is a scary creature that this association has become deeply em On the Adamms Family. appears to stand still for three days. Cousin Itt was a monster. and God traces back to the Indo-European root "ghut-" or the German "gott". Eat your heart out. knock yourself out. There was “It Lives!”. they would have to go“over my dead body because I will punch their lights out if they ge I’m dead serious. Amen. but it did make a point. Shiner Bock. and Sears and Ro are sports contests called ball games and why do we idolize rock stars such as Kid Rock? The genre of Horror films possesses other “creature features” with “It” in the title. She can be as mean as a snake at times. the birthday of the Son of God. Itt communicated via a high speed gibberish that only members . but she really took me for a ride. but I’m dead to the worl Ok. I felt like I had just died and gone to heaven. Capri Sun. “It Lives A From Outer Space”. which means "goat".considered drop dead gorgeous… and when they are dressed to kill. Why do Christians conclude their prayers by invoking the name of an Egyptian deity. who had the body of a as a horned god having a goat's head? Why does the American dollar bill (known as a buck) have an Egyptian pyram Latin phrase "Anuuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum" which can be translated "Announcing the Birth of a New Wor wear a chevron as an insignia patch when the word derives from the French word chevre. but she really knew how to kill ‘em with kindness. She was a live wire. She was a dead ringer fo would because she will take your breath away. has risen? Why is Santa an anagram for Satan? What exactly does Old Nick really mea Why do we have company and product names like Chevron. Think about the terms we use when we wish good ‘em dead!” Or if someone borrows something from us we say. and “It’s Alive!” which is the expression Doctor Frankenstein made famous when he brought h young.

He chants the line over it into existence. In Saturday Nigh who asked. “…Make it real. th goat. thousands and thousands are sending forth thought and “it” in our language over and over all the time. “Could IT be… Satan?” Click here to hear the Church Lady. Don't be blind Open up your mind and don't be trivial There's a whole new world to find Make it real. Could it be possible to manifest a creature from the id. you’re it!!” The Beatles’ Paul McCartney said the idea for the song “Let it Be” came to him in a dream. What do the eyes have? What or who is it? The eyes are the windows to the soul. When someone is found they are tagged as the new “it” -. The Scorpions “Make it Real”. the goat God. is also known as Pan.“Tag. It pours. Every time the song is played on the radio.Cousin Itt's voice was provided by sound-effects engineer Tony Magro. not fantasy…” The Michael Jackson song “Who is it?” “…(Who is it?) It is a friend of mine . who created Itt's garbled responses by mout "ppffft and a thhhhhttt" added for good measure. All the other children run and hide from whoever find and capture whoever’s not “it”. The eyes have it. That IT refers to Satan can seen in the phrase "when It rains." Satan. someone always has to be “it”. or from the s “Make it with you”. and then accelerating the tape's recording speed. not fantasy Did you ever have a secret yearning? Don't you know it could come true? Now's the time to set wheels turning To open up your life for you As you know there's always good and evil Make your choice. means a channel or pipe for water and comes from the Old English word geotan which means "to pour"! So w When children play hide and seek.

It's in the way be? Don't even try it. I'm not going to stand for it. Let's make it last. It's a mystery. Give it everything you've got. Say it ain't so. Believe it. Let it go. Take it away boys. Grin and bear it. Sam. You've got it made. It looks so real. Michael explains who IT is: “Can you feel it in the air Ghosts be hiding everywhere I'm gonna be Exactly what you wanna see It's you who’s haunting me You’re warning me To be the stranger In your life Am I amusing you Or just confusing you? Am I the beast You visualized? And if you wanna to see Eccentricities I'll be grotesque Before your eyes Let them all materialize Is that scary for you. I can see it in your eyes. Play it again. Check i dies. Keep it real. W don't. What is it? Get over it. It just so happe is. It's all in your head. Give it a try. Pass it on. Get it together. Live it up. Give it up. Cut it out. Whoomp. The devil made me do it. Do you get it? i get it! How's it going? It's going good! How's it hang wonderful life (the ‘i deal’ life). There's something to it. It's what you make it. To hell with it!!! Keep it up. It could happen to you. oh Is it scary for you. Hop to it. Are you with it? Go for it.(Who is it?) Is it my brother? (Who is it?) Somebody hurt my soul (Who is it?) I can't take this stuff no more…” In this song. Bring it on. there it is. Let it ride. Get it together. People do things “just for the hell of it”. "I guess that was it". baby Am I scary for you. . It bones. baby Is it scary for you?” How about songs like Mariah Carey’s Make It Happen or Bread's Make It with You? Star Trek’s Captain Picard say “Just Do It” slogan and the swoosh logo. I can't get it out of my head.

" The company Sobe had this ad on their web site encouraging us to “get it up” and to “keep it up”.Sit on it. . The slogan which “It keeps going and going…” and became a household phrase for many years. The Energizer bunny took the world by storm in one of the best advertising campaigns in history. Alka Seltzer encourages us to "Try it "Has it changed your life yet?" And American Express admonishes us to "Don't Leave Home without It.

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