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Words Are Real
The Psychology Behind Effective
Persuasive Writing

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The Battlefield

Pen Strolls over Scrolls through Time… Page 1


The Psychology of Persuasive Writing…Page 6

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“The Triumph of Persuasion
over Brute Force marks the
erection of manhood, which
leads to the conception of
High Culture”
- Adika Butler



THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Pen Strolls Over Scrolls Through Time Writing is at the heart of world culture. 1 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . When we look at the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Pyramid Texts—which comprise the oldest known corpus of religious texts known to man.C. Writing has enabled men and women to chronicle and describe the human experience in a way that warms the heart and stirs the soul. or that term paper that you will get an A+ on with the help of this book.R. the lyrics to your favorite song. It has undoubtedly helped to galvanize support for spiritual traditions across the globe.A. dating back to at least 2.E.W.400 B. It is the basis for your favorite movie.—we observe the employment of majestic metaphor to stimulate the imagination of the reader. the lines to your favorite commercial.

There are references to Unas having sex with multiple women in the spirit world including the obscure goddess Mowet. stars go out The celestial vaults of heaven tremble Bones of the earth gods shake The decans are still against them They have seen Unas. Lord of Wisdom His mother does not know his name The splendor of Unas is in the sky His power is in the horizon Unas is the bull of the sky Aggressive in his nature Living on the sustenance of every god.” This brand of ultra-masculine rhetorical bombast –which we often find in modern hip hop music—consistently appears throughout the Pyramid Texts. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING In its inscriptions. 2 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . Moët. risen. empowered As a god gaining sustenance from his forefathers Nurturing from his foremothers It is Unas. whose name is phonetically pronounced like the popular champagne.W.A. we find the 5th Dynasty Pharaoh Unas deified by his priestly scribes who use the persuasive tool of poetic prose in likening him to the flaming sun in the heavens: “The sky darkens.R.

from pound to pound The matter of weight can’t hold my mind down. what the brother heard He tried to catch it.” That’s impressive. On “No Competition” the eighth track off of his second album. the feeling’s mutual We can go topic from topic whenever I drop it Try to stop it In other words.000 years later we find the rapper Rakim using literary devices that are similar to his ancient Kemetic predecessors.” and “The R”) seeks to convince listeners of his dominance as a writer with audaciously vivid imagery.W.” “My Melody. the grounds could be neutral Speak your piece. Beauty is persuasive and convincing. The god emcee.R. but what occurred Was too much weight for one brain to take Try to concentrate maintain then elevate From gram to ounce. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Over 4. That’s beautiful. Follow the Leader. 3 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . Ra says: “Competition is none I remain at the top like the sun And I burn whoever come in the chambers of torture I caught ya You should have brought ya Neighborhood to support ya No one in my path can withstand Under pressure The wrath of a swift man You name the day.A. who has referenced Moët noticeably in his rhymes (“As the Rhyme Goes On.

Its value is timeless. As human beings. we are who we have always been.R.W. feelings. The word often brings to mind corrupt men with big mouths and bad perms opportunistically feasting on the flesh of the naïve and disenfranchised. we as human beings have an innate desire to convey the same ideas. Rhetoric has a very negative connotation among members of the general public. and images in our literary works that we did thousands of years ago. However rhetoric. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Rakim and Unas’ priestly scribes show us that although our world is constantly changing. Their words—both ancient and modern— highlight an interesting paradox that exists between contemporary and primordial man: they are very different. When you are not rhetorical in your persuasive writing then you limit your capacity for self-expression. yet they are very much the same. 4 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . is simply the art of persuasion through the crafty use of words.A. Use the element of beauty to your advantage in your written works to the extent that you can. in its original definition.

it is not necessarily probable. I want you to know an even greater sense of pride and freedom that you have yet to experience. I know that this will be therapeutic for you. transmitting the cultural proclivities of a people—which may include the writing techniques of their ancestors—into the far and distant future. 5 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . The spiritual scientist understands that the bloodline is a conduit for intergenerational communication. While such a conclusion may be plausible.R.W. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING I want you to express yourself to your full potential. Someone may say that Rakim’s verse was directly influenced by the Pyramid Texts.A.

the holding company can influence the policy of those businesses by giving them access to capital.W. Nevertheless. Depending on a writer’s ability to work with an alphabet. Google. Good writing is good architecture. but does not directly produce products and/or services in the name of those businesses. and that is the fact that the alphabet is a source of POWER and INFLUENCE that people can use to transform their lives.A. and every writer is a mason who uses the letters of his alphabet as the building blocks for his own destiny.” A holdings company is a corporate entity that owns stock in multiple businesses. the internet software company with well over $100 billion in assets. named its new holdings company “Alphabet. Why did Google chose the name “Alphabet”? I suspect that they know something that many people do not.R. the reader. their reality can become your very own. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING The Psychology of Persuasive Writing It is my goal to construct a template in your mind that will allow you. to build on your innate ability as a writer. 6 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing .

Writing is essentially meditating with a pen in your hand to materialize the powerful. An effective writer writes what they think.A. a highly functional psychological approach that facilitates effective writing is critical to your personal success in life. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING But wouldn’t you rather see YOUR idealized vision become the reality shared by others? Wouldn’t you like to see your personal ideals.W. into your personal field of dreams. but before you even accomplish this it is important that you understand the psychology behind effective writing. Whether you are a spiritual scientist who is working towards manifesting the unseen into your daily life. yet intangible. they do so with conviction. or a Christian college student who wants to get an A+ on their next term paper. which you often ponder in your own private moments.R. 7 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . reflected back to you in the everyday world that you live in? You can become the architect of your own reality today. More importantly.

then all persuasive pieces of writing that propagate these ideas have merit so long as they are rooted in reason. but you do need time for contemplation and self-reflection.W. 8 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . This is not to say that you need to become a monk tucked away in a monastery. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING When we sit down in a quiet place to write we are elaborating on monologues within the limitless mind of God through our personal filters of human experience.R.A. and imbued with the solar nourishment of your burning desire to persuade. Since every idea imaginable can be conceived within the mind of God. watered by facts. Connecting with your emotional center may involve spending a significant amount of your time alone so that you can be with your own thoughts. That voice will begin to communicate with you once you’ve become emotionally invested in what you are writing. Be receptive to your higher voice which tells you HOW to say what you would like to say so that your words are received by the reader in the most direct and effective way.

creative ideas. and bone. Often times you can get creative ideas through the synergy of just walking amidst a sea of people. 9 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . I assure you that you will find yourself on the path to becoming an accomplished writer.A. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING After your contemplation is over. blood. Their pasts are rich with personal experiences that inform my most memorable narratives. Much of my written work is the direct result of having powerful conversations with the people around me. This is especially true if you have a sensitive mental antennae that allows you to absorb the ambient thoughts floating around in your immediate environment. get out and interact with real people made of flesh. As long as you engage other human beings in direct communication it is hard to run out of sound.R. Once you enhance your emotional depth of passion to approach writing with the same sense of excitement that you would approach eating a great meal or having passionate sex with someone that you love.W.

writing on a professional level may not even be your ultimate goal. young and old. However. 10 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . However they all faced the same challenge. My clientele consisted of ambitious men and women. I know that there is something that you want. from many ethnic groups and racial backgrounds. it is paramount that you possess the proper mental framework needed to do so. Their psychological approach to persuasive writing was less than adequate. computer programmer. It is very important to you.W. However. You may be happy and content as an engineer. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Truth be told.A. none of those paths bar you from utilizing the skills of an effective persuasive writer. You can have what you desire through persuasion. As a young student in college. I earned a living working part-time as an English writing tutor.R. or fitness instructor. Although I cannot read your mind.

R. but try not to do this with your essays and term papers. His sense of rhythm was poor. and you could see this based on where he placed his commas in long sentences. He came from an affluent family. You can fuck up some commas in my PayPal account if you like. In doing so.A. Sometimes he didn’t even use any commas when he should have.W. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING For example one of my most loyal clients was a young Jewish business major from Brooklyn who was extremely bright. you compromise your future grade. got good grades and was very outgoing. His biggest challenge was that he would try too hard to dazzle his professors with tons of big words. which either were not used correctly. but he had a hard time communicating his thoughts on paper. or were just plain awkward in how they were sequenced in relation to each other. he was hard working. 11 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing .

THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING I told my client that I was impressed with his extensive vocabulary. Don’t hurt your reader.A. Bring customers to your cash register. It’s suffocating and unbearable. if your vocabulary is too bland then reading your work will feel like watching paint dry on a pool floor while you’re submerged under water.W. Make them smile. Sensational writing generates pleasurable sensations in the reader’s mind.R. but explained to him that that he needed to strike a balance between a very blunt and simple vocabulary and an elaborately sophisticated one so that he could effectively communicate with his reader. Writing isn’t just about communicating an idea on paper with clarity. Your written works should be testaments to high fashion. Put your ensemble on window display. 12 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . which I was. It is about doing it in a way that is appealing and engaging. As a writer. An engaging writer is a word stylist.

this isn’t always true for those of you writing essays. On his song “No Competition” the god says that “big words do nothing but confuse and lose. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING However.R. You want to generate coherent moving pictures inside of their heads. but it’s something that all serious writers should keep in mind if they would like to connect with their audiences. if you use too many big or colorful words then what you are saying may sound flashy. term papers and business proposals. Who is your audience? You must consider this before you write.” Of course. but the fullness of your thoughts won’t really resonate in your reader’s mind.A. Rakim. Whenever my client got too out of control with his bad habit I would recite a line from the rapper. 13 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing .W.

A. and his own hard work and attentiveness. then I am definitely talking about you.” The people who say this may have good intentions.R. New York. but they have absolutely no clue what they’re talking about concerning this matter. However in college I was paid for my English tutoring services by middle class white men and women my own age who were the descendants of English-speaking immigrants. I make absolutely no exceptions. So if you harbor that belief.W. In saying this. He was so happy with my service that he referred his younger brother to me once his brother started college. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Through my patient demonstration. I’m a young Black man who was born and raised in America. Their generous compensation for my lessons contributed to my relative financial stability. I sometimes hear English speaking Black people say that it is extremely difficult for Blacks to excel in speaking or writing the English language because it is not “our language. 14 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . my client was able to improve tremendously as an effective writer. I came from a culturally rich. yet financially modest Jamaican household in Brooklyn.

Writing is an art. How it is practiced is for YOU. You have an unalienable right to win. A good English teacher doesn’t focus on telling you what. to decide. The teacher simply focuses on getting you to abandon bad writing habits while reinforcing a winning psychological framework. and I know a few things about them worth sharing with you. Words Are Real. you should write. the artist.A. 15 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . my words have helped to sustain multi-million dollar business relationships.W. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING In the professional world. so why not write to win? Some of the greatest masters of the English language that the Western world has ever known have been Black men and women. As a tutor. or how. my clients found me to be an effective teacher because I gave them the psychological approach that they needed to become more effective writers in the classroom.R.

Rap. address all of your ancestors as a group. I’m pretty sure that there is someone in your bloodline who lived within the last one million years or so who knows how to put words together effectively.I. not their race or economic background as some would have you believe. Octavia Butler. Maya Angelou. James Baldwin. shape. talk to them in your private time.W. Claude McKay. The Notorious B. Toni Morrison.A. If you have an ancestor who was an effective writer. Nas.. Rakim. 16 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . or form. Big Daddy Kane.. or had great penmanship. However this is predicated on whether or not they have a passion for the language. If you do not know of such a relative by name. The Wu-Tang Clan. Jay-Z. Therefore every language is “our language” as long as we firmly root our minds in the genetic soil that will allow our proficiency in that language to grow and flourish. Kool G.R. Paul Laurence Dunbar and many other individuals—who are too numerous to mention here—have demonstrated that Black men and women do in fact have a strong command over the English language. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Martin Luther King Jr. Amiri Baraka.G. Every language spoken by man has some linguistic root that goes back to Africa in some way.

This is one of the many ways in which you may strengthen them. not Michael Jordan’s best. It is my opinion that we should spiritualize the writing process to get the most out of it. You must have something to say! 17 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing .A. in its original intent.R. you’ve got to want to be a performer who gives their best—not Michael Jackson’s best. courtesy of them. or any other area for that matter. To excel as a writer. Some people may say that spiritualizing the writing process is a bit extreme and is unnecessary. An altar is your personal ancestral satellite dish which allows you to transmit and receive higher insight and intelligence from those deceased relatives who empathize with your human condition on Earth. Set up an altar in your home. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Ask them to help you to improve in that area of your life. I wonder if they have ever considered the fact that writing. Give them offerings of highly proofed rum to ignite their spiritual fire. but YOUR best. was a priestly preoccupation.W. You may find that fully-fleshed out ideas will suddenly appear inside of your head.

Writing is a liberal art.A. I write because I have something to say. 18 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . and I am grateful for the fact that I have an opportunity and a platform to share my thoughts with you. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Some people write just to say something. I am even more grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule to read what I have to say. If I was going to pinpoint the beginning of my love of words I would have to go back to my childhood fascination with the world of professional wrestling. It is a creative discipline that liberates the minds of men and women from their perceived earthbound limitations.R.W. I actually believe that it is important.

I learned the rudiments of persuasive writing on my own by carefully observing professional wrestling promos. he was dramatic. I didn’t initially learn this skill from my English teachers in elementary and Junior High School. Although I primarily enjoyed the theater and drama of the wrestling matches. Wonderful Paul Orndorff. Watching wrestling interviews marked my formal introduction to persuasive writing.A. the Ultimate Warrior. Macho Man Randy Savage. and easy to understand. As a child. I thought that Hogan was the best at promos.R. convincing. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING The Madmen of Metaphor As a child I would spend hours watching promos involving Hulk Hogan. and Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. Ric Flair.W. I know that sounds a little odd. The Junkyard Dog. 19 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . Dusty Rhodes. The Magnificent Muraco. because to me. Mr. so allow me to explain what I mean. I also liked the interview segments in which wrestlers would talk to Mean Gene Oakerlund about what they were going to do to their opponents in the ring.

There may be variations in style. In the body he would specify why he didn’t like them. but that is up to your discretion. Persuasive essay writing is no different in that regard. but you must follow the universal template structure for a persuasive essay. a conclusion. There was a formal introduction. and then finally. You bring your own natural insight and personality to whatever it is that you write about. 20 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING No matter who the wrestler was. Each wrestler had his own style and personality but they all followed the format.R.W. a body. I will then break down the promo so that you can identify the introduction. I transcribed a Hulk Hogan promo so that I can more effectively drive home my point for you. and in the conclusion he would state what he was going to do as a result of his deep-rooted disdain.A. and then the conclusion. In the introduction the wrestler would identify the opponent he was feuding with. the interview would follow the same structural format as a persuasive essay. the body.

And for YOU. as I ripped. you know they said it was my last ride. man—what I have to do is nothing. man. I looked down brothers {he holds his gold cross necklace]. some of the non-believers in the gym said “see ya later Hulkster.R. Hulk Hogan: Well. five hundred and fifty pound giant! But Andre. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Vince McMahon: I’m here in the locker room with the heavyweight champion of the world who is just one hour away from his moment of destiny. And as I went through the intersection. it’s time to face the truth. man! 21 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . Andre the Giant.A. as I headed to the mountains. as I headed for the sunset man. in its purest form. And as the sun beamed off of the gold in my eyes. as I tore the shirt. As I felt the fury. you’ve got to face the truth brother. Because when I think about what you and I have to do. man! This is your last ride!” It ate me alive brothers.W. All I have to do is merely beat a seven-foot-four. man! Yesterday when I finished hangin’ and bangin’ I jumped on the Harley. I realized that sooner or later you’ve gotta live and die. you’ve gotta face the truth.

A. the 24-inch pythons. it’s gonna be Hulkamania! And the reason it’s gonna get ya is because it’s the purest form of the truth there is! And I can’t wait to see you go down at the feet of Hulkamania in front of 90. and eating the vitamins.W. the saying your prayers. And to beat me. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING The purest truth—the training. I can imagine that some people reading this are saying to themselves “did this guy just quote a racist. He’s a fuckin’ wrestler who probably had all of his lines written for him.R. and Hulkamania.” But in this case. run wild on you? Now. then the politicians will. brother. man…you have to beat every Hulkamaniac. and possible pedophile.000 plus in the Silverdome. to demonstrate his point concerning proper essay structure? Hogan isn’t a writer. everyone who plays it straight. And they usually say “if the dirty air don’t get ya. Whutchu gonna do Andre the Giant. What does this quote have to do with anything?” 22 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . every little Hulkster in the world. when the REAL truth. all the ones who don’t take short cuts.

was the challenge of facing Andre the Giant in the squared circle. Hogan identified a subject of personal interest to him. 23 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . I am being completely honest with you about how I initially learned to write effectively as a child. In the body. he justified his opinion by explaining that the truth that Andre had to face was much greater than the truth that he had to face. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING To those people I say that you’ve missed the whole point. He closed his introduction by clearly stating his opinion on the matter. which preceded his match with Andre the Giant.W. which in this case. In his introduction. The Huckster’s monologue. but it is truly authentic. contains the basic structure required for persuasive essay writing. it may not be what you might expect.A.R. My personal experience my not be typical.

W. very general. and then you narrow your argument down to a conclusion that brings together all of the points that you have made. Hogan then concluded his monologue with a dramatic declaration of victory. that millions of people live by.A. Any piece of writing that follows this structure is making use of what is commonly called the Inverted Pyramid Format. They get to the point in the very first paragraph and the information becomes less important as the article goes on. Newspaper journalists use a pyramid format in which they do the exact opposite. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Hogan articulated that he was merely going up against a man. Hogan’s rationale was that because of this. It is written this way to inform people who have a short attention span because they’re on the go.R. or principle. the odds were stacked in his favor to win the match. It is referred to as such because you start off broad. while Andre was going up against the embodiment of a larger idea. 24 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing .

R. It is a “fact” that the sun is at the center of our region of the galaxy.W. from a position of fact and respectable logic.A. you don’t have to come from a position of absolute truth. or write. You must speak. In persuasive speaking and writing. A fact and a truth are not necessarily the same thing. The specialist’s perceived authority warrants a certain amount of faith among those who are not specialists. 25 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . but they were not false either. Once a critical mass of faith is accumulated from the larger populace from an existing power structure. This is because they have been identified as “the truth” by an elite group of individuals who have engaged in specialized fields of study that have allowed them to arrive at their conclusions. then faith becomes fact in the collective mind of that populace. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Hogan’s comments were not necessarily true. Facts are conclusions that are believed by the general populace. but I challenge the laymen who does not have a professional background in astronomy to prove this through demonstration without citing the work of a respected astronomer.

passion. and humor—then that’s an added bonus. because what you have said holds true for them. I’m just saying that a fact may not be absolutely true. 26 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Let’s be clear: I’m not disputing whether or not the sun is at the center of our region of the galaxy. a significant amount of mentally functional people will embrace it as an inescapable declaration of truth anyway. wellsupported. argument your thoughts will be respectably received by your audience. If you skillfully present your thesis.R. If you can reconcile your argument with verifiable facts—and do so with charm.A. charisma. Faith makes facts seem true. Your objective as a persuasive writer is to put forth a rational argument that is worthy of being respected by an intelligent listener or reader. As long as you put forth a sensible. well-structured. Anyone who has ever skimmed through an old public school textbook knows that some information that was considered as “fact” yesterday is viewed as a falsehood today.W.

R. the rhythm of words. If I could map the structure of a monologue. 27 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . rhetoric. I was head and shoulders above my peers. As an eight-year-old boy who didn’t know anything about human psychology.A. If you’re reading this book. I’m speaking from personal experience. provided that he or she is your professor. I used something that I was intimately familiar with—which was wrestling promos—and I applied the structural format in those promos to the essays I wrote in school as a child. alliteration. Since I was able to intuit the basic architecture for persuasive writing. You’re probably three times as smart t0o. As I stated earlier. then you can definitely give your next business proposal or term paper the kind of structure that it requires to get the result that you want.W. might even give you an “A+” on your next persuasive essay even if they do not personally agree with what you’re saying. I’m willing to bet that you are at least twice the age that I was as an 8-year-old sitting in front of the TV watching wrestling. grammar. or proper sentence structure. your reader. good writing is good architecture. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Hell.

or respect. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING For the sake of clarity let’s briefly go over the 3 structural components of an effective persuasive essay: The Power of the Pyramid Introduction: This beginning paragraph may consist of 3 sentences or more. you must briefly explain why the subject is important or address some social conflict stemming from the subject that you are bringing to our attention.R.W. This is because the truth in your stance would already be self-evident to every reader. your argument. Finally. In your introduction you must simply identify the subject or topic of discussion that you wish to share with your reader. If it is not debatable. then there would be no need to persuade your reader to side with.A. 28 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . Your position should be debatable. Next. clearly state where you stand on the issue.

or realize that you don’t know what you’re talking about. therefore it is not a good thesis for a persuasive essay. Body: The body may include multiple paragraphs. This is where the reader either decides that you are onto something. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING A persuasive essay explaining why Rakim is ONE OF the greatest rappers of all time is not really debatable.R. You must justify your argument with logic.A. This is the meat of your paper. Don’t lie to the reader.W. Here. you are making a case for why you are taking the stance that you did at the end of your introduction. then don’t say it. If what you’re saying doesn’t make sense. then why should anyone with good mental health value what you are saying? If you know that what you’re saying doesn’t quite make sense. 29 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . It is important to understand that the inherent value of a persuasive essay rests in the fact that it offers sound conclusions to debatable topics that were not self-evident to you before you initially read the essay.

W.A. Yours better be steel. You must do your best to make sure that any attempt that the reader makes to refute your argument brings them pain. If your words were to leap off of the page and materialize in a physical form would your reader break every bone in their hand if they tried to punch it as hard as they could? You want to get your argument to the point where the reader is hesitant to ball up their fists because they don’t want to experience that kind of pain. I declare W. if you’re writing for business purposes.A. You get it by instilling trust. You need that bread in your potential patron’s wallet. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING You’re a sales person making a pitch. That bread could be money.). WORDS ARE REAL (W.R. A cosign from a credible source builds trust in your words. it could be an A+ grade on your paper. Use respected sources to give credibility to your argument.R. It’s a cosign.R.A. 30 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . If you’re a student.

this is where you say that fly shit that pulls all of the points that you have been making in the body of your paper together. When people have confidence in what you say. It is the ability to see the flaws and shortcomings in your own. Clearly explain how all of your arguments and observations validate the stance on the issue that you took at the end of your introduction. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Formal persuasive writing is all about conquest.R.A. Conclusion: Okay.W. the coveted prize is your reader’s confidence in your words. Influence gives you power and you can accumulate power through persuasive writing when you think critically. Only then can you give your argument the strength and vitality that it needs to live unmolested in your reader’s mind. then you have the ability to not only influence their minds. 31 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . Critical thinking isn’t the ability to see flaws in an opposing viewpoint. but the minds of those whom THEY influence. For you. the writer.

read what is ACTUALLY on the paper.W. When you edit your work. there’s no need to say “In conclusion. Confidence is sexy. In your conclusion.” The reader can already see that you’re concluding your argument because they see that they are approaching the end of your paper. or last couple of paragraphs. you want to proof read your work. you’re hitting the runway. Don’t begin your final paragraph by saying “In conclusion I think…” If it’s the last paragraph. Good writing is high fashion. even when your face is busted and riddled with acne. Be confident. 32 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing .R. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Style on the reader with witty quotes that are relevant to your narrative. Be critical of yourself. but certainly not least.A. as opposed to what you THINK you wrote on the paper. A paper riddled with numerous errors detracts from your credibility. Last.

Make sure that you type “W. need to SEE what has been written in print.A. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Reading your paper out loud to someone with good judgment is cool.R. you can do so via PayPal by using the same email address above. If you would like to send me a donation. but that’s not You. It is up to YOU to build on what has been offered here by writing frequently while studying the masters. A man or woman with a sexy voice can make anything sound good. and not with our ears. We read with our eyes.” in the subject heading of that email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I hope that this offering was helpful to you in your effort to become a more effective persuasive writer. and/or someone else. but that doesn’t mean that it is when you actually read it in black and white. 33 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing .R. If you have any specific questions pertaining to the subject at hand you can reach me at adikabutler@yahoo. I have provided you with the rudiments that you need.A.

W.R.A. Your life is a ritual. and everyone has a right to write their own rite. I wish you much success in your future writing endeavors. Thank you for your time. You determine the price of the book based on how much you value what has been imparted to you here. THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND EFFECTIVE PERSUASIVE WRITING Send me what you can. ************ 34 | Words Are Real: The Psychology Behind Effective Writing . Words Are Real. but so are your chances of achieving your goals through the time-honored art of persuasion.