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The East
Eastern Corsica isn’t as well travelled as its western counterpart and tourists tend to ignore it en
route to more soi-disant magnetic destinations. It’s a shame (or a blessing, depending on your
perspective), as there’s plenty to capture the imagination. Sure, the coastal plains that stretch
from Bastia to Solenzara can seem numbingly monotonous to some, with a series of toy-town-like
beach developments, but it’s definitely not to be sneezed at. There are cities that are steeped
in history, such as Aléria, a former Roman capital, and miles of beach-luscious coastline.
And the coastal plains are the best launching pad for exploring the mystifying hinterlands:
the Morianincu, the Casinca, the Fiumorbu and the Castagniccia. Anyone wanting to get an
intimate peek at a more traditional Corsica should visit these dauntingly beautiful microregions
where the landscapes remain largely untouched and the people unaffected by the trappings of a
fast lifestyle. In the countless valleys and spurs that slice up the spectacular scenery are discreet
hamlets that retain a rough-diamond rural edge. This land is crisscrossed with tortuous roads that
snake around mountain ridges, dramatically descending into thickly forested chestnut valleys
and offering soul-stirring views. If that’s not enough, there are always epicurean indulgences:
a robust cuisine scene and attractive chambres d’hôtes, all amazingly low-priced.

„ Playing Indiana Jones

Pump the adrenaline on the Via Ferrata A Buccarona or
Corsica Forest Parc Aventure (p234)
„ Oysters & Mussels

Feast on fresh seafood at Étang de Diane (p229) or
Étang d’Urbino (p231)

Le Rustinu

La Castagniccia
Le Morianincu

„ Cooling Off

Lounge on Solenzara’s beaches (p232) or in the gin-clear
waters of the Solenzara River (p234)
„ Experiencing the Past

Peek behind the Paoli legend at La Maison Natale de
Pascal Paoli (p227) in Morosaglia

Étang de Diane
Le Fiumorbu

„ Rally Roads

Clunk your safety belt and bounce around the
mountain roads in the Morianincu (p222) or
the Rustinu (p227)

Étang d'Urbino

Solenzara River,
Via Ferrata A Buccarona &
Corsica Forest Parc Aventure


Explore the mysterious Castagniccia on horseback
(p225) or gallop along a deserted beach by moonlight (p232)
„ Corse Profonde

Take a drive through the villages of little-known Fiumorbu (p231) or drive up to end-of-theworld Chisà (p233) in the Vallée du Travo


„ Geddy Up!

ancient tools and various artefacts. Vescovato has charm in spades. A further 3km will bring you to Venzolasca. the loup grillé (€15). with tall stone houses looking out over the eastern plains. the focal point of the village is the lovely square surrounded by plane trees. antique furniture and granite walls adorned with weapons. which has a beautiful 10th-century church. cheese.220 T H E E A S T lonelyplanet. it was the site of the bishop’s palace in the 15th century. whose slender spire is a major landmark for miles around. only secondary roads that creep through beguiling settlements. barnlike surrounds. There are three compact rooms with a shared bathroom and a shady patio terrace. Loreto di Casinca. Chambres d’Hôtes Domaine de Valle (%04 95 38 93 03. its flights of steps. cornucopian stews and beignets au brocciu (brocciu fritters). dinner Thu-Sat. v) Did you know? L’Ortu is a self-proclaimed altar to ‘bio-végétarienne’ (organic-vegetarian) cuisine. From Penta-di-Casinca the D206 will lead you down to the N198 in the plain via Castellare-di-Casinca. Bookings are essential. Be sure to have a look at the Baroque church of San Martino. Venzolasca. famous for its triple apse. the road climbs steeply to hilltop Vescovato. a French- L A C A S I N C A • • S l e e p i n g 221 American couple. rte de Venzolasca. and the nearest beach is 4km away. The dining room occupies an ancient chestnut drier and is endearingly old-fashioned. offering gratifying scenic drives and smashing views over the plains and the Tyrrhenian sea. domaine. expect hearty Corsican dishes such as charcuterie. hillside villages set among forests of chestnut and olive trees. Jacques and Sharon. menu €18. are very knowledgeable about the area and have decorated their house with books. woodcarvings. the Casinca is a remarkably well-kept secret. this offbeat auberge resembling a Swiss chalet boasts a kind of ramshackle charm. another picturesque village where you can marvel at the Baroque church Ste-Lucie. salads and meat dishes are also available. It’s hard not to fall under the spell of . There are no primary roads. Plage de Padulone Étang de Diane Aléria Régional de Corse LA CASINCA Marina d'Aléria Sleeping Chambres d’Hôtes A Stella Serena (%/fax 04 95 36 65 29. It is nestled in a vast property replete with olive and clementine trees. Vescovato. Formerly a fortified town. mains €9-20. It comprises a necklace of tiny. Ghisonaccia (10km). because this must be one of the least travelled areas on the island – a blessing if you want to get away on your own. Chez Mathieu (%04 95 36 53 76. it’s in Querciolo. hMay-Sep) Corsica’s got dozens of paillottes (beach restaurants). With its little alleyways. hats and other knick-knacks. Falling between the Golo River to the north and the Castagniccia to the south. what’s so special about this one on Venzolasca beach? The loup grillé (grilled sea bream). menu €23. Ferme-Auberge U Fragnu (%04 95 36 62 including veal cutlet. THE EAST ὈὈὈὈὄ ὄ ὈὈὈὈ ὈὈὈὈ ὄ ὈὈὈὈ ὄ ὈὈὈὈ ὄ ὈὈὈὈ ὄ ὈὈὈὈὄ D237 Campile u Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. beamed ceilings. Heading west along the D237 from Torra. spaghetti and other goodies rule the roost. with another superb Baroque church and stunning schist buildings. this handsome house is not bereft of charm. San Pancrazio. Well-executed pizzas. d €60) Though recently built. mains €7-17. menu €37. There’s a second dining room across the THE EAST 0 0 8 km 4 miles To Bastia (20km) N198 ne ai Pl Casamozza olo N193 Torra G le R u st in La Casinca Querciolo Loreto-di-Casinca Bisinchi Penta-di-Casinca D206 Pastoreccia Castellare-di-Casinca Monte Sant'Angelu (1218m) Ortiporio To Ponte Leccia (10km) Valle di Rustinu D71 Morosaglia Borgo Gavignano Col de Prato (985m) Stoppia Nova D15 La Porta Monte San Petrone (1767m) Croce N198 Talasani Parc Naturel Régional de Corse Le Morianincu Santa Reparata Santa Lucia di Moriani di Moriani Moriani-Plage La Castagniccia D34 Plage de Piazzole San Giovanni Moriani Couvent Monacia di Moriani D34 San Nicolao d'Orezza d'Orezza D71 D46 D506 Rumitoriu Ficaja Verdèse Campana Pie d'Orezza Piedicroce Parata Cascade de Rapaggio Valle d'Orezza l'Ucelluline Eaux d'Orezza D146 Col d'Arcarotta (819m) Carcheto D71 D17 Cervione Valle d'Alesani Sant' Andria Ortale di Cotone Parc Naturel Régional de Corse San Pellegrino Folelli Fium' Alto L e Vescovato l e enta O ri Couvent St-François d'Alesani To Corte (10km) Novale D330 Corniche de la Castagniccia D71 Prunete Cos Chiatra ta Verde Le Boziu Moïta Linguizzetta Monte Sant'Appia u (1093m) Zalana Centre de Tourisme Équestre de Bravone D116 Piedicortedi-Gaggio SEA Valle di Campoloro Chapelle Sainte-Christine D517 Pietra di Verde TYRRHENIAN Santa Maria Poggio Tallone N198 To Corte (35km) Pianiccia O rie ntale D14 D15 Punta Murone (684m) THE EAST V al lé Pl ai ne Cursigliese N200 e du Ta Ta vig vi gn an o na no Rottani Parc Naturel Tour de Bravone Riva Bella Tour de Diane Fort de Matra To L'Étang d'Urbino (2km). with sturdy tables. Venzolasca beach. Porto-Vecchio (70km) Never heard of this micro-région? You may be forgiven. Solenzara (27km). hWed-Sun Jun-Sep. Torra.valle@wanadoo. Querciolo. Food-wise. less than an hour’s drive from Bastia. Eating L’Ortu (%04 95 36 64 69. The four rooms are impeccable and come equipped with ancient tiles and pristine bathrooms. Aside from the superlative views over the plain and the sea. pancakes with tofu. which is less characterful but offers smashing views over the plains. built on a small terrace. its lively central square shaded by a row of plane trees and its modest but authentic cafés. about 100m from the N198 (but there’s no noise to speak of). Time seems to have stood still in this part of the island. A good road map is essential – the IGN Bastia Corte (1:100 000) is fine. hdinner Jul & Aug. Carrots. The amiable owners sell some excellent homemade olive oil. hApr-Oct) This place screams Corsica of yore. Location-wise. It’s definitely more convivial than intimate. Call ahead for a pick-up from Casamozza train station. With its all-wood. another village featuring a dramatic setting on ridge overlooking the whole area. but at this price we’re not complaining. d €50) A make-yourself-at-home informality is the order of the day at this quirky B&B situated about 300m off the Torra roundabout. Backtrack to Venzolasca then head to Penta-di-Casinca. my friends. U Rataghju (%04 95 36 30 66.

Moriani-Plage has decent beaches if you want to splash about and offers useful services. and you’ll fall in love with this diamond of a town. r €60-120. about 400m from the main crossroads. Another draw is the terrace (pity about the plastic chairs. too. The Morianincu is a hiker’s haven.222 L A C O S TA V E R D E • • M o r i a n i . All the rooms are pleasing but you need to climb some steep stairs to reach the crowning glory – the suite called ‘Anne’. with lots of amenities and a spiffing location. Another pull is the smattering of well-priced hotels. But is it worth the trek? Hell yes. www . h Jul & Aug. This microregion might be a mere blip on the map. which can be attributed to its schizoid nature. mains €15-22. chestnut If you want a recommendation. Then the D330 crosses Santa Maria Poggio before hitting Valle di Campoloro and Cervione. p) When it comes to Corsican specialities. Don’t know what buglidicci are? It’s time to get a handson education. If only the Doumens could speak a few words of English! It’s 6km south of Moriani-Plage. traditional dining room that is built around a huge olive press is a delicious relic from another era.merendella. Casa Corsa – Chambres d’Hôtes Doumens (%/fax 04 95 38 01 40. The Bastia– Moriani-Plage ride costs €7. of verdant forests and muscular hills? The Morianincu offers all Moriani-Plage. Hôtel-Restaurant Le Belvédère d’E Catarelle (%04 95 38 51 64. where the main highlight is its Baroque church. Bring a good map – now it’s your turn to dive in. This is the place that guidebook authors hesitate to include in a book for fear that they can’t get a table next time they visit. One of Moriani’s best eating options. mains €9-17. including a tourist office and banks with ATMs. Sleeping & Eating Gîte d’Étape Luna Piena (%04 95 38 59 Acqua Nera Prunete. Cava (%04 95 38 51 14. vine-shaded terrace and a stylish dining room with wood furnishings. Moriani-Plage. Ah. 06 14 55 89 01. a collection of villages perchés strung over mountain ridges and a fistful of religious buildings steeped in history. which features sloping beamed ceilings. From Moriani-Plage. about 100m off the N198. Follow the signs from San Giovanni di Moriani. whose chief attraction is the slender 33m-high campanile of the church St-Jean. Backtrack to San Nicolao. colourwashed walls and colourful bedspreads. with a network of hiking trails linking most villages and sights. CORNICHE DE LA CASTAGNICCIA The corniche road (D330) that threads for 5km across the mountainsides from San Nicolao to Cervione deserves special mention. http://ecuriescostaverde. You can’t miss the blindingly yellow façade of the Baroque Cathédrale St-Érasme. For the little ’uns. LA COSTA VERDE The Costa Verde has lopsided charm. the Morianincu… Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet.P l a g e lunch Sun Sep & mid-Nov–Jun) This reputable ferme- Sleeping & Eating auberge scores high on atmosphere and dé L A C O S TA V E R D E • • C o r n i c h e d e l a C a s t a g n i c c i a 223 ously perched on a ridge. since you’ll leave belly first. though). a small maze of alleys and archways and a smattering of peppy cafés with terraces overlooking lush valleys. Bring an empty tum. The leaflet Randonnées dans le Morianincu is available at the tourist office in Moriani-Plage or at the gîte d’étape Luna Piena in Santa Reparata di Moriani (see below). The hotel section is equally enticing. It’s also the most obvious launching pad for exploring the Morianincu. hclosed Sun in low season) Getting There & Away LE MORIANINCU Buses plying the route Bastia–Porto-Vecchio stop in Moriani-Plage (see p208). the Prunete beach is a five minutes’ jog away. but everything is made from local produce. with the sapphire-blue sea forming a perfect backdrop. with ravishing views over the Morianincu and the sea. it’s not on the beach – it’s on the road to San Nicolao.otcostaverde. And did we mention the enchanting setting. At the end of the D34. souvenir shops. Feel like cantering through dense chestnut forests? The riding centre Les écuries de la Costa Verde (%04 95 30 64 39. U Lampione (%04 95 59 08 87. You’ll find ATMs in Moriani-Plage. plus a wonderfully laid-back atmosphere. pony rides are also available (€10 per hour). h9am-noon & 2-6pm Mon-Sat) occupies the former bishop’s palace and houses a collection of implements and artefacts. Casa Corsa. place du Musée. No. hmid-May–Sep) This is by far the best camping ground for miles around. d €56-62) What a find! This ochre-coloured modern house has a stylish Provençal feel. Maddy. go for the terrine de foie gras aux figues (terrine of foie gras and figs). admission €3. providing vista-point junkies with a steady fix. The twoto four-bed dorms are kept tickety-boo. Information THE EAST Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. warm fabrics and a terrace. The liveliest village of the Costa Verde (bar Moriani-Plage). www. THE EAST a fountain of useful information on the area. h9am-8pm in high season). It is studded with a succession of villages that crown the curving hills west of Moriani-Plage. Although it won’t set a heart aflutter. the hinterland is dizzyingly beautiful. rte du Village. charcuterie. about 1. Lots of shade. this rather nondescript resort town will probably be your first glimpse of the Costa Verde. MorianiPlage. this wonderful gîte d’étape occupying a stone house at the end of the D34 is the perfect place to unwind. hApr-Oct) If you are looking for some hush and seclusion. the Musée de L’Adecec (%04 95 38 12 83. Should you want to take a dip. Although it’s less than half an hour’s drive from Bastia. Santa Reparata di Moriani has an end-of-the-world feeling that will appeal to those in search of peace and solitude. accessible via a dirt track. this unknown corner of Corsica falls below many travellers’ radars (we’re not complaining). supermarkets and cafés that are scattered along the N198. the D330 clutches at the mountainsides as if in desperation. menu €18. Bikers are welcome. but it has bags of character and aesthetic appeal. 06 25 89 89 32. the D34 wiggles up to San Nicolao. Or you could plump for the canette farcie au magret et clémentine Corse confite (duckling with candied clementine). then follow the Corniche de la Castagniccia (see right) to Cervione. San Giovanni di Moriani. such as terracotta . You can celebrate your good fortune at being here by ordering a bottle of local wine (from €15). www. Hiking in the area is spectacular. dm with/without half-board €30/11. per person with half-board €65. N198. Bookings are mandatory. Merendella (%04 95 38 53 47. camp sites per adult/car/tent €7. cheese and – you guessed it – chestnut-flour cake. offers guided rides taking in the villages of the Morianincu (€25 for two hours).free. with neat stone houses that are huddled around a cathedral. Breakfasts are copious and are served under a lovely vine-covered pergola. It also has exhilarating gallops on the beach at Moriani-Plage. It focuses on traditional Corsican fare: a thick soup. www. There’s a lovely garden where you can mooch It has no pretensions for luxury. CERVIONE pop 1200 / elevation 350m Come here on a sunny day in autumn. Try the escalope or filet de bœuf (beef scallop or fillet) – very tender. Spitting distance from the cathedral. Take the steep path on the right that leads to a series of tempting pools. the shared bathrooms are spotless and meals are available (menus €14 to €23). in a vast park right by the beach. Moriani-Plage. San Giovanni di Moriani. In the mood for a green realm. The snug. U Lampione has an You can also dunk yourself in the Cascade de l’Ucelluline (Ucelluline Waterfalls). quality restaurants and cute chambres d’hôtes. From there. knows her stuff: she has written a cookbook featuring tried-and-true recipes. The terrace at the rear affords unimpeded views of the coast. your chirpy host. veal with olives. is MORIANI-PLAGE About 40km south of Bastia. with stupendous landscapes. It consists of modern buildings. at the northern approach to Moriani-Plage. on the main drag in Moriani-Plage. It’s gayfriendly.5km from San Nicolao (before the tunnel). Santa Reparata di Moriani. Cervione is clearly special: the setting is enchanting. While the coastal section of this microregion is nothing to write home about. a land of lushness. along with plenty of greenery? Order a glass of something sweet and local and relax in the shade of a chestnut tree. Continue further to San Giovanni di Moriani. both provide the perfect setting in which to sample well-prepared meat and fish dishes. hTue-Sun Jun-Sep) Blink and you’ll miss the tiny entrance of this typical Corsican eatery. Their austere façades and higgledy-piggledy schist rooftops and bell towers preside over an arresting landscape of dense forests and rippling hills. menu € At times. with its majestic campanile dating from the 18th century. The six cocoon-like rooms are embellished with lots of decorative touches. you can easily reach Santa Lucia di Moriani. which is precari- The Costa Verde tourist office (%04 95 38 41 73.50/3/ in French).

hApr-Oct) The austere and vaguely rosy façade of Le Refuge won’t feature on the cover of Condé Nast Traveler but inside. Meals are available on request (€13). or from Col de Prato (see p227). From there. but the little bottles with green caps continued to be sold. Less well-known dishes. Piedicroce. d €65. resplendent Baroque churches. Be sure to ask for a room at the back – the views are splendid on a sunny day! The attached restaurant (mains €8 to €15. There’s also a web of footpaths that connect the villages. a few kilometres north of Piedicroce. beg to be tried. The Castagniccia (kas-ta-neech) owes its name to the Genoese. with its own entrance at the back. old traditions die hard. It’s on the D506. who planted its first chestnut trees in the 16th century (see p227). tasty traditional specialities. d €60. Bon voyage! Information Take note that banks and petrol stations are nonexistent in the Castagniccia. it’s much more appealing. Today it remains one of the most popular mineral waters in Corsica. there’s nothing better than swigging a glass of Pietra. where you can marvel at a lovely church with a detached bell tower. d with shared bathroom €45. 06 85 48 72 69. 8am-6pm Wed-Sun mid-Oct–Mar). which has pages in English. babbling streams. The useful Sentiers de Pays Castagniccia leaflet has details. Sleeping & Eating Les Prairies (%04 95 36 95 . Cervione. There are ewes on the property (children will love it!) and the Fiumalto River is within walking distance (read: good swimming options). If you bet this B&B has spruce rooms with seaviews. hJun-Sep) An ecofriendly camping ground. s €43-46. chestnut fritters) is far from exceptional but there’s a lovely shady terrace. Continue uphill until you reach Parata. The Castagniccia is also of strong historical interest. Pascal Paoli himself came ‘to take the cure’ here every year. You never know what’s around the next corner: another stunning valley perhaps. Also one small room in the owners’ where artisans perpetuate the tradition of carving pipes from chestnut wood. like the terrine de sansonnet aux myrtes (starling terrine with myrtle). If you happen to be passing in September or October. Seeing the area from the saddle is highly recommended. Chambre d’Hôtes Vallée di Campoloro (%04 95 38 19 79.orezza. adamantly tied to their land. even if you’re not an experienced rider. Your best bet is to run the gauntlet of bars that line the main drag. But nature is not the only drawcard. Sample the whole thing on the terrace in the shade of a stately lime tree. About 1km to the north on the D71 (towards Campana). It’s usually available at bars or in restaurants. chapels and convents. Parata also boasts a stunning Baroque church. exude an eerie ambience. Sleeping & Eating Chambres d’Hôtes Villa A Suera (%04 95 38 17 41. making it a fascinating introduction to the mentality of rural Corsica. as did much of 18th-century polite society. all that testify to a rich At the top. you can head to Valle d’Orezza. Rumitoriu. One of our favourite villages in the area. During WWII the occupying Germans came to believe in the curative properties of the water and set up a small bottling plant. mains €6-17. This is an L A C A S TA G N I CC I A • • Pi e d i c r o c e & A r o u n d 225 THE WATERS OF OREZZA Orezza spring waters were discovered early on to be very rich in iron and calcium. with views of the Tuscan islands. pork cutlet. showers and baths was built. Piedicroce is a good base for exploring the area. a tapestry of bucolic ambiances. at which time a violent storm destroyed the pipework. The key should be in the door. The people residing here are an independent and unhurried lot. They adorn the twin apses inside and show scenes from the life of Christ. Plan on five to six hours return for either route. Backtrack to the junction with the D506 and follow the D46 until Verdèse. or a picture-perfect village? The flipside is that it’s narrow. then follow the signs ‘Cappella Santa Cristina’). which leads to Piazzole and Monacia d’Orezza.castag niccia. preferably with your own wheels because public transport is almost nonexistent. with lots of shade and greenery. Église St-Pierre et St-Paul. THE EAST THE EAST Sant’ Andria di Cotone. while enthusiasts claimed that they were useful in combating a raft of ailments and in improving the digestive. menu €17) has garnered high praise for its good-value. After an hour or two’s sightseeing. which is famous for its naturally sparkling water. but that’s our only gripe. LA CASTAGNICCIA This is Corsica at its most rural and secretive. through which narrow roads twist. The chapel is about 3km from Cervione (take the road to Prunete for about 500m. Take a peek inside – the restored organ is said to be the oldest in Corsica. largely unspoilt region peppered with natural wonders and infused with blissful serenity. At the time of research a small tourist office was due to open in Piedicroce in 2007. For online info. h9am-8pm daily Apr–mid-Oct. hclosed lunch Mon) Smack dab in the old town. just off the D71.corsorezza. The menu roves from expertly cooked pizzas (from €5!) to palate-pleasing fish and meat dishes. At least it’s bright and it offers plenty of space to strew your stuff around. Pie d’Orezza) has guided trips in the Piedicroce area. Valle di Campoloro. menu €15) This restaurant is amusingly tucked under the cathedral – good to know in case you need to confess your sins (of gluttony. this charming settlement proffers wonderful views of the Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. it is swathed in lush chestnut forest and features a lovely chambres d’hôtes (see p226). Check out also www. And in wet weather. Expect to pay €20 for an hour and €70 for a half-day tour. place de l’Église. it’s an easy drive downhill along the D506 to Eaux d’Orezza (%04 95 39 10 00. with dense forests. it really feels like the end of the world. take a look at www. PIEDICROCE & AROUND Straddling the crossroads of the Castagniccia’s principal routes. virginal white walls and white-glove-test-clean bathrooms. Aux 3 Fourchettes (%04 95 38 14 86. Here. a tiny hamlet clinging like a crow’s nest to the crest of a hilltop. the ruins of Couvent d’Orezza. you’ll be mesmerised by the symphony of nature: the trees flaunt their autumnal colouring and whole valleys are saturated with gold and russet hues – a magical sight. It was destroyed by German troops in 1943. The riding centre À Cheval en Castagniccia (%04 95 35 88 31. placid villages. The rustic food (wild boar stew. rippling hills. U Casone (%04 95 38 10 47. d €46-59. camp sites per adult/child €6/3. It’s about 3km from Cervione. Orezza developed rapidly until 1934. circulatory and nervous systems. All you need is a good road map and a little sense of adventure. Follow the D506 downhill back through Rapaggio until the junction with the D46 on the right.224 L A C A S TA G N I CC I A • • Pi e d i c r o c e & A r o u n d A hidden gem that is well worth a detour. Le Refuge (%04 95 35 82 65. The second option is considered gentler and offers more shade. twisting and slow going (the average speed is about 30km/h). with a sprinkle of stately stone houses. hMay-Jul & Sep) Don’t expect a whole lotta love when checking in to this B&B about 800m from the main square. this is the most agreeable place in Cervione to line the stomach without breaking the bank. In 1896 a thermal spa centre with massage rooms. the panorama is impossibly beautiful. the highest summit of the Castagniccia. Spread around the lower reaches of Monte San Petrone. with luminous rooms. Despite the competition from mainland spas. menus €12-20. In season they also serve light meals. a former Franciscan monastery. a veil of mist adds a touch of the bizarre. you can tackle the Monte San Petrone (1767m). the Romanesque Chapelle Ste-Christine harbours fabulous frescoes from the 15th century. Production at the plant was rudely stopped in 1995 but the spring was back in business again after a complete overhaul. a lovely terrace shaded by pine trees and a nifty pool. and an impeccable ablution block. you’ll hit the trifecta! Bathrooms are shared. ps) Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. that is).com (in French). The Castagniccia lends itself perfectly to a DIY approach. mains €6-13. Hoe into a comforting grilled côte de bœuf (beef rib) and you’ll leave with a smile on your face. There’s one studio-style room. From Piedicroce. majestic mountains and lush valleys. After the war the property changed hands numerous times. Here. omelettes. valleys and has a magnificent Baroque 17thcentury church. Hungry? There’s a pizzeria 3km away. Activities If you want to work off any extra pounds gained in the area’s fine restaurants. between Piedicroce and Folelli. with a charming retro style. duck and dive. You can either start the ascent from the hamlet of Campodonico. Their terraces overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea. www.

if you follow the wild backroad D15 to the south. period furnishings and parquet floors. traded their chestnuts with the Balagne for olive oil. rte Principale. the chestnut tree was for many long centuries ‘the bread tree’. For Corsicans. La Porta. a terrace and squeaky-clean bathrooms are de rigueur. with the Niolo for cheese. the Maison Natale de Pascal Paoli (Birthplace of Pascal Paoli. Chestnut culture began to decline after WWI as the result of massive depopulation. In the Castagniccia (from castagnu. If you’re feeling peckish. Pascal Paoli (see p31). dm incl breakfast €25. from where you can soak up the lovely views over the valley (despite some ugly electric wires). L A C A S TA G N I CC I A • • M o r o s a g l i a & A r o u n d 227 Sleeping & Eating A Curbaghja (%04 95 61 11 39. lamb. The terrace at the rear is a treat and Monsieur Petri will be happy to explain to you everything you ever wanted to know about Corsican charcuterie (but were too afraid to ask). for the production of cellulose and tannin. Regular dishes to look out for are the generous Corsican salad (€9). with robust furnishings. menus €18-22. d’étape has all the hallmarks of a great deal. Gavignano. and you deserve it. but we found the chestnut mousse disappointing. Pity about the generic dining room. you’ll reach the Boziu (p242). Col d’Arcarotta. modern. the narrow D146 winds its way through tracts of dense forests like a roller coaster (sans barriers) to Cervione and the Morianincu (p222) – another memorable drive. admission €2. including charcuterie. 06 23 17 17 78. If you drive to the north. the D146 wobbles slowly up to the Col d’Arcarotta (Arcarotta Pass. Past Ortale. pastas and salads. Stoppia Nova). with half-board €40. hApr-Dec) The décor of the dining room won’t start a revolution but there’s outdoor seating in summer. In the 1880s Corsica harvested some 150. and you’ll be in seventh heaven.hclosed Mon & Jan-Feb. with delicious Corsican specialities made from local produce (meals €20). There’s only one room. Chambre d’Hôtes Petri (%04 95 48 43 27. Anything similar in other parts of Corsica would cost twice this much – we certainly aren’t complaining. www. we’ll have bread’. one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Corsica. You can’t miss it: it’s the only building daubed a camp shade of yellow in the village. Morosaglia. carpaccio de museau (pig’s snout carpaccio-style). it’s 4km to Valle d’Alesani on the D71 and another 4km before you reach Ortale. colourwashed walls. mains €9-22. psan tori@aol.000 tonnes of chestnuts. d €47-55. if only for its Église St-Jean Baptiste. if you want to challenge your tastebuds. Verdèse. Treat yourself to a glass of AOC Ajaccio and you’ll leave patting your tummy contently. THE AUTHOR’S CHOICE Chambres d’Hôtes La Diligence (%04 95 34 26 33. 06 89 22 14 26. famous for its local produce market which is held every Sunday in July and August. Morosaglia is also at the nexus of several inland routes. No doubt you will gasp at the overblown splendour of its façade and its majestic bell tower. You can stock up on Corsican . THE EAST THE EAST PIEDICROCE TO CERVIONE hApr–mid-Nov) Hallelujah! This newish gîte Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. There’s a pool just ready for a refreshing dip. this is a typically Corsican restaurant de village (village eatery). La Porta is a definite must-see. Never mind. Morosaglia. To top it off. right in the heart of Verdèse. which is 45m in height. d €52) No English is spoken at this welcoming B&B in the hamlet of Borgo. once the single most prosperous and most populous of the island’s many regions. hmid-Jun–midSep) A reputable inn making a brave attempt at modern-meets-traditional décor but please. so book ahead. menus €10-23. pathogen-free bathrooms.casadicornu. cannelloni. Sophie and Dominique. closed dinner Sun) Almost as alluring is a pleasant (at night quite romantic) atmosphere on the verandah. Just take note that it’s usually rented by the week in July and August (about €500). a Corsican wedding dinner typically required 22 different chestnut delicacies. then forge northwest to Morosaglia via the Col de Prato (Prato Pass. if you head west the road drops down to the main Bastia–Corte road (N193). it’s snug and has a likeably old-fashioned feel. fireplaces. The cloister should be restored in the near future. Meals are served at the nearby Restaurant San Petru. Sleeping & Eating Gîte d’Étape de Valle d’Alesani (%06 32 95 39 30. Sant’ Andria (%04 95 35 82 26. you’ll hit the Rustinu. spotless rooms that can sleep four people. Inside it’s no less impressive. In the glory days of Corsican chestnut culture. On top of its aesthetic appeal and historical significance. The five rooms exude charm. villagers lined the route to pay their respects. lovely vistas and an ace location. Make no bones about it. hApr-Oct) This place is a real find – a fullyequipped. When his remains were returned to his home village on 3 September 1889. your charming hosts. It’s popular with coach parties at lunch in summer. From Piedicroce. take the D17 which dives to the Couvent StFrançois-d’Alesani. parquet flooring and walls carpeted with country-style floral patterns. The menu includes a delicious salade de confit de porc aux châtaignes (salad with pork cooked in its own fat and chestnuts) and. the views over Monte San Petrone never fail to impress. The menu adheres to tried-and-true classics. Valle d’Alesani. From La Porta. stadium-sized flat in a tastefully restored 17th-century mansion. Another reason to pause in Carcheto is the lovely waterfall that lies a couple of hundred metres down a chestnut forest (it’s signposted). mains €8-16. MOROSAGLIA & AROUND For most Corsicans. follow the D515 until the junction with the D71. Auberge des Deux Vallées (%04 95 35 91 20. menus €15-20. are a mine of local knowledge.%04 95 61 04 97. treat yourself to a copious table d’hôtes (available five days a week). All dishes are prepared with local produce so you can rest assured of the quality. Campana. 985m). Back in the village. From the couvent. LE RUSTINU Ask most Corsicans to pinpoint this rural enclave sandwiched between the N193 to the north (the Bastia–Corte highway) and NUTS ABOUT CHESTNUT Pascal Paoli said. Oh. fungal diseases and an infant chemical industry that used the chestnut wood. d €46. with 17km of umpteen bends engineered into the mountainsides until Cervione comes into view. LA PORTA Another lovely settlement in the heart of Castagniccia. the veau Corse mijoté à l’ancienne (Corsican veal slowly stewed) and the terrine de courgettes (courgette terrine) are truly finger-licking here. mains €8-14. as well as killer views thrown in for good measure. Morosaglia is almost talismanic: it’s revered as the birthplace of the Babbu di a Patria (father of the nation). By 2004 the chestnut harvest was down to a mere 1200 tonnes. dating from the 17th century. and justifiably so. such as veal stew. with a superb church organ and various wellpreserved paintings. decorated with graceful pierced arcades. Period furniture. and just the wood. At the end of the day. meaning ‘chestnut’) a single chestnut tree kept a family for a month. The people of the Castagniccia. hApr-Oct) Enter here at your own risk: you may never feel like leaving again! This bijou chambres d’hôtes is set in a former coaching inn that was thoughtfully revived. Carcheto merits a stop for its 16th-century Église Ste-Marguerite. In Morosaglia. Osteria di U Cunventu (%04 95 47 11 79. h9am-6pm May-Sep. hclosed Tue) This charming eatery on the main street has garnered hearty recommendations. After the pass. nestled amid lush vegetation deep in the valley. hMay-Sep.226 L A C A S TA G N I CC I A • • Pi e d i c r o c e t o C e r v i o n e Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. Chez Élisabeth – L’Ampugnani (%04 95 39 22 00. with a bit of everything. mains €8-11. the Morianincu beckons. and with Porto-Vecchio for salt. with beamed ceilings. which transcends its simple ingredients. with wood-panelled ceilings. ‘As long as we have chestnuts. Restaurant San Petru (%04 95 35 94 74. a few kilometres south of Morosaglia. jams and canistrelli (local biscuits) at Casi di Cornu (%04 95 39 23 91. and côte de vache (rib of cow). dump the cheap plastic chairs on the terrace! The roasted lamb with chestnut honey was above average. Valle d’Alesani. with a remarkable campanile. and there’s a small terrace blessed with lovely views over the rippling hills. It offers up a blackboard menu of seasonal delights. 9am-5pm Oct-Apr) offers an insight into the life of the Corsican hero. about 5km from La Porta. Never mind. menus €17-26. 819m). lunch only in low season) is the most obvious choice. hardwood floors. a tiny produce shop in Stoppia Nova.

Save room for desserts – the homemade coupe Penta Rossa (chestnut mousse) is out of this world. there’s an onsite bar and restaurant. this well-proportioned edifice towers over the Vallée du Tavignano and the Étang de Diane. a citadel. It also features a handful of very ordinary rooms (doubles €55 to €63). s) Hide away in this refurbished vecchju mulinu (old mill) nestled within a lush property. which flows through Aléria before debouching into the sea. a cool pool and a great location (about 4km from Ortiporio). Campile and Ortiporio – almost a complete loop and a fantastic drive. This well-organised museum is housed in the magnificent Fort de Matra. simple and reasonably priced Corsican food. It’s less verdant than the rest of the Castagniccia. h lunch & dinner Jun-Sep. s €40-70. Étang de Diane. but it’s as hilly. hApr-Oct) This country Look at a map of Corsica. Valle di Rustinu. Other seafood delights are treated with equal respect – such as espadon (swordfish). mains €8-16. See this flat section that stretches from Étang de Diane to Solenzara? That’s the Costa Serena and the Côte des Nacres. this seafooder resting on the saltwater lagoon is a true winner.hotel-empereur. Never a high point on the tourist trail ( 9am-noon & 2-6pm Mon-Fri in low season) is near the main intersection. Hôtel-Restaurant L’Empereur (%04 95 57 02 13. Adventurous types can try kayaking on the Tavignano. like the rest of the place. All are voluptuous and positively naughty as they slither down. Bravone). 8am-noon & 2-5pm Oct–mid-May).fr/vecchju-mulinu. a few blocks south of the main intersection. including savoury buglidicci (pancakes with ewe’s milk cheese) and tasty cannelloni au brocciu (cannelloni stuffed with brocciu). It trots out hearty Corsican fare. about 100m from the main intersection. Colette Routa. the Costa Serena and the Côte des Nacres are often merely charged through on the way to the Far South. 2-person camp sites €17-28. which are available in multiple L A C O S TA S E R E N A & L A C Ô T E D E S N A C R E S • • A l é r i a U Vecchju Mulinu (%04 95 28 91 87. www . Push the door open. pa) This hulking tower with a sunflower façade on the main drag flaunts its three stars with pride. Aléria. Fort de Matra. There are a number of banks with ATMs on the main road. mussels and poutargue (dried. following the N198. After visiting the museum. and they would flounder. sparkles. pressed roe of mullet). mains €9-16. s/d €45/56) Les Orangers is not exactly decked out for honeymooners but the spare rooms are more than acceptable and the private bathrooms passed the schoolmarm’s cleanliness inspection. and you won’t believe your eyes: the apse is enlivened with a series of poignant frescoes. The archaeological site’s a 300m walk southwest of the fort. ALÉRIA pop 2000 Though Aléria won’t win the award of tourist destination of the year. Riding the river is best in high summer when the river is usually low and the descent a lazy trip over mostly calm water. and the zigzagging roads are no less wonderfully scenic (be prepared for heartstopping drives). Mix in a warm welcome. ponder on your new-found knowledge while working on your 0 0 LA COSTA SERENA & LA CÔTE DES NACRES Antisanti Ta v ig n Ghisoni St Antoine Poggio di Nazza Étang Vaccaja de Diane a Étang d'Urbino Le Fiumorbu Prunelli di Taravo 5 km 2 miles Aléria Samuleto Marina d’Aléria Pinzalone Parc Naturel Régional de Corse LA COSTA SERENA & LA CÔTE DES NACRES L A C O S TA S E R E N A & L A C Ô T E D E S N A C R E S • • A l é r i a 229 Isolaccio di Fiumorbu San Gavinu di Fiumorbu St Antoine Ghisonaccia Fiumorbu Plage de Tignale Abbazia Plage de Pinia D145 Pietrapola Serra di Fiumorbu Casamozza Vix-Ventiseri Ventiseri Mte N198 Occhiato Chisà Travo D645 (1752m) Travo Solaro Vallée TYRRHENIAN Pielza D845 Marine du Travo SEA de Solaro Camping U Rosumarinu & Corsica Forest Parc Aventure D268 Col de Larone (608m) L‘Alto Rocca Col de Bavella Quenza Zonza Anse de Canella Favona Conca Solenzara Tarco Anse de Favona Anse de Tarco Anse de Fautea Ste Lucie-dePorto-Vecchio sun tan on the Plage de Padulone. s) This four-star camping ground is the best for miles around. But it’s well worth slowing down and making detours from the arrow-straight N198. Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. a large saltwater lagoon about 3km north of Aléria. This discreet little charmer that is still overlooked by travel books retains a refreshingly humble scale. A typical beach ride lasts about one hour (€18).com no Morosaglia to the south. If you don’t fancy venturing out. admission €2. It’s also completely nontouristy. Plage de Padulone. you can head south to La Porta (p226) via mains €12-22. but the largest part of the city is still to be excavated. The obvious choice here is the fleshy oysters and the mussels straight from the é h8am-noon & 2-7pm midMay–Sep.10am-1pm Sun in summer. Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. and features masses of amenities. including cabri rôti (roasted kid’s meat). where you can have a look at the ruined Église Santa Maria. Ortiporio. It holds a hoard of finds unearthed at the former site of Alalia and testifies to the town’s Etruscan. In ancient times. d €46-82. with three oh-so-inviting rooms with well thought-out decorative touches. so you’ll probably have it all to yourself. Today the main activity is clustered around Caterragio. which is famous for its lovely Romanesque Chapelle San Tumasgiu. www . this auberge is held in high esteem by locals. From Morosaglia. lunch Oct-May. This bucolic treat exudes equal parts classic and modern aesthetic.marina-aleria.hotel -atrachjata. http://monsite . on the outskirts of the village. is a good spot. In the mood for a picnic? The peaceful Étang de Diane. The gracious owner. hmid-Apr–mid-Oct. Built by the Genoese in 1484. It’s a jolly evening. perched on a plateau overlooking the valley of the Golo. and you’ve got a recipe for a restful retreat. but a touch of eccentricity in the dining room wouldn’t harm. rte de la Plage. N198. If you still have some energy to burn. The frescoes should be restored in 2008. this professionally run abode is kept in top nick. spitting distance from the beach. which is cooked on an open fire and prepared by a husband-and-wife team. Even if the idea of an archaeology museum usually sends you to sleep. about 3km east of the centre. relax in the stress-melting pool at the back before retiring to your cosy room. Hôtel Atrachjata (%04 95 57 03 93. Aléria’s tourist office (%04 95 57 01 51. menus €25-32. closed Jan) With eye-catching portholes and an inviting nautical décor. THE EAST THE EAST Sleeping & Eating inn offers delightful. www. a regional hub that most travellers pass through on their way between Bastia and Porto-Vecchio on the N198. There’s an oyster farm where you can buy oysters. h9am-8pm Mon-Sat. pas) Never mind the busy thorough- fare and the somewhat generic exterior. Rooms are snug and well appointed and it scores high THE AUTHOR’S CHOICE Aux Coquillages de Diane (% 04 95 57 04 55. Sleeping & Eating Camping Marina d’Aléria (%04 95 57 01 . maybe. if you are a nudist). hMay-Sep) rents out kayaks (from €8 per hour) and organises guided descents of the Tavignano (€25). fax 04 95 57 05 55. it’s a relatively easy drive to Valle di Rustinu. www. After a day of turf pounding. this haphazard town will hold your attention for a day. and it’s easy to see why. Hôtel Les Orangers (%04 95 57 00 31. Phocaean and Roman past. with a distinct atmosphere. some temples and part of the centre of the Roman town. It boasts the remains of a forum. The Club Nautique d’Aléria (%06 14 23 50 93. Fornoli. featuring a fine selection of cheerful rooms with all creature comforts. is fluent in English. about 10km north of Aléria along the N198. including scenes depicting the life of Christ. It’s on the road to the beach. d €65-72. daurade (sea bream) and loup de mer (sea bass). Afterwards you could head to Pastoreccia. dinner Fri & Sat Oct-May. rte de la Plage. accessible via a dirt track. U Penta Rossa (%04 95 38 21 32. menus €16-22) Despite its fairly bland décor. Well worth the splurge.wanadoo. don’t miss the Musée Archéologique Jérôme-Carcopino (%04 95 57 00 92. A Stella di Rustinu (%04 95 38 77 09. d €51-144. From Pastoreccia. Pack an open mind and investigate the possibilities. offers guided horse-riding trips in the maquis or on the beach for all levels of experience. the region that today forms Aléria – first known as Alalia (p27) – was Corsica’s capital. Recommended. which. bags of character and a common lounge. while the wild boar stew falls apart at the touch of the fork. the Centre de Tourisme Équestre de Bravone (%04 95 38 91 90.

casa mariacicilia. right on Plage de Tignale. s) A flashy four-star camping ground. Villa le Cèdre Bleu. Eating & Drinking La Ferme d’Urbino (%04 95 57 30 89. West of Ghisonaccia. Nab a seat on the breezy alfresco deck and tuck into delicious fish with a host of résidences de vacances and camping grounds.230 LA COSTA SERENA & LA CÔTE DES NACRES •• Ghisonaccia on facilities. Due to the dynamic local tourist office. Allow one or two days to soak up the atmosphere of this intriguing region. with TV. rte de Ghisoni. hJul & Aug) If you want to tear it up on the dance floor. which is similar to the Étang de Diane (p229) is worth checking out. blondwood fittings. Whether you’re into electronic soundscapes or R&B. served by the mezzu (25cL). homemade nectars (there’s an attached brewery). Everything is organic. the most distinctive village perché in the area. It also rents bungalows by the week. A Tribbieria – Pasquale Paoli (%04 95 56 37 23. it’s a vast saltwater lagoon where oysters and mussels are farmed. menus €19-26. Fear not. a Clos Canarelli or a Domaine Torraccia to spoil the ones left at home? Getting There & Away Autocars Cortenais (%04 95 46 02 12) Operates a service to Aléria from Corte (€10) on s) This adorable B&B seduces all who stay. including Le Bounty (%04 95 57 00 50. It’s not all about the beer though. d €59-124. This treasure-trove is wont to overwhelm the senses: noses assail chunks of cheese and clumps of cured meats and eyes flutter at homemade jams and honey. then make your way to San Gavinu di Fiumorbu. There are also several enticing beaches a mere 4km to the east. man-oh-man. It’s nothing fancy but will do for a night’s kip. wi-fi. treatments 9am-1pm & 3-8pm Apr-Oct). Casa Maria Cicilia (%04 95 56 00 41. or pull over for a gentle stroll in Prunelli di Fiumorbu. some words in French for directions always help. twice daily from mid-June to mid-September). sea bream or sea bass. 9am-noon & 2-6pm Mon-Sat Sep-Jan & AprMay) Head to this store. someone would have invented it. 06 24 29 58 84. Transports Tiberi (%04 95 57 81 73) Solenzara– Bastia via Aléria (€11. 06 81 04 69 49. rte de la Mer. The pick of the bunch is Riva Bella (%04 95 38 81 10. All the perks of a three-star. divine pots of mussels. daily except Sunday). mains €8-18. shiny-clean toilets. www. this half resort-. Because it’s not promoted heavily as a tourist destination. 06 79 74 81 58. you’ll enjoy unparalleled views of the coast. to fill your coffers with fabulous local produce. modern feel and the attention to detail is impressive. it certainly has novelty value. About 5km north of Ghisonaccia. the only Corsican whisky (yes!). 2-person camp sites €20-33. www . It’s unsurprisingly packed to the gills in summer. If you’ve come to Corsica to lose your inhibitions then Aléria is a good place to start. this place is hard to beat. Le G has a gig for you. flavoured with arbutus berry. the Casa Maria Cicilia is now one of the major players in the area. plum. hMay-Sep) With a lovely position opening out onto the Étang d’Urbino. if not glamorous. about 5km south from Aléria. famous for its thermal baths. You can also buy various liqueurs (flavoured with myrtle. 9am12. And. It’s also supremely well placed for forays into the hinterland. which has comfortable bungalows located on the beach and specialises in massage and hypoallergenic treatments. ahem. Serra di Fiumorbu. air-con and well-sprung mattresses are the order of day here. www . Ghisonaccia). and daily from Monday to Friday during the school period. dm with/without half-board €28/10. twice daily from mid-June to mid-September). about 3km south of Ghisonaccia. The hosts occupy a separate building. mains €8-16. hmid-Apr–Sep) A night halt on the Mare a Mare Centre trail. On Friday you could be entertained by live music. Approximately halfway between Bastia and . rte de la Mer.30pm Sun Jul & Aug. here’s the antidote. All you need is a good touring map (see p259). In high season it’s usually packed to the rafters with fun-seekers of all backgrounds and nationalities. There are 20km of naturist resorts and villas in a. No sniggering at the back now. U Licettu.30pm & 2-6pm Mon-Fri in low season) is across the street from the Casa Maria Cicilia hotel.arinellabianca. It’s about 6km south of Ghisonaccia.30pm & 2-7. To get there from Ghisonaccia. Breakfast is served under a gazebo-like building by the lovely pool in the garden – bliss ! Madame is intent on promoting the underrated Costa Serena. Aléria–Bastia costs €11 and Aléria–Porto-Vecchio is €11. hTue-Sun) If A Tribbiera didn’t exist. the highest village of the area. Les Deux Magots (%04 95 56 15 crenellated façade. at an altitude of 700m. hApr–mid-Oct) This chic paillotte slap on Plage de Tignale woos diners from afar. ai) After a complete make-over in 2006. Entertainment Le G (%04 95 56 20 30. THE EAST THE EAST KIT-OFF CORSICA Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. It also offers friture (deep-fried fish). You could also drive up to Isolaccio di Fiumorbu. clinging to a hillside at the curve of the valley. carafon (1L) or funtana (2L). including Plage de Tignale and Plage de Pinia. LE FIUMORBU If you need a break from the hurly-burly of the coast. all jostling shoulders with a minimum of worries. oysters and grilled fish. pinta (50cL). 04 95 70 10 36) Bastia–Porto-Vecchio via Ghisonaccia (twice daily except Sunday from mid-September to mid-June. With its cluster of villages perchés. menus €14-22. Shopping Domaine Mavela (%04 95 56 63 15. lift and modern furnishings. this microregion remains largely overlooked by visitors. with uncluttered four. hApr–mid-Oct. and offers lots of accommodation options for families. The closest thing eastern Corsica has to a Corsican pub. Getting There & Away Rapides Bleus Corsicatours (%04 95 31 03 79. Rapides Bleus Corsicatours (%04 95 31 03 79. head to Le G. and plenty of shade. and the vaulted wine cellar has an impressive selection of Corsican wines – what about a Gentile Noble. such as tuna. you could take the D145 inland and follow your nose. including a glistening pool and a restaurant. 04 95 70 10 36) Bastia–Porto-Vecchio via Aléria (twice daily except Sunday from mid-September to mid-June. Ghisonaccia. though. You’ll find a handful of paillottes and restaurants on the seafront at Plage de Padulone. The helpful tourist office (%04 95 56 12 38. GHISONACCIA Let’s face it: searching for a suitable adjective that’s not pejorative to describe Ghisonaccia is a challenge. half agro-town is strung along the monotonous N198. Transports Tiberi (%04 95 57 81 73) Solenzara– Bastia via Ghisonaccia (daily except Sunday). built like eagles’ nests on hilltops or nestled within dense forests. Brilliant value. base from which to explore the coast. menus €10-20. Spruce rooms. off the N198. and has itineraries for your deeper discovery of secret delights. convivial socialising is a mainstay in the sunny courtyard or inside the big main bar.50. with no real attractions to catch the eye. it’s soundproofed. For a back-to-nature experience. nice prints on fresh walls and pale exposed beams. lots of hush and seclusion. rte de la nine-person dorms and OK shared bathrooms. 04 95 56 74 97. Thursday and Saturday in July and August. San Gavinu di Fiumorbu. Beaches are a short drive away. strip. Of course. though. with a zany. It’s in Casamozza. Plage de Padulone. It is well known among walkers. There’s a fresh. h9am-12. flatscreen TVs. Its forte? Well-priced. heading south along the N198 between the turn-off for the D71 (towards Cervione) and the tourist office at Aléria. Étang d’Urbino. Corsican honey or clementines. cream bedspreads. but it is certainly worth a detour if the trials of the coastal cities start to overwhelm you. on the N198 – you can’t miss it. Here’s your chance to sample unique. this sprightly eatery consistently delivers quality meals with a minimum of fuss. A peaceful place perfect for a civilised holiday in the area. so if privacy is at a LA COSTA SERENA & LA CÔTE DES NACRES •• Le Fiumorbu 231 rooms are coolly tiled and are decorated in soothing pastels with matching linens and fluttering voiles.30pm the Étang d’Urbino. Sleeping Camping Arinella Bianca (%04 95 56 04 78. air-con. Head to Pietrapola. mains €9-20. d €65-85. including a licensed bar and a restaurant. Gîte d’Étape de Catastaju – San Gavinu di Fiumorbu (%04 95 56 70 14. the Fiumorbu doesn’t have anything particularly fantastic to offer. It’s not all that bad. Horse riding in the area is available at Ranch Évasion (%04 95 57 37 13. hMay-Sep). rte de Ghisoni. 9.rivabella-corsica. this gîte is housed in a converted primary school. Sleeping & Eating Gîte d’Étape de Serra di Fiumorbu (%04 95 56 75 48. One negative: its location is dull – it lies near the main intersection. Vix-Ventiseri. it has perked up considerably in recent years and now makes a convenient. Chambres d’Hôtes Annonciade Prieur (%/fax 04 95 57 43 83. citron or chestnut). with loads of amenities. www. The three Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. There are self-catering facilities. based in Ghisonaccia. an all-wood décor and a lovely terrace overlooking the waves. because it’s traversed by the Mare a Mare Centre trail (p76). h9am8pm Jun-Aug. We’ll settle for ‘desultory’. dm with/without half-board €32/12.30am-12.

The half-moon–shaped Anse de Canella wouldn’t be out of place in the Caribbean. You’ll also find banks with ATMs. or in the much more appealing Gîte d’Étape Bocca Bè (%04 95 56 36 61. Bathrooms are shared but that’s a minor inconvenience when you factor in all the from there. hmid-March–Oct. r with shared bathroom €25. You want more? Give up Prunelli di Fiumorbu.villagedechisa. But the jewel in the crown lies about 8km west of the N198 (take the D845 inland from Marine de Solaro. d €42-57. this gîte d’étape on the Mare a Mare Centre trail (stage two) is tucked away 3km from San Gavinu di Fiumorbu in a glowingly verdant forest. 06 79 49 00 44. hApr-Dec. a 50m Himalayan bridge and various vertical ladders (for experienced climbers only). Fancy a dip? The vasques (natural pools) of the Abatescu River are just beside the building. In the Favona area. 10-bed dorms and prim bathrooms. hJun-Sep) Run by a daughter of the family-run Hôtel Orsoni. THE EAST THE EAST SOLENZARA lonelyplanet. The place offers horseback excursions for all levels of experience (from €20 for 1½ hours to €70 for a full day). www. d incl breakfast €62-96. firm mattresses and an old-fashioned model of tiles on the floor (white with black dots). Ranch Bon Annu (%06 74 30 29 70. Book accommodation online at lonelyplanet. r per person with half-board €33). Hoe into their filet mignon de porc aux figues et pistaches (tenderloin of pork with figs and pistachio) or the homemade vegetables terrine. www . It features well-kept four. Caffè Buttéa (%04 95 56 74 75. For more information on this little charmer.corse-pneumarine. A dream-come-true chambres d’hôtes at prices that won’t make you flinch. h9am-8pm Jul & Aug. port de plaisance. hJul & Aug). There have been successful efforts to smarten it up. The three gleaming rooms. The walls are beguilingly adorned with ancient BACKROADS: VALLÉE DU TRAVO – A HIDDEN GEM If the Casinca or the Fiumorbu have whet your appetite for eastern Corsica’s hidden splendours and you’re craving another bite. a big pine tree and an electric pole to the left of the roadside. gâteau d’aubergine au brocciu (eggplant terrine with brocciu) and filet de daurade (sea bream)? At least we couldn’t. 9am-noon & 3-7pm Jun & Sep. visit Ranch José (%06 22 62 91 18. The real clincher is the kidney-shaped pool that overlooks the sea – so exotic. hApr-Oct) A great place to commune with na- ture. check out the website www. Plage de Favona). Pielza). rents outboard-powered boats (no boating license is required) for €100 for the full day.hotelorsoni. One of the most isolated villages in eastern Corsica. it’s important not to judge it too early. Décorwise it’s very simple. The helpful tourist office (%04 95 57 43 75. On the marina. Top that off with the motherly welcome of Madame Paoli. with limited choice but excellent cuisine. Petrol is extra. rte Principale. Gear is included. swim in light and are designed to spoil you rotten. Expect unremitting comfort: oak parquet. Solenzara. La Fonderie (%04 95 57 42 47. a narrow. menus €20-30. If you’ve ever fancied riding along the beach by moonlight or cantering across the sand on the edge of a turquoise as) Deserv- edly three-star.lasolenzara . dm €18) This newish gîte. unofficial parking area. Favona) has guided trips in the maquis and gallops on the beach (€16 per hour). flavoured with orange jam – and you have a gîte that beckons you to stay for a few extra days. 9am-noon & 2-5pm Mon-Fri in low season) is on the main drag. High ceilings. Room 2 is cute as a button. which also serves up meals (mains €6 to €11). La Solenzara (%04 95 57 42 18.232 L A C O S TA S E R E N A & L A C Ô T E D E S N A C R E S • • S o l e n z a r a THE AUTHOR’S CHOICE Villa Clotilde (%04 95 57 93 92. which lies just opposite the kiosk booth marking the start of the Via Ferrata. Eating RESTAURANTS Restaurant Casa Corsa (mains €8-15. which includes an adrenaline-pumping 230m tyrolean slide. with plastic chairs on the terrace and a modest interior. The boats can seat up to four passengers. with 10 uncluttered but neat rooms. Should you still have a spare cranny to fill. mains €10-16. Prunelli di Fiumorbu. the Parc Aventure de la Solenzara (%06 11 16 13 07. In the mood for a dip? There are some enticing vasques (natural pools) at the foot of the bridge. all prepared with great finesse. circuit €5-22. Renting a boat is a heavenly way to approach the beaches and explore the coast at your leisure. Breakfast (€4) is served on a shady terrace or inside an exposed-brick dining room. www . period furnishings and excellent bedding – not to mention ravishing views over the valley. Inquire at the Gîte d’Étape Bocca Bè.4km to the east (from the bridge). hJun-Sep) has three adventure circuits in a eucalyptus forest. Solenzara’s heavily trafficked centre and bland buildings strung along the N198 come a very poor second to the picture-postcard beauties further south – Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio. this is a welcoming place just perfect for that special meal. Horse riding is another fun way to experience the visual appeal of the area. In the charisma stakes. rte de Conca. There’s an attached restaurant. you can hunker down in the ultrabasic Pension-Restaurant U Chisà (%04 95 57 31 06. The most thrilling circuit boasts four tyrolean slides. The village of Chisà emerges like a hamlet in a fairy tale after 15km of tight bends on a corniche along the Travo Valley. Chisà. who is a good cook too (mains €10 to €20) – try her simple but stupendous gâteau du pauvre (‘poor man’s cake’). d with shared bathroom €50-60) Swap stress for bliss at this Tuscany-style palazzo smack dab in Prunelli di Fiumorbu. Chisà. far from the jam-packed coastal roads. including air-con. Corse Pneu’marine (%04 95 57 10 94. while the much-photographed Anse de Fautea. Sights & Activities Beaches are Solenzara’s main raison d’être. including a very secure one for the kiddies (minimum height is 1m). It costs €23 per person. including a 120m one over the Solenzara River. steep path leads down through the maquis to the best vasques imaginable. ancient tiles. Hôtel Orsoni (%04 95 57 40 25. with a standard menu Corse (€16). it offers one of the most thrilling Via Ferrata circuits in L A C O S TA S E R E N A & L A C Ô T E D E S N A C R E S • • S o l e n z a r a 233 Sleeping Gîte d’Étape-Restaurant U Saltu (%04 95 56 32 70. where you can lounge in crystal-clear waters or work on your sun tan lying on perfect stone slabs… Bring a picnic! In Chisà. just before a small. Solaro. The lovely tiled floor is also worth a gander. mains €9-20. Anse de Tarco and Anse de Favona are also worth investigating. menus €15-23. It also has trips in the hinterland. Set in a converted hydroelectric station. The menu focuses on grilled fish and meat dishes. The lively marina is a good place to watch the world sail by. serve as landmarks. All are OK for swimming and sunbathing. offering a fine sense of individuality. and Solenzara is blessed with lovely beaches to the south – not to mention a good deal of outdoor activities and a hatful of well-regarded restaurants. then head south for 12km from Ghisonaccia along the N198 and turn right on to the D645. Breakfast is served in an atmospheric room or on the terrace. It’s also optimally placed for explorations of the coast and forays into the Alta Rocca – via the sensational rte de Bavella (p234) that connects Solenzara with Col de Bavella. there’s nothing more to want. Don’t forget your snorkelling equipment. s incl breakfast €58-92. 3. the pannacotta aux fruits rouges (an Italian-style custard with fruits of the forest) or the chestnut flan are criminally good. hMay-Sep) A fine-dining establishment serving an array of refined dishes. right in the centre of Solaro. The cheaper rooms have shared bathrooms. at the entrance to the village. closed Mon & Sun dinner) Stepping through the doorway of this converted bergerie (shepherd’s hut) at the northern entrance to town is like zapping away a century. www. For Tarzan types. about 18km south of Solenzara. 06 73 37 14 87. . this stately old-timer is distinguished by the elegance of its setting – it occupies an ancient Genoese villa dating from the 18th century – and mixes modern and old décors in a self-assured feast for the eyes. rte Principale. near Solaro. s with shared bathroom €40-50. Can you resist a menu that includes gigot d’agneau confit (leg of lamb cooked in its own fat). 5km north of Solenzara. exposed beams and all mod cons. Although this seaside town is not arrestingly picturesque. hApr–mid-Oct) The family-run Orsoni is a dandy little performer in Solenzara’s accommodation scene. A Mandria de Sébastien (%04 95 57 41 95. One grumble: bathrooms are on the small side. has the additional bonus of a Genoese watchtower.5km north of Solenzara) has meticulously maintained four-bed rooms and boasts divine views over the coast. Half-board is mandatory in August (from €110 for two people). based at Anse de Favona. this restaurant is located next to the hotel’s reception. and it mains €8-13) An agreeable bistrot de village. U Calanconi. A good surprise.

www. which connects Solenzara with the Col de Bavella. we think it’s fair to ask you to use it for personal. It’s 7km from Solenzara. 04 95 70 10 36) Bastia–Porto-Vecchio via Solenzara (twice daily except Sunday from mid-September to mid-June. The ensuing ascent is steep and steady. hTue-Sun Apr-Oct) A recently opened local produce store and a wine . port de Plaisance. FROM SOLENZARA TO BAVELLA THE EAST Now. but the generic interior borders on boring. Fear not. It’s set back from the road to Bavella (it’s signposted). Service could use a little improvement. Credit cards are not accepted. the Corsica Forest Parc Aventure (%06 25 97 27 95. twice daily from mid-June to mid-September). meat (lamb or beef) is grilled to perfection and the local charcuterie (panzetta. To make it easier for you to use. From the coast. A Buccarona (adult/child €17/14). QUICK EATS & SELF-CATERING Glacier du Port (%04 95 57 42 lonelyplanet. Transports Tiberi (%04 95 57 81 73) Bastia– Solenzara (€14. The D268. 30km to the west. A Buttega di A Mandria (%04 95 31 59 35. hMon-Sat May-Sep) Dishes are delicious in their earthy simplicity in this middle-of-nowhere inn: wild boar stew. In other words. please don’t upload this chapter to a peer-to-peer site. on the main drag. Bona fide carnivores will find nirvana here. with views of the craggy summits that tower over the Solenzara River the Solenzara River valley slithers into the mountains. access to this chapter is not digitally restricted. ranks as one of the most dramatic mountain roads in Corsica (and this is saying a lot!). it looks like something straight out of Dr Seuss. camp sites per adult/car/tent €4/2/3. There’s a ‘baby parc’ for the kiddies (€8). www. Luscious homemade ice creams and a large terrace right on the marina. The Col de Bavella (1218m) is the perfect finale to this memorable ascent (see p217). Getting There & Around It’s worth knowing that during July and August shuttles buses ply the route between Travo and Tarco (€3. three times daily) and serve all the beaches in between. hMay-Sep) is a definite must-do for those who want to see the valley from a different perspective. rte de Bavella. The road follows the wide stony bed of the river and goes past numerous lonelyplanet. The terrace more than compensates. with blissful natural pools (and beaches!) and a stunning mountain scenery. The Corsica Forest Parc Aventure is just up the road and there’s an onsite restaurant.’ . figatellu) is faultless.‘Do the right thing with our content. tables line up under a pergola in the garden. rte de Bavella.50 and Solenzara–Porto-Vecchio is €7.rosu marinu. which is no less © Lonely Planet Publications 235 vasques that look like something out of a tonic drink advert. but once you taste the food you’ll forget how long it took to arrive. veal scallop with honey-flavoured wine vinegar and myrtle mousse. Ferme-Auberge A Pinzutella (%04 95 57 41 18. Sleeping & Eating Camping U Rosumarinu (%04 95 57 47 66. The food is savoury and authentic.234 L A C O S TA S E R E N A & L A C Ô T E D E S N A C R E S • • F r o m S o l e n z a r a t o B a v e l l a tools and other knick-knacks. including a gut-wrenching 250m tyrolean slide over the river. valid for one day. take a deep breath. hMay-Sep. daily except Sunday). hApr-Sep) A lighthouse for ice-cream lovers. rte de Bavella. In summer. rte principale. Other useful services: Rapides Bleus Corsicatours (%04 95 31 03 79. Despite an open fireplace. mass email it to everyone you know. s) When it comes to gran- diose setting. A 13km series of intestine-like S-curves offers an ever closer and more dramatic look at the saw-toothed Aiguilles de Bavella. With 25 fixtures. you’ll start with a 10-minute crash Solenzara–Bastia costs €14. Immediately after Camping U Rosumarinu. with mountains rising gloriously on all sides. non-commercial purposes only. The net change of elevation is 1218m up and the surrounding grandeur is incomparable. menus €24-28. In return. this camping ground right by the river is hard to beat. See the terms and conditions on our site for a longer way of saying the above . run by Sébastien of A Mandria de Sébastien (p233). or resell it. until you reach Col de Larone (608m). © Lonely Planet Publications. The site also comprises a superb Via Ferrata circuit. adult/child €17/14. 06 16 18 00 58. The first 8km are delightful. its dull décor is disappointing.

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