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SUPER PREDATOR FADE IN: EXT. IRAQI DESERT - DAY SAM CALVIN, a rustically handsome and well armed American Marine in his thirties dressed in full combat gear is in a running gun battle with six enemy combatants. He stops and crouches behind an outcropping of rocks. Gunfire racks off toward Sam creating a storm of thirty bullets hitting all around him. He stands and fires his automatic rifle. Sam hits two enemy and they go down. The remaining troops instantly return fire. Sam ducks. Two more enemy begin to approach Sam from his flank. Sam is caught by surprise. He jumps up and runs toward a deep ravine as bullets hit the ground behind him. He jumps and sails through the air landing with a thud on the other side. He turns and fires at the two men. They are hit and go down. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. DOWNTOWN CATHOLIC CHURCH, LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS - DAY BOB CALVIN, an average conservative man in his early sixties walks from the ornate church. Two HARD LINE CRIMINALS in their twenties wearing overcoats are hanging around the front of the big church. The men act suspicious as they discreetly check out different people who are leaving the building. Bob notices the criminals and slows down to watch them for a moment. An elderly friendly priest moves through the front door smiling. Abruptly the two men come out from under their overcoats with ball bats and attack the priest. He falls down as the thieves beat him.


The two men drop their bats and take a bank deposit bag the priest is caring and start to run. Bob quickly picks up a bat and swats the closest criminal missing his head and hitting him on the neck. The other criminal hurriedly turns and stabs Bob in the stomach and both of them run. A foot patrol policeman sees them and gives chase. He speaks on his police radio as he runs. FOOT PATROL POLICEMAN This is patrol thirty-six. In pursuit of two robbery and assault suspects. Need back-up at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral moving West. The criminals run down a trash strewn alley and up a fire escape. The Priest dials his cellphone and kneels over Bob. Bob looks at the priest and pulls him closer. ELDERLY PRIEST Hang on Bob, I called nine-one-one. BOB Father, find my son. ELDERLY PRIEST I will Bob. I will. I know who to call. Bob closes his eyes. EXT. TOP OF DOWNTOWN THREE STORY CITY BUILDING - DAY One of the criminals runs hard across the top of the flat top three story brick building. Sirens are heard. He jumps from the edge of the building to the next high-rise roof. EXT. CITY STREET - DAY A ready policeman in the alley below has his gun raised to shoot, but is unable to fire due to the glare from the sunlight in his eyes. POLICEMAN P.O.V.


While still aiming his service revolver he sees the original policeman jump and sail across the air space above him pursuing the criminal. EXT. TOP OF DOWNTOWN THREE STORY CITY BUILDING - DAY The thug continues to run across the flat roof. The pursuing policeman stops and pulls his weapon ready to fire. Suddenly, SHEILA ARMSTRONG, a pretty tattooed woman in her twenties and the second criminal pops out from behind an air conditioning unit and shoots. The policeman falls severely wounded. The two thugs and Sheila high-five and walk away. AERIAL SHOT - On the dirty street below three more police cars are racing to the scene. INT. KNTL RADIO STATION D.J. BOOTH CLOSE ON KATIE DECATUR - an attractive middle-aged news anchor. She is wearing a head-set talking into her microphone. Katie looks over her reading glasses as she shuffles through the news copy in her hand. KATIE Welcome to KNTL talk radio, good morning, I’m Katie Decatur with my co-host Andy Kaufman. This just in, another police officer shot, but in stable condition and a citizen killed. Over the last five years the crime rate has tripled and climbing. Call in, tell us how to fix it. Eight hundred, Nine-fourseven-fifteen-fifteen. Her co-anchor ANDY KAUFMAN, a long haired average man in his late twenties is leaned back in his chair with the microphone pulled forward. ANDY Andy Kaufman says, criminals are running the streets and citizen’s need to take’em back. Where’s super cop when you need’em. Call us at KNTL. (MORE)

4. ANDY (CONT'D) Eight hundred, Nine-four-sevenfifteen-fifteen. Tell us what you think...

DISSOLVE TO: EXT. IRAQI DESERT - DAY Sam is aiming his rifle intently from cover at the enemy before him. He fires his weapon. The shot hits an enemy combatant and he goes down. Sam keeps shooting at a second enemy as the man dives for cover. The enemy jumps across a ravine and continue shooting at Sam when he lands. Sam gets up and shoots. The enemy immediately fires back. Sam is hit two times in the chest. He is knocked to the ground and loses his weapon. Sam blinks and tries to regain his senses. He takes off his helmet to get a little more air. Sam checks himself and the flack jacket has saved his life. Suddenly Sam’s enemy is near. Sam gets to his feet looking into the enemies ready gun barrel. The man smiles and pulls the trigger on his rifle. It Clicks. Sam pulls out his razor sharp black survival knife. The enemy pulls out his own knife and they charge each other. The man dodges and Sam cuts his face as they pass. They square off again and Sam slashes. He misses. The man connects with Sam and cuts his arm. Sam and his enemy become more aggressive. They slam into each other in mortal combat. The two men hold onto each other for a moment. The man push Sam’s face back with his bloody hand attempting to get loose. He is too weak to do it. They weakly back away and Sam has his enemies knife sticking from his side. His wound is bleeding badly.


The enemy stares strangely at Sam. He has Sam’s knife sticking from his chest. They both slowly fall to the ground passed out. A squad of heavily armed American soldiers on patrol comes over a nearby hill. A YOUNG SERGEANT, that is leading the squad is way out front. He sees Sam and yells out. YOUNG SERGEANT Over here. He’s one of ours. The sergeant kneels by Sam. YOUNG SERGEANT (CONT’D) Hang on buddy. (yells out) He’s alive. Sam face is bloody and stressed. He rolls his eyes toward the enemy. The young Sergeant looks at him compassionately and wipes the blood from his face then pulls out his nine millimeter and shoots the enemy. YOUNG SERGEANT (CONT’D) The turban is dead. (looks back at Sam) I got ya covered, helps on the way. Sam closes his eyes slowly. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. BALBOA NAVAL HOSPITAL - MORNING An older white FORD sedan drives to the front of the hospital and parks. CLOSE ON A red and yellow bumper sticker - SEMPER FI.

DIANA CALVIN, a very pretty conservative country girl in her late twenties gets out of the car carrying a flower in her hand. She looks around and walks to the front door and goes inside. INT. BALBOA NAVAL HOSPITAL ROOM - MORNING Diana walks into the hospital room.


She sees Sam resting with bandages on him and tubes in his nose. DIANA Good morning baby. Sam weakly smiles. Diana puts the flower she is carrying in his water glass Morning. SAM

DIANA I just came by to say I love you and to be sure you’re okay. SAM Sorry for not rising to the occasion, I’ll just slide over to it. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. GHETTO CITY STREET - DAY The older white Ford sedan rolls past a few street thugs gathered next to a beat-up car talking. Children play in the unkept street near the gathering. SUB-TITLE - ONE YEAR LATER The sedan cruises on. INT. SAM CALVIN’S CAR - DAY Sam Calvin, continues driving the Ford sedan down the neighborhood street with his wife Diana. Diana looks out at the people and the old run down houses as they pass her window. DIANA I don’t know about this place. These are rough looking people. SAM It’ll be okay. They’re just poor. DIANA Poor, drug dealers and pimps?


SAM Don’t worry baby, you’re strong, you can handle it. Suddenly Sam slams on the brakes. Sam P.O.V. A street thug strolls across in front of him looking inside the car with a sneer. BACK TO SCENE Sam is stressed. He just looks at the man. Diana puts her hand on his arm. DIANA You don’t need to fight anymore. It’s all right. Sam stares at the thug. Okay. SAM

Diana appearing relieved. Sam drives on and stops the car in the driveway of a small white house. DIANA Is this it? SAM Yeah, home sweet home. EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD - DAY They get out looking around the area dressed in very simple inexpensive clothes. SAM Yard looks good. Diana nods as she looks around. SAM P.O.V. Two thugs sit on kitchen chairs on their run down front porch next door glaring at them. BACK TO SCENE


Diana is concerned and cuts a look at the thugs while she speaks to Sam as they walk. DIANA Do they live over there? SAM The lawyer said they’re the neighborhood preacher’s sons. DIANA Well, I feel safer now. SAM Don’t worry. Sam and Diana continue to walk toward the front door of the house. DIANA Nothing will happen. The bad things are behind us right. Sam glances back. He sees the thugs down the street looking his way. INT. SAM’S HOUSE - DAY Sam and Diana move inside looking around at the furnished house that appears to be lived in. SAM What’da ya think. DIANA It’s kinda all right. SAM I’m thinking the same thing. A well dressed professional woman in her forties walks from the kitchen. ATTORNEY DEKALB Hello, you must be Sam. SAM Ms. Dekalb? She shakes his hand. Dekalb turns to Diana


ATTORNEY DEKALB And you’re Diana? Diana nods and they shakes hands. DIANA Nice to meet you. ATTORNEY DEKALB I got all of the papers ready. I’m so sorry about your father, Sam. SAM Thank you, but I never knew him. ATTORNEY DEKALB I’m sorry. Father O’Connor ask my office to find you after your father passed. We had know details. SAM It’s okay. I hear he was a nice guy. ATTORNEY DEKALB Yes that’s right. His name was Bob. Bob was killed protecting a Father O’Connor downtown. He was also a genuine war hero. SAM Yeah, my uncle said he had more medals than a pawn shop. The attorney opens a thick file and gives Sam a pen. ATTORNEY DEKALB I’ll miss him. He was a client. Well, as they say, sign on the dotted line and the properties all yours. Sam signs the document and smiles at his wife. She signs. What now? SAM

ATTORNEY DEKALB My office will mail the papers after they are filed at the court house. SAM Thank you for all of your trouble.


DIANA Yes, thank you... say do you know if this place is safe? DeKalb looks out the front window then back at Sam and Diana. ATTORNEY DEKALB Your father never said anything, but the neighborhood does look a little rough. SAM We’ll be okay. ATTORNEY DEKALB If you need a realtor to help sell it. I’ll be glad to refer you. DIANA No, we lost our home in the recession. We’ll make the best of it. ATTORNEY DEKALB Good for you. I almost forgot. Let me show you one of your most valuable possessions. She goes to a coat closet near the front door and opens it. The attorney opens another door that is hidden inside the closet. INT. GUN CLOSET - DAY It opens to a narrow and long gun closet. Inside the closet are rifles, shotguns, pistols, grenades, ammunition and knives. Attorney Dekalb looks at Sam and Diana. ATTORNEY DEKALB There it is, probably enough weapons in there to sell and get a real good new start. SAM Unbelievable. ATTORNEY DEKALB They are all yours. Your dad was a big collector.


DIANA Pretty ingenious little closet. Dekalb turns back to the counter top and puts the papers in her brief case and hands Sam a set of keys then starts walking out. ATTORNEY DEKALB Good luck too both of you. I’m sure you’ll do fine. Sam and Diana follow. EXT. SAM’S HOUSE - DAY Attorney DeKalb, Sam and Diana walk outside on the front porch. A slow moving low-rider car cruises by and the thugs inside watch the attorney, Sam and Diana. DIANA Welcome wagon. Funny. SAM

DIANA Don’t worry Sam. The fighting’s over. Sam watches them as they pass. He see the thugs down the street scatter. The attorney goes to her car on the street and gets in looking out at Sam. ATTORNEY DEKALB If you need anything call me. Sam and Diana smile and wave as Attorney DeKalb drives away. They walk back in the yard. SAM We’ve got a home again. Sam looks around the street is deserted and quiet. Diana smiles. DIANA And a new start.


SAM No payments. They smile at each other. An older car speeds around the corner with another sedan behind it. The men inside are steadily shooting at each other with automatic weapons. A neighbor that is standing in the yard next to Sam’s house dives for cover. The lead car’s back tires are hit by gunfire and it runs up into the neighbors yard and wrecks. Sam and Diana dive for cover. The second car slides to a stop and is still shooting at the disabled car. People in the disabled car shoot back. Sam looks up watching every move that is made. A shooter with a shotgun walks steadily toward the four men in the disabled car. He shoots and hits two as he walks. The shooter walks around the disabled car shooting and pumping his short barrelled shotgun until the remaining two men are dead. Sam goes in his back pocket and comes out with a tactical Stiletto knife. He pushes the button and the two edged blade clicks abruptly open. Sam holds it to his side tactical style watching. The bold shooter glances at him and gets back in the second car then they drive away. Sam takes a close look. He sees the vehicle and license as it speeds away. Sam turns to Diana and puts the knife away. She is bleeding from a bullet wound in the neck. SAM (CONT’D) Oh God, baby. She looks at him, but can’t speak. He gathers her up and puts Diana in their sedan then speeds away.


INT. SAM CALVIN’S CAR Diana leans on Sam’s shoulder bleeding profusely. Sam puts his fingers on the wound trying to stop the bleeding. SAM Hang on baby. We’re on the way to the hospital. Sam slides into a small service station and rolls his window down. SAM P.O.V. Three people are pumping gas. BACK TO SCENE Sam looks at the people. SAM (CONT’D) Where’s the hospital? (everyone ignores him) Where the hell is the hospital. An old gentleman is walking from the store. He looks in the car at Sam. ELDERLY GENTLEMAN Four blocks that way, (points) then go right on Season Street two blocks and you’re there. Sam waves and speeds away. SAM Hang on baby. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. SAINT VINCENT’S CITY HOSPITAL - DAY Sam slides his car to a stop. He get out and goes to the other side. Sam opens the door and gathers Diana in his arms. He takes her inside.


INT. SAINT VINCENT’S CITY HOSPITAL - DAY PAMELA, a pretty nurse in her thirties sees Sam and Diana. She grabs a nearby gurney and meets Sam as he rushes in. He puts Diana on the gurney. A doctor quickly moves up and takes her pulse then looks at her eyes. Doctor Crash cart now. The nurse runs for a cart. SAM Please save her Doc. The doctor nods and continues to attend Diana. Another nurse has arrived and pushes the gurney toward the operating room. Pamela follows with a crash cart. PAMELA We’ll take good care of her. DOCTOR Check her type, let’s get some blood going. The doctor and the other nurse wheel Diana into a surgical suite. PAMELA Wait over there please. (points to a waiting area) I’ll be out and let you know something as soon as I can. SAM Take care of her. Sam appears worried. PAMELA Don’t worry. Pamela rushes into the suite with the cart. Sam sits down worried and thinking. DETECTIVE DAVID CLARK, A thirties police detective comes in. He walks to Sam. DETECTIVE CLARK Sir, is that your wife in surgery.




DETECTIVE CLARK I’m Detective Clark. Could you tell me your name and your wife’s name please. SAM Yes, my name is Sam Calvin and Her name is Diana. DETECTIVE CLARK What happened? SAM I inherited a house from my dad, over on West Twentieth Street and his attorney met us there to give us the papers. DETECTIVE CLARK Did they come in your house or was it a drive by. SAM When we left two cars were speeding down the street shooting at each other. I guess you’d call it a drive by. DETECTIVE CLARK Did you get a look at them? SAM No, we dropped to the ground. When it was over I looked at Diana and she had been shot. So I rushed her here. DETECTIVE CLARK Did you see anything that might be important? Something to help us identify them. SAM No everything happened so fast. DETECTIVE CLARK Thank you Mr. Calvin. Your neighbor, the preacher got a good look. I’m going over to see him. The detective stands to leave. The doctor returns.


DETECTIVE CLARK (CONT’D) I’ll be in touch. Sam nods and looks at the doctor. DOCTOR I’m sorry, sir. She didn’t make it. Sam puts his face in his hands. The detective puts his hand on Sam’s back. DETECTIVE CLARK I’m sorry, Mr. Calvin. DOCTOR If you need anything just let us know. Sam nods as the doctor and the detective leave. Pamela steps beside Sam. PAMELA Is there anything I can do, Mr. Calvin? SAM No,thank you. Sam looks up at her. PAMELA I understand how you feel. I lost my husband at a convenience store robbery. You know the worst part is, the man that shot him only went to prison for two years. SAM I sorry. The bastard that killed Diana will get more than prison. Pamela hands him a business card. PAMELA This is the address to a recovery group I’m in, come by, it will help. She smiles and walks away. Sam hangs his head again. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. MOUNT HOLLEY CITY CEMETARY - AFTERNOON A middle-aged priest and Sam are grave side with Diana’s coffin ready to be lowered into the ground. PRIEST Ash to ashes and dust to dust... Sam looks at the priest. SAM That’s enough father. I’d like to be alone now. The priest nods. He quietly folds his bible and speaks as he leaves. PRIEST I’ll pray for you Sam. Sam flips a lever on the lowering device beside the coffin and it slowly goes down into the grave. He does the sign of the cross. SAM Baby, I’m so sorry this happened to you. Rest easy, I promise... every evil bastard that ever took a breath on this planet will pay for this. Sam stands. He has tears in his eyes as he looks into the open grave. Detective Clark walks up. DETECTIVE CLARK I’m sorry I’m late. I just wanted to pay my respects. SAM Thank you detective. Sam walks away. DETECTIVE CLARK What are you going to do now, Mr. Calvin. SAM Pay my dues.


The detective appears to not understand as he looks at Sam leaving. DISSOLVE TO: INT. VETERAN’S HOSPITAL PHYSIATRIC OFFICE- AFTERNOON Sam is sitting with a doctor. He is looking wall. at her name written on a certificate on the

DOCTOR ELLEN POST, a woman in her late forties picks up a pad and pen. DOCTOR POST It’s been six months since you lost your wife Sam, are you still suppressing your emotions? SAM If I don’t doctor, bad things could happen. DOCTOR POST I’m sorry about what happened to you. I’ll give you a prescription, it’ll help. She writes him a prescription. Sam takes it. SAM Thanks Doc. DOCTOR POST Be sure you take those Sam. They will get you through this. Sam stands and starts walking out. Sure. SAM

DOCTOR POST Come back whenever you need to Sam. EXT. VETERAN’S HOSPITAL - DAY Sam walks out of the building. He throws the prescription in a trash container.


SAM Sorry Doc, there’s only one thing that will help me. Sam moves on down the sidewalk. Carl, a disabled veteran walks up with crutches. CARL Hey, Sam buddy. SAM Carl, I heard you had been wounded, glad to see you’re doing better. CARL How’s Diana? Sam suddenly appears sad and depressed. SAM She was killed Carl. A street thug killed her. CARL I’m sorry man. I didn’t know. SAM It changed me Carl. You know what I mean? CARL Yes, you just want to get your gun and do’em it. Like in the old days. SAM Damn right. CARL Shoot’em up baby. It’s okay. Yeah. SAM

CARL Don’t be a stranger. Sam pats Carl on the shoulder and walks on. SAM Get well buddy. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. DOWNTOWN BUILDING - NIGHT Sam is walking in the front door. He stops and looks down the well lit street. Three street people are drinking from bottles wrapped in brown paper bags and talking loud as they generally make a nuisance of themselves. Sam smiles and point at them as if he is cocking a gun and then goes inside. INT. MEETING ROOM ON THE FIRST FLOOR - NIGHT Sam walks in looking around the room then takes a seat among four other people. EDITH STEIN, a conservatively dressed attractive woman instructor in her late forties stands in front of the room looking at Sam. EDITH Hello, glad you could come. You must be Sam. Yes. SAM

EDITH Pamela said you might be here, welcome. Thank you. SAM

EDITH We’ll get started in a few minutes. Drinks are on the table. Pamela walks in smiling. She sits by Sam. PAMELA Good to see you here. Sam nods. Edith looks around the room. EDITH Looks like everyone is here. Let’s get started. (smiles nervously) (MORE)

21. EDITH (CONT'D) As most of you know, our group meets to hopefully resolve our grief. We do that by talking about loved ones. Pamela could you start tonight?

PAMELA Yes, I lost my husband two years ago. He was shot at a convenience store robbery and I’m still angry about it. The man that shot him gets out of prison in a few days. I’m afraid he’ll come after me, because my testimony put him in prison. EDITH Thank you Pamela. Sam looks at her and whispers. SAM What’s his name? PAMELA I’ll never forget it, Everett Williams. Edith looks around. EDITH Sam since you’re new would you like to say something? Sam looks around the room. SAM Okay, My wife was killed six months ago by street thugs. I hate them and it makes me sad I lost her. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. HUNTINGTON PRISON - AFTERNOON Sam sits in his old Ford Sedan watching the prison. A couple of guards walks out from the metal gates past another guard. Sam takes notice watching them closely.


EVERETT WILLIAMS, a crude looking man in his forties walks through the gates. He starts walking toward a deserted bus stop. Sam starts his old sedan and drives next to Everett while rolling his passenger power window down. He looks out the window. SAM Hey, you Everett Williams? EVERETT Who wants to know? SAM I hear you got brains and guts. I need a back up man. Pays good, even got a little advance. Everett stops and looks at him. EVERETT Are you for real, I just got out of the joint. SAM You need money, we need a back up. Yes or no, will do. EVERETT How much advance. SAM A thousand to get you by til we do the job in five days. You in it? EVERETT

SAM Yeah, there’s four of us. If you want the deal. We’re gonna meet in about an hour. Everett gets in the car. EVERETT I could use the work. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. CITY STREET - DAY Sam’s white Ford turns a corner on the deserted unkept street. INT. SAM CALVIN’S CAR - DAY Sam drives along tuning the radio. EVERETT So,what’s the job? Witness. SAM

He stops the car near a vacant lot. To what. EVERETT

SAM An execution. Everett looks at him curiously. EVERETT What the hell are you taking about. SAM Lethal injection. EVERETT What? Are you some kinda nut. Sam jams a syringe in Everett’s neck. Everett lurches back and Sam slams his arm against Everett’s neck holding him in place against the car window. He pushes until the syringe is empty. He and Everett struggle for a moment and Everett dies with his eyes bugging out. Sam opens the passenger door and shoves Everett out. Sam then throws out a bottle of liquid Drano. SAM Sayonara bitch. Sam drives away dialing his cell phone. The phone rings and gets an answering machine.


PAMELA (TELEPHONE V.O.) Hello, this is Pamela. Sorry I missed you. Leave a message and I’ll call you back. SAM Hi, this is Sam. Thought I’d let you know, Everett Williams can’t hurt you. Check the news. He had a fatal accident right out of prison. I’ll call you later... Sam drives on. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY BOULEVARD - NIGHT Cars are passing a large lit billboard advertising a police bulletin recruiting new officers. KATIE (RADIO V.O.) This just in. Everett Williams the infamous killer was released from prison today and found dead by police before he got home. I guess he had enemies, can imagine that. Call in and tell us what you know, Talk Radio KNTL, eight-hundred, Nine-four-seven-fifteen-fifteen. EXT. CITY STREET IN FRONT OF CATHOLIC CHURCH - MORNING Sam is walking toward the front of the church with the hood upon his jersey jacket. He pauses for a moment looking at the church then walks on. A ragged looking street person walks past. STREET PERSON Hey man, you got any money. Sam turns to him glaring. He hits the man hard in the face knocking his to his knees. The bum recovers and gets up. Sam starts after him again. The bum is frightened and quickly runs away. Sam glares as he watches the bum for a moment and speaks as he goes inside the church. SAM Get a life ass hole.


INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - MORNING Sam walks to FATHER BENNETT, an older priest. They speak quietly and go into a confessional. The church is quiet. Another priest tends the alter. INT. CONFESSIONAL - MORNING The priest is looking toward Sam through a veil in the booth next to him. FATHER BENNETT I know you feel angry, but pray and you will see the way. SAM (O.C.) Father, I fight my will to take revenge everyday. FATHER BENNETT Revenge is mine sayth the Lord. And mine. SAM DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY STREET DEEP IN THE HOOD - AFTERNOON Sam walks alone down the trashed out street toward a neighbor grocery store. He see thugs sitting around a bench near the store, drinking and talking. Sam ignores the crude people. He takes out some bills and counts them for everyone to see and keeps walking. A man follows Sam. Sam smiles to himself and keeps walking. EXT. SEEDY CITY STREET - MORNING Sam walks along appearing not to be paying attention to anything. He turns down a shaded alley to cut through to the next street. The church is visible in the background. Just a fee steps inside the alley, two men, REGGIE and JIMMIE, in their twenties step in behind Sam.


REGGIE Hey man, you got a light. Sam turns toward them cheerfully. SAM Don’t smoke, it’ll kill ya. JIMMIE Don’t worry bout that dude. Give us your money. SAM Fresh out dude. Reggie pulls a sharp knife out. JIMMIE Maybe I can sharpen your memory. SAM What a dull wit. JIMMIE I’m gonna cut you man. Sam appears pleased. He reaches in his back pocket and pulls out a bigger Gerber folding knife and snap it open. Me first. SAM

Jimmie pulls out a nine millimeter automatic. Sam abruptly moves forward and cuts deep across Jimmie’s gun hand before he can raise it. Jimmie drops his gun and holds his injured hand. Reggie lunges for Sam as Sam cuts Jimmie’s face deep from his forehead down across his nose and cheek. Sam slams Reggie back with his palm and holds his black bladed knife in a professional manner watching for an opening. He moves in and expertly sticks the blade deep into Reggie’s neck down through the top of his chest cavity and quickly pulls it out ready for the next attack. Reggie falls to the ground dying as blood gushes from his wound. Sam turns to Jimmie, who is recovering.


JIMMIE Hey man, you done killed my cousin. Sam glares at the desperate Jimmie. And? SAM

JIMMIE You’re right man. Reggie was an ass hole. We can just let it go. Walk away. SAM No. I want to settle this. JIMMIE It’s over dude, case settled. Jimmie looks at him waiting for a move from Sam. He nurses his hand then his face that is bleeding badly. The man that followed Sam shots at him from behind a dumpster. The bullet misses Sam and hits near Jimmie. Sam drops his knife and comes out from behind his back with an automatic and shoots the intruder. The intruder is hit in the eye. He stumbles and falls to the ground. Sam turns and looks at Jimmie as Jimmie start to move on him. Jimmie freezes. Jimmie decides to run. Sam shoots him in the leg. Jimmie drags his leg trying to get away. JIMMIE (CONT’D) What’s with you man? Let it go. Sam puts his gun away and picks-up his Knife. He walks toward Jimmy. Jimmy is still struggling to get away. Sam grabs him from behind and cuts his throat then throws him to the ground. Sam looks at Reggie and Jimmie for a moment then searches their dying bodies. He takes what money and jewelry they have then the weapons.


Sam hesitates for a moment looking at Jimmie then takes two large gold necklaces from around his neck. He goes to the man that he shot earlier and takes his valuables. SAM Thanks ass hole. Sam looks at two big gold necklaces he took from around Jimmie’s neck and smiles. He puts them on and then he puts on a couple of diamond rings and admires them. He looks at a set of car keys that he found on Reggie then casually walks down the alley looking at them pushing the key fob button. A police car speeds down the street and turns into the narrow alley as Sam walks out of sight on the other end. The car slides up to the bodies. The two policemen in the car jump out with weapons drawn their eyes searching the area. One of the policemen call in on his radio. EXT. CITY STREET - MORNING Sam tries the key fob again to unlock a Lincoln Continental that he is standing by. It doesn’t work. He walks down a few cars and tries another car and they don’t work. Sam walks on and tries another almost new Lincoln. The keys work and he smiles. Sam gets inside leaving the door open with one leg on the ground. OUTSIDE TO INSIDE - He puts the keys in the ignition and turns it on. Sam tunes the radio on. Hip-hop music is heard. He push a button to change the channel. A Rolling Stone’s song comes on. Sam smiles. He takes his gun from his back and lies it on the seat. BACK TO SCENE A ROBUST MAN in his thirties walks up. ROBUST MAN Hey, what you doing in Reggie’s car. Sam looks up. He says nothing and takes the gun from the seat and shoots the man. SAM Mind your own business dumb ass.


Sam closes the car door and drives away. He hears sirens. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CEMETERY - DAY Sam drives into the cemetery to Diana’s grave side. He gets out of the car and walks to her fresh grave. Sam kneels. SAM I love ya baby. Rest easy, I’m taking care of business. When I’m finished, people will feel safe again. He bows his head to pray. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREET - DAY Sam drive his new car slowly down the dirty street looking at every movement. He sees the shooter’s car that shot Diana. Sam slows down and rolls past looking. A BIG MAN walks near the shooter’s car. BIG MAN What you lookin at bitch? Sam stops and backs up. The big man rudely walks over and looks in the car Sam rolls the window down. Sam shoots him in the face with his fortyfive and he falls back sprawled out on the sidewalk. Sam gets out of the car with a shotgun in his hand AND HIS automatic in his belt. He pumps a shell in the chamber watching the area. Diana’s shooter comes out of the house. DIANA’S SHOOTER Pee Wee... what the hell. He sees Sam coming at him and pulls out his automatic. Sam starts shooting his shotgun.


Sam hits the shooter in the stomach. The shooter drops his weapon and falls against the yard fence bleeding with his eyes still open, but to weak to do anything. Sam looks closer at him. SAM I know that hurts. Sam readies his shotgun. A woman comes out yielding a nine millimeter. WOMAN You shot my Pee Wee. She starts to draw down on Sam. Sam shoots her with his shotgun blowing her against the front porch. Sam shoots the man he thinks shot Diana. Another man runs out of the house and Sam shoots him as he fires his weapon missing Sam. The man falls over the front fence dead. Sam jacks a shell in his shotgun looking around the neighborhood. He fires a shot in the air as he moves toward his car. SAM You’re on notice. If any son-of-a bitch commit any crime, down to shoplifting, (shoots again) I will shoot you... dead. Sam walks to his car, gets in and drives away. A rough looking man looks out the window from behind a curtain. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY INTERSECTION - AFTERNOON Sam stops at a light still in the neighborhood a Cadillac pulls up and stops beside him. Sheila Armstrong, is sitting between the driver and POGO, a local thug in his twenties. Pogo looks over at Sam.


POGO Hey man, where’d you get Reggie’s car. Sam looks at him and rolls the power window down. Sam smiles. SAM It’s a loaner. Sheila looks at Pogo. SHEILA That’s some lyin shit. Pogo starts to get out of his Cadillac. Sam comes out with Reggie’s nine millimeter. He shoots Pogo in the throat. He then shoots at Sheila. She ducks as two shots hit the dash of the car next to her. Sam shots again. He hits the driver in the head as he tries to pull his automatic. Sheila opens the drivers door and lets the driver fall out as Sam shoots at her two more times. Sheila shoots back. She scrabbles out of car then across the street and around the corner of a building. Sam coolly gets out of the car and takes the men’s valuables while Pogo gurgles from his wound. Sam tosses the weapons into Reggie’s car. SAM You won’t need this stuff where you’re going. Sam Looks up. He sees Sheila getting ready to take a shot at him. Sam quickly shoots at her. Bricks splinter from the corner of the building where she is and Sheila draws back. A few people cautiously pass by in the background afraid to look. Sam glances at them. He gets back to his car and drives forward. He stops and backs up looking at Pogo for moment. He shots him and drives on.


A police cruiser turns the corner and sees Sam driving away. They spin around in the middle of the narrow street and go after him. Sam speeds up. The police and Sam cut through the traffic, finally the police move beside him. Sam slams Reggie’s car into the cruiser and runs them off the road. They slam into a parked car as Sam speeds on. EXT. CITY PARK - DUSK Sam drives Reggie’s car deep into the thick woods and stops. He wipes the interior of the car down then gets out and opens the deck lid. Sam looks in at all of the weapons and ammo. He goes through the inventory in the trunk while throwing guns and knives out in the brush and filling two bags with pistols and bullets then walks away. He moves through the woods a short distance and comes out next to a parking lot. EXT. PARKING LOT - DUSK Sam walks across the lot. Five thugs are talking leaned against a nice black Lexus. Sam passes nearby. Hey man. Hey. MAN SAM

MAN You need somethin, a little weed or maybe a little more punch. SAM No thanks, but I got something you. Sam smiles and stops. He sets his bags down. The thugs begin to pay attention looking at Sam. Sam pulls his gun out from his belt and starts shooting. MAN Shoot his ass.


The five men go for their guns but Sam is too fast for the first three and they drop to the ground. The next two start shooting. Sam shoots them. The two men drop to the ground. Sam sees blood drip on his shirt. He feels his ear. A bullet has shot away a piece of his ear. Sam pulls out a handkerchief and holds it to his ear as he walks to the car. Sam looks around and then at the bodies. SAM You bad asses are in the wrong line of work. A man lies on the ground near the back of the car still alive. Sam looks down at him. SAM (CONT’D) Where’s the keys? The man just stares at him. Fu... MAN

SAM Fu... what kind of an answer is that? Sam shoots him. SAM (CONT’D) Thanks, I’ll figure it out. He checks the bodies and takes their cash and valuables. Sam finds the keys on the dead man nearest him and a huge roll of cash. Sam looks closer at the money. SAM (CONT’D) Drug dealer and business is good. Sam opens the trunk then goes back to the bodies and takes their weapons and valuables. He puts the weapons in the trunk and then their assets along with his two bags. He puts the folding money in his pocket and then drives away in the Lexus. INT. LEXUS - NIGHT Sam drives the car nursing his ear. He takes out a cell phone and punches in a set of numbers.




SAM Pamela, This is Sam. I need your help. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREET - NIGHT Sam parks the car near a corner of an intersection and gets out. He walks to the corner and on down the street. He walks to the front a nice well kept cottage and knocks. Pamela opens the door and Sam goes in. INT. PAMELA’S HOME - NIGHT Pamela takes Sam’s arm. PAMELA Come in Sam. INT. PAMELA’S HOME KITCHEN - NIGHT Sam sits at a small breakfast table. Pamela is busy getting gauze, medication and cotton balls to treat is ear. SAM Sorry for the problem. PAMELA It’s okay. Let’s get a look at that ear. Pamela is looking at the wound. PAMELA (CONT’D) I don’t want to pry, but my experience tells me this is a gun shot wound. SAM Part of living in the ghetto.


PAMELA Something tells me there is more to you than I know. DISSOLVE TO: INT. KNTL RADIO STATION D.J. BOOTH - DAY Katie Decatur is reading the news on her morning show with Andy Kaufman. KATIE It’s KNTL talk radio again. I am Katie Decatur, with Andy Kaufman bringing it too you raw. ANDY Hey everybody, Andy here. This just in. Four separate violent murder sights downtown. The cops are quiet. Call in and let us know what you know. Eight-hundred, Nine-fourseven-fifteen-fifteen. KATIE The police say every incident was robbery and all within a two mile radius of downtown. ANDY An unidentified policeman said it looked like the work of a super predator... DISSOLVE TO: INT. PAMELA’S HOME BEDROOM - MORNING Sam and Pamela are sleeping snuggled together. Pamela wakes up and kisses Sam. PAMELA I have got to go to work. You can sleep in. Lock up when you leave. Sam opens his eyes and looks at her. SAM I’ll drop you.


They kiss deeply. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY MALL - DAY A security guard’s car cruises through the mall parking lot. The guard’s head is visible scanning the area. Sam gets out of his stolen car and walks to the mall with other pedestrians as the guard cruises past. INT. MALL - DAY Sam walks along looking at various window displays then walks inside a men’s store. INT. MEN’S STORE - DAY Sam looks around the store at suits and accessories. ARGUS, a young clerk comes up to him. ARGUS May I help you find something sir? SAM Sure I need some new cloths. The clerk looks him over. ARGUS Yes you do. I’d say forty-one regular. How about a Ralph Lauren suit to get you started? Good. SAM

ARGUS You’ll like them. They are stylish and have a good price. SAM Great and everything that goes with it. ARGUS You came to the right place sir.


Sam smiles. FLIP FRAME: Sam is looking in a full length mirror at an overcoat he has on. ARGUS (CONT’D) It’s all you. Sam takes off the coat and gives it to Argus. They go to the counter. Argus is busy ringing up the purchases. Sam pays with his big roll of cash and gives Argus a hundred. SAM You did good buddy. ARGUS Thank you sir. A young girl walks in and smiles at Sam. Argus smiles. ARGUS (CONT’D) Clothes make the man. SAM Yes they do. Argus sees a rough looking shoplifter take a watch from the counter and start to walk out. ARGUS Excuse me. Hey hold up. Sam watches Argus. The man turns and hits Argus in the face as he approaches making his nose bleed. Sam is suddenly next to Argus. He punches the thief in the throat. The shoplifter is bent over coughing holding his throat. Sam hits him in the side of the head and watches him fall to the floor across a rack of shirts. A second man comes out of no where and hits Sam. Sam falls back and recovers. He grabs the man’s hand and arm flipping him to the floor with a thud and breaks the thugs wrist. Sam picks up his bags and walks away. SAM Call the cops.


Argus pulls out his cell phone and dials. ARGUS Thanks man, that was cool. EXT. MALL - DAY Sam is casually walking out as three policemen are rushing inside. He moves to his car and puts his clothes in the back seat then gets in. The security car passes near him. Sam drives away. INT. SAM’S STOLEN LEXUS - DAY The security guard cruises through the lot and back out as Sam passes. SAM P.O.V. THROUGH THE REARVIEW MIRROR Sam watches the guard cruise back out on the street directly behind him. BACK TO SCENE Sam appears grim. He takes a three-fifty-seven revolver from under the seat and puts it on the car seat beside him. The car radio is heard. KATIE (RADIO V.O.) This is Katie and Andy at KNTL. Give us a call and tell us what you think about the Super Predator... He turns the radio from Katie and Andy to a rock and roll station. SAM Super predator... my ass. The soft rock music begins and he drives on glancing in his rearview mirror. SAM P.O.V. THROUGH THE REARVIEW MIRROR INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - The security guard pulls closer behind him moving very close on his back bumper.


BACK TO SCENE Sam watches his review mirror and moves slowly forward glancing to the front. Suddenly there is a car in front of him. Sam slams on the brakes and manages to abruptly stop. He again looks in the rearview mirror watching the security car. Sam puts his hand on his gun. SAM P.O.V. THROUGH THE REARVIEW MIRROR

INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - The security officer gets out of the car looking toward Sam. BACK TO SCENE Sam cocks his pistol on the seat still watching the rearview mirror. EXT. MALL STREET - DAY The guard looks at Sam from a few feet away. Sam is tense. He looks out at the security officer, ready for a fight. The guard motions for Sam to go around. SECURITY GUARD Go around sir. I got this. The guard then goes to the stalled car in front of Sam’s vehicle. Sam is relieved and drives around the car then out of the parking lot. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD - AFTERNOON Sam drives the stolen car into a rundown garage in the back of his father’s house. He gets out and grabs the clothing bags in the back seat. Sam looks around then closes the garage doors and walks to the back of his house.


INT. SAM’S HOUSE - AFTERNOON Sam puts his bags on the old sofa then pulls out a nice cashmere black overcoat and tries it on. He looks in a mirror on the wall. SAM If you’re going to survive. You got to make changes. Sam takes out a nice suit from its bag and holes it up to look at it. He hangs it on the back of a chair then takes his coat off. He takes out a GQ Magazine from a bag and opens it to a page that has a picture of a well dressed male model wearing an overcoat. He lies the magazine on the coffee table open to the picture. SAM (CONT’D) If I go out, I’m going out in style. Sam opens another bag and pulls out a CRKT folding Survial Knife. He smiles as he looks it over. Sam opens it and sticks it in the table. Sam pulls out a BUCK, FARE CHASE folding knife. He opens it looking it over and sticks it in the table. Sam then opens a bag full of guns. Sam pulls out a brushed aluminum COLT forty-five automatic pistol and checks it out then lies it on the coffee table. He stands and puts on the overcoat and picks up the automatic pistol. He looks down at the picture of the model and then his coat and smiles. DISSOLVE TO: INT. SAM’S HOUSE BATHROOM - MORNING Sam is shaving. He stops and looks closer in the mirror gazing at himself. Sam hangs his head for a moment thinking. He then finishes shaving and wipes his face. Sam puts on his suit coat that is hanging on the bathroom door over a polo shirt to complete the designer wardrobe. He looks back in the mirror and smiles.


SAM You handsome dog. Sam walks out of the bathroom. INT. SAM’S HOUSE LIVING ROOM - MORNING He puts on his new overcoat and then puts the automatic pistol in his belt with four magazines in his coat pocket. Sam then folds the knives and puts them in his back pocket. The radio is on. The Talk radio show that talks about the Super Predator come on. KATIE (RADIO V.O.) Good morning, it’s talk radio with Katie and Andy at KNTL. Another tragedy has struck our city. ANDY The aging grandmother of a Twentyfive year old woman said the woman sold her five year old baby to settle a drug debt and the deal was made with a known molester. Now, the baby is missing. KATIE A Police spokes person says detectives are searching for the child, but fear the worst. There is a warrant out for the mother and the molester. They that are still on the loose... Sam looks at the radio for a moment and turns it off. He moves to the front door and puts on a tattered beat-up overcoat over his new one. Sam grabs a dirty looking cap and puts it on. He looks around the room and walks out. EXT. SAM’S HOUSE - MORNING Sam walks out and looks around the yard for all of the neighbors to see him. He then moves down the side of the house. Sam walks to the garage and opens the door. He gets in the car and motors down the narrow alley.


EXT. DOWNTOWN CITY STREET - DAY Sam drives up and parks the car. He wipes the inside down with a handkerchief then gets out with a brown paper bag in his hand. Sam takes off his tattered coat and cap then throws them in a city trash can. He looks at the car keys and throws them in too. Sam walks on looking like a business man. He stops in front of a newspaper vending machine and looks at the headlines. CLOSE ON HEADLINES - WOMAN SELLS BABY TO MOLESTER, CHILD IS MISSING Sam walks on. Sam sees a few street people gathered around a mission waiting to be fed. Sam walks to them and move next to BURT, a nervous homeless man in his mid-forties. Sam gets closer to Burt and whispers in his ear. SAM A little bird told me you know where Chester Leans is. BURT I don’t know nothin. Sam discreetly clicks open his stiletto and pushes the blade against the bums ribs. SAM I feel like talking, tell me more about Chester the molester. He pressed the knife harder. A speck of blood shows through Burt’s shirt around the tip of the blade. Sam gets in his face. SAM (CONT’D) If you protect him, no one will be able to protect you. BURT I... I heard he was stayin in the back of an old warehouse on Seventh Street.


SAM Which one ass hole? BURT The Poplin Building. SAM If you’re lying I’ll be back. BURT I ain’t lyin man. Sam puts his knife away. COODY, another street person steps into Sam and confronts him shaking his finger in Sam’s face. COODY Leave Burt alone, before I kick you ass. SAM I’m offended big mouth. I think I’ll kick your ass. Sam grabs his fingers on one hand and quickly bends them back breaking all of them. The man screams in pain. Sam looks at Burt. BURT I’m good. I don’t need nothin. Sam walks away leaving Coody holding his hand squealing in pain. EXT. WAREHOUSE STREET - DAY Sam walks along casually he looks up. Sam sees the Poplin building sign. He walks on to the end of the building and then moves to the back. EXT. BACK OF POPLIN WAREHOUSE - DAY Sam moves quietly along the back wall of the old warehouse. He hears a noise and stops. Sam looks in through a dirty window. SAM P.O.V.


OUTSIDE TO INSIDE - Sam see and old office and a small light on in it. BACK TO SCENE Sam move to a broken window and sticks his arm through. He opens it and crawls inside. INT. POPLIN WAREHOUSE - DAY Sam moves to the office. He gets next to the wall by the door and readies to kick it in. Abruptly he is hit across the back with a two by four and falls forward against the wall. CHESTER Looking for someone. CHESTER LEANER, a big man in his late twenties stands over him. Sam looks closer and a second image becomes clear. THEO MANSON, a man in his thirties is looking down at him. SAM You must be Chester the molester. Who’s your friend? The molester’s assistant. CHESTER Don’t call me that. He hits Sam again with the board as he gets up then Theo hits him with his fist. Sam grabs Chester and they slam into the wall. Theo yells out in glee. Sam hits Theo and he falls back. Sam side kicks Chester and punches him. He then kicks Theo as Theo approaches him. Theo hits Sam. Chester grabs Sam and begins to strangle him from behind and Theo hits him in the stomach. Sam struggles to survive and elbows Chester over and over to no avail. Sam goes into his back pocket as Theo hits him in the stomach. Chester’s eyes get big and he stops. Sam pulls away and hits Theo. Chester has Sam’s knife in his ribs. He just stares at Sam. Sam kicks him into the wall and the man falls back then forward. Theo attacks Sam.


In the struggle Sam takes his big knife out of Chester’s side and sticks it in Theo’s chest as he approaches then pulls it out. Theo rolls his eyes and falls to the floor. Sam wipes his blade on Theo’s shirt. Theo weakly looks up at Sam. THEO Who are you? Nobody. SAM

THEO Why are you doing this? SAM For the little girl, you low life. Where’s the mother. Theo is dying. He can’t speak. Chester weakly speaks up. CHESTER If you’ll kill the bitch I’ll tell you. SAM That’s a promise. CHESTER She’s hidin out at a crack house on Third Street, on the corner of Third and Naples. Cut her heart out. Sam nods. You first. SAM

Sam takes his automatic out from behind his back and points it at Chester. Chester’s eyes get big. Sam Shoots him two times. Chester dies.


Sam hears a whimper. He goes on guard and looks through the open office door. He sees the little girl crying lying on the floor. Sam goes to her. SAM (CONT’D) It’s okay baby. No one is going to hurt you. (She pulls back) Come on it’s all right. Sam picks her up and walks out. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY Sam and the little girl walk to the corner of the church. She is eating a hot dog. Sam sees two Nuns walking from the church. He looks at the girl and gives her the note. SAM You see those Nuns? (the girl nods) Give them this note and they will take good care of you. Go on now. The little girl starts to leave then turns back to Sam and hugs his neck. SAM (CONT’D) Go on sweetie. The little girl walks straight to the nuns and holds out her note. A kindly Nun takes the note and reads it. Sam walks away. The kindly Nun kneels beside the little girl and looks around the area but sees nothing. The other Nun dials her cell phone. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. THIRD STREET - DAY Sam is walking down the sidewalk toward an old run down house with his head down. He has on his trademark sweat shirt with the hood up. Sam comes to the house and slowly walks inside. A few helpless looking drug attics sit around the dirty walls. He looks at them for a moment. SAM Which one of you is Linda Creel. A drugged out crack head woman points to LINDA CREEL, a skinny pale looking person in her late twenties cowering in a corner. CRACK HEAD In the corner. Sam looks at her. She looks up slowly speaking softly. You a cop? LINDA

Sam kneels next to her and whispers. SAM No, I came to tell you, your baby is safe. You are not. Linda starts to cry. LINDA I love her. SAM Not enough. Sam takes out a large vile of Cocaine. He gives it to Linda. Linda snorts it all and rubs the dust on her gums. LINDA Who are you? Nobody. SAM

A nosey drug addict watches.


Sam cuts his eyes toward the addict. The addict quickly looks away. Sam takes out a syringe already loaded. Linda extends her arm and shots herself up. Sam bends the needle and throws it away. Linda lies back and goes into spasms. Sam looks at her for a moment and starts walking out. CRACK HEAD What did you do to her man. SAM Gave her a way out. DISSOLVE TO: INT. DOWNTOWN CATHOLIC CHURCH - DAY Sam walks inside the vacant church. He sits down on an ornate wooden bench. Sam sees a large wooden cross. Sam bows his head and quietly whispers his prayer. SAM Lord, I have thought about this den of killers and thieves that I live with. I need justice, Lord. Justice for Diana, justice for the little kid. I am your instrument. Please show me the way. Sam looks up to see Father Bennett near him. FATHER BENNETT Your savior will give you peace. Ask and you will receive. SAM I’ve ask Padre and I have received. I don’t think the bad guys are going to like it. FATHER BENNETT Be careful son. These are dangerous times.


Sam gets up and walks toward the door. He stops and turns to the priest. SAM It must take a lot of money to help all of your people. FATHER BENNETT That it does, but we get by. SAM Bless you father. Sam walks out. EXT. CITY STREET Sam casually walks down the street just relaxing and looking around. A bum comes up to him. BUM Hey man, you got a dollar so I can get somethin to eat. Sam looks at him for a second. He suddenly grabs the bum by the coat and drags him into the alley. BUM (CONT’D) I’m sorry man. I don’t want a dollar. Just fifty cents. Sam slams the bum against a brick wall. SAM Who’s the biggest dope dealer in town? BUM Man, if you want some dust or somethin, I can get that for you. Sam pushes hard against the man. SAM Who, you stupid bastard? BUM Okay, Aldo Street. He’s the biggest. SAM Where’s he stay?


BUM Man I don’t know. Sam hits him in the stomach hard. Where? SAM

BUM I said I don’t know. Sam hits the bum again. SAM I can do this all day. The bum gasp. Sam hits him again. BUM All right man. He’s got a place in an old store over on nineth, Nash and nineth. You didn’t get from me. Sam let’s go of the gasping bum. He drops to the ground with a thud. SAM If you say anything I’ll cut your nuts off and feed’em to the birds. BUM No man, nothing. Sam walks away. He stops and turns. The bum is frightened as he gets up and draws back. Sam drops a twenty on the ground. SAM Get a liquid lunch. The bums grabs the money and runs away. Sam continues to walk. EXT. ALLEY - DAY Sam turns into an alley. When he is close to the end, MOE, late twenties street dealer steps from the shadows.


MOE Hey man, you need a little pick me up. SAM No, I’m good. Is that your car? They look at a new gold Cadillac sedan with twenty three’s on it. MOE Yeah dude, ain’t she the shiz. Very cool. SAM

Sam takes an automatic from his belt and shoots the drug dealer in the head. SAM (CONT’D) I hate drug dealers. The dealer falls to the ground. Sam searches his body and takes a wad of money and his car keys along with nine millimeter Glock. He walks toward the Cadillac. EXT. CITY STREET - DAY Sam gets in the car and drives away. As Sam drives down the street he throws CD’s and other debris out the window. He turns a corner and is out of sight. Sam is cruising toward his home when an unmarked police car pulls in behind him and turns on his emergency lights. Sam pulls over and gets out. Detective Clark gets out of his car. DETECTIVE CLARK Hello Sam. Nice Car. SAM Yeah, I borrowed it. DETECTIVE CLARK Sam, you need to clean up your act. Your getting in way to deep. SAM Are you accusing me of something?


DETECTIVE CLARK I know there is good reason for what’s happened and you have done the police a big favor. Our crime rate is way down. But now, you’re making the cops look bad. SAM I’m sorry that justice has been sloppy for you. But, what do I have to do with that? DETECTIVE CLARK It’s time to stop and get uninvolved. The people at the top want it all slowed down? SAM If I see the Predator. I’ll pass it along. DETECTIVE CLARK You do that. Detective Clark gets in his car and drives away. Sam watches him go. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. NASH AND NINETH STREET - DAY Sam rolls to a stop in his new CADILLAC near the vacant neighborhood grocery store. He rolls his window down, relaxes and watches the building. KENNETH, a rugged looking street person walks across a vacant lot and goes inside through the back of the old store. INT. OLD STORE - DAY ALDO, a heavy man in his thirties is working on his safe combination getting ready to open it. Four of his young henchmen sit in the background playing cards at an old wooden table. Kenneth sets a bag on the table next to the safe. KENNETH There’s your cut man. Aldo looks at Kenneth and the bag and smiles.


EXT. NASH AND NINETH STREET - DAY Sam is still watching the old store. He rolls the windows down. A street thug on drugs walks up on the passenger side of the car surprising Sam. STREET THUG Hey, I kno... Out of reflex Sam grabs his automatic and shoots him immediately. The man wilts to the ground. Sam gets out of the Cadillac and goes to him. The man looks up at Sam dying. STREET THUG (CONT’D) This is Moe’s car. Sam nods and grabs him by the legs and drags the man away behind a large bush. Sam takes a sawed-off WINCHESTER automatic shotgun from the back seat. He checks it to be sure it is loaded. Sam takes several magnum shells from a box sitting in the front seat and puts them in his pockets. He moves to the side of the store and walks quietly down the graffiti wall out of sight. JACKSON, A twenties slim built street drug dealer walks across the vacant lot and goes to the back door. He knocks. The voice of Aldo is heard. ALDO (O.S.) Yeah, who is it? JACKSON It’s Jackson, brother. INT. OLD STORE - DAY Aldo opens the door and Jackson starts inside. Sam Rushes in behind Him. Aldo falls back. Aldo clumsily recovers and pulls a Colt automatic and starts shooting.


No Aldo.


He hits Jackson in the throat trying to hit Sam. Sam is shooting with the automatic shotgun. He hits Aldo in the leg and almost blows it off. Aldo rolls behind an overstuffed sofa. Aldo’s four men go for their guns and start shooting. Sam shoots two times and hits the nearest man to him in the arm and chest. Another man rushes Sam and he is shot in the crotch. The man falls and dies. Aldo is now shooting at Sam. Sam shoots the sofa two times. Aldo ducks and covers his head as sofa debris flies over him. The last two men charge Sam as he is loading his shotgun. Bullets are flying all around Sam and he stays under cover waiting for an opening. Sam abruptly comes up and shoots four times. The men are hit in the stomach and chest. They fall to the floor. ALDO (O.C.) Why are you here? SAM I don’t like criminals. Aldo comes up shooting. Sam turns to Aldo and shoots two times. He hits Aldo with both shots. Aldo falls back and against the wall and dies falling forward. Sam looks around the room as he reloads his shotgun again. He hears a man groan. Sam takes out his automatic. He shoots the man then puts his weapon away. Sam looks around the open room. He moves to a long wooden table that sits against the wall with a heavy safe sitting at the end of it.


Sam checks Aldo’s body he comes out of his pocket with a set of keys. Sam Goes to the back door and opens it. SAM P.O.V. Sam sees a man coming toward the door. BACK TO SCENE He quietly closes the door. Sam waits then hears a knock he looks out the peep hole as he pulls out his pistol. SAM P.O.V. Sam sees a eye in the peep hole. BACK TO SCENE Sam puts his pistol against the peep hole and pulls the trigger. He opens the door. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - Sam sees a body. He drags the body in the store then goes outside. EXT. OLD STORE - DAY Sam moves to the side of the old store and sees a nearly new Ford Cargo Van. He gets inside and starts it. Sam moves the van and backs it up to the back door of the store. He gets out and opens the back door of the van and goes inside the store. INT. OLD STORE - DAY Sam begins to gather up a stash of weapons. He puts them in the van. Sam goes to the safe and the door is not locked. He opens the door and it is filled with stacks of cash banded together with rubber bands. Sam grabs a bag and fills it with the money. He takes the large bag and goes outside.


EXT. OLD STORE - DAY He throws the big bag in the back of the van and his shot gun. Sam turns and sees TWEETER, a street person standing there with a gun showing from under his coat. TWEETER What the hell you doing? SAM This place reminds me of the old west. TWEETER Yeah, why is that. SAM Because we’re about to have a shoot out. Sam goes for his automatic and starts shooting at Tweeter. Tweeter is hit in the shoulder as he comes out with his weapon shooting. Sam is able to hit Tweeter in throat and he falls to the ground. Sam steps over him and gets in the van then drives away. EXT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - AFTERNOON A few young boys pass by Sam inside the van as they go inside the church to choir practice. Sam smiles as they pass. INT. ALDO’S VAN - AFTERNOON Sam is stuffing large bundles of money into a brown paper bag. He folds the top down and tapes it with duct tape then tunes his radio. Katie Decatur’s voice is on the radio talking with Andy standing by. KATIE (RADIO V.O.) Katie here at KNTL with Andy Kaufman. It’s looking like the Super Predator may be a good guy.


ANDY (RADIO V.O.) The little girl that was sold by her addict mother was found and turned over to a downtown church. Speculation is the Predator did it. KATIE (RADIO V.O.) The molester and the addicted mother were found dead. ANDY (RADIO V.O.) Chester the molester was brutally killed and the mother over dosed on her old habit. Call us and let everyone know what you think. Eighthundred, nine-four-seven-fifteenfifteen. Sam turns the radio off and looks outside of the van then rolls his window down. He puts on dark glasses and pulls his cap low over his eyes. He gets out with the paper bag and walks toward the front of the church. EXT. CITY STREET IN FRONT OF CATHOLIC CHURCH - AFTERNOON Sam stops at the corner of the building. SAM Hey little man. CHARLES, an eight year old boy stops and looks at Sam. CHARLES I got pepper spray. Sam pushes the package toward him. SAM You don’t need it. Take this to the Padre. Charles just looks at him. SAM (CONT’D) Father Bennett, do you know him? The boy nods and looks at the package. CHARLES Who are you?


Sam gives him five twenties. SAM Don’t worry about that. Buy yourself a toy on the way home and give the rest to your mom. Charles looks at him for a second then takes it. CHARLES Thanks Mr., I still got pepper spray. SAM Come on now. Be sure Father Bennett gets the bag. It’s important. Charles smiles and shakes the package listening then runs inside. I will. CHARLES

Sam turns and walks away. Suddenly four policemen grab him and start beating Sam. Sam fights back, but is beaten down. Detective Clark walks from the shadows. DETECTIVE CLARK You don’t hear so good buddy. Sam is dragged to a police car and it drives away. Detective Clark watches him go. He gets in his car and drives away. INT. CATHOLIC CHURCH - AFTERNOON Charles runs to Father Bennett and gives him the package. CHARLES A man outside said give this to you. FATHER BENNETT Who was it Charles. CHARLES He said, don’t worry about it. FATHER BENNETT Thank you little one. Run along to choir practice.


Charles runs to another room. Father Bennett opens the bag. He looks inside and gets a surprised look on his face then he smiles. DISSOLVE TO: INT. POLICE STATION - NIGHT Sam is sitting handcuffed at a small table in a sparse interrogation room. A policeman slaps him. Sam looks up defiantly. Detective Clark walks in. DETECTIVE CLARK Well Sam it appears you have been busy. INTERROGATION POLICEMAN He’s not talking. INT. KNTL RADIO STATION D.J. BOOTH - DAY Katie Decatur is on the air talking into a microphone with Andy on standby. KATIE Katie here at KNTL talk radio with Andy Kaufman. The Super Predator is at it again. The police found six bodies of unemployed men all with felony records. All executed gangland style. Andy pushes a button and the Lone Ranger theme music plays. ANDY The saga continues. Is he friend or foe? Call in and let us know what you think. Eight-hundred, nine-fourseven-fifteen-fifteen. KATIE Call us. Is it time to let the people’s court take care of business or an angry predator. Call eight-hundred, nine-four-sevenfifteen-fifteen. DISSOLVE TO:


INT. POLICE STATION - DAY Clark stands over a haggard Sam still handcuffed. DETECTIVE CLARK Sign the confession and you can go to your cell. Sam looks away. SAM All I know is police brutality is back. A police lieutenant comes in and whispers to Clark. LIEUTENANT Let him go. The D.A. signed the release. Clark appears discussed then looks at Sam. DETECTIVE CLARK This is your lucky day. You can go. SAM Thanks Fuhrer. DETECTIVE CLARK I’m watching you. The interrogating policeman is by the door. Sam gets up weakly and walks out past the policeman. He sees the policeman’s hand on the door sill as he sneers at Sam. Sam slams the door on his hand. The policeman yells and grabs his hand. SAM Sorry officer. You should be more careful. The policeman starts for Sam and Detective Clark stops him. DETECTIVE CLARK Go on Sam, while you can. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CONVENIENCE STORE - DAY Sam sits in Aldo’s van. He gets out and takes a newspaper from it’s box.


SAM P.O.V. Sam glances inside the store and sees a robber discretely holding a gun robbing the clerk. The clerk hands him the money. The robber cocks his weapon and begins to raise it to point it at the clerk. BACK TO SCENE Sam is hesitant for second and then rushes inside and draws his weapon as he enters. INT. CONVENIENCE STORE - DAY Sam shoots the man and he drops to the floor. The clerk is relieved and looks at Sam. CLERK Thanks man. You better go. I set the silent alarm. (Sam is still looking at the clerk and the body) I didn’t see nothin. Go man. Sam lowers his weapon and moves toward the door. CLERK P.O.V. The clerk watches Sam drive away. The police slide into the parking lot. The clerk comes to the door as the police come in. CLERK (CONT’D) He went out the back. A big fat guy, red tee-shirt, lots of tatoos. The police run out the back. The clerk smiles. Another policeman comes in. The clerk points to the back door. The policeman looks at the body. POLICEMAN Call nine-one-one for him. The clerk takes out his cell phone. The policeman moves out the back. The clerk puts the phone back in his pocket. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. SIGN SHOP - AFTERNOON Sam walks from the store with a package under his arm. He gets in the Van and drives away. INT. ALDO’S VAN - AFTERNOON Sam tunes his radio. Katie comes on. She is taking calls about the predator. Sam watches the road driving. KATIE (RADIO V.O.) KNTL, Predator hot line. Go ahead caller. CALLER NO. ONE (RADIO V.O.) Hey Katie, First time caller, long time listener. I think he’s doing a community service. The police should just step back. KATIE (RADIO V.O.) There you have it folks. Shoot’em all and sort it out later. That’s what this caller wants. What do you want? Call eight-hundred, Nine-fourseven-fifteen-fifteen. ANDY (RADIO V.O.) Soon, the court house will be laying off bureaucrats by the dozens with no crimes to process. Sam is amused. KATIE (RADIO V.O.) Go ahead caller. You’re on the air. CALLER NO. TWO (RADIO V.O.) Long time listener, long Time caller. ANDY (RADIO V.O.) It’s Scott ladies and gentlemen. He hates everybody. Hello Snot. I mean Scott. CALLER NO. TWO (RADIO V.O.) Hi Katie. Up yours Andy. This vigilante has gone to far. Murdering people on our streets. We are a country of laws...


KATIE (RADIO V.O.) Thanks for the call Scott. ANDY (RADIO V.O.) Can you spell, Saint? P-R-E-D-A-T-OR... DISSOLVE TO: EXT. SAM’S HOUSE - AFTERNOON Sam pulls into the back of his house and stops. He gets out of the van with his bag in hand. Sam opens the bag and looks at some plastics pre-cut letters and logos. He begins to put the signs on the side of the van. FLIP FRAME: CLOSE ON THE SIGN - SUPER PREDATOR, PEST CONTROL, 555-1212 Sam smiles and looks at his handy work. INT. OLD STORE - AFTERNOON BENNY STREET, a man in his twenties sits with five men and Sheila Armstrong in the blood stained room. He suddenly slams his fist on the table. BENNY This Super Predator has killed my brother and our business. We need to find out who he is and do his ass in. Shiela speaks up. SHEILA I seen him once, when he killed Pogo. You payin for his head? BENNY Ten thousand to the shooter that gets him. Move on out. Everyone leaves Benny and Sheila. SHEILA Benny, If you give me a cut of the deal, I’ll stop this guy cold.


How much?


She gets close and sexy. SHEILA I’ll make it easy. A hundred grand and five percent of the take to watch your back from now on. If he keeps going it’ll cost you a million. BENNY Get on it girl. How you gonna do it? SHEILA I got a little help down at the PD. My friend says the cops think they know who’s doing it. BENNY Those ass holes, they’re lettin him do us in, cause they can’t. SHEILA I’ll take care of that. BENNY If one of the other boys gets him you get nothin. Deal. SHEILA

Sheila leaves. Benny watches her go, happy about his deal. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY STREET - DAY Sam rolls the Super Predator van to a stop. He is watching two drug dealers on a corner selling drugs to passersby. SUB-TITLE - TWO WEEKS LATER Suddenly Sheila and two of her thugs are on him. She puts a gun to his face while the other two point their weapons at him from the other side and front.


SHEILA Surprise bad ass. Sam watches them. Sheila opens his door and when he gets out she knees him in the balls and hits him in the side of the head with a set of brass knuckles then proceeds to beat him to the ground. The two thugs grab Sam’s limp body and drag him to a nearby Cadillac and throw him in the trunk. The car drives away. INT. THUG’S CAR TRUNK - DAY A sound of metal against metal is heard in the darkness then the trunk light comes on. Sam’s knife is in the trunk light fixture making a connection to get the light to come on. Sam takes out his other knife and moves to the trunk lock. He checks electric wiring to the lock. He cuts the wires and touches two of them together. The deck lid pops open. He looks down at the pavement speeding past. The brakes go on and the car rolls to the road shoulder. Sam jumps out while the car is still moving. EXT. CITY STREET Sam gets to his feet and runs across a sidewalk and down the side of a house. Sheila and her thugs jump out of the car and chase him. EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD Sam runs through another yard past barking dogs and jumps a privacy fence. He runs across a junked up vacant lot and cuts through another yard. Sam bumps into an elderly man that is gardening. He stumbles and abruptly Sheila’s thugs are on him. They Beat Sam completely down to the ground. Sheila shows up. SHEILA Hey... hey, no more. Take him to the car.


The men drag Sam away. The old man gets up. OLD MAN You can’t do that. Shiela walks away. SHEILA Shut-up old man you could be next. DISSOLVE TO: INT. OLD STORE -DAY Sheila’s two thugs drag Sam through the back door with Sheila following while Benny and two henchmen watch. The henchmen slams Sam in an old oak chair and duct tapes him to it. Benny is watching closely as they do their work. SHEILA There’s your boy. Benny nods to one of his henchmen standing near him. The henchman goes to the safe and starts counting money. Benny looks at Sheila. BENNY I’ll give you the money, but if this guy ain’t right you owe me. Sheila takes the money from the henchman. SHEILA He’s right. Benny turns and goes to Sam. He slams a knife into the table leaving it sticking straight up directly in front of him. Benny leans forward staring into Sam’s eyes. BENNY Where’s my brother’s money? Sam just looks at him. Benny hits him with his fist as hard as he can. Sam recovers, spits blood and stares at him.


BENNY (CONT’D) In case you didn’t hear me. Where’s the money you stole from my brother. Sam just looks at him. Benny hits him again. Benny turns to a battery charger that is running. Benny sparks the black and red claps together then smile. BENNY (CONT’D) When I hook you up, you’ll talk. SAM About the weather? He snaps the charger clips on Sam’s hands. Sam convulses from the contact. Sam stops and looks close at Sam. BENNY Funny, where’s the money Mr. Comedy Central? Sam just looks at him. Benny lies the clips down and hits Sam. One of Benny’s men is thrilled. BENNY’S THUG Hit him again boss. Sam spits more blood this time into Benny’s face. Benny wipes his face and hits Sam again. Sam falls back on the floor still taped to the chair. BENNY I’ll kill you quick if you tell me where the money is. One of the henchmen bends around the thugs neck and Sam. Sam stands and slams into Sheila. Benny shoots over to set Sam up. Sam’s legs go snaps it. The other thug grabs at his body into the thug and then at Sam.

Sam dodges and slams into Benny. They hit the wall and the chair breaks. He still has the oak chair arm taped to his arm. He slams it across Benny face and then Sheila’s. Benny recovers and shoots at Sam as the henchman grabs at him. Sam pulls the thug in front of his body. Benny’s bullet hits the thug and he drops to the floor.


Sam grabs the knife from the table and rushes out the back door. Benny goes to the doorway and shoots at Sam. EXT. OLD STORE - DAY Sam runs across the vacant lot while Benny shots at him. Sheila comes out the back and chases Sam on foot. EXT. WOODED LOT BEHIND OLD STORE - DAY Sam is rushing through the trees dodging the low hanging limbs. Sheila is close behind. She shoots at Sam. Sam slides around a tree following the trail. Sheila slides around the tree and suddenly a thick branch slams into her face. She is stunned but manages to move on down the trail. Sheila stops to catch her breath. She shakes her head and feels her face. It has a huge whelp across it and her top lip is swollen. She regroups and quickly goes after Sam. Sam comes to the edge of the lot and falls down a steep embankment. When he gets to the bottom he stands and cuts the tape loose from himself. Sheila sees Sam and quickly moves down the hill right behind him and knocks Sam down. SHEILA I got your ass now. Sheila stumbles over Sam and falls. They both roll down another hill and finally stop rolling at the back of an old ghetto house. Sheila scrambles to get up and is standing over Sam with her automatic ready to shoot. SHEILA (CONT’D) Don’t think about running. You’re worth a hundred grand, dead or alive. Sam sees a mean dog quietly approaching from the shadows.


Suddenly the huge Pit Bull Dog with a large chain around his neck growls and attacks her. She drops the gun and tries to fight off the big dog. Sam gets up, jumps the fence and moves down the alley. He hears the dog snarling and Sheila screaming. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. DOWNTOWN BACK ALLEY - NIGHT Bums are sitting next to a brick wall some have blankets while others are under cardboard. Two thugs and Sheila cruise by looking at everyone. Sheila has large bandages on her hands and face. They slow down and finally stop. Sheila and her men get out. They go to a bum standing next to a dumpster. SHEILA You seen a guy lookin beat up about six feet tall? The bum points to a person sitting under a cardboard box. SAM P.O.V. Sam is looking at them through a hole in the box. BACK TO SCENE They turn and start shooting. Sam jumps up and runs from a different box. Get him. SHEILA (CONT’D)

He runs hard down the alley and turns a corner. Sheila and the two thugs go after him. They turn the corner running hard. Suddenly they hit a wire and slam backward to the ground. They look up and see a wire line stretched across the alley. Two more thugs stop near them as they gasp for air. Sam glances back and keeps going. DISSOLVE TO:


INT. OLD STORE - DAY Benny is talking to Sheila and five henchmen. BENNY It’s time to step up the heat. Sheila’s people have checked this guy out. Tell’em Shiela. SHEILA His wife was killed in a drive by. He’s just out for revenge. BENNY After she died, he went nuts and started shooting people. It so happened those people were our dealers and my brother. SHEILA The cops aren’t gonna do anything. BENNY You take that hundred grand you didn’t earn and put a bounty on his head. Tell the cops too. Sheila gets up and leaves with three of her thugs. SHEILA You got it boss. Benny nods and turns to his men. BENNY Things have changed. This guy’s on the run, but I’m guessin he’s just gettin ready to make a come back. The men nod. THUG Benny, we need ta bring in some real heat. Like what? BENNY

THUG Like Little Willard. Benny is thinking.


BENNY All right get’em. One more can’t hurt. We’re all on point from here on. THUG He’ll make it happen Boss. The men move out of the store. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY STREET - AFTERNOON Sam is riding a Harley-Davidson Nightster. He stops at a four way stop. A police car pulls in behind him. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - ONE MONTH LATER Sam is checking his rearview mirror. SAM P.O.V. IN REARVIEW MIRROR The policeman turns on his emergency lights and then lightly bumps the siren. Sam speeds away. The police car sets there for a moment and then turns the siren on full blast. The car turns right and speeds on. Sam is down the street and slows down. He pulls to the curb. From around the corner an unmarked police car stops partially pulled crosswise in front of him. Detective Clark gets out of his car. DETECTIVE CLARK Hey Sam, How’s it going. Sam nods. SAM Where’s the rest of the Nazi’s? Detective Clark turns off Sam’s Motorcycle. DETECTIVE CLARK You know Staff Sergeant Samuel Calvin, I was thinking about you. SAM What does that have to do with anything?


DETECTIVE CLARK Well, people in high places like what you are doing and they say, I should have left you alone. SAM So, what do you think I’m doing? DETECTIVE CLARK You know Sam, as long as the powers like it, you’re safe. But the day they don’t, you’re not. Detective Clark pulls Sam’s coat open casually checking him out. SAM If I were a smart detective like you, I’d just leave it alone. Detective Clark smirks and pats him on the back. DETECTIVE CLARK Yeah, that’s what the Chief said. SAM Smart man the chief. DETECTIVE CLARK I hear the local dealers hired Little Willard a pro to take care of the Super Predator. SAM I hear the local dealers are not as bad ass as they think they are. DETECTIVE CLARK This will end sometime Sam. I hope you’re smart enough to not be involved when it comes crashing down. Clark starts walking away. SAM Who knows what tomorrow will bring. The detective gets back in his car. He takes a last look at Sam and drives away.


Sam takes a deep breath and pauses for minute. He starts up and drives on. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. STRIP CENTER SPORTING GOODS STORE - AFTERNOON Sam rides to the front of the store and turns off his motorcycle. He gets off looking around and goes inside. INT. SPORTING GOODS STORE - AFTERNOON Sam walks in and starts looking at the knives display and a few other products. He continues browsing the store and comes back to the knife case. The MIDDLE-AGED CLERK is standing nearby. SAM I’d like to look at that Gerber. The clerk takes out a large slender hunting knife and hands it to Sam. CLERK Best blade on the planet. Sam nods. Sure is. SAM

LITTLE WILLARD, a small powerful looking man in his thirties and one of Sheila’s thugs walks in looking at Sam. Sam watches them from the corner of his eye. The clerk freezes just watching discretely. CLERK Are they here for you? Sam nods. SAM You should leave now. Sam cups the knife in his hand with the blade against his wrist like a professional ready for action. CLERK Right, I never saw you. Kick their ass.


The clerk heads for the back door. The two men split up. Little Willard approaches Sam from the front and the other from the back. When they get close enough Sam turns on the thug coming from the back and rushes him sticking the knife in his eye. He screams out and grabs at the knife falling to the floor dying. Sam turns back to Little Willard poised to fight. SAM You must be Little Willard. Word is you been looking for me. LITTLE WILLARD That’s right. You’re in the big leagues now, time to pay the dues. SAM Somebodies going to pay. Little Willard chuckles. LITTLE WILLARD In full brother. Little Willard tries to pull his gun out. Sam quickly takes an all metal golf club from its display rack next to him. He slams it across the Willard’s head. Willard falls to the floor dazed. SAM Sorry buddy, Your karma has finally caught up with you. You been yanged, brother. The bleeding and dazed Willard tries to get up. LITTLE WILLARD What the hell is Yanged? Sam slams the club into Willard’s head again. SAM Similar to yinged. (looks closer) I know that hurt. Sam takes a moment to clean the club and knife of finger prints then leaves the store.


The clerk looks out from the back room dialing his cell phone. INT. KNTL RADIO STATION D.J. BOOTH - AFTERNOON Katie looks at the clock and pulls the microphone closer to her. Andy relaxes next to her. KATIE Well ladies and gentleman. It’s talk radio hour, here at KNTL. I’m Katie with Andy. ANDY The Super Predator is still on a roll. Two more executions of repeat offenders. Andy pushes a button to do a sound effect of a machine gun. ANDY (CONT’D) That’s the sound of success people. KATIE Stealing and killing carries a heavy penalty these days down in the ghetto. Katie pushes a button to open a line. KATIE (CONT’D) Go ahead caller. You’re on the air. CALLER NO. THREE (RADIO V.O.) Isn’t it okay to get rid of criminals when the law won’t? Like this Gullman guy, that killed the young reporter. Everybody is sure he did it. Hell, he confessed then took it back and got off on a technicality. KATIE Thank you caller. Andy pushes a button and a bomb sound effect goes off. ANDY Gullman better watch his back. KATIE Lately, the Predator rules these streets.


ANDY I guess the real issue here is, what’s at stake? Are we giving up our basic law and order to defend against gangster rule. Is it okay to make exceptions? The line goes dead. DISSOLVE TO: INT. RUN DOWN COIN LAUNDRY - DAY Sam hangs up a pay telephone and looks around at the very poor people doing their laundry and walks out. EXT. CITY SIDEWALK - DAY Sam comes out of the laundry and turns to go down the street. He bumps into a bum. SAM Sorry buddy. The bum shoves him. Sam turns with an angry look. He hits the man and beats him to the ground. Sam stops and looks down at the bum. SAM (CONT’D) I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that to you. STREET BUM Are you crazy? Damn maniac. Sam takes out a couple of bills and puts them in his hand. SAM Get something to eat. Get better. Sam walks on. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. PARKING GARAGE - DAY Sam walks to the garage carrying a brief case. He stops and watches two attendants valet parking people’s cars.


INT. PARKING GARAGE FIRST FLOOR - DAY Sam walks closer. He sees the name tags on the men. CLOSE ON THE FIRST MAN - GORDON Sam smiles and walks toward the men. GORDON GULLMAN, a tall scruffy man in his thirties turns to Sam as he gets close. SAM Hey, how ya doing. I’m Looking for Gordon Gullman. GORDON Who’s lookin. SAM Clark Kent, Standard Insurance. GORDON I don’t need any Insurance. Sam pats his briefcase. SAM I’m not selling. I have a payment for you. The state is auditing us and our records show you made over payments on your car insurance for five years. A customer pulls up and gives Gordon her keys. Gordon takes them and smiles. GORDON I never had insurance with Standard. SAM No, well we co-insure other companies too. All I know is, we covered you. GORDON Maybe Pemco State? Sam smiles big. SAM That’s right. The check is for three thousand. (MORE)

78. SAM (CONT'D) Is there some place we can talk? I got papers for you to sign.

GORDON Sure, I gotta take this car up on the fourth floor. Ride with me and we’ll do it on the elevator when we come down. Great. SAM

They get in the car and Gullman speeds up the ramp. EXT. FOURTH FLOOR PARKING GARAGE - DAY Sam and Gordon get out of the car. Sam moves to the ledge and opens his brief case. Gullman moves next to him. GORDON Let’s do it on the elevator. Sam drops the briefcase and Gullman bends to pick it up. Sam grabs him by his long hair and the back of his pants. He puts him over the ledge. Gullman manages to stay partially on the ledge then slips over leaving him hanging onto Sam’s coat lapels. GORDON (CONT’D) What the hell are you doing? SAM What the court didn’t do. Gordon grabs at Sam. GORDON You’re crazy. SAM No, but I bet you are. Sam is peeling Gullman’s fingers loose from his lapels. Gullman is trying to struggling to hold on. Sam finally gets him loose. SAM P.O.V. Gullman falls backward and hits on the concrete below. BACK TO SCENE


Sam straightens his lapels and walks toward the elevator. EXT. PARKING GARAGE - DAY People are gathering around looking at the body. Sam walks into the crowd looking. A woman is on her cell phone calling the police. SAM Hey isn’t that Gordon Gullman, the killer? The crowd begins to rumble and Sam walks on. CROWD MEMBER Yeah, that’s him. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREET CORNER Sheila is leaned against a car talking to some thugs. Benny drives up and looks out. Shiela goes to him. BENNY I hear the guy may be driving Aldo’s van with a bug killer sign on it. Check it out. SHEILA On it boss. Sheila points to two men and goes to her car. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CITY STREET IN FRONT OF CHURCH - AFTERNOON Sam’s exterminator van is parked near the front of the downtown church. He looks out the back glass. INT. ALDO’S VAN - NIGHT The shirtless Sam closes a thick metal door that covers the back glass of the van. He knocks on the heavy metal wall that covers the entire interior. SAM Those outlaws know how ta build’em.


Sam grabs a tee-shirt and puts it on. He puts up a couple of weapons then checks his forty-five automatics and puts it behind his back. He slides behind the wheel and drives away. EXT. CITY STREET - NIGHT A Cadillac rolls in behind Sam’s van. Sam looks in his rear view mirror and turns a corner. A Chevrolet sedan pulls across the street in front of him. He turns into a high-rise construction sight. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE - NIGHT Sam drive down a dirt lane and comes to a dead end. The two cars stop and three people get out of each car including Sheila each with automatic rifles. They raise their weapons and start firing. INT. ALDO’S VAN - NIGHT Bullets are punching holes in the cab and side of the van. Sam dives to the back of the van. He slams two metal doors shut behind the front seats. He hears bullets hitting the metal while he is safe inside. EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE - NIGHT The thugs stop shooting. Sheila signals two thugs to open the van. SHEILA Nobody could live through that. The thugs nod and open the van back doors. Sam is sitting on the floor with an old fashion BAR machine gun cradled in his arms. Sheila and her thugs are shocked. Sam pulls the trigger and they attempt to scatter but are to slow and Sam shoots them all. He gets out of the van and wipes prints from his weapon then puts his sweat shirt hood up.


Sam stuffs a nine millimeter automatic in his front belt. He takes a flare from the van and strikes it then moves to the gas tank and drops it. He moves away. The gas tank neck has a flame in it. Sam checks the bodies and takes their money. He walks away. The van finally explodes and begins to burn. Sheila raises up to shoot Sam while he walks. Suddenly Sam turns an shoots her. SAM That song, Evil Woman was written for you baby. She falls back dying. Sam continues his walk. EXT. CITY STREET - NIGHT Sam moves out of the construction area and down the street. He is enjoying his time out in the open. Sam stops at a paper machine and buys a newspaper then continues to walk toward an all night cafe. DISSOLVE TO: INT. ALL NIGHT CAFE - MORNING Sam is sitting at the counter drinking coffee. SAM P.O.V. INSIDE TO OUTSIDE - He sees a thug hit THELMA, an average elderly lady. He has knocked her to the ground and taking her purse. BACK TO SCENE Sam runs out toward the thug. EXT. CITY STREET Sam is moving toward the lady. Hey. SAM


The thugs runs. Sam stop beside Thelma. SAM (CONT’D) You all right? THELMA I’m fine son. I shouldn’t have been in this part of town. SAM I’ll get your purse. Sam runs after the thug. The thug runs across a vacant lot then inside an old abandoned building. Sam moves cautiously to the building and goes inside. INT. ABANDONED BUILDING - AFTERNOON Sam moves through the old building. He sees two tattered drug attics sitting on the floor leaned against the wall. DRUG ATTIC What the hell you doin here. SAM I could ask you the same thing. No I couldn’t. Wise ass. DRUG ATTIC

Sam looks at the two men. Ass hole. SAM

He takes out his automatic. DRUG ATTIC Make yourself at home. The drug addicts get up and scramble to get away. Suddenly the purse snatcher appears and shoots.


Sam is hit in the forearm and again in the side. He shoots at the purse snatcher as he falls back. He purse snatcher goes down with a bullet in the chest. Sam recovers and weakly leaves the building with the grandmother’s purse. Thelma sees Sam emerge from the alley. She goes to him. THELMA Come on, you can sit in my car. I’ll call an ambulance. Sam shakes his head no. SAM No, give me a minute and I’ll leave. THELMA I understand. I was a nurse for forty years. You come home with me. SAM I got a house. THELMA Come on, I’ll take you home when you are better. Police sirens are heard in the background. Sam is weak and slow about getting in the car. Thelma helps puts Sam inside. THELMA (CONT’D) Come on sweetie. We’ve got to hurry. Thelma closes the door then drives away. DISSOLVE TO: INT. THELMA’S HOUSE BEDROOM - MORNING Sam lies in a small Victorian bed. Thelma is putting a bandage on Sam’s arm. Sam is watching her. He sees Pamela standing beside Thelma.


THELMA You’re a lucky man. The bullet was a small caliber and it went completely through your arm and the other one was lodged in the fatty tissue of your back. SAM Sounds bad. THELMA You’re going to be just fine. Sam focuses to see Pamela. PAMELA How are you. SAM In pain. How did you get here? PAMELA Thelma called me from your phone. THELMA It’s all right. We’re pretty sure we know who you are and we agree with you. SAM Life’s hard sometimes. THELMA You’re telling me. I get it. I survived cancer two times. SAM Thank you for helping me. THELMA It’s the least I could do. PAMELA Get some rest we’re here to be sure you’re going to be all right. Sam smiles. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. SAM’S HOUSE - DAY Benny pull up beside ARNIE, an average thug that is sitting in his car parked on the street. BENNY You seen anything yet? ARNIE No, it’s pretty quiet. BENNY Ring me up, soon as he surfaces. EXT. THELMA’S VICTORIAN HOME BACK YARD - DAY Sam sits in a lawn chair with a two weeks growth of beard reading the newspaper. Thelma brings him a cup of coffee and sets it on the table next to him. SAM Good morning. Thelma looks at Sam’s newspaper. It has two stories circled on the front page. CLOSE ON THE NEWSPAPER HEADLINES - MAN ACCUSED OF KILLING WIFE AND CHILDREN, MOTHER DROWNS TWO BABIES. THELMA (O.C.) Morning, I see you’ll be leaving soon. SAM Where’s Pamela? THELMA She went to work. SAM Sit down Thelma I have a story I want to tell you... EXT. NEIGHBORHOOD STREET - DAY Sam is walking down the street carrying a newspaper under his arm and a flyer in his hand. He looks at the flyer as he walks.


CLOSE ON THE FLYER - Picture of suspect. POLICE WARNING, Sidney Culpen is a convicted sex offender living in your neighborhood. Sam pulls his hood up on his head and stops next to SIDNEY CULPEN a middle-aged heavy man dressed in over-sized Bermuda shorts and a baggy tee-shirt with holes in it. He is mowing the yard. Sam looks around and approaches Culpen. Hi. Culpen nods. CULPEN What do you want loser? SAM Hey, you know where fourteen twenty Maple is? Culpen stops. CULPEN Who wants to know. SAM Teddy, Teddy Bundy. CULPEN Sounds familiar. You got business there? SAM Yes,I’m staying with my Aunt Minnie. My therapist says I must face my problems and tell the truth, I’m a court ordered registered offender and I gotta register at the P.D. What for? CULPEN SAM

SAM Well, I... (hesitates) CULPEN Come on I get it. I have to register too. SAM Yeah, I like girls.


CULPEN Come on, you’re a sex freak. Put that hood down you look suspicious. SAM How can you tell? CULPEN We’ll talk back here. Sam follows Culpen to the garage in the back of the house. CULPEN (CONT’D) It’s easy pickin’s around here. Yeah. SAM

CULPEN Yeah, nobody ever looks at the flyers. I been here over a year and not one person has checked me out. Til now. What? SAM CULPEN

Sam has his knife out and sticks it in Culpen’s ribs. Culpen hits him and Sam falls back. Sam watches Culpen as he pulls the knife out and throws it in a corner. He grabs a sharp weed hook and starts swinging it at Sam. Sam ducks and dodges. CULPEN (CONT’D) You’re one of those do rights. SAM Damn right. Sam sees a bag of ant killer dust. He takes a hand full and throws it in Culpen’s eyes. Culpen screams out and swings wildly. Sam kicks Culpen’s feet from under him. He falls hard on the concrete floor. Sam grabs a rope on the counter top and begins to choke him. Culpen kicks and jerks as he finally begins to die.


SAM (CONT’D) This little neck tie party is for the kids, you sick bastard. Sam relaxes for a moment then ties the rope around Culpen’s neck and throws the other end over the rafters. He gets up and hoist Culpen’s body up by the neck hanging him in the air. Sam gets an old chair and kicks it over directly under Culpen and walks out. SAM (CONT’D) See you in hell freak. Culpen gurgles and kicks a little. SAM (CONT’D) Sorry no rebuttals, juries in, you’re dead. Sam walks out on the driveway and down the street with his hood up. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. GHETTO STREET - MORNING Sam walks near a bus stop with a covered seating area. He walks on in the bus stop and sits down looking around. Sam sees a nice black Jaguar stopped across the street. A woman walks to the car. An exchange takes place and the men drive on. Sam continues to watch. SADIE, an elderly woman walks up and sits down. A new Cadillac pulls up across the street and the woman walks to the car. Another exchange takes place and the men drive on. The elderly lady looks at Sam. SADIE This was once a nice neighborhood and that woman was a sweet girl until Cosco came here.


SAM Yeah, one bad person can ruin a neighborhood. SADIE This bad person has ruined the neighborhood and everybody in it. SAM Yeah, it starts with drugs, then there’s killings, orphaned kids and the rest. SADIE Yes and Cosco deals out of his dead momma’s home, just two blocks over on Chester Street. Someone should do something. Sam gets up and walks on. SAM Yes they should. You have a nice day. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. CHESTER STREET - MORNING Sam walks along near Cosco’s house. Sam puts his hood up getting ready to move in on Cosco. Suddenly Benny pulls up with one of his thugs in front of Cosco’s house. He looks toward Sam. You. BENNY

Benny and his man pull out automatic pistols and start shooting. Sam comes out with his weapon and shoots back. He sees Benny’s foot below the bottom of the car door. Sam shoots two times at Benny’s foot. Benny screams and grabs his foot. Sam shoots the thug that is near Benny. A man on a Triumph motorcycle pulls up. Sam sees his opportunity to get out of a bad situation. He knocks the man off the motorcycle and get on.


A man comes out of the house on the front porch shooting. Sam shoots him and speeds away. COSCO, a powerful looking man comes out of the house ready for action. BENNY (CONT’D) Get him. He’s the guy that shot Aldo. Cosco looks toward Sam. He sees Sam speeding down the street on the motorcycle. The motorcycle man on the ground looks at him. MOTORCYCLE MAN That bike’s brand new man. Cosco hurries over to his new Chevrolet Suburban and speeds after Sam. EXT. CITY STREET - DAY Sam turns a corner and sees Cosco gaining on him. Cosco pokes his arm out of the window and starts shooting at Sam. Sam spins his motorcycle around and speeds away with Cosco right behind him. They blast around a sharp corner cutting through heavy traffic. Sam turns another corner and speeds on. He slows down and looks back. Cosco is gone. Suddenly Cosco pulls from a side street. Sam and the bike hit his car. Sam flips over the car and lands in a hedge. Cosco shoots at Sam. Sam scrabbles from the hedge and dodges Cosco’s bullets. The police pull up and start shooting at Cosco. He is riddled with bullets. Sam gets up and stumbles across the street. Thelma pulls up and Sam gets in her car. She drives away.


INT. THELMA’S CAR - DAY Thelma smiles. THELMA Having a little trouble. SAM A little. How’d you know I was here. THELMA I stopped for gas and a newspaper. I saw you speed through the neighborhood and here I am. Let’s go home and make a better plan. Sam nods. DISSOLVE TO: INT. THELMA’S VICTORIAN HOME LIVING ROOM - MORNING Thelma and Sam are drinking coffee. The door bell rings. Thelma goes to answers the door. Sam starts reading the paper. Detective Clark walks in with Thelma. Hey Sam. DETECTIVE CLARK

SAM Detective, I see you have met Thelma. DETECTIVE CLARK I have. She’s aiding and abetting. SAM How’d you know I was here. DETECTIVE CLARK Oh, a little bird gave me enough info to make a good guess. SAM Damn good guess. DETECTIVE CLARK I Came to tell you, times up. Came straight from the top.


SAM I don’t believe I know what you are talking about detective. DETECTIVE CLARK Well, let’s say If there is a super predator and I were him. I’d stop killing criminals. SAM Good advice. DETECTIVE CLARK I think I’d move to another city, before someone puts him in prison. SAM What if there is unfinished business? DETECTIVE CLARK All of his business is finished. Thelma here thinks I’m right. THELMA That’s right Sam. He’s right. Sam nods. DETECTIVE CLARK I like you Sam. Don’t let this go against you. Sam smiles. DISSOLVE TO: INT. KNTL RADIO STATION D.J. BOOTH - DAY Katie Decatur is on the air talking into a microphone with Andy on standby. SUB-TITLE APPEARS - TWO MONTHS LATER KATIE Katie here at KNTL with Andy Kaufman. It looks like the super predator is missing in action. Things are quiet on the mean streets. There hasn’t been an execution in over a month. It appears the saga has ended. What about it Andy?


ANDY We never decided whether he was friend or foe? Call in and let us know what you think about the Super Predator. Eight-hundred, Nine-fourseven-fifteen-fifteen... EXT. CITY STREET - DAY Sam casually walks down the trashy street with a hood over his head. Sam gets close to home and notices a thug watching his house. He walks on to his house and goes inside. The thug gets out of his car and walks to Sam’s. He walks down the side trying to get a look inside. He takes his cellphone out and dials. It rings. ARNIE Boss, He’s at home. Arnie looks in a window and a pistol shoots him between the eyes. Arnie falls to the ground. INT. KNTL RADIO STATION D.J. BOOTH Katie is taking calls about the predator with Andy . KATIE K-M-T-L, Predator hot line. Go ahead caller. CALLER NO. ONE (RADIO V.O.) Hey Katie, First time caller. He’s out there. If the criminals start hurting people again he’ll be back. I for one am proud he choose our city to help. ANDY There you have it folks. We’re short on crime and short on hero’s. Call us at eight-hundred, Nine-fourseven-fifteen-fifteen. Katie pushes a button for another line. KATIE Go ahead caller. You’re on the air.


SCOTT (RADIO V.O.) Long time listener, long Time caller. KATIE Hello Scott, tell us what you think. SCOTT (RADIO V.O.) I see the station manager still hasn’t fired Andy. But, forget him. This vigilante is a plain killer. ANDY There it is folks. The Super Predator lowered the crime rate in two months, something the police didn’t do in twenty years. Call us at eight-hundred, Nine-four-sevenfifteen-fifteen. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. SAM’S HOUSE - DAY Benny slides to a stop out front. He and three other men get out with automatic weapons and begin to shoot the house. They empty their weapons and reload. They start firing again then stop. Benny kicks the front door open and fires his weapon inside. He sees Arnie’s riddled body tied to a chair near a window. BENNY Ain’t nobody here but Arnie. He glances under Arnie’s chair and sees a bomb as Arnie’s body falls to the side and pulls a trip wire. Benny’s eyes get big. Bomb. BENNY (CONT’D)

Benny turns and runs out the door. EXT. SAM’S HOUSE - DAY The bomb goes off and blast Benny and his three men out in the front yard.


Benny sits up and pulls splinters from his body. Looking at the smouldering house. EXT. DOWNTOWN CITY STREET - DAY

Sam is walking down the street with his usual style of having his hood on. A car is slowly following Sam. Sam looks out of the corner of his eye and puts his hand in his pocket that has the bottom cut from it. His hand wraps around his pistol handle that is protruding from his belt. Thelma pulls next to him and looks out. THELMA Hi Sam. Let me give you a ride. I want to talk to you. INT. THELMA’S CAR - DAY Sam gets in the car. SAM What’s up Thelma? THELMA I desperately need your help. SAM What ever it is, better make it quick. The cops are going to be all over me. I had a little trouble. THELMA I wouldn’t ask but it’s important. SAM Sure Thelma, how could I turn down my buddy? THELMA Sam, My daughter’s a crack head, arrested again today. I’m sorry. SAM


THELMA I got permanent custody of my five year old granddaughter and her thirteen year old sister. My daughter’s husband is forcing Cindy, the thirteen year old to stay with him. SAM What can I do Thelma? THELMA If I go through the court it will take to long and she could be dead before they can pick her up. (Thelma cries) I’m going after Sara, the baby right now. She’s at child services downtown. SAM You want me get Cindy? THELMA Yes and bring her home to me. SAM No problem. THELMA One last thing Sam... send her daddy straight to hell were he belongs. That scum rapes his own daughter, his baby. SAM Don’t worry Thelma. I’ll take care of it. THELMA Here’s were they stay. Thank you Sam. Thelma hands him a note. SAM Drop me in the hood. You wait for me in the alley near this ass holes house. DISSOLVE TO:


EXT. CITY NEIGHBORHOOD STREET - DAY Sam walks down a run down neighborhood sidewalk. He comes to an old beat up house and slows down. EXT. BEAT-UP HOUSE - DAY Sam discretely moves down the side and looks in a side window. SAM P.O.V. OUTSIDE TO INSIDE - Thelma’s grand daughter CINDY, a typical thirteen year old is standing in the kitchen washing dishes. Her father, FRANK, a sleazy thirty year old is nearby. He Goes to her and runs his hand down her body. FRANK Your Grandma Thelma called today. CINDY Is she coming over? FRANK No, I told her we are busy. He rubs his hand across her body again. CINDY Stop it, you make me sick. Frank hears a noise outside. He looks toward the back door. Frank moves to the door. INT. BEAT-UP HOUSE - DAY Suddenly the door flies open in his face knocking Frank backward. Frank starts to get up. Sam is in the room and smashes him in the face with his fist. He looks at Cindy. SAM Go out in the alley. Your grandmother is waiting. CINDY Where’s Sara. SAM Go, you and your grandmother are going after her.


Cindy quickly leaves the room. Frank gets up and attacks Sam. FRANK I’ll kill you for breakin in my house. You first. SAM

Frank grabs a butcher knife from the kitchen counter. He slashes at Sam. Sam dodges and hits Frank with his fist. Frank wrestles Sam to the floor and attempts to stab him. Sam rolls to the side and comes out with his big Buck folding knife from his back pocket and cuts Frank’s face. Frank stabs Sam’s arm. Sam stabs Frank in the neck. Blood squirts everywhere. Frank stumbles across the room. He Falls to the floor dying. Sam moves to him and pulls his knife from Frank’s neck. He goes to the cook stove and blows out the pilot lights on the stove and turns on the gas. He goes to the hot water heater closet and takes off the pilot light door where the pilot flame is visible and leaves the door open. He turns on the hot water in the kitchen and walks out putting his hood back on his head. Frank rolls his eye toward Sam with his face on the floor. Sam stops and turns to Frank. SAM (CONT’D) See you in hell. EXT. CITY STREET - DAY Sam walks down the street toward a bus stop. Over his shoulder Frank’s house blows up and burst into flames. Sam sits down at the covered bus stop. Sam sees Benny rolling past with two of his thugs. He is unprepared to fight Benny and puts his hood over his head.


Benny recognizes him anyway. He slams on the brakes and gets out with a limp shooting. Sam dodges. The two thugs start shooting at him with nine millimeter pistols. Sam rushes behind a heavy metal trash can. He comes out with a forty-five automatic and starts shooting back. Sam quickly dispatches Benny’s two thugs. Benny and Sam exchange gunfire and then Sam hesitates and adjust his weapon then he holds his pistol up to shoot and it clicks. Benny smiles and limps toward Sam. BENNY I got ya now you slippery bastard. Sam is sweating helplessly holding his gun pointed at Benny. BENNY (CONT’D) It’s a bitch when you’re out of bullets. Sam appears worried. He cocks his automatic. Benny takes another step yielding his weapon. Sam pulls the trigger and shots Benny in the heart. Benny staggers and falls appearing baffled. SAM It’s a bitch when you’re out of luck. Sam goes to Benny and takes his weapon and a roll of money. He takes the other two thugs guns and money. Sam takes Benny’s car keys and drive away. Police sirens are heard in the distance. DISSOLVE TO: EXT. GREYHOUND BUS STATION - DAY Sam drives Benny’s car into the parking lot and gets out. He opens the trunk and sees a curious looking briefcase. Sam puts his forty-five automatic in his belt and opens the case.


It is full of cash. Sam smiles and takes the case. He throws the keys in the bushes and walks on. INT. GREYHOUND BUS STATION - DAY Sam walks into the station and moves on to the bus station store. INT. GREYHOUND BUS STATION STORE - DAY Sam grabs a tee-shirt and a tote bag then puts them on the counter. The clerk rings him up and puts the shirt in a bag. Sam pays. BUS STORE CLERK Twelve eighty two sir. Sam pays and leaves the store. INT. GREYHOUND BUS STATION - DAY Sam goes to a coin operated locker and puts some change in and opens the door. He sets the case in the locker. Sam opens the case. He puts the tee shirt and tote in the locker. He fills the tote with the money from the case and puts the tee-shirts on top. Sam takes the bag in hand and closes the door. He walks away with all of the money in the bag. Sam goes to the ticket counter and buys a ticket while his eyes search the area. Sam sits down in the bus station and relaxes for a moment while waiting for his bus. He looks at his ticket and then around the room. Sam sees Detective Clark and six policemen enter the station. Detective Clark looks at him and signals the policemen to cover the exits. Sam gets up and walks toward an uncovered exit. He sees a policeman walk near it. Sam see another opening. He walks toward it.


He sees another policeman covering it. Detective Clark is steadily moving toward Sam. Sam moves into the bathroom carrying his bag. INT. GREYHOUND BUS STATION BATHROOM - DAY He goes into a stall. Sam quickly stands on the commode and removes a ceiling tile. Then he hoist himself up and replaces the tile. Detective Clark and a policeman burst into the bathroom. They are looking around the area and at the ceiling. Detective Clark turns and rushes outside. INT. GREYHOUND BUS STATION ATTIC - DAY Sam delicately balances himself on the tile rails and makes his way to an outside air vent. He knocks it out with his shoulder and crawls outside. EXT. GREYHOUND BUS STATION ROOF - DAY Sam comes out of the vent and walks across the roof. He jumps down on a bus roof then on top of a van roof and finally to the ground. He walks over to the street. Sam sees a pick-up loaded with migrant workers. He rushes to the pick-up window and speaks for a moment and then gets in the back of the pick-up. The truck drives away. Detective Clark rushes from the station and sees Sam. He draws his weapon. Sam is talking on his cell phone. He smiles and waves. Clark watches Sam for a moment then holsters his weapon and walks back inside. EXT. TWO LANE ROAD - DAY The migrant workers truck drives over a hill and stops. Sam gets out and waves as they drive away. He walks toward a parking lot. A new black Jaguar with Pamela driving pulls in and picks him up then drives away.


KATIE (V.O.) KNTL, Super Predator hot line. Go ahead caller...