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Potential and Kinetic Energy
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
In January, the 4 F's group say the least. Very few we all were called to the
had a tour of MSU’s cyclo- have gone all the way. "Observance of a Holy Church Events
tron, which is one of the Lent." We were called to February
world's finest. We all were The fourth grade science be Kinetic Christians, Chris-
awed by the scope of the question that caught my tians on the move. If once LENTEN BOOK REVIEWS
attention (because I knew 1,8,
project and the energy we were the unmoving rock
that was produced by this the answer) was "What -on-the-hill kind of a Chris- 15,22
"machine." Nancy Sheldon are the two kinds of en- tian, the season of Epiph-
ergy that are present in 6 HEALING MISSION
has written an article about any was supposed to be
the visit elsewhere in this the world?” The title of this that little push that trans-
edition. The visit stirred article gives the answer. forms potential Energy and 14 SILS COLLECTION
some of my recessive inter- The contestant dropped out potential Christians into the
ests in physics. I have al- to keep what he already Kinetic kind of Christian 20 HOUSEHOLD OF GOD
ways enjoyed science and, had and had to face the God intends.
except for the priesthood, camera and make his ad-
mission of ignorance. Because this is also a sea- 27 CABARET
might have gone in that
direction. son for self examination,
As we enter the season of we all have to ask our-
Several days later I hap- Lent, it occurs to me that selves, "What kind of
pened to see the program, there are two kinds of Christian am I?"
"Are You Smarter Than a Christian Energy as well.
Fifth Grader" on television. The first is potential Chris-
Most of you know the tian Energy, which is en-
premise: the contestant has ergy at rest. A rock
to answer questions that a perched on the top of a hill
first- through fifth-grader has potential energy; it is
might have to answer in waiting to fall. But until it
school. As long as the con- starts to move, the only
testant can answer the energy it has is potential.
questions correctly, he or The other kind is Kinetic
she can advance. Miss a Christian energy, energy in
question (or drop out to motion. The crawling cater-
keep the money) and the pillar and the atom racing
contestant has to look di- at one-half the speed of
rectly into the camera and light both possess kinetic
state "I am not smarter energy, energy in motion.
than a fifth grader." It can On Ash Wednesday and
be somewhat humiliating to the First Sunday of Lent,
A Step Well Worth for this year’s conference will be Body, Mind and Spirit:
Health for Holy People.
Considering The Rev. Mpho Tutu will be the conference presenter. Ms.
by Sue Millar Tutu is the daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Di-
rector of the Tutu Institute for Prayer and Pilgrimage, Al-
I’ll wager that most of you have heard of The Household exandria, VA.
of God Conference --- but I would also wager that most If you wonder what it means to be faithful; how to re-
of you probably don’t know very much about it. spond to the challenges of today; and where God is in all
For thirteen years the diocesan Whitaker School of Theol- this, then join us at St. John’s! The invitation to attend is
ogy has sponsored the Household of God conference for addressed to all of us: lay people, clergy, vestry mem-
our Diocese. During these years, the Conference has ex- bers, trustees, educators, other church leaders, stewardship
plored various dimensions of how stewardship is not only team members. For details, call me at 675-5665 or visit
about time, treasure and talent, but is a creedal statement the website at
we make with our whole being. Chuck and I have attended these conferences since they
This year’s one-day conference will held Saturday, March started and we always come away enlightened, inspired
20, at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Royal Oak. The topic and renewed. Hope to see you there!

Bible Study for Those Who Don’t Have Time for Bible Study
By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
In order to help bring the mountain to Mohammed (in a type of inter-faith, perhaps not completely appropriate, meta-
phor), the Adult Christian Education and Formation Committee is offering four Bible study classes after church during
Lent. On February 28, March 7, March 14, and March 21, adult Bible study classes that will be based on the lection-
ary will be offered after church. (Worship will last from 10 to 11 a.m.—now there’s a leap of faith!—and will be fol-
lowed by youth education classes and adult classes.) Classes will be finished by 11:55 a.m., so you’ll still have time to
have a cup of coffee (if you haven’t already had one in your class), socialize, browse the ERD book sale and still be
done by 12:15 p.m.. The leaders for these classes are Laura Julier, Carol Ingells, Larry Clark, and Greg Wortley.
Please come and test these spiritual waters which, unlike the waters of the River Jordan as described in a spiritual as
chilly and cold, we hope, will be warm in fellowship and heated by the flame of the Holy Spirit. To engage in a bit of
hyperbole, the Children of Israel would never have known what the Promised Land really looked like unless they had
been willing to cross over the Jordan River. And they found it was even better than they could have imagined, a place
flowing with milk and honey. Please join us.

of God: the search for theScience of Spirituality by Bar-

Lenten Lunch-N-Book bara Bradley Haggerty
Reviews  March 8 - Chris Couch will review Mennonite in a Little
Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen
By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music  March 15 - Chuck Millar will review Earth Community,
Earth Ethics by Larry L. Rasmussen
Are you looking for some great books to read? For some  March 22 - Richard Sauerzopf will review The Mountain
spiritual inspiration? For something to challenge and enrich of Silence by Kyriacos C. Markides
your life? Then plan to attend our annual Lenten Lunch-N-  March 29 - Nancy Lange will review Have a Little Faith
Book Reviews to be held on five Mondays in Lent, begin- by Mitch Albom and Stephen Lange will review The
ning February 22. The schedule for each Monday is 11:30 Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timo-
a.m. Holy Eucharist, 12 noon-12:30 p.m. Lunch and Fellow- thy Keller
ship, 12:30 to 1 p.m. Book Review. (Please sign up if you
plan to eat lunch. It will be provided by A Catered Affaire You do not need to have read the books before they are
for $4.50.) The schedule for the reviews is: reviewed. Just come and enjoy the stimulation. Friends,
neighbors, whoever are cordially invited to attend!
 March 1 - Gordon Weller will review The Fingerprints

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Maundy Thursday Ecumenical
Agape Meal
By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
Thursday evening, April 1 will be the ninth anniversary of our Ecu-
menical Maundy Thursday evening Agape meal; our commemoration
of the events of the Thursday before the Crucifixion. This year four
parishes will participate, St. Paul's, Central United Methodist, Christ
Community (formerly First Baptist), and Judson Memorial Baptist. We
will celebrate the Last Supper, the Foot Washing, Jesus’ time in the
garden with his disciples, and conclude with the powerful
"ceremonial" Stripping of the Altar. The evening begins at 5:45 p.m.
in the Church with an opening Hymn Sing and will conclude by 8 p.m.
As always we will have a Seder similar to the one which Jesus celebrated with his disciples. Reservations are a must.
Please sign up at Church or call the parish office.

Good Friday Mardi Gras

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller

This year St Paul's will host the downtown Church's Ecu- Sunday evening, February 14 saw a wonderful celebra-
menical Serve on Good Friday, April 2nd. It begins at tion of Mardi Gras held in the Merrifield room and
noon and will last approximately one hour. This year's Church. There we were fifty plus people in the building
preacher will be Michael Dunkleburger from Christ Com- eating shrimp Jambalaya, collard greens, corn bread and
munity Church (formerly 1st Baptist). The service will be crawfish chowder. Sr. Warden Jeff Kressler put together a
followed by an opportunity for fellowship with a soup and six piece Jazz band so everyone was well entertained
salad luncheon in the Merrifield Room. Please plan on be- with the music and even some dancing. At seven o'clock the
ing present. hearty band of revelers processed from the Merrifield
Room to the Church singing "When the Saints go marching
In" and lead by trumpet and trombone. Everyone had a
good time and bid the joyous season of Epiphany good
by and began the preparation for Lent.

Vestry goes on Retreat

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller
For the tenth successive year, the Vestry went on retreat the weekend following the Annual meeting. For the fourth year
we have gone to the Weber Center in Adrian. The purpose is to allow the new members of the vestry to become well ac-
quainted with the continuing members and to review the past year's achievements as well as plan for the future. In addi-
tion the comments of the parish, made at the Annual Meeting, were discussed and evaluated with a thought of how to best
respond to these remarks. It was a rewarding and productive time for all.
This year's Vestry includes:
Jeff Kressler, Senior Warden, Sally Lawrence, Jr. Warden, Pam Irwin, Secretary, Julie Young, Treasurer, Goldie
Adele, Mary Lea Benson, Sally Boron, John Craig, Barb Heany, Matt Ferguson, Roger Fowler, John Nevin, Bobbie
Tisdale, and Greg Ward.
To see pictures from the Vestry Retreat, turn to page

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The 4 F’s Group religion, its history and customs. What are the roots of
their customs and how might Sunni law affect women in
By Nancy Sheldon Turkey differently than in the United States? Is it difficult
to worship and follow your religious beliefs here in
The group usually meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each Lansing? We will be invited to share some tea and
month. (Exceptions noted *due to Town Hall conflict) conversation at their Center after our lunch at the church,
depending on the size of our group that day.
 12 noon Eucharist, 12:30 p.m. Lunch ($4)
 1 p.m. Bible Study (Steve Lange) 1:15-2 p.m. Program May 3: We’ll visit the Butterfly House & the beautiful
Children’s Garden at MSU and take a box lunch from A
Anyone is invited who has time in the middle of the day! Catered Affair with us.
March: 4F’s does not meet during Lent. The Lenten Book May 17: This will be our end-of-the-year picnic, annual
Reviews are held in its place every Monday. Check the book share, and next year’s planning time at Nancy
bulletin and elsewhere in this St. Paul’s News for a list of Sheldon’s.
books and those doing the reviews.
April 19: The Turkish friends of Carol Ingells, who have
visited St. Paul’s before, will be talking with us about their

Visiting MSU’s Famous

By Nancy Sheldon
On a cold, snowy day in January, St. Paul’s 4F’s group
(20 strong) was led on a fascinating tour of the Na-
tional Super Conducting Cyclotron Laboratory at Michi-
gan State University. When coming upon the above
pictured piece of cyclotron machinery being prepared
for the next experiment, Deacon Bill Fineout com-
mented: “High Tech, Low Tech!” For those of you not
seeing this picture in color, the tags all over the machine
are bright green sticky notes covered with writing. It makes you wonder how these nuclear atom smashing experiments
really work! For a better view of the picture, go to our website at and click on “Pictures.”

Save the Date for a Summer Picnic

and Eucharist
By The Rev. Deacon William Fineout
Lansing Area Episcopal Projects is sponsoring a joint picnic and Eucharist for all Lansing
area Episcopalians on Wednesday, July 21, 2010, at Hawk Island Park. Stay tuned
for details.

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Financial Information as of January 31, 2010
By Julie Young, Treasurer

Year to date through January is 8 percent of the year. Pledge income in January was $29,883, which is 9 percent of the
Operations for January had a net loss of $8,732. There were no transfers required from the investment account into the
operating account. The majority of this loss was generated by the payment for the Memorial Garden plaques, which was
funded by monies in the Memorial Fund.
I had some questions regarding the financial statements both during and after my presentation at the annual meeting. If
there are any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. The best way to reach me is via email at

Vestry Highlights
At the February 16, 2010 Vestry meeting, your Vestry:  Discussed the change in scope and name for the Hub-
bard Literature Fund hereafter to be known as The
 Attended the Shrove Tuesday pancake supper prior Hubbard Literature and Technology fund.
to the meeting  Discussed the establishment of the Lynne Tripp Suda-
 Did devotions on the "Call to a Holy Lent" nese Education Fund
 Approved minutes from the January 16 and February  Discussed the differences in the two "Shawver" funds
5 vestry meetings  Received committee reports
 Reviewed the "Goals" for the coming year as stated  Received clergy reports
at the Annual Meeting and Vestry retreat  Discussed upcoming events, Diocesan, deanery, and
 Received the committee assignments for the coming parish.
year  Received signed certificates from Vestry members
 Received the Treasurer's report (elsewhere in this is- indicating they are familiar with and will abide by
sue) the Diocesan policy on Sexual Misconduct.
 Discussed the housekeeping changes

Spring Blood Drive

By Elisabeth Richardson
Attention all Blood Donors: the Spring Blood Drive for St. Paul’s is Saturday, April 24. Please save the date. If you give
blood on a regular basis, the last day to give blood before our drive is February 25.
For those who would like to help out, we will need people to sign up donors, work the day of the Drive, bring sand-
wiches, set up and tear down. We need everyone’s help! I will be running the drive this year, but Ellie Doersam and
Pat Riley will still be involved. You may contact me at either 372-1369 or If you have never par-
ticipated before, the Red Cross always needs blood. If you have never worked a drive, it’s fun and shifts are only two
hours in duration.

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Requests for Prayer
We pray for those who are sick and in need: Cindy Robinson, Richard and Aaron Hegmon, Shelley Robinson, Ma-
son Hill, Lois Caswell, Erik Lindquist, Chance Collins, Barb Hacker, Marjorie Belles, Aleda, Dave, Kathryn Senko,
Barb Powers, Patricia Reno, Skip and Marsha Macholz, Michael and Gwen Skinner, Tom Foltz, Vivian Hawkins,
Linda, Kaema Amachree, Bill, Mary Lindquist, Yvette Constan and family, Brian French, Kent Riley, Jan Bigham,
Max Sutton, John Hawkins, Joan, Karol Ryan, Mike Wood, Julie, Phyllis Quinn, Amanda, Laura Miller, Stephanie,
Maureen Nauss, Grace, Norm Landon, Jared Miller, Aviana Bridgeman, Elizabeth Byrd, Pat Amundson, and Sam
We pray and remember those in the Military, serving in dangerous areas: Daniel Reno, Tyson Carter, Matthew Raw-
lins, Jonathon Reno, and Jeff Doorlag
We pray for the people of Haiti and the relief and rescue workers assisting them
We pray for our newly ordained priest, The Rev. Richard C. Sauerzopf, and his ministry
We pray for comfort for the family and friends of Lynne Tripp, who recently passed away
We give thanks for Steven Johnson’s safe return home from a second tour of duty in Iraq
We pray for those expecting: Jenelle and Paul Rawlins and Kym and Matt Hall

The 2010 Annual Meeting

By The Very Rev. Dr. Gordon F. Weller and Christine Caswell, SPN Editor
 The rector and the congregation gave thanks to the staff for their hard work in making 2009 a successful year.
 The rector and the congregation thanked Debby and Max Pierce for all of their work on the event.
 The rector and the congregation thanked the outgoing Vestry members: Kirk Lindquist, Larry Clark, Millie Ericson,
and Sr. Warden Martie Repaskey.
 The ECW gave Angel Awards to Carol Laub, Judi Clarke, and Barb Heany for their work ministering to the chil-
dren of the parish through the Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, the Youth Group and the choirs.
 The rector and staff presented Canterbury Awards to Matt Nauss, Joyce Renfrew and Paul Potts for exemplary
service to the parish in 2009.
 The congregation witnessed the dedication of a popcorn machine in memory of Vivian Toomey.
 The congregation elected Goldie Adele, Sally Boron, John Craig, and Greg Ward to the Vestry.
 The congregation recognized and thanked Jeff Kressler for stepping into the Jr. Warden’s position.
 The congregation received the year-end financial report from Treasurer Julie Young. The operating Fund showed
a loss of $152,761 (including some capital expenditures) and the Investment Funds showed a gain of $228,893
(including a $130,000+ bequest from the estate of Georgia Thaman) for a net gain in the year of $68,182. Be-
cause of this bequest, Julie noted that what had been a $150,000 deficit going into 2009 became a $50,000
deficit by the end of the year.
 The congregation approved a 2010 budget of $485,727.
 Deacon Bill Fineout reported on the Mission & Outreach and discussed the Millennium Development Goals for 2010.
The congregation shared with the Vestry what it would like to see as some goals for 2010, including what local
projects it would like to focus on.
 Pete Sheldon reported on planned giving through the St. Paul’s Society. The church will be providing seminars to
discuss how the congregation may participate.
 The meeting closed with “We are a people United” at 2:25 p.m.
 At an official Vestry meeting immediately following the service, Jeff Kressler was elected Sr. Warden.
At the Vestry Retreat (Feb. 5-6) Sally Lawrence was elected Jr. Warden and Bobbie Tisdale was elected to fill Kristi
Thompson’s unexpired one year vestry term.

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Choir News
Special Notes
Three of our high school choristers received a Superior rating at District Solo and Ensemble on Saturday, 
January 30: Melanie Walker, Emily Laub, Matthew Nauss, and a duet sung by Matthew and Melanie. In 
addition, Elizabeth Rodeck received two superior ratings at district Band Solo and Ensemble for a clarinet 
solo and for a woodwind quartet. Her sister, Emily Rodeck, received three superior ratings: for trumpet solo, 
for trumpet trio, and for brass quartet. Congratulations to these young musicians for their great accomplish‐
Thanks so much for all your good work in providing music and spiritual inspiration for the Sunday morning 
services this winter! Just a reminder to let me know (by calling or writing in the “To‐Be‐Gone” Book on the 
piano) that you will be absent from either a rehearsal or a service. Thanks! 

Singing Schedule
Date Choirs Date Choirs

March 7 Boys’ and Grace; High School April 4 (Easter)

March 14 High School; Chancel 10 a.m. Cherubs, Boys’ and Grace, High
March 21 High School; Chancel School; Chancel
March 28 High School; Chancel April 11 High School; Chancel
(Palm Sunday) April 18 High School; Chancel
April 25 High School; Chancel

Cabaret Is Coming
By Dr. Stephen R. Lange, Minister of Music
Cabaret, an evening of dining and entertainment, is coming! Please save
Saturday, March 27, for this all-parish celebration of talent. Dinner will be
at 5 p.m. and entertainment begins at 6:15 p.m.
Ticket prices for both dinner and the show are $13 for adults and $7 for
children. Tickets are $5 for the entertainment alone. Tickets are available
after church, on Wednesday nights and from the office. Reservations for
dinner are a must.
Cabaret is a fundraising event for the England choristers. Don’t miss the fun.

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Healing Mission Offered by Order of St. Luke’s at St. Paul’s
By The Rev. Deacon William Fineout
The Greater Lansing Chapter of the Order of St. Luke is hosting its first healing mission at St. Paul's on Saturday,
March 6 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The healing mission, called The Healing of Grief, Trauma and Resentment, will be
lead by the Rev. Canon Meredith Hunt. The Rev. Deacon William H. Fineout is the chaplain for the Greater Lansing
Chapter which is sponsoring the healing mission.
Rev. Canon Hunt is an Episcopal priest with more than 38 years of experience in addressing spiritual issues of health
and wholeness. She is currently the Rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Sturgis, Michigan, and a Chaplain in the
Order of St. Luke. She has a broad background in healing prayer, has established healing prayer groups and inter-
cessory prayer ministries in every parish she has served, and created the Center for Healing Prayer at St. Paul’s Epis-
copal Cathedral in Detroit in 2004, before her call to St. John’s.
The Order of St. Luke the Physician is an interdenominational organization devoted to the revival of Christian healing
within the church, using lay and ordained persons to serve as channels through which our Lord Jesus can heal. The pri-
mary objectives of the Order of St. Luke are (1) to promote the restoration of the apostolic practice of healing as
taught and practiced by Jesus Christ; (2) to promote the practice of holding healing services in every church; (3) to
promote sound pastoral and counseling ministries; (4) to develop local chapters to promote healing missions, workshops
and prayer groups in their geographic areas; (5) to conduct healing missions and teach Christians how to pray for
healing; and (6) to place healing literature in churches and hospitals. See Deacon Bill if you have any questions.

Concerns for 2010 from Annual Meeting and Vestry Retreat

1. Re-establish dinner groups
2. Signage
3. Staff and Vestry pictures posted
4. More and better use of technology
5. Staff continuing education
6. Produce a study on congregation demographics to note trends in attendance, etc.
7. Announcements: are they in the right place in the service and are we putting the right info in them?
8. Music program succession planning
9. More support for Christian Education programs
10. Family retreats
11. Salary and Pension considerations for clergy
12. Financial reporting: are we pulling all groups in and reporting on them
13. Part-time church school staff
14. Purchasing: need a debit or credit card for the church
15. Where does the youth fit into our programming? (from Bill F. at the retreat)
16. Handicap accessible automatic door at the back entrance (from Bill F. at the retreat)
Vestry Committees and Assignments
These are the Vestry Committees for 2010 and the Vestry person who will report on the committee's activities. Please
help in parish communications by consulting directly with the appropriate person if you have comments.

Building and Grounds Jeff Kressler Mission and Outreach Goldie Adele
Adult Christian Education Sally Boron Parish Life John Craig
Youth Christian Education Barb Heaney Pastoral Care Sally Lawrence
Communication/Evangelism Matt Ferguson and Personnel Bobbie Tisdale
Sally Lawrence Stewardship John Nevin
Evangelism Greg Ward Worship and Music Roger Fowler
Finance MaryLea Benson

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Mission and Outreach Activities
Where is Christ calling you to help others?
February 28 – March 14 May
 LAEP/SILS Apartment Start-up Collection  United Thank Offering
April 24 Ongoing:
 Red Cross Blood Drive  Manna Sunday (first Sunday of the month, loose and
dedicated offerings for street ministry, bus tokens and
April 4 – April 18 work boots)
 Brown Bag Sundays for Food Bank (pass out bags on  Outreach Committee meeting (second Tuesday of the
Easter) month)
 Heifer gift cards
April 24  Prayer quilts
 Red Cross Blood Drive  Cars, INC
 Habitat
May 13
 Sudanese K-12 Education Scholarship
 Ascension Thursday Deacon’s Dinner Fundraiser

St. Paul’s Purchases an Ark for Heifer International!

By The Rev. Deacon William Fineout
The St. Paul’s 2009 Millennium Development Goals project was a huge success! After the last “noisy” collection by our
youth on Sunday, February 7, we had enough to purchase and provide an ark ($5,000) full of animals and plants for
Heifer International. We will be sending them a check for $5,226.04. The outreach team would like to thank all of you
who donated time and/or money to the Vacation Bible School collection, the Heifer Auction (quilt), the Fundraising
Brunch, the Heifer Gift card purchases, or the Noisy Offerings on Family Sundays. The outreach team extends a special
“thank you” to all the children to participated in this project.

out us. Watch the Sunday bulletin to announce the gen-

SILS Collection for Young der of the person for whom we will collect. Your Out-
Adults reach team is asking St. Paul’s parishioners to make a
collection between February 28 and March 14.
By The Rev. Deacon William Fineout We will pass out the needed item cards beginning on
Sunday, February 28, in the Merrifield Room. Please
As a member of Lansing Area Episcopal Projects, it is our
check out the table where we will have the lists of items
turn again to purchase and collect an apartment startup
grouped into seven areas: bedding, bathroom, kitchen
set. Qualified foster children who age out of foster care
utensils, cooking, dishes, cleaning supplies and personal
at 18 and who have no family/friend support or infra-
needs. You will be able to choose as many items as you
structure are able to enter a program of Supervised In-
wish from each area. We will have each item listed on a
dependent Living Services through Child & Family Ser-
note card to keep from having item duplication.
We are asking you to shop and purchase the needed
Lansing Area Episcopal Projects has discovered that the
items during a two-week period and to have all the
State of Michigan funds for this program were vastly cut,
items brought into church and collected by Sunday,
and Child & Family Services needs our help. We ask you
March 14. We do not need furniture items at this time.
to pitch in to provide new apartment start-up goods for
these young adults who would have literally nothing with- Questions can be directed to Deacon Bill.

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Vestry Retreat

Super Bowl Party

Page 10
Vivian’s Popcorn Machine
By Carol Ingells
Our church now has a popcorn machine. What, you say? A
popcorn machine! What kind of foolishness is that? What a
waste of money in a time of such great need all around us!
Why on earth would you buy a popcorn machine? Those
were some of my reactions when I first heard of this use of
memorial funds.
But I've come to a different view point about it. You see,
Vivian Toomey lived to be very old. She was from the
Middle East, Lebanon, I think, and her parents immigrated
to this country. She worked as a child; she worked as an
adult; she worked as a volunteer. In later years, she be-
came one of the most willing and reliable volunteers in our
parish. She did other things, too, like crochet the ends of
little kitchen towels so you could "button" them over your
kitchen drawer handle. And she made "dammit" dolls by
the bag full. If she thought someone needed a lift or some
appreciation, she'd bring one or both and quietly give
them to that person during the coffee hour.
AND Vivian made popcorn. She was a loyal part of the
popcorn service at the hospital where I was chaplain. She
was doing that before I arrived in 1991 and she was still
doing it after I left in 2005. On a certain day each week
when I came down to the cafeteria, I knew Vivian would
be there selling popcorn. She always gave a hearty
greeting and tried to tempt me to spend 50 cents for a bag. Sometimes she succeeded!
It occurred to me that in Vivian's childhood and most of her adult life, too, she didn't have the luxury of having much
play and frivolity. After talking with her family, our priest decided to use the memorial gifts in her honor to buy a pop-
corn machine. On three sides across the top it says, "Vivian's Popcorn: Made with Christian Love." Oh, I think her spirit is
smiling, and I know much joy will come from the product
of this "frivolous" machine. And maybe, if Vivian's spirit
has its way, we'll raise some funds to help others while
we enjoy that popcorn and remember her with gratitude
and love. May it be so!

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Making Easter Cards

Valentine’s Day Childcare at Mardi Gras Party

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