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Letter to the Editor (Opinion) 8/17/15

Common Sense Begets Transparency

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The 8 counties comprising the landscape of the Eastern Oregon Workforce Investment Board
(EOWIB) have over 181,400 residents relying on the EOWIB for a prosperous economic future, jobs,
effective training and new businesses.
Former Union County commissioner Bill Rosholt is now the executive director of EOWIB, partparcel he had been a temporary coordinator, and many question his prior knowledge, his
application, his selection, his qualifications and overall process.
Despite the original job description requiring a Bachelors and Masters degree, the one implemented
to hire Rosholt was stripped of academics. Board chair, Ms. Susie Cederholm tells me the academics
were changed to fit experience and there was only one applicant for the job. Not only is this a
crucial and important role for this area of Oregon, but pays over $ 90,000 per year.
Why on Earth were the qualifications for academics changed when most other WIBs have that
requirement? So, alternatively defer to experience? Out of 8 counties, were to believe there werent
other qualified, even better qualified, candidates? The selection of former commissioner Rosholt
raises serious questions.
For weeks, Ive emailed Mr. Rosholt to discuss his role and his qualifications, his privileged
information as a former commissioner, the new WIB, his travels throughout the regions communities
enlisting Board members, his academic and job experience qualifications, his goals and vision in that
role and Mr. Rosholt has first ignored, then refused to provide answers. During one talk, he said he
had no goals or visions.
Of interest to question is that Rosholt interchangeably uses his personal EONI email as well as a
TOCOWA based email. Similarly, he uses his (541) 910 personal cell phone. Like the many instances
of Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and others personal emails, does his use of a personal email pose a
conflict and is all of it subject to Oregon public records?
In August 2014, Commissioner Rosholt voted for the establishment of the very workforce board of
which hes now director. Did he have privileged information, planned the process, selection? There
are news reports of Rosholt visiting many counties to recruit Board members, including but not
limited to Harney county.1
To vet out shenanigans and improprieties, Ive filed a complaint with the Oregon Ethics Commission
and am eager to receive the investigative report. Im also seeking a review by the US Attorneys
office. We cannot tolerate persons seeking elected office for personal enrichment or using their
elected office for furthering their personal enrichment.

Bill Rosholt, requesting potential names for Local Workforce Investment Board members from Harney

Using public office for personal enrichment is no different of a crime than insider trading, but worse,
defrauding the public of the trust bestowed upon the official and equal to the federal statute of honest
services.2 Many public servants have been prosecuted and convicted of defrauding the public of
honest services for instances of bribery, kickback or prior knowledge of information privileged only
to those holding public office.3
Its known that both golf courses Rosholt managed never ended up being fiscally successful. Buffalo
Peak Golf Course still sucks a tremendous amount of money from the public and is a failing
enterprise. Failures in that management role or serving on an elected commission doesnt equate to
having qualifications to manage an economic development/workforce board that more than 180,000
residents will look to for a prosperous future.
According to the respondent in a BOLI case against Rosholt, Oregons office of BOLI found Mr.
Rosholt had violated his employee's whistle blower rights and for discrimination based on gender. Is
that the person more than 180,000 eastern Oregonians want as the executive director for workforce?
As Rosholt testified at the Shelter from the Storm trial, Im using my God given common sense,
its time for Bill Rosholt to apply common sense and to come clean, answer questions and prove that
hes truly qualified for this role and that it wasnt just a reward of some kind by and for a few select
persons. The emphasis is just common sense.
Eddie V Garcia
541 236 2994
La Grande, Oregon

18 U.S.C. 1346 Definition of scheme or artifice to defraud